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  • Ideology in EVE in EVE Communication Center

    My corp which I think has been around for a decade or so is based on the simple principal of "Never Bum Optimal".

    This breaks down to you get a fair return for your efforts and we aim to make a profit as a corp, Profits are returned to the corp as the corp grows.

    I created a corp after briefly being in a corp where we all mined and all our efforts when the leadership to build ships that they then sold pocketing all the proceeds. Not only could you not mine and keep your own ore but if they found out you did and built your own ships you were kicked from the corp and podded. "Bum Optimal" So our rule was don't be "Bum Optimal".

  • Drama? in EVE Communication Center

    Largely I've found "content creation" to be the term asshat gankers like to use to excuse poor behavior, That said I will be the first to admit that in the context of Eve being an asshat and poor behavior by normal societal standards are absolutely intended. In fact core to the Eve experience. The game designed to allow you to shoot strangers in the face (in space).

    I would love to see what I would consider REAL content creation because the game does create a rich environment for it.

    Things I consider to be true (not lazy ganking under that label) content creation which have happened:

    • R v B
    • Economic manipulation, for example controlling a moon resource to affect market prices
    • Major NULL wars where major factors were affected by alliance politics (leader defection for example)
    • CSM drama
    • Any corp that has set up an active framework for its members (same for alliances)
    • "Burn Jita" style trade blockades
    • Organized "shoot the monument" protests
    • Code probably is legitimate content creation as it seems to be organized. They are basically a player driven risk factor for other players

  • Forgotten features? in EVE Communication Center

    Real smuggling. They even had a skill for it for a while. I have it trained to max! :-)

  • The most useless item in the game is... in EVE Communication Center

    Cista2 wrote:
    That door.

    I want CCP to add the first functionality to that door soon, You can finally open it. When you do, gas floods in and you find yourself in your pod.

  • How do I handle bribery? in EVE Communication Center

    I find that confusion around what to do with things someone gave to you very un Eve like. Given how the Eve universe is all about ways to get other peoples stuff in any manner possible the answer is easy. Take the stuff and know you are being true to Eve.

  • Silly Deaths in EVE Communication Center

    My first death was clearly the most clueless. I had just started and really had no idea how the game worked. I am still not sure I can claim I do!

    So I'm looking at the old map where you could easily see things worth going to see. i did not understand system security or non consensual PvP in Eve. Late one night I decided I want to see that original gate. Put my ship on auto pilot then fell asleep. Woke up a few hours later in a pod in some random low sec system. It took me a while to figure out that was not a good idea!

    Not long later I thought I'd go mine some in low sec. Learned about being warp scrammed and just how quickly a poorly fitted frigate popped.

    Last stupid way I got killed was autopilotting 276 jumps in my pod while I fixed dinner. Some CODE person took offense with that. OH well, I needed to redo all my implants anyways!

    ways to die

  • Is End Game a myth? in EVE Communication Center

    OK, for me the end game was to form an alliance then move to null. But then it was to leave null and maybe wormhole. Then it was to get elected to the CSM. Now it is pointing out the way I think the CSM has lost its way. I thought it might be doing OK in the alliance tournament but now I sort of did that.

    I did see the claim that this forum is the end game and that is about the right amount of meta to maybe be the truth. Getting your Eve character in the world news turns out to not be the end game.

    I now believe the end game may be finally returning to the original Everquest. Wait, that isn't it!

    The end game is simple. That next thing you want to do is clearly your end game. When you run out of those you enter the bitter vet game phase and that eventually leads to your final encounter with the ultimate Eve MOB boss. The forum moderator and the perma-ban! :-)

    OK, maybe that isn't it.

    I am going to go back to the end game involves leaving Eve for good to play a different game. I'd suggest this one:

    The Stanley Parable

  • Please Remove 100% Target Jams From the Game. in EVE Communication Center

    So there is this game called chess and the people I play keep beating me because they use this thing that looks kind of like a horse and it moves funny and confuses me! These need to be removed from the game because I am too busy to learn how to do this chess thing!! Stupid game!!

  • wish me luck people. in EVE Communication Center

    Riveting story! Random person commits nearly THREE YEARS to playing Eve and then despite the HUGE loss ot the Eve Universe biomasses. I have run out of buckets for the tears. Now they are back because the are bigger now! Maybe CCP will award us another round of fireworks to mark this occasion.

  • Just to put things in perspective. in EVE Communication Center

    A lot to unpack here so I can't respond to all the things I think this brings out.

    When I first started Eve something like 13 years ago Eve was less. Fewer ships, Fewer player options, No alliances, no moons to fight over, less null, just the beginning of "meta". Eve was checkers compared to chess that it is today.

    So CCP could have left it checkers. If they had there would be the same couple of hundred players that were happy with that. But CCP wanted more so they gave us more. They have mostly remained true there original concept. Eve is dark, evil and harsh. But now you went from the basic crayon set to the full several hundreds to chose from. But the challenge remains the same. Make something unique with the set of basic colors you have. This is complicated and not easy to learn for some folks. Talented or dedicated folks can make a masterpiece with that basic 8 color set. Less capable people are still going to draw crap even if they have 200 colors with 19 different shades of blue to choose from.

    CCP has made several attempts to teach the new players to color. Mostly they fail. The last time I was a CSM member they rolled out a new NPE and I committed to exploring that. I tried to start a new character with no prior knowlege affecting my choices, maybe that was impossible. The result was a chatacter that if you had come from another game and believed what you were told was going to become a space artist! Yes, that was the explicit career path I was told my character was optimized for. I have yet to find that opportunity to make a living as an Eve pod pilot artist. So they NPE basically lied but sure made the game sound richer.

    So is Eve easier now? No, in fact I'd suggest maybe harder because there is more to sort out and you probably start with some very wrong ideas of that to expect in Eve.

    Sure you may get a few free perks like a ship from some early missions but if you've played Eve for long do you really think of that as a big thing? Once you get the basics you'd earn that ship of that is what you wanted.

    So after 13+ years did Eve get me what I thought i wanted? No, I was expecting a richer crafting experience where for example I could invent a whole new type of ship. I still think we need that. But what I got was way beyond what I expected. I found a social challenge I could never have expected. I learned I prefer a game where there is no end, no winning. It is up to me to decide what success is. The fact that Eve lets me do that in space is bonus!

  • Is there any way to know who stole my ore In HIgh Sec? in EVE Communication Center

    Oh my! This is horrible. Someone stole something you left in space!!?? We must find this person and boot them from Eve! In Eve we all pride ourselves on our highest moral values.

  • What is the general "health" of this game? Subs? New players, etc? in EVE Communication Center

    Linus Gorp wrote:
    Cybertherion wrote:
    Issler Dainze wrote:

    Hey, I earned a living programming cheeseburgers for years! :-)


    20. CCP promised smuggling was going to be a profession.

    I find THAT very interesting. Could someone send a link to info on this (the smuggling part, not cheeseburgers)?

    Doubtful you can find any info on that still.. That was back in beta..

    No, years into the released game it was still a thing. A bugged thing. But a thing. I have the skill trained to 3. :-)

  • What is the general "health" of this game? Subs? New players, etc? in EVE Communication Center

    Cybertherion wrote:
    Issler Dainze wrote:

    Hey, I earned a living programming cheeseburgers for years! :-)


    20. CCP promised smuggling was going to be a profession.

    I find THAT very interesting. Could someone send a link to info on this (the smuggling part, not cheeseburgers)?

    So the proof was the deprecated skill I proudly own, "Black Market Trading". It was supposed to make you less likely to be caught by customs agents. It never worked and in the best CCP tradition instead of fixing the bug, they nuked the skill.

  • What is the general "health" of this game? Subs? New players, etc? in EVE Communication Center

    Jenn aSide wrote:
    Issler Dainze wrote:

    15. In the early days we all dreamed of the day we'd have a lot of what we have today.

    And yet few of those dreamers are happy. The said they wanted things, CCP gave them things, and they got bored or angry and left, or they are still here and angry lol.

    This is why I tell the "change" crowd to be careful what you wish for. their standard retort is of course "you are just afraid of change". I'm not, I simply understand that everything (even progress) comes with a cost and you need to ask yourself if you want to pay that cost.

    Lots of people don't even think to ask that question and end up bitter as hell.

    I would agree with "be careful what you wish for". We got all sorts of things we thought we wanted but not everyone liked how it turned out.

    A little while back I decided to step back from asking for things "I" want. Like smuggling and comet mining because I decided I'd rather be surprised with how ever CCP decided to change Eve. Sometime I liked those surprises, sometimes not so much. But I always enjoy not getting my hopes dashed when I try for a change I think I want and not seeing it happen.

  • What is the general "health" of this game? Subs? New players, etc? in EVE Communication Center

    Cybertherion wrote:
    Ocean Ormand wrote:
    Eve is not dying. Rather it is already dead.

    Male cow s**t you fire top slag. If it was dead you couldn't post this.

    OP: Many EvE players are silver-spoon fed as*hats, who couldn't program a cheeseburger let alone an MMO. Their continual complaints about EvE has nothing to do with the game, they just act like they (once) knew/know how it was run. Fortune favours another mindset.

    Bittervets and redheads are terminal soulless diseases. EvE (which literally means life) is not part of their system.

    Hey, I earned a living programming cheeseburgers for years! :-)

    So for the record. I have been playing Eve non-stop for 12 years. I have been elected three times to the CSM. I can speak a bit about how Eve has changed. Here are how I see the differences.

    1. Eve felt both bigger but emptier.
    2. Eve was simpler. There were far fewer ships to consider for example.
    3. Because almost everything was available from NPC vendors the economy held less upside for players.
    4. You could make a decent living doing PVE trade, attacking NPC convoys or being part of the BPO lottery.
    5. Null has expanded quite a bit.
    6. Station interiors were more fun. They seemed like little cities. I miss pleasure hubs!
    7. Character creation was less rich so our characters weren't as pretty! :-)
    8. Tanking a gate gun was nontrivial.
    9. It was harder to turn real dollars into ISKs as there was nothing like the Plex.
    10. There were no moon wars as there was no moon mining or POS.
    11. NRDS mostly didn't work in the early days either!
    12. Eve was still spreadsheets in space even in the beginning. Much of how the Goons did so well back in the early days is they had some of the best folks using those spreadsheets to figure out how to best create the most effective fleets per isks.
    13. The CSM served a purpose in the early days as it let the players hold CCP accountable when major exploits happened.
    14. There were no mining barges.
    15. In the early days we all dreamed of the day we'd have a lot of what we have today.
    16. There was more space tourism. It seemed like there were a lot of special things to see in space and they were easier to identify in the map.
    17. Eve was hard in the beginning and its is still hard today. But it isn't any harder today then it was then.
    18. CCP seemed a bit more secretive with their plans to improve Eve. Of course it meant they didn't over promise as much. Think about the hype around walking in stations.
    19. Eve was not as pretty, The Skybox background was fixed and the same where ever you were.
    20. CCP promised smuggling was going to be a profession.

    I'd love to hear from other folks that have been around for a while as to how they think Eve has evolved. I saw it very much from a more casual industrial point of view. I know others would have seen it differently.

  • What is the general "health" of this game? Subs? New players, etc? in EVE Communication Center

    Eve is already dead. It has then been found to be undead and lives by the rule "what is dead can never die"!

    Serious answer Eve really is likely to stay around for the foreseeable future. Short of Eve being sold (it is on the market if I understand things) CCP will keep the lights on in the Eve verse. I think Eve is very much too close to the core of the true spirit of Iceland and as long as its in the hands of Vikings you will continue to be able to shoot strangers in space in the face.

    Eve will never be much bigger but it really doesn't need to be.

  • Can you still add a video to CQ? in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    Yes, you have to use WEBM format.


    In short, convert your video with this:

    And put in:
    \AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility\cache\CQScreenVideos (for me AppData its located in C:\Users\accountname)
    You have to create the folder \CQScreenVideos if its not there.

    Video is stretched to the screen proportions. If you want not stretched video, you have to cut or extend it on the borders in the source video. Best resolution was 1280 x 622 for me.

    Should work, I have mine playing.

    So thanks!

    I fiddle with it and in fact it does work! So you might ask why the heck I wanted to do sometning like that? Well, I want to make some corp content and build a little app to refresh the files there in cache directly so folks in the corp can see some our our content. Once I get the app working as intended I'll share it out. Basically the idea is I'll find a place in the cloud somewhere to publish content and the have it sent out the subscribers.

    Too bad you can't do the same with your a billboard. I know I'd think about paying for a billboard I could deply with my own content! Of course you'd have to let it also be like anything in space so it could be blown up but it could be fun!

  • Can you still add a video to CQ? in EVE Communication Center

    So I know a few years back CCP basically mentioned how someone could put a video on the screen in the CQ. Can you still do that? I fiddled a bit with it and I couldn't make it work.

    Is it still possible?

  • Your (or my) space pixels heritage in EVE Communication Center

    Mr Epeen wrote:
    Interesting idea, but personally I have more concerns about who to give my RL stuff to when the inevitable comes to pass.

    Mr Epeen Cool

    So I had a friend with an interesting take on leaving stuff to someone or insurance for that matter when they were gone in RL. They said they were never going to give their stuff to someone or make them the beneficiary of an insurance policy because they wanted to make sure people would be SAD when they passed. Lol

  • The CSM – Council of Sov. Management. in EVE Communication Center

    Soel Reit wrote:
    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    Soel Reit wrote:
    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    You consider going to Iceland for 4 days of meetings a vacation? I think we have very different standards.


    don't write these bullshits ahhHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH

    anyone that voted you is dumb as much as you, judging from what you are writing Cool

    Soel do you have a trolling quota to meet or something?

    This is low effort and uninformed even for you. We literally have the schedule for the CSM meetings, you can see clearly that there is exactly zero time for playing tourist there. The only way going to the summits is a vacation these days is if your day job is somehow worse than sitting in a series of conference rooms with a bunch of Eve players arguing game minutia...

    you're going to argue and speak about a game that you LOVE and CARE for!
    that is your HOBBY! that is something you love to play anytime!

    tell me it's not a vacation!
    tell me it's work! i dare you!

    you are literally going (all payed) to speak about spaceships 24/7, trolling the devs, having fun with other nerds, metagaming with other alliances and whatever!
    i can't see how you can call that WORK.

    That's a HOBBY, and dedicating days to a hobby it's called vacation/holiday in MY BOOK!
    and if it's so heavy to bear guys.... just don't go and candidate for cms LUL Cool

    i dunno what's wrong with you TBH

    I was going to write about this same post. Here is why it's a vacation. I was away from work. I was in Iceland. I was put up in a pretty decent place. First time I went we had a waffle machine and my shower had a volcanic steam valve. We were fed pretty well. We got odd Icelandic soft drinks! Several nights we were taken out to local bars. We spent our days talking about a game we clearly all enjoyed.

    Was it lounging on a beach in some tropical setting? No, would I do it again, yes.

    The second time I was flown to Iceland as part of the CSM was during fanfest and that really was a vacation. I also enjoyed some of the other silly perks, I think I got a medal twice. :-) plus the CSM thingy when you forum post.

    You know what the real pay off was? I got to meet some amazing folks in real life I would not have otherwise all on CCP's nickle. So there is a definite set of "perks" that come with being elected.

    So now I'm changing what I first said. The CSM is now a popularity contest with an Iceland vacation and a gift bag if you win!