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  • RCC Merger in EVE Gameplay Center


  • ISD, Y U no like forum posts? in EVE Gameplay Center

    posting before inevitable lock.

    If isds got paid I would feel better about doing this to them

    love you guys!

  • Obligatory WG Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Wasn't aware WG was a carebear farm corp...

  • Obligatory RCC Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Anomilk Dairlylover wrote:
    Disappointed there wasn't any real fight because that would have been sweet. Hope to see you RCC dudes around in a more PVP environment instead of PVStructure. GL with your new home!

    Thanks dude. We really did try to at least whelp the subcap fleet but we couldn't get any connections. I hope we can have better interactions in the future!

  • Obligatory RCC Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Senn Denroth wrote:

    Ignoring May (because of the obnoxious number of structures on lazerhawks board and somewhat our own) and instead looking at april and march, using our respective corporation killboards, we see:

    RCC: 880 ships killed
    LazerHawks: 560 ships killed

    granted, a lot of that was burn jita, so let's look at march.

    RCC:599 ships killed
    LazerHawks: 918 ships killed

    Just looking at numbers, it is pretty clear that, although we might not match lazerhawks in particular, we aren't bears; if 599 ships killed in a month or less is a definition of bearing then I can direct you to many other wormhole corporations in need of the blued union crusade of cleansing.

    Unless, of course, you're just pulling words out of your ass. Seems likely.

    Of course, you can always just say "numbers are numbers hurr hurr" but numbers don't lie. You, on the other hand, can and did. Fact is, we are a pvp alliance and you had other reasons for evicting us that are less than scrupulous.

  • Obligatory RCC Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    GF guys. o7

  • Obligatory RCC Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ageudum wrote:
    Andrew Jester wrote:
    Hidden Fremen wrote:

    And we're not in it to win it. We just accepted an invite. But now we're in it to break you.
    Have they accepted your app at Rolled Out yet? I thought you were jumping ship. I don't care - Unsubbing.

    Literally edgier than Angsty Roll

  • Obligatory RCC Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hidden Fremen wrote:
    Are we the buttmad ones, if 90% of this thread are RCC+Rolled Out going back and forth talking about how bad we are?

    Rolled Out is so mad, they forgot all the times we gave them good fights *Snip* Please refrain from personal attacks. ISD Ezwal.

    Label us how you want - we didn't become the corp we are today without hard work and evidence that we fig.

    pretty sure rolled out is just talking about non-red-coats now. Sorry HIdden, you aren't *that* important.

    again, I don't think you understand freddie. he's getting a huge rise out of you, and that's want he wants. Keep feeding him please.

    Also, we've already labeled you as blued union; we didn't wait for your permission, your highness. Are we not amused?

  • Obligatory RCC Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Raiden Uta wrote:
    I checked the thread this morning unsure of what to expect. Now I suddenly want to accessorize.

    if it's anything other than a beautiful, hot, sexy red coat, get out

  • Obligatory RCC Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Angsty Teenager wrote:
    I see no content in this thread.

    Seems like you guys are intent on fighting a forum war rather than a real war? Link some BR's tia. Otherwise nut up or shut up.

    give us about a day.

  • Obligatory RCC Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ion Udan wrote:
    Hmmmm, I'm not too sure how i feel about this?

    How should I be feeling?

    You should feel the same way you do when you walk into the movie theatre and think: "Man, this is going to be a great movie. I can't wait."

  • Obligatory RCC Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hidden Fremen wrote:
    Safe passage back into Valhalla?

    [22:20:37] Prophet Bathana > You guys seeing this thread?
    [22:20:44] Prophet Bathana > They're saying free passage back to VH.
    [22:29:17] Thor66777 > heh
    [22:30:54] Errik Thrakkar > Of course. Might I interest you in a certain bridge?
    [22:35:20] Raiden Uta > Is it shiny?

  • Obligatory RCC Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    John Caldr wrote:
    Few questions to RCC

    1) How do you want to bring capitals back from 6-2 - you have at least 6 capital groups here
    2) WHY PVP entity is moving to 6-2

    Is it safe to assume you already retired from WH PVP and switched to carebear mode?

    1) there are plenty of dreadnoughts in k-space.

    2) confirming we are carebears

  • Which capitals for WH PvE & PvP? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Freddie Merrcury wrote:

    Phoenix is going to be even worse after this.

    Don't waste your time and SP like I did.

    The haters finally got to freddy =(

  • Which class has the most mining output? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Adoris Nolen wrote:
    Amazing, I'm not asking about mining for me. I'm asking which ******* class of wh has the highest number of mining carebears!!!

    You should mine in c5s or c6s if you don't do industry, especially since a rorqual is extremely important in wormhole space. If you want to build your own rorqual then c3-hs is preferred.

  • Proclus Diadochu For CSM9! *Thanks for the Support!* in Council of Stellar Management

    Winthorp wrote:
    This "Altgate" scandal is not ok, i demand you pay your immediate fine.


    Arrow 1000 red coats (To dwindle your stranglehold on the market)

    GL with that one

  • Proclus Diadochu For CSM9! *Thanks for the Support!* in Council of Stellar Management

    Sam Sabre wrote:

    S. Sabre ~ Fweddit ~ Casual Capsuleer

    Proclus Diadochu wrote:

    I'm on to you, Sam. Whoever you are.

  • The answer lies within in EVE Gameplay Center

    I don't get it. Can it be repeated without the roleplaying part?

  • New Idea: Deployable to increase Blue Loot drops in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Seems good in theory, but will have effectively no drawbacks for the bigger groups that run sites with 10+ dreads with more availible to ping and don't really care about security. It would just be even more money for them while they still run sites the same way.

    the risk v. reward works for smaller groups, though. Maybe limit to c4s and down?

  • Black Hole Systems in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ab'del Abu wrote:
    I'd prefer something like this:

    Ship velocity +10% +18% +22% +27% +34% +50%
    Inertia +10% +18% +22% +27% +34% +50%
    Repair amount +25% +44% +55% +68% +85% +100%
    Shield boost amount +25% +44% +55% +68% +85% +100%
    Shield transfer amount -10% -19% -27% -34% -41% -50%
    Remote repair amount -10% -19% -27% -34% -41% -50%
    Capacitor recharge +10% +18% +22% +27% +34% +50%

    - I like the speed/inertia changes in black holes, as of right now they are simply too strong
    - there is no effect that promotes active boosting in pvp in particular
    - to counter local-rep-boost for pve-activities (cap escalations especially) capacitor needs to be nerfed

    Edit: Yes, marauders would be even more overpowered in such a hole. But there is counters to everything, amirite ...

    I'm liking this idea. CC's have no opposite hole. It would also make pve much easier for very small groups, and encourage daytripping.