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  • Thinking of getting back into eve in EVE Communication Center

    Don't! Just don't do it!! Lol

    No seriously not much has changed. It is technically "free to play" so long as becoming the second class citizen you become is fine. For many that would still leave a lot of fun on the table. But here is the honest fact. The most valuable thing you have in life is time. The time commitment to really get the most out of Eve remains pretty much the same.

    But if you liked it once I expect you may again and what do you have to lose! Time, only time and what would you be doing instead if you weren't out in space being shot in the face by strangers in that unique to Eve friendly greeting manner?

  • Why does every character get to see everyone else's resume for free in EVE Communication Center

    Easy peazy, don't change corps and the problem is solved. I'm proud of my resume! Lol

  • ++ Stop The Rorqual ++ in EVE Communication Center

    OMG!! Something that once was sort of less interesting is suddenly different and maybe very good!! Its the Mandela effect in the Eve 'verse'. Its like everything is changing all the time! Like some mysterious force can change elements of our reality as if it were a game!! Yikes!! What next? The ability to make your own station like some sort of citadel in space? Or maybe the introduction of a new class of pod pilots that can't ever learn the same skills we elite can as if we were paying for that privilege or something! Its like I have to keep learning and adjusting to some new sets of challenges all the time! How am I supposed to live life on autopilot if I have to keep thinking and changing my behavior.

    Is this some sort of game or something??!!

  • nullsec and lowsec // carebear systems in EVE Communication Center

    I though local in those systems was to hear the screams and smack talk of hapless victims? It is also useful to use to taunt those less worthy!

  • Pirate Battleships & Absurd Ganker Arguments in EVE Communication Center

    What a fine thread to find to start my day. Eve does continue to deliver.

    So lets talk some economy basics. Eve is after all spreadsheets in space. Stuff can't really sell (for long) at less than it costs to make. So there is a floor for anything. Also stuff usually sells based on its utility and its appeal.

    So the the new shiny at the moment usually won't stay the new shiny forever. You get into the new shiny early you run the risk of the utility eventually driving the value over the "cool" of the new. Also remember Eve is a chance to keep experiencing virtual Mandela effect because CCP does change the basic fabric of the universe on a regular basis. So call it balancing. Others call it screwing things up. Half full? Half empty? You decide!

    So in Eve to be happy you maybe shouldn't mix your chocolate with your peanut butter. If you are buying to keep or grow value don't buy something that folks will explode if given the chance and then put it somewhere that someone can explode it. If you are buying something to explode stuff buy it based on how well it explodes stuff. Then go explode stuff with it and you will find the inner joy that is Eve! If you are buying stuff to be seen and thought of as cool then expect to keep spending those isks because cool is fleeting,

    Finally best ever Eve advice, don't take it personally when someone seems to do better in combat, markets, industry or some other of the many things a space person can spend their time on in this 'verse'. There will always be someone that is just a little more. That is where the challenge lies.

  • Bye... and good riddance. in EVE Communication Center

    So going on 11+ years and I have to say the game has changed from the early days. Is that a good thing? Well if you get down to what's different now there are more things you can put in space for other players to blow up.

    But the fundamentals remain the same. If you put something in space you run the risk that someone will come along and mess with it because its Eve and that's how it rolls. Eve is entropy. Eve is a wonderful picnic in a field full of ant piles.

    So maybe the possibility to put more at risk is larger today than "back in the day". But go to any casino and you'll find tables with different minimums and limits. Eve is the same.

    I'll be the first to admit I've really scaled back what I do in Eve for the last year or so. Catching my breath I suppose. But I see there are still things to do worth doing. It's all about setting that risk/reward knob on the setting that works for you and accept that even the most amazing sand castle won't be around forever. Enjoy building it and enjoying it while you can and take its demise as a chance to build a new and different one!

    If you really want permanently accumulated things in a game world maybe Sim City is a better game for you. No shame in that! Heck, I still enjoy building the occasional city/zoo/amusement park for a change of pace.

  • Yoiul Festival Final Gift -- in game items don't match email in EVE Communication Center

    So I expect we'll get more fireworks as we approach new years eve. So last year for the first time for me I showed up to one of the organized fireworks events. I highly recommend it!! I also gate camp low sec with snow balls!! Be afraid!! Big smile

  • Yoiul Festival Final Gift -- in game items don't match email in EVE Communication Center

    I can confirm, I have 7 accounts and none got anything but snowballs, a holiday launcher and a skin.

  • [2nd] Annual GD Holiday Ship Exchange! in EVE Communication Center

    Annie Dakota wrote:
    Issler Dainze wrote:
    Jyi Sylv wrote:

    contract to JITA! Big smile

    Why thank you but sadly no sign of a contract, but it's the thought that counts!! :-)

    Well you can have my present instead as i can't fly it :D Contracts up in jita

    Happy holidays o/

    I'll find you something you might be able to fly :-)

    Thank you!!

  • [2nd] Annual GD Holiday Ship Exchange! in EVE Communication Center

    Jyi Sylv wrote:

    contract to JITA! Big smile

    Why thank you but sadly no sign of a contract, but it's the thought that counts!! :-)

  • [2nd] Annual GD Holiday Ship Exchange! in EVE Communication Center

    Issler Dainze wrote:
    Merry Christmas Aladona Isayeki. I'll get something put together for you this evening when I'm back on. Hmmm, what does Aladona look like she wants? Lol

    Aladona Isayeki

    So contracted you a replica of our famous tanked Alliance tournament Blackbird of Confoundment! Enjoy!

  • Presents only if you log in that day? in EVE Communication Center

    So I've missed a couple of days because I just spaced having go log in. Well last night came home to find the internet not working and it wasn't up till I had gone to bed. But based on what the gifts were you aren't missing much. If you are a "collector" I bet you'll be able to find anyting you miss on the market for not many isks once the novelty wears off.

    One useful thing I wish someone would do is create a list of what was given each day. For example I have no idea what I missed yesterday.

  • Mining now sucks per cycle. in EVE Communication Center

    Yes, clearly there is no point in mining any more! You need to stop immediately and change your focus on PVT.. Player vs. Themselves!! It a new thing I just invented for you! This style of play can be enjoyed by buying high and selling low! Or finding what looks like a gate camp and self destructing before you find out! Once you get the basics you can advance to flying around in untanked industrIial ships full of high end BPOs or plexs! Level 4 missions in noob ships are just one of the many things you can try to embrace the PVT focus!

  • [2nd] Annual GD Holiday Ship Exchange! in EVE Communication Center

    Merry Christmas Aladona Isayeki. I'll get something put together for you this evening when I'm back on. Hmmm, what does Aladona look like she wants? Lol

  • I missed it yesterday in EVE Communication Center

    Wondering what I missed on the 13th when the gifts started. What was the gift the first day of the festival?

  • How long do you think Eve will continue to run? in EVE Communication Center

    6 years, 7 months, 4 days, 13 hours, 14 minutes and 7 seconds. Give or take a couple of seconds......

  • WTS eve (really?) in EVE Communication Center

    Come one, this is Eve and CCP. It's CCP trying a real life market scam!! They'll list the game for sale on the market but as soon as someone takes the contract they'll discover it wasn't the entire Eve game, it was an anniversary edition box set and all the codes will have already been redeemed!

  • why are people against "walking in stations"? in EVE Communication Center

    So CCP tried to leverage an nVidia technology demo to build a Vampire game. That went nowhere and to try and stop the Eve community from complaining about taking resources away from Eve to chase this dead end CCP promised awesome WIS. What they delivered was the Captains Time Out room. The most resource intensive single player feature free MMORPG in history. The real bottom line is other than RPG types of distractions (don't get me wrong, I would love those!) no one has ever figured out a real way to make WIS add any interesting game play to Eve.

    I fought for a long time for WIS and finally have given up. I'd much rather see CCP figure out things like comets or a real booster drug dealer role finally making black market making smuggling a real trade.

    I don't ever expect to see that door in my Captain's jail open although I'd be happy if it would and just flood my cell with poisonous gas!

  • Update To EVE Online: Ascension Celebratory Rewards! in EVE Communication Center

    Choo Mi wrote:
    Why push the eligibility dates for the reward forward even though it was CCP who changed the new release date forward?

    It means some people who only came back for a month are now having to stretch it to 2.

    Is it just to make it look like there are more people here on the 15th?

    Come back? Sorry I figured out an easy way a while back to not miss gifts. I never leave! Big smile

  • Why Battleships? in EVE Communication Center

    Battleships serve a very important purpose. They are a "new player likely not to stay in Eve long" filter! New players that are all about the minimum skills to get into the "biggest" ship love them! And the people that like to blow up people that rushed into thier first battleship love them too!

    I have on occasion found myself enjoying a battleship mostly for the high alpha they can produce and even flew one in the last Alliance tournament I was in. I got blown up pretty fast but that was sort of the point. We wanted a distraction while other ships like our tanked "Battle Blackbird" flew around just to survive and win us the match.

    I have seen them used to be not half bad mining platforms! Big smile