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  • Some little ui things in "Kronos" in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Could someone look into adding a system - search function to the UI so that one does not have to open the map and wait for it to load just to type in a system for the autopilot/route? That would help a lot.

  • [Kronos] little things from Team Super Friends in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Could someone look into adding a system - search function to the UI so that one does not have to open the map and wait for it to load just to type in a system for the autopilot/route? That would help a lot.

  • Factional Station Variants* in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So where are our faction captains quarters then? I'd love to take a look at a Sansha or Bloodraider station interior ;-)

  • Dev Blog: Giving Drones an Assist in EVE Information Center

    Narcil wrote:
    iskflakes wrote:
    I've run the numbers on Nyx vs Aeon after the changes, specifically looking at their role in fleet fights and capital ganks. As far as I can see the Aeon now wins every time.

    With the changes to drone damage amps the aeon can have the DPS the Nyx used to have, and also have a better tank at the same time. Unless you want to do some kind of comedy "max dps" fit there will be little reason to ever choose a Nyx over an Aeon.


    An aeon with two drone damage amps fit will get around 29.7m EHP (implants, no boosts). With two drone damage amps it will do ~43% above base damage. A nyx with full tank fit gets around 28.7 million EHP, and does 25% above base damage (hull bonus).

    What if we want to put a DDA on the nyx? Now it tanks 23.4 million. That's equivalent to an aeon with 3 DDAs. The aeon is now doing 56% above base damage. The Nyx is doing 48% above base damage. Again, the aeon wins on tank and damage.

    If we add a second DDA to the nyx, it now edges out ahead in DPS of an aeon with 4 DDAs, though the aeon still wins in tank.

    The aeon tanks better, it has higher resists and it does more DPS in 90% of situations. It also has the extremely valuable remote cap transfer range bonus and the option to refit to a huge tank. The nyx has an additional 5 spare fighters (or 2 bombers), an extra midslot, and the comparatively useless shield transfer range bonus. It can't match the aeon's tank in any situation.

    The spare midslot on the nyx could be used for damage application, though there is no midslot module that will significantly affect fighter bomber damage. The midslot can be used for cap rechargers, but the aeon can use cap power relays which are substantially better (while still maintaining equal DPS and superior tank).

    After these changes we may see a decrease in ship diversity as people switch to Aeons.

    What if you fit 2 DCUs to the supers. i think the nyx with no dda would outdps the aeon with one dda (with 2 DCUs each), but the difference is pretty small. Although they really need bigger drone bay and fleet hangar if they want to make DCUs viable.

    you know that the Wyvern will just outdps bot of them, it only loses three. CN PDA maybe a DCU if you want to fit four damage mods. Therefore you will still have a massive tank, an insane dmg and a passive shield reggen. I can't wait for these changes :-P

  • Developer Spotlight: CCP Rise in EVE Information Center

    Yay CCP Douchebag ;-D

  • New EVE Ship Models Discussion in EVE Communication Center

    Wyvern, about a 1m to 1.5m in length, wooden stand, Lichts included, maybe some fighters and bombers on deck. Price, I don't know, a few hundred CHF up to a thousand maybe, depends on the details etc.

  • Dev blog: U and I - Through a Scanner Lightly in EVE Information Center

    Awesome work ! Can we by chance add modules or remove them in the info window by drag and drop for example ? That would make things even better imho.

  • Happy To Report... in EVE Communication Center

    Congratulation on beaten cancer, best of luck to you !

  • [Rubicon 1.1] Capital Turret Tracking Changes in Conjunction with Heat Iteration in EVE Technology and Research Center

    While you're at it, care to buff the phoenix a bit or capital missles in general ?

  • Dev blog: More Deployables from Super Friends in EVE Information Center

    So here is an idea, all employees will get a salary reduction by 5% because Hilmar thinks he's paying you too much for the crap you come up with. But you are now alloed to place an ESS in your lobby, naturally thisreduces your salary by another 15%. But the full 20% that have been taken off your salary will the be transfered to the ESS. As a boni, if the subscription number have risen, you might get 5% extra, aint that great ? But of course there's a catch, those 20-25% can either be distributed to all employees equally or anyone who enters the building can say, nah the calculation is incorrect, give me a blanko check and I'lldistribute it correctly. Of course everyone will have a tiny LED at his monitor that indicates that someone is entering the lobby, you now have 40sec to get off your desk and run to the lobby, have fun. On a sidenote, the lobby is free of any juristriction, so you could be shot there.

    So, all in favor ? Besides, did I mention that that check can be claimed by everyone, even those not working for CCP ?

  • CCP continues to ignore the plight of missile ships, such as the phoenix in pvp. in EVE Communication Center

    Lifelongnoob wrote:
    CCP Rise wrote:
    Using examples of what one alliance fields in a few select fights doesn't really show much. In general, metrics show that missiles have certainly come down in popularity some since HML changes but overall they are still performing well.

    The Phoenix is certainly not in a good place. We actually tried to do a pass on it a few patches back but couldn't get the tuning quite right so we decided to wait a little since there will be good opportunities to balance it alongside other changes that we have in mind.

    Missiles gained some ground recently with Cruise changes and the addition of RHML. We want to do a few more things over the next few patches that will also impact missile balance, if that helps your outlook.

    make the phoenix a hybrid dread rather than missile dread

    That would actually help a lot even if it would be unbonused, just let it have 3 turret hardpoints and we're happy for the foreseeable future.

  • Terms of Service CSM Feedback Thread in Council of Stellar Management

    Imho the only one beeing able to file a petition on someone impersonating one of his characters should be the impersonated himself. There should not be any reimbursement for the scammed player as he was too lazy to check and therefore it was his fault. The impersonated char has nothing to do with all of this and can't defend himself as it was already stated most of the scammers almost never come out of the safety of a station.

  • CCP.exe crashes all the time in EVE Technology and Research Center

    happens on carriers and supers as well

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Downloads are bocked for your country, wtf ? At least the mirror works

  • CSM Guest Blog: "Reasonable Things" Voting Phase in EVE Information Center

    Isbariya, 24, 70, 5, 25, 33,14, 22, 36, 99, 28, 54, 58, 69, 71, 83

  • Which forum background do you guys use? in EVE Communication Center

    Kaarous Aldurald wrote:
    I did not know it could be changed... Shocked

    Awesomeness. Learn something new every day.

    Me neither, damn nice, using Incursion right now

  • Let me set the destination in the destination bar in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Damn nice idea, wondered myself why CCP did not implement it in the first place ...
    The new Autopilot UI is nice, all that is missing is the option to search for a destination in it.

  • sold in EVE Marketplace


  • ★★★ Chribba's 3rd party service ★★★ in EVE Marketplace

    Sold a Wyvern, bought a Nyx within one hour with him, awesome service, highly recomended

  • Wts nyx in EVE Marketplace

    25 b/o online between 17:00 and 21:00 eve time usually send me a Mail or convo me if interested