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  • Mobile app - Getting "connection error" when adding another character in EVE Communication Center

    The app, it does nothing! (Galaxy S6, Android 6.0.1, also "Connection Error", same as screenshots except in English.)

    Going to have to carry on with EVE Droid for now.

  • Can't send mail to ISD (Re: Redirects to item DB pages) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I tried to send this to evelopedia@isd.eve-online.com, but it bounced ("454 TLS not available due to temporary reason" three times over as many days - gmail gave up on the third attempt). So then I tried sending eve mail to ISD Detroit, but EVE Gate refused to send it ("An error occurred parsing the message, please validate recipients and try again"). Since the message is hardly sensitive, I'll post it here.

    (I'm away, so sending mail from inside the client isn't an option atm.)

    I just created a redirect from https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Targeting to https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Target_Management . The latter is an item DB page for the skill book (which was renamed from Targeting at some point). Until I created an article for it, the article was empty and the redirect didn't work, but going straight to the article shows you the DB entry. Even now the redirect doesn't show the DB entry - you have to click "Article" (explicitly following the redirect) for it to show up.

  • pyfa 1.15.0 (Vanguard) in EVE Gameplay Center

    On Mint 17, I had to manually install python-sqlalchemy and python-dateutil packages. Pyfa recognises the former and gives an error, but the latter just crashes. I guess dateutil is installed by default on the distros the devs use? Neither message is visible if you just run from a desktop shortcut - an error dialogue in this case would be nice.

  • CSM Guest Blog: "Reasonable Things" Voting Phase in EVE Information Center

    Ibeau Renoir, 39, 98, 67, 96, 97, 35, 65, 61, 01, 14, 22, 84, 85, 62, 86, 94

  • Want to run for CSM 8? You need help! in EVE Marketplace

    Two step wrote:
    I think we all deserve CSM 8 candidates who can express their ideas clearly, no matter what those ideas are.

    This is why I won't be voting for any candidate who I know has needed this service. What happens come summit time? Without your special advisor, you inevitably resume failing.

    (Aside: Not only do we have space politicians, now we even have space political consultants! Eve becomes more like RL every day. What's next, the lobbyist revolving door?)

  • Dev blog: You have insulted my honor - I demand satisfaction! Dueling comes to EVE Online in EVE Information Center

    I'm not sure how assistance interacts with this for larger fights than 1v1.

    Example: A and B want a 2v2 with X and Y. A challenges X and Y, B challenges X and Y, all challenges accepted. So there are limited engagements A <-> X, A <-> Y, B <-> X and B <-> Y.

    They warp to a save spot and start shooting. Then A reps B.

    What happens? Does A get suspect-flagged for interfering with a limited engagement?

  • Dev blog: You have insulted my honor - I demand satisfaction! Dueling comes to EVE Online in EVE Information Center

    Praxis Ginimic wrote:
    The most of us seem to agree that high sec is working as intended and that null is some how broken. So we get dueling and no new poses?

    That's like complaining that you're wasting time on a short hill walk when you really want to climb all the Himalayas.

  • Christmas is coming soon!!! (please read) Video added!!! in EVE Communication Center

    Santa Spirit wrote:
    I also want to add that in the case of most items, they will be in a small standard container, so I won't know who is getting what and they won't know till they open it.

    in the case of items larger than that like ships, I'm trying to look into a way to do that blindly as well

    I suggest plastic wraps. Set up a courier contract and deliberately fail it. If you do this for everything, you truly won't have any idea what you're giving away. (Unless you pay attention to the volume.) Moreover, being wrapped makes it even more like a Christmas present :)

  • WRITE DOWN ALL THE THINGS!!! Back from summer break! in EVE Communication Center

    And bam, it exists. I've been spending the evening adding issues. Some I've ignored because I know they're fixed already.

    If you create an account on there I'll add you as an admin.

    edit: I picked Trac and a random free host but I believe it's not difficult to migrate from Trac if you don't like it or you want your own hosting.

  • WRITE DOWN ALL THE THINGS!!! Back from summer break! in EVE Communication Center

    Is this project still active?

    I'd like to reiterate my suggestion to put the things in a bug tracker. This has several advantages:

    • Tags to organise issues by topic
    • Comments on individual issues, rather than having them buried in the forums
    • Labels for severity and priority
    • Tracking of issue dependencies ("can't fix X until Y is fixed")
    • Very easy to mark issues as resolved, "won't fix" etc.
    • Automatic list of issues, hiding resolved ones
    • Easy identification of duplicate reports
    • Voting for issues

  • Ideas for Drone Improvement, 7/19/2013 ECM Drone Sepration in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hakan MacTrew wrote:
    What about modular drones?

    2 hull types per size, combat and attack. Combat drones do more damage, stronger utility and have more ehp. Attack drones have more speed, range and tracking.
    They can be outfitted with 1 of 4 damage types or a utility function.

    All of this is chosen when a stack of hulls are assembled, with a popup menu. You can choose how many to assemble and what systems to add at this point. Think of them as scripted drone hulls.

    It sounds more like Tech 3 drones to me. Which is a brilliant idea.

    As for implants: since it's primarily a Gallente system, surely they would be made by Poteque Pharmaceuticals, not Inherent Implants.

  • Dev blog: Introducing the new and improved Crimewatch in EVE Information Center

    Auto-targetting (FOF) missiles seem to have been left out of the first table.

  • EVE Online: Inferno 1.2 Feedback in EVE Information Center

    Zamrikus wrote:
    I would have never trained the skill ethnic relations was changed to.

    How can you remove a skill that had to be trained and replace it with a skill no one will train, as far as game balancing goes, you add this next to useless skill instead of changing or adding things that need to be changed.

    I would like my SP back this is NOT a skill I trained for, this is a new skill, you REMOVED the old skill.
    It's a rank 2 skill. HTFU.

  • Inferno Features on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    sYnc Vir wrote:
    If i had stuff in a station I couldn't enter. I would just leave FW and get at it again. As will most people.

    Just contract your stuff to Black Frog. You can get your stuff out, just not use it where it is (unless you bring in an orca or something).

  • Inferno Features on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP RubberBAND wrote:
    - Number of assembly lines increases by 1 for every level

    What about copy slots? They're way scarcer than assembly lines.

  • WRITE DOWN ALL THE THINGS!!! Back from summer break! in EVE Communication Center

    Kudos for all the effort spent in gathering all these gripes in one searchable place. I hope the devs pay more attention to it :)

    Having said that, wouldn't it be better to use a bug tracker for this? With all the different statuses you've attached to the suggestions it basically is just a community bug tracker. You could even use Google Code for it.

    On another topic, you seem to have passed over (or just missed) some of my suggestions:

    • Let a CEO who owns all the shares do stuff without a vote link
    • Make all dialogue boxes non-modal unless there's a very good reason for them link
    • "Reduce cycle time for propulsion modules" (link) also applies to drone MWDs
    • This one is expanded a bit: When someone applies to join alliance, send a notification to executor's CEO and directors (and maybe also personnel managers) and add timestamp and link to the corp link
    • "Show info" on location of jump clones link
    • Don't log (in wallet journal) one-way, no-isk trades via the trade window link
    • Let anyone unanchor an offline POS and modules link
    • Agents should know the character's gender, not just assume they're male link
    • When trashing a ship, don't also trash stuff fitted to it or in its cargo/drone/etc bays except the stuff that comes with a noob ship link
    • Allow injecting any skill, but not allow training it until prereqs are met link
    • Increase the length limit of notes and bio link

    And one comment on an issue you did list:

    • The "weird almost random errors of trying to put stacks of various items in various containers" (link) are not random, it's just an inconsistency between dragging something to a container window and dragging it to the icon.

  • Dear DUST 514 Beta Testers in EVE Communication Center

    Synthmilk wrote:
    Counter-Strike is on Xbox 360 and PS3

    Ah, didn't know that. I knew TF2 was though.

  • I want your little things! in EVE Communication Center

    Meryl SinGarda wrote:
    Longer skill queue. I'm looking at enlisting in the military and I'm already surveying options as to how my character will continue training for 2-3 months without being accessed by Yours Truly. (I don't share accounts, so that's out of the question)

    For what it's worth (which might be nothing at all), I know several people who play EVE in barracks.

  • I want your little things! in EVE Communication Center

    Roime wrote:
    5. The alternative mini-map (the fly-out one) is in dire need of a complete overhaul. It's visually very unclear, d-scan indicator is inaccurate, objects are not interactive.

    Has needed redoing from day one, tbh.

    Roime wrote:
    6. Cosmic signatures decloak ships and prevent cloaking, but they are not visible and thus impossible to avoid.

    Ten thousand times this.

  • I want your little things! in EVE Communication Center

    Justice Comes wrote:
    "You failed to jump because you are cloaked."

    While in a Blockade Runner, traveling around around from system to system you will repeatedly get this message when arriving at a gate cloaked (which is the ENTIRE point of driving a Blockade Runner in the first place) if you used the Jump command to initiate your warp.


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