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  • Dev Blog: Exploring The Character Bazaar & Skill Trading in EVE Information Center

    Nearly every single person against this change seems to be totally ignoring the fact I can already just keep making money and trading up to better skilled characters via the character bazaar as long as I don't mind not choosing my name.

    What is the big deal here apart from that it's just making something that used to be possible but only really known to old players more visible to new players?

    Personally I think they should get rid of the bazaar and permaban anyone selling their account, but they think that legitimising sales is a better way to handle it as you'll never stop it. If that sounds familiar it's because it's the same argument for legalising drugs.

    So if you're able to already trade in IRL cash and buy a titan pilot tomorrow, what difference does this system make?

  • Dev Blog: Exploring The Character Bazaar & Skill Trading in EVE Information Center

    Draugo Rana wrote:

    The consequence that when you buy a character from the bazaar you need to live with that character's skill allocation, reputation, history, name, appearance. That was a trade off you had to deal with. I never liked that possibility to do this but at least it has these consequences.

    This is a pretty poor argument as only an idiot not checking the character's background for themselves is ever going to buy a character with a rubbish skill allocation, history, name, and appearance.

    I mean if you buy a character called popblues420 with a corp history 2 miles long for full price then that's stupid.

    The only thing I've seen that's any different is that you can shunt your skill points around on one character, which I would agree isn't great.

  • Dev Blog: Exploring The Character Bazaar & Skill Trading in EVE Information Center

    darkchild's corpse wrote:
    Inquisitor Kitchner wrote:
    Can anyone who's complaining tell me exactly how this is any different to me just paying £15 a month or whatever to train a second character and then selling it? Apart from now I can do it without paying £15 a month as long as I don't mind my character learning nothing new?

    one example is my last post. more examples are spreaded over this thread.

    Dude I'm not going to read 55 pages. I read the first 5 pages or so and it's mainly people saying how terrible and pay to win this is despite the fact that you can already just buy a supercap pilot using real life money to buy PLEX and using PLEX to buy characters totally legitimately.

  • Dev Blog: Exploring The Character Bazaar & Skill Trading in EVE Information Center

    Can anyone who's complaining tell me exactly how this is any different to me just paying £15 a month or whatever to train a second character and then selling it? Apart from now I can do it without paying £15 a month as long as I don't mind my character learning nothing new?

  • New EVE Ship Models Discussion in EVE Communication Center

    I think the command ships should get some skins, mainly because they don't tend to die that often (which is why they would be worth skinning) plus they are usually the focus of everyone attention whilst trying to shoot them/anchor on them meaning you get to show it off a lot.

  • Ooops! New forums went online! in EVE Communication Center

    For what it's worth I'm using google chrome and the "report" flag icon is totally in the wrong place, it's like in the post along with the text. Same with the "Edited by" text.

  • Polarized weaponry (affectionately known as glass cannons) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The idea is good the name is pretty awful.

    I get why you've gone with "blighted" but it sounds more like a WoW item from a quest than a Sci Fi name.

    To me the idea I want conjured up is that of a weapon system that draws power away from your defensive systems in order to power itself. This would imply they probably aren't very efficient in terms of power/system use.

    I would suggest the term "Overloaded" but since you already used that for something I wouldn't go with that.

    You could perhaps go with "Unstable" as a name, as to me it's like saying "Well we can get them to work but not without huge drawbacks".

    Overloaded, overcharged, unstable... all these sorts of words I think would be better used than blighted.

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Prince Kobol wrote:

    But the blob will still exist.

    One of the biggest reason why we have the Capital Blob was because it is only counter we have to the subcap blob.

    Of course with these changes there will now be no counter to the subcap blobs.

    This is one of those irregular verbs isn't you?

    They are dirty blobbers, you are a dirty blobber, I am countering the blob.

    The logic (or rather, the lack of) in these sorts of statements always amuses me because it always goes like this:

    1. You guys have more subcapital ships (i.e. more pilots) than we do
    2. When two subcapital fleets fight, the one with the most subcapitals wins
    3. This is N+1 gameplay and therefore bad for the game
    4. We have more capital ships than you
    5. When two capital fleets fight, the side with the most capitals wins
    6. Capital fleets can slaughter subcapital fleets without taking any/much damage
    7. This is good gameplay that rewards experience and skill

    The problem is that NCdot and PL etc have their strength due to the fact that capital blobs and mince subcapital blobs (despite the difference in fleet sizes) and that they have more capitals then anyone else.

    For some reason, this is NOT seen as N+1 gameplay, this is seen as good gameplay. Whereas when the CFC has more subcapital ships than anyone else, this is N+1 gameplay and therefore bad.

    I don't want a game where groups of players can only be successful if they are in a group of players that all have 60mil skillpoints each with multiple accounts so they can use their capital ships.

    Yes there are 36,000 players who like being in the CFC. I think you should question why the CFC has 36,000 players willing to side with it and you don't before you start complaining about it.

  • Pre-CSM Summit Nullsec and Sov Thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Here are my thoughts on the subject:

    The big driver, in my opinion, to attract people to Eve is the idea of 'empire building'. Everyone sees the cool adverts and news stories of these huge space wars or financial/industrial empires and that's what attracts them. No one plays Eve because they want to be one of many industrialists. They play because they want to be the he ad (or at least close to the head) of a huge industrial powerhouse.

    With sov I believe the ability to build an empire is important to retain. The existence of the CFC and to a less extent, N3 is something that always interests non-eve players. So the solution isn't to simply stop these things from happening.

    Instead I feel the objectives of the sov system should be to naturally mimic the rise and fall of empires as seen in the real world.

    If we look at famous empires only a handful were defeated by a coalition of enemies. The majority were defeated by small, niggling attacks which increased in frequency the larger they became. The slow, ponderous empires couldn't defend all their subjects at once, found themselves unable to decisively beat small guerilla forces, and found their empires increasingly expensive to run as a result.

    I do not think a 1,000 man alliance should be able to bring down a 36,000 man coalition ever. What they should be able to do though is attack structures and players in such a way that the only response that works is by a rapid form up by the actual owners/tenants.

    Being able to steal moongoo and ratting rewards via the siphon and the ESS were good starts, but poorly implemented.

    When a small alliance is able to meaningfully hurt, but not actually kill, bigger alliances there will always be a problem.

    I don't think that larger alliances should actually lose control of systems easily. Afterall, if you look at any RL civil wars and rebellions, rebels or terrorists may de facto control territory but they won't be recognised on the map.

    Instead I feel more benefit needs to be derived from owning and improving infrastructure in systems (which in turn can be attacked) rather than inherent bonuses (e.g. I get a fuel bonus because I own the system is bad, but I get a fuel bonus because either own the system which has a fuel processing plant structure is good).

    In this way there is an incentive for small groups of players to attack big groups of players, even if it wont directly result in a sov loss. There is an incentive for more small gang quick form defence gangs from the sov owners. Eventually if a sov owner can't defend themselves their members will start to question the point in owning the space. Why pay for space that provides no benefit as all the benefits keep being stolen or destroyed? It becomes a net cost rather than a benefit and at that point why bother holding or defending it. Sure a coalition could then move forces to defend the territory, "the Empire strikes back" if you will, but that's the point. Coalitions that are able to organise themselves to defend against attackers on multiple fronts over a sustained period of time deserve to have the space. Coalitions that don't deserve to crumble under the weight of a thousand papercuts.

  • CCP - Please Remove SOV - (Structures & Timers) aka "Training Wheels" in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Snot Shot wrote:
    I blogged this a year ago so I thought I would take a look at it a year later, make some tweaks to it, and vomit it back out onto the forums. 0.0 is supposed to be a sandbox, so why did CCP add SOV to it making it a slab of concrete?

    CCP can you please get rid of SOV.

    So let’s think about this for a few minutes. Null Sec with a clean SOV slate.…… No more grinding structures, ping ponging timers, alarm clocking, and any other horrendous nightmares you can think of from the last 10 years’ experience. You can change/impact the Null Sec landscape every time you log in and not be subjected to weeks of structures, timers, camps, and blobs… CCP wouldn’t be faced with trying to fix something that’s always been “broken”, to make something else that can be “gamed by the few” and gridlocked again like it is now. They can simply turned it off……..SOV all across 0.0 drops…..and the players take control over the new sandbox….

    So what are some of the outcomes to doing this…………SOV goes away effectively turning Null Sec back into the “Lawless Space” it’s always been advertised as…………..Station and Out Post docking doors are flung wide open across all of Null Sec and 10 years of trapped assets are unlocked for thousands of current, and past, pilots to use again. Pilots are logging in by the thousands and Null Sec springs back to life.

    • Alliances are no longer pinned under the weight of coalitions in order to “keep their space”………..they simply need to live in, and actively defend it for it to be theirs.

    • Local and regional politics would develop with leaders/war lord’s etc. coming out of the wood works to govern with limited power to hold over players’ heads.

    • Back room deals can be made by the lowest level grunt each day which could drastically impact what happens throughout a constellation or region……stronger relationships are born.

    • Contracts mechanics are developed to support regional trade and local deals.

    • Ninja living in Null Sec could be done by anyone who wanted to take the risk alone, in Corps, Alliances by choice while others hunted them.

    • Grass roots market HUBs and industry in Null Sec would grow to amazing size and use all over null sec….Jita size HUBs policed by Mercs etc………. Mos Isley Space Station etc…

    • And so many other opportunities for player driven content would come to life all around 0.0 as players were free to move where they wanted if they were willing to take the risk and develop the relationships..

    So no SOV………all the stations and out posts are free ported……….now what? Where can I plant my Alliance flag? What will it be?........my thoughts a “Alliance Capital Station”……destructible……

    Alliance Capital Station - Each Alliance can launch one “Capital Station” (Per Region?) which is destructible. Mechanics of how it’s destructible, timers, and what drops is something CCP/Players can toy with.

    Thoughts/options that CCP can build on to make it “special”:

    • “Capital Stations” allow for Super Carriers to dock
    • Docking rights can be set in Capital Stations unlike the local free ported stations
    • Super Carrier Construction Upgrade Slots to be added to the Capital Station
    • Anchorable mods on the station, large guns, webs, etc. so gunners can use them and station can defend itself like a POS.
    • Industry upgrades can be added, taxes collected, etc.
    • It takes an Alliance to up keep it….they take fuel, food, dancers, janitors, cows, booze, drugs, etc to operate/maintain…or it goes off line..
    • Walking in station upgrades, Licenses granted for such things as Casinos, bars, shops etc..only available at Alliance Capital Stations…the more come the more isk you make

    Embassy’s – (Its already going on so why not make it official) An Alliance holding a Region with a Capital Station, can secure an “Embassy” in a Free-Ported station in each of the Constellations within the Region held. The benefits of such an Embassy can be decided as this mechanics are hammered out. Maybe some sort of benefits to anyone using the station for trade, industry, or whatever which in turn allows the Alliance to tax the goings on in that station etc.

    So what about Jump Bridges, Cyno Gens, Jammers, CSAAs, and all the other SOV driven items? Without getting to f***ing complicated, I’m pretty sure most of you guys can figure out how to tie those back into the system without turning 0.0 into the same mess it’s in now.

    Let’s face it, CCP is nowhere near figuring out how to “fix” current Null Sec “SOV” mechanics because there is no way to fix it…….shut it down, put in place mechanics that already exist (stations) and with a few tweaks we could be up and running with a new and fresh Null Sec which will thrive for years to come…

    Anyways…….It’s an idea. Build off it or adjust as you think will work better but the simpler the idea more apt it’s going to get implemented by CCP quicker. The folks that keep coming up with these complicated and intricate ways to “fix” it just stagnate the process and to be honest, I think that’s why you do it so stfu. The above details, or some iteration of it, will give new players a chance to make it in this game and not simply be a puppet.

    Anywhoo……….flame away and cry like babies about “already having NPC space” and silly crap like that. This is what needs to happen for EVE to survive….

    Fly it like you stole it!!!
    (RIP TN)


  • EVE's only legitimate ISK doubling [SERVICE]. in EVE Marketplace

    If I partake in your isk doubling service, is all your weird Mittani stalking thrown in for free, or are the two services totally separate?

  • EVE Audio - Kronos and beyond in EVE Communication Center

    I still stand by the statement that the contextual music in C&C Red Alert 3 was really good. You'd have your standard background tracks and then if fighting kicked off the music changed to a heavier/rock piece and people were blowing up everywhere.

    Then, when the fighting died down the music did too. What was great is you didn't even consciously notice the change, it just always seemed to fit.

    I love the idea that in EVE we would be waiting in a fleet by a POS for it to come out of reinforce, and the music subtly builds up tension as the timer is about to expire, then it builds up some more as enemy ships are spotted on grid and as a load of ships cyno in the music totally changes and kicks into rock music as the firing starts.

    Then as the enemy ships flee, the music dies back down to just background noise.

  • CCP Dolan off to Riot in EVE Communication Center

    He got shot by a metric **** ton of paintballs for charity. I think that was enough.

  • Eve History Book Kickstarter FYI in EVE Communication Center

    Yeah let's stay away from discussing over zealous thread locking and discuss how awesome this book will be.

    To the author:

    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I haven't backed your kickstarter. The reason for this is I heavily disapprove of kickstarter on the grounds that so many projects just swallow up people's money.

    However, if this book is produced and sold, I will definitely purchase a copy of it.

  • It has been fun. in EVE Communication Center

    Bryce Owen wrote:
    I'm hanging up my clones at the end of my sub. This isn't a ccp/goon/etc hate speech, I love these guys. This has been the most real and fun experience in gaming I have ever had. The reason for my leaving is I'm leaving my current job as a K9 team leader for State DOC and going to work for a police dept. in a metro area and time will not let me play Eve. Also my other hobby has taken a more serious turn. I am now part of TVNWeather which is a whole new ball game in storm chasing after a very successful few chases with the storms that went through the southern US the past few days. So real life has defeated Eve.

    The reason for my post is Yes! you can have my stuff. I have over 6 bil in liquid isk and probably 2 bil in assets.

    I will award the following.

    Best troll post.
    Best overall post.
    Best meme.
    Dumbest post.
    Smartest Post.

    24 hours and it will be finalized and I will hand out the rewards.

    Safe flying guys. It has been fun. Cool

    You just need to award "best troll post" to yourself for the OP

  • Dev Blog: Team Up: Industry Work Teams in EVE Information Center

    Dinsdale Pirannha wrote:

    You what also is not boring?

    Not your posts?

    Seriously though, let's take a look at RL for a second.

    60 years ago the UK was a manufacturer, it made things. Then ~economics~ happened and the manufacturing got shut and moved where the labour was cheap. Now China's economy is growing in the next 5-10 years it's like manufacturing will move again.

    10 years ago everyone was talking about shutting down their call centres and moving them to India for cheaper labour. Now all the outsourced call centres are in the philippines. NOW they are moving back because the lower cost isn't worth the hassle they get from their customers.

    In central Europe, three well known car manufacturers that directly compete with each other have teamed up because they can pool their resources to produce their goods dirt cheap, and then simply compete on the market.

    For years now the American government has been funneling money into it's uncompetitive industries to keep them afloat. If you produce in empire space you've chosen to produce somewhere where the government believes in free trade (at least for capsuleers). If nullsec "governments" want to funnel money into making their production competitive then so be it.

    There is a famous saying which is capital knows no boundries. Money goes where it is best to invest, and when there is somewhere better it moves.

    In EVE there are no restrictions on moving your capital around on a daily basis, or at least very little costs. Don't you think for one second that if companies were able to up sticks and move in a day they wouldn't do it more often if it suited them.

    I suspect in practice what will happen is everyone will start clumped together with the teams concetrated, and slowly one by one people will move somewhere cheaper. Eventually those ones will become tens, hundreds and you get what happened in China, a mad rush to move all your production there. Eventually you help the economy by providing paying jobs and you need to compete more, pay more for both staff and local materials. Eventually one person says "Hey, we could save money by moving here you know..." and the whole thing happens again.

    As long as you don't have to up sticks and move every month or so I can't see how it's any different from real life, albeit it's more crudley implemented here for reasons of complexity.

  • What if CCP eliminated PLEX? in EVE Communication Center

    Tippia wrote:
    Inquisitor Kitchner wrote:
    How on earth is PLEX a liability by anyone's stretch of accounting definitions?

    It is an obligation to provide a yet unknown service at some point in the future.

    Liabilities come in many forms; money owed is just a single case among those… but you knew that, right?

    Oh, and…
    CCP Financial Statements wrote:
    3.7 Revenue recognition
    Revenue is measured at the fair value of the consideration received or receivable.

    3.7.1 Subscription fees
    • the Company recognizes revenues from subscription fees on a straight-line basis over the subscription period;
    • fees for the selected subscription period (1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months) are collected at the beginning of the period. Fees are non-refundable;
    • unrecognized revenues from subscription fees are accounted for as deferred revenues among current liabilities.

    3.7.2 In-game currency
    Revenue from the sale of in-game currency is recognized when it has been consumed and rendering of service has been fully satisfied.
    • revenues received from the sale of unused in-game currency are reported as deferred revenues among current liabilities.

    I was looking for that earlier but couldn't find it as I was on my phone.

    Not recognising revenues from PLEX up front is ridiculous, I can't believe they are doing it. I'd understand more if it wasn't for the fact that it's a virtual good in a game that, if CCP went bankrupt, would basically never have to pay back. It would be interesting to see how much PLEX is inflating their current liabilities.

    The subscription thing I get more, as there's more of an argument that CCP owes a service, despite them saying it's non-refundable they have been forced to give refunds for changes in terms and conditions in the past.

    PLEX on the other hand is a virtual item in a game that can be redeemed for in game things, one of which is access to a game, that you have already agreed doesn't belong to you. I don't think that really counts as a liability.

  • What if CCP eliminated PLEX? in EVE Communication Center

    Are you two serious?

    How on earth is PLEX a liability by anyone's stretch of accounting definitions? Liabilities are money owed by CCP, when someone buys a PLEX it is NOT considered a form of debt that CCP owes anyone. If there a billion PLEX bought but not used that isn't a liability, if CCP shut down tomorrow players owning PLEX would be no where on the list of debtors that need paying.

    You both don't have a clue what you're on about,international accounting standards are that you recognise a sale as soon as it's made, not when you receive the payment. As soon as someone buys a PLEX using real life money, the value of that sale needs to be recorded on the P&L. The income received from this is in the form of cash, which when you produce a balance sheet would be in the form of retained profit (if there is profit). Do you honestly believe PLEX is featured as a liability on CCPs balance sheet?

    You should try reading CCP's balance sheet and then their terms and conditions. Everything you own in the game, including PLEX you have purchased, do not belong to you, they belong to CCP. You have not got a promise of services that you can reclaim at any point during the future, you have bought an item which is in a game which belongs to CCP.

    If you both believe CCP is recording PLEX as liabilties I suggest you both go back to whatever school taught you your accounting, if you even went to one.

  • Traitors to EVE in EVE Communication Center

    I like the sound of this wind up toy robot game the OP mentioned. Anyone have a link to it?

  • What if CCP eliminated PLEX? in EVE Communication Center

    Tippia wrote:

    The hassles only bother accountants, and no-one cares about them.

    No it doesn't.

    USing accrual accounting any income over the accounting period is recognised on the accounting books at the point of sale. Meaning that as soon as you buy a PLEX I record it as a sale. Subscriptions are similarly recorded as they are sold, so if I buy 3 months of game time every 3 months then that gets recognised once every 3 months, not once a month.

    Accountants literally don't care how you pay money to CCP, and in fact this is probably one of the simplest things to account for.

    CCP's R&D spend is probably the area that accountants have the most difficulty with as they need to decide whether they can/will capitalise R&D spend spreading the cost out over multiple years rather than 1 payment.

    Of course, you'd know all that sort of stuff before making comments like that wouldn't you?

    If CCP got rid of PLEX they'd realistically take a drop in income, as not every player who buys PLEX does so to PLEX their account. Whether or not this would improve the game as you'd see a drastic reduction in the number of people with like 12 alts is a matter of opinion.

    If you're of the opinion that this game would be better if everyone had less alts (which I am) it is plausible that by getting rid of PLEX you'd improve the game, thus leading to an increase in subscriptions.

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