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  • Alphas and F2P Have Failed in EVE Communication Center

    So lets unpack this. Folks could try Eve for free previously with all sorts of promotions where you could get a 30 day trial. They tried it and very much like a cupcake frosted with liverwurst decided Eve was not for them. So CCP makes it so you play play a slightly crippled version of Eve for free but for longer and the liver cake still seems to be unpopular. Who would have guessed!

    Could it be that there is a limited number of people that like their cupcakes combined with their liver based lunch items? That might be where an answer can be found.

    So what would make that mythical Eve that matches the player base of other games like WoW have achieved? I'd argue you couldn't still have "Eve" and be WoW. What would you have to change in Eve to get WEvE? (WoW/Eve)

    - Dumb it down. I would have to be a lot more simple.
    - Add more rinse and repeat PVE
    - Make it "easier" to relate to. Understanding that you are your ship and not some sort of Elf wandering around a Forrest seems to be a leap too far for the simpler minds.
    - remove any actual risk.
    - get rid of all elements that allow "immoral" activities like scamming or ganking. You know all the stuff that makes Eve what Eve is.
    - add lots of pointless bling! Give your characters "unique" hats and silly clothes.
    - add pets because of the puppies and bunnies!
    - make things in the game that sort of map to the real world. Let you bake a holiday pie, collect Christmas presents or something Halloween themed!
    - make PvP consensual

    So basically remove everything that makes Eve special.

    Another thing I find interesting about Eve is it is true that the game has reached the point where a lot of low hanging fruit is gone. Big alliances have sowed up a lot of the valuable stuff in Eve. But I think you have to view that as forcing you to adapt. The game gets harder the longer you stay in it which is good. I does mean you learn new approaches and look for new opportunities. Doing the same thing will not always produce the same results. I think that is not such a bad thing. Those other games can keep their elves and holiday baking!

  • Ending Mooning from Towers replacement of MI. in EVE Communication Center

    All moons should be able to be mined! Just make what the moons produce appropriate for the type of system.

  • R.I.P. POS's and LowSec - TEAM FIVE O READ THIS in EVE Communication Center

    So I read the proposed changes and I think they are mostly great and overdue. I really want to see and end to the passive isk printing machines the current moon mining POSs are. I know for a fact they made no sense. I solo ran a profitable low sec set of POSs for years and until finally someone realized it would be easy to take the moons. As a result I sit on a small fortune as the result of very little work or risk. I know that others did way better than I have with just a few more folks and enough support to keep their moons.

    This finally rewards folks that are active and organized! This is how Eve should be. I do think there are going to be a time of adjustments to stabilize the supply chains and markets but change is good. This is one element that has remained stale for far too long. I can't wait for this change! I only wish they'd open up all the moons including high sec for this!

  • Can we get rid of CSM after the recent PLEX insider trading fiasco? in EVE Communication Center

    OK, it is a slow day and I feel the need to post some observations about CCP and Eve. I do this as a long time player, a three time CSM member and the head of a dormant alliance with a catchy name! I also am a life time software engineer with some graphics cred. So here goes.

    1. Eve began as a horrible piece of code to implement a pretty lame game.

    2. Eve grew to be a much larger piece of horrible code but a game based on some interesting ideas. (don't get me wrong, there is some solid engineering in Eve these days!)

    3. CCP has made efforts to make it less horrible code and as a result there are some things basically turned off or never likely to work correctly.

    4. Eve has some continuity gaps in terms of game design and focus. There have been at least three waves of folks that I'm aware of that were the core of CCP when it came to driving Eve.

    5. CCP has shown some ADD in terms of other projects. From a dead vampire game, Dust, partly finished walking in stations that leaves us with the captain's cell (highest ever resource utilization ever achieved by a single player - multiplayer game!) or Greed is Good. CCP can be scattered and it has cost it's core product. Eve. Those wasted resources could have been used to make Eve much nicer.

    6. At its core Eve is the ultimate sandbox and a true player driven economy. It is this fact that keeps Eve alive but also the thing that will limit the actual size of Eve.

    7. CCP clearly continues to struggle to find that thing that will take Eve to that next level whatever that means. So we FTP, microtransactions, Plexes and other experiments to ultimately boost CCP's bottom line.

    8. CCP has a horrible history of completing whatever its new shiny is. Walking in stations, dead, moon mining revamp. dead, exploration and tourism as an Eve feature, dead, smuggling as an Eve feature, dead, major story line development based on player actions, dead, truly dynamic player driven actions that change Eve fundamentals like system security, dead, faction warfare, on life support, in game browser, dead twice, true ship personaliztion, dead... the list goes on. Take some time and really take a tour of the "verse" and you find tons of content left to rot. A lot of work went into things that never got developed or used.

    9. The CSM was formed during a different time in CCP by folks that sadly are no longer involved. So the function of the CSM has changed. They really have been changed from watch-guards to bad idea faeries. But the presence of the CSM is one of the things that make Eve unique.

    The players could change the nature of the CSM if they cared enough, but in the end they don't. In fact the number of Eve pod pilots that care enough to get involved in trying to bring about real changes to Eve fundamentals is small. That fact is sometimes hard to remember when posting a masterpiece of logical argument here in the forums. The few folks that are willing to commit the effort are pretty easy to spot in the game and generally well known.

    10. The real way to create something different in Eve lies in some basics of human nature. Influence enough folks to support your ideas and you have a chance to make a change. We have some real examples of folks that have that skill set and SOV maps reflect the results. I've found my personal abilities and commitments probably peak at around 300 pod pilots or so paying some attention to what I'd come up with over longer periods of time and just enough for short periods of time to be elected to the CSM. I am in awe of folks that pull together the big alliances.

    11. Finally I don't think Eve could have come from anywhere other than Iceland. CCP REALLY likes the basically enabling psychopaths shoot a stranger in the face element of Eve. It is the inner Viking I think. Unless CCP sees an opportunity to dramatically increase revenues by eliminating that cold lack of morals framework that shapes the verse that will stay baked in. Also remember if they were to become convinced to change the game so fundamentally they would need to do it in a way to not shoot themselves in the foot by alienating the cash flow they get now from folks that like that lack of a moral framework. In many ways it is that Eve lets out the worst of an individual that is core to many folks fondness of the game.

    So what does that mean? Well if you want Eve to become another game than Eve is today (for example more single player high se PVE) I don't think you'll ever get it because there are too many people that seem to like it as is. And so far no one has come up with a plan to remove the dark heart and keep the patient alive.

    Another observation. Eve is played at all manner of levels. I am playing one now! I am bloviating on the Eve forums. This is an element of Eve that has many fans! Eve gives a person a chance to face an infinite set of challenges based on how much they want to put into it on more levels and in more ways than any game short of real life has offered.

    Does Eve have warts. Well, yes it does. Would my perfect Eve be different? Well, yes I'd have walking in stations, the pleasure hubs back, comets, smuggling, aliens, more high sec PVE, a framework to create a true player designed mission and a craft system that let me invent new classes of ships much like T3 but more. Would it be better? I have no idea. Is there enough.challenges in Eve to keep me coming back? Going on 12 years would say it looks like it does.

    I'm happy a group of Icelandic Vikings decided to make a space game. Sometimes they do things that make me grumpy but I think that's just how they roll. So for now I choose to keep trying to find that way to do better than some other folks in a way that lets me sleep at night!

  • Advantages and Risks of Micro Transactions in Subscription Based Games in EVE Communication Center

    I always love it when folks say we don't already have "gold ammo" in Eve. We have had it almost from the beginning. Multiple accounts let you have a better chance at the T2 BPO lottery when that existed for example and of course multi-boxing.

    Being able to sell plexes let you directly turn real life money into game assets and currency. This can give a player a definite edge. If i can buy a better ship than you I have an edge. If I can have more ships than you I have an edge. If I have more isks I can have more power in the market, hire more mercs, have more and better BPOs.

    Isks make a difference and if I can buy isks with RL money I get an edge. If I have a huge wallet balance I can be less risk adverse. Even being able to afford a better PC to play Eve on can give someone an edge (or a better internet connection).

    There are very real examples of groups using deep RL pockets to gain advantages in the "verse". There are also real world examples of folks turning ISKs into RL money. Folks with deeper pockets have an edge in most things we encounter in our lives.

    So Eve pod occupants, you have gold ammo already. Welcome to the "verse".

  • EvE for Nintendo Switch? in EVE Communication Center

    Uhm sure! I know I would very much like to see Eve on my microwave oven! It would be so cool to be able to ship spin while nuking a left over slice of pizza! Eve on everything!!

  • Can we get rid of CSM after the recent PLEX insider trading fiasco? in EVE Communication Center

    Friend, either you're closing your eyes
    To a situation you do not wish to acknowledge
    Or you are not aware of the caliber of disaster indicated
    By the presence of player goverment in your community . Well, ya got trouble, my friend, right here,
    I say, trouble right here in Eve verse.
    Why sure I'm a plex buyer player,
    Certainly mighty proud I say
    I'm always mighty proud to say it.
    I consider that the hours I spend
    In a ship in space are golden.
    Help you cultivate horse sense
    And a cool head and a keen eye.
    J'ever take and try to give
    An iron-clad kill to yourself
    From a three rail-gun shot?
    But just as I say,
    It takes judgement, brains, and maturity to kill
    In any level of sec in the game,
    I say that any boob can grief
    And shove a noob in a pod.
    And they call that sloth.
    The first big step on the road
    To the depths of deg-ra-Day--
    I say, first, sprits from a teaspoon,
    Then long limb roes from a can.
    An' the next thing ya know,
    Your son is botting for isks
    In a pinch-back pod
    And list'nin to some big out-a-town Jaspet miner
    Hearin' him tell about those double your isks scammin'.
    Not a wholesome fair market contract sale, no!
    But a scam where they make you pay’s up front!
    Like to see some golden ammo type
    Sittin' in a brand new Covert ops? Make your blood boil?
    Well, I should say.
    Now, friends, lemme tell you what I mean. Ya got one, two, three, four, five, six turrets in your high slots.
    Slots that mark the diff'rence
    Between a gentlemen and a bum,
    With a capital "B,"
    And that rhymes with "P" and that stands for Plexl!
    And all week long your Eve
    Youth'll be ship spinnin away,
    I say your young men'll be ship spinnin!
    Ship spinnin away their noontime, suppertime, choretime too!
    Not gettin the ore in the hold,
    Never mind gittin' rats cleared or rat chains pulled
    Or the gate guarded or the goods to market.
    Never mind PI-ing' any water
    'Til your parents are caught with the PI factories empty
    On a Saturday night and that's trouble,
    Oh, yes we got lots and lots a' trouble.
    I'm thinkin' of the kids in the Arum clothes,
    Shirt-tail young ones, peekin' in the Arum
    Storel window after school. Ya got trouble, folks, right here in Eve.
    Trouble with a capital "T"
    And that rhymes with "P" and that stands for plex!!
    Now, I know all you folks are the right kinda parents.
    I'm gonna be perfectly frank.
    Would ya like to know what kinda conversation goes
    On while they're loafin' around that Hall?
    They're tryin' out Quafe, tryin' out booster,
    Tryin' out nano paste like ship shooting Feinds!
    And braggin' all about
    How they're gonna cover up a tell-tale breath with Chiral Structures.
    One fine night, they leave the high sec station,
    Headin' for the camp at some low sec gate!
    Libertine men and Scarlet women!
    And Rag-time, shameless music
    That'll grab your son and your daughter
    With the arms of a jungle animal instinct!
    Friends, the idle brain is CCP’s playground!

    Trouble, oh we got trouble,
    Right here in Eve!
    With a capital "T"
    That rhymes with "P"
    And that stands for Plex,
    That stands for plex.
    We've surely got trouble!
    Right here in Eve,
    Right here!
    Gotta figger out a way
    To keep the young ones moral after school!
    Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble...

    Mothers of Eve Universe!
    Heed the warning before it's too late!
    Watch for the tell-tale sign of corruption!
    The moment your son leaves the house,
    Does he double warp core his poor fit ship ?
    Is there a Biomass stain on his index finger?
    A Pax Amarria hidden in the cargo gold?
    Is he starting to memorize jokes from
    The Mitanni?
    Are certain words creeping into his conversation?
    Words like 'alpha?"
    And 'golden ammo?"
    Well, if so my friends,
    Ya got trouble,
    Right here in Eve!
    With a capital "T"
    And that rhymes with "P"
    And that stands for Plex.
    We've surely got trouble!
    Right here in Eve!
    Remember Jita, True Null and the Golden Rule NRDS!
    Oh, we've got trouble.
    We're in terrible, terrible trouble.
    That game with the fifteen classes of ships is a devil's tool!
    Oh yes we got trouble, trouble, trouble!
    With a "T"! Gotta rhyme it with "P"!
    And that stands for Plex!!!

  • Low-sec Hopes and Changes in EVE Communication Center

    By the way for what it's worth. I've lived in low sec until recently. I was there 99% of the time for the last 5 years. I didn't mind it much once you learn the ropes but it sure would be cool if there was something special about it that made it truly unique.

  • Low-sec Hopes and Changes in EVE Communication Center

    Another thing I think you could do in low sec. Create a way for a corporation or alliance become "deputies" of Concord in low sec. So they could enforce the "law" in low sec with no consequence and have access to types of fire power to enforce the law. Give the players a path to be "the new sheriffs in town" in some part of low sec.

  • Low-sec Hopes and Changes in EVE Communication Center

    Orakkus wrote:
    So, does everyone have their own idea about how to make low-sec good, or have certain ideas/concepts started to get favor with the mass of low-sec players?

    I do. Make low sec about making boosters and make smuggling a real thing. When Eve was designed CCP had the idea you could become a smuggler. There was even a skill to make you better at evading customs at the gates. Low sec should be changed to allow creation of "contraband goods" and make developing that smuggling skill a real thing. Maybe even look at creating a mechanism to improve faction with some pirate NPC's to aid in getting the contraband goods. I started out wanting to be a smuggler and have that now dead skill that I wish actually worked as it was intended.

    The other thing I'd consider doing with low sec was introduce comets. These would be moving bodies you mined to get moon minerals. Putting them in low sec would make low sec more interesting and mining comets there more challenging since you would also have to deal with folks that would like to explode you will you got you comet goodness.

  • CSM Election..... in EVE Communication Center

    Man oh man! Look at all those candidates! I suppose I should figure out who is who and what is what. Eve can be a lot of work!

  • CSM. The manner mismatch the matter. in EVE Communication Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:

    but at least most people who make the CSM actually care and sorta know what they're doing or talking about

    OK, that made me chuckle! Yes there are some that care about Eve but for many it really was for the trip and perks. As to knowing what they are talking about? It would not be an assumption my experiences would confirm. I was surprised to learn a few CSMs I met were damn smart an knew what they were talking about but there were enough that didn't that I would call their advice to be a hazard to themselves and others.

    Let be fair, the CSM is just another political body and folks that get elected are made up of all manner of of awesome or not. I would say this about that. Eve is a truly unique game. One thing that makes Eve "Eve" is the CSM. It lets Eve have more layers of "meta" and Eve is unrivaled in its ability to offer the "meta". I can't think of another game that would make me want to run for an office or that would get my virtual self in the global news multiple times as a result of things that happened in a virtual universe.

    Eve is the big leagues for a type of gamer that no other game offers. And the CSM is part of that.

  • CSM. The manner mismatch the matter. in EVE Communication Center

    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    One thing I'll say:

    The summits aren't holidays. Yes, you get flown to Iceland. You then spend (now) 4 days in a meeting room before flying home. And the fanfest trip for (some) members was removed for 10. (With 9's agreement. Meant more people at the summits)

    Maybe the work has changed since the beginning. You'd have to ask Issler. There's certainly an implication there.

    The CSM is, primarily, a focus group for CCP. People to hear plans in confidence and give feedback. And to highlight problems which CCP may have overlooked, suggesting that it needs work.

    We're not game designers. Anyone that thinks that is missing the whole point. And is soon corrected if they make it on. (That's not to say we can't suggest things. But I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times a suggestion has been acted on, when it's not directly related to something CCP is already working on)

    It's _possible_ for anyone to get onto it. You just need to persuade enough people that they should vote for you. It doesn't need a major nullsec bloc behind you. (That helps, of course. Because they come with enough people. They'd not be major blocs otherwise)

    The worst thing you can do, if you object to the number of nullsec people on it, is not vote. Independents can get on. Just look at Mike. Or me.

    As for 'replace them with public forums!', a key part of the CSM is that CCP can come to us with plans which are less formed. Where things might change substantially before release. Or be completely canned. You know what people can be like. "We're thinking about" becomes "We're definitely doing." Which is something CCP's had problems with in the past. Also not good for quick feedback.

    CCP _do_ have chats with players at their events. Just look at the roundtables at Fanfest. They're just not suitable for everything.

    (ok. more than one thing.)

    So I can confirm it is not a Holiday, when you are there you work. If someone wants to go to Iceland for fun I'd suggest save your money and enjoy the trip on your own. It would be cool if an Eve player could drop by CCP and get a tour as I did find CCP interesting but I don't think they let you.

    As for my comment about some CSM thinking they were "game developers" I found several of the CSM I encountered at the end of my last term very much trying to be that. I can't speak for who is there now. My first stint in the second CSM we did have one high profile member known for aggressive use of table implements that clearly was trying to turn their CSM experience into a career and I believe they may have managed to land some sort of job in a game company. And several CSM did end up going to work for CCP.

    The CSM really was a result of some bad behavior on CCP's part in the form of the BPO scandal and the a POS exploit that had CCP scrambling to regain some credibility with the player base. I think there is some element of that still. But I would point out several key CCP folks that set the tone for the CSM early on are no longer with CCP. 'New" CCP folks filled the void and that I felt that the reason for the CSM was changing from oversight to something else.

    I can say the last I was directly involved there were some "strong" personalities in the CSM that I felt dominated the process and they were 100% focused on their vision of what they thought Eve should be. Thus my comment about being the "idea faeries". Although I'd like to believe I could be a pretty good game designer I don't claim to be one and I was not interested in trying to force my way into becoming one via the CSM. So I basically felt I'd rather go back to just being yet another space citizen and leave the CSM-ing to others.

    I also got a little tired of some CSM providing "technical" input into some aspects of the game that they clearly were not qualified to comment on. There were a few with very wrong ideas about the merits of certain PC graphics technologies as well as some general misunderstanding of APIs. But that was just me. Then again I have a 30+ year history in software engineering and multiple patents related to the PC graphics pipeline so who am I to say! P

    As for getting elected, being part of a big alliance makes it easier but you can even if you aren't. I managed to get elected three times (I think) and although I love BEEP but I would be lying if I said we were a "power block". Lol

    Eve really does offer a very large range of experiences and running and being part of the CSM should be included among them. So it you think you'd like to take your Eve experience to another place I'd say run and maybe you will get the opportunity to have a Nonni's sub or the somewhat unusual Icelandic soft drinks from a CCP cooler. If that sounds worth the effort and the downside that comes from all the "attention" you can expect I'd say go for it. No telling how long the CSM will continue to be a thing or that it continue to come with the same level of perks and access.

    BEEP wears its record level of bounty it received as a result of my CSM-ing with pride! Big smile

  • CSM. The manner mismatch the matter. in EVE Communication Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    OP, your complaint here seems to be more along the lines of "CCP/the CSM isn't doing what *I* want" rather than the CSM is actually ineffective or bad as an organization.

    If you actually feel that your views represent a majority then I suggest trying to organize, rally like-minded players behind a candidate, or run yourself.

    Also, specifically regarding transparency, have you ever messaged any of the CSMs? Read the meeting minutes from the summits? Looked around at the CSM posts on these forums? There's plenty of transparency, it's just not being handed to you on a silver platter...

    Issler Dainze wrote:
    But I may be totally wrong about the value of the CSM today. But I'd say that fact I can't figure out what they add to Eve anymore says something isn't "working as intended". I'd suggest CCP consider replacing it with some sort of open session with the players at Fanfests. But that's just me.

    So, immediate problem with this, the vast majority of players can't afford to fly to Fanfest. The vast majority also can't afford to be CSMs, but everyone can afford to give feedback to the CSMs to take to Iceland with them.

    If the CSM were replaced with a Fanfest panel it would just turn into pay to play in the worst way. At least with the current setup we have enough transparency to see which CSMs are actually doing work, bringing up issues, and actually trying to represent the community.

    I did consider that the main Iceland fanfest is costly but there is Vegas and stuff like Penny Arcade. Even regular public Skype sessions could work. But to be fair my response was just an "off the top of my head" suggestion.

  • CSM. The manner mismatch the matter. in EVE Communication Center

    So some thoughts from a former CSM member. I ran and was elected for one reason. To help the players have oversight to prevent scandals like the BPO scandal in the BOB days or the POS exploit. And I think the CSM did that role very well. However I think it changed and became some sort of way for some folks to think they were suddenly "game developers". What it seemed to change into from an oversight and advocacy role to the "good idea faeries" that I thought they became when I lost interest. I don't know what role the CSM fills anymore. Popularity contest? Free Iceland trip lottery? No idea. I guess now I'd say its a candidate for the "How is that still a thing?" segment of the John Oliver show.

    But I may be totally wrong about the value of the CSM today. But I'd say that fact I can't figure out what they add to Eve anymore says something isn't "working as intended". I'd suggest CCP consider replacing it with some sort of open session with the players at Fanfests. But that's just me.

    I am happy I ran and won but there are better ways to get a trip to Iceland but the Nonni's Lamb Sub almost made it worthwhile! If I had it to do all over I'd have paid my own way to a Fanfest and not got sidetracked with the whole hassle of CSM and instead put my efforts into the Space Llamas of BEEP and Tada O!

  • Thinking of getting back into eve in EVE Communication Center

    Don't! Just don't do it!! Lol

    No seriously not much has changed. It is technically "free to play" so long as becoming the second class citizen you become is fine. For many that would still leave a lot of fun on the table. But here is the honest fact. The most valuable thing you have in life is time. The time commitment to really get the most out of Eve remains pretty much the same.

    But if you liked it once I expect you may again and what do you have to lose! Time, only time and what would you be doing instead if you weren't out in space being shot in the face by strangers in that unique to Eve friendly greeting manner?

  • Why does every character get to see everyone else's resume for free in EVE Communication Center

    Easy peazy, don't change corps and the problem is solved. I'm proud of my resume! Lol

  • ++ Stop The Rorqual ++ in EVE Communication Center

    OMG!! Something that once was sort of less interesting is suddenly different and maybe very good!! Its the Mandela effect in the Eve 'verse'. Its like everything is changing all the time! Like some mysterious force can change elements of our reality as if it were a game!! Yikes!! What next? The ability to make your own station like some sort of citadel in space? Or maybe the introduction of a new class of pod pilots that can't ever learn the same skills we elite can as if we were paying for that privilege or something! Its like I have to keep learning and adjusting to some new sets of challenges all the time! How am I supposed to live life on autopilot if I have to keep thinking and changing my behavior.

    Is this some sort of game or something??!!

  • nullsec and lowsec // carebear systems in EVE Communication Center

    I though local in those systems was to hear the screams and smack talk of hapless victims? It is also useful to use to taunt those less worthy!

  • Pirate Battleships & Absurd Ganker Arguments in EVE Communication Center

    What a fine thread to find to start my day. Eve does continue to deliver.

    So lets talk some economy basics. Eve is after all spreadsheets in space. Stuff can't really sell (for long) at less than it costs to make. So there is a floor for anything. Also stuff usually sells based on its utility and its appeal.

    So the the new shiny at the moment usually won't stay the new shiny forever. You get into the new shiny early you run the risk of the utility eventually driving the value over the "cool" of the new. Also remember Eve is a chance to keep experiencing virtual Mandela effect because CCP does change the basic fabric of the universe on a regular basis. So call it balancing. Others call it screwing things up. Half full? Half empty? You decide!

    So in Eve to be happy you maybe shouldn't mix your chocolate with your peanut butter. If you are buying to keep or grow value don't buy something that folks will explode if given the chance and then put it somewhere that someone can explode it. If you are buying something to explode stuff buy it based on how well it explodes stuff. Then go explode stuff with it and you will find the inner joy that is Eve! If you are buying stuff to be seen and thought of as cool then expect to keep spending those isks because cool is fleeting,

    Finally best ever Eve advice, don't take it personally when someone seems to do better in combat, markets, industry or some other of the many things a space person can spend their time on in this 'verse'. There will always be someone that is just a little more. That is where the challenge lies.