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  • Heavy Missile Rebalance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Greatly appreciating the thought that goes into the clever solution to a muddy yet obvious problem. +1

  • Dirt 'n' Glitter announce surrender to Glorios Warrios of Ushra Khan in EVE Gameplay Center

    Otsdarva IV wrote:

    Our spirits dashed, we have looked to League of Legends to die a quiet death.

  • So Yet Again Caldari Call In Another Null Bloc in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mira deVorsha wrote:
    After CHecking Razor Pending wars it does seem they plan to attack the Gallente. I do not believe it is to actually fight you guys but to bait bigger fights with other groups in the area.

    Bigger fights. You know, not with the same Gal Mil that curb-stomped every single Caldari alliance (again) with barely a whimper of successful resistance. Nah, those guys are too small.

    Seems like your force estimation could use some work.

  • Finding a good L4 Ship in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Kronos will take considerably longer to sit in than a Rattler. Both are good at what they do.

  • Destiny And EVE Are Connected! in EVE Communication Center

    ...I bought an Xbox One so I could play Destiny. I'm having a blast.

    On an unrelated note, I'm pretty sure my skillqueue isn't done. Or something.

  • 13:15 UK time - Crash and burn in EVE Communication Center

    One day, folks will figure out that the internet isn't a big truck you can dump things onto.

  • Neuting Gnosis in EVE Gameplay Center

    Isn't this the one thing the Gnosis doesn't receive explicit bonuses for?

  • Popping Incursions, making a point or greifing. in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's about as much as high-sec groups could do to each other. On the surface, it seems childish: you do what we tell you or we'll ruin everyone's fun.

    Thinking about it, if this was only about Noble, TVP could gank him every time he undocked, no matter what he was in, until they'd destroyed enough ISK to cover what they believe he wrongly acquired. This would seem a reasonable response.

    Instead, we see one sub-group bullying the rest of the community in a gamble to coerce a single other sub-group and in the process establish primitive authority over the rest.

    It's 2014 and still people resort to acting like cavemen. And cavewomen. Cavepeople.

  • New Vice Admiral for ISD's CCL division in EVE Communication Center

    Glad to see not all of the talent is leaving CCP. =D

  • Tactics/Ships to kill kiting frigates? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Use Railguns with a Merlin, Light Missiles with Condors or Kestrels. You'll lose the DPS race against brawlers but you'll be able to drive off most kiters.

  • Advice for Solo PvP Roam in EVE Gameplay Center

    Regarding which ship might be a good fit, take a look into the Astero. You can tool around in smaller sites - exploring, hacking, scanning - to your heart's content while being able to evade most camps using your Covert Ops Cloak.

  • Retriever or mackinaw? in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Skiff is an excellent choice of Exhumer. It's easy to manage and very durable.

    Edit: addendum

    Sister Bertrille wrote:

    Ships of that type that have paper thin shields do not make any sense at all.

    They make sense when you don't plan on getting hit. Hulks were meant to give the performance edge, provided that they operated within the envelope of protection. At this point, you're substituting your tactical capacity for a strategic one, shifting the burden of defense entirely off the shoulders of the miner and into the capable charge of security forces.

    As another illustration, frigate PvP sees a wide popularity in ships that have little to no "tank" because they rely on operating outside of their opponent's capability to do damage to them. The same moral applies.

  • Caldari wiped out of FW? in EVE Gameplay Center

    GavinGoodrich wrote:
    All I'm seeing in this whole thread are both sides going "no, it's like this," with every other counter argument being "no, not like that, like this."

    There's hardly any reason to even debate if everybody's so dead-set on "how things are."

    Gavin, they don't think it be like it is, but it do.

  • Fond Farewell to CCP Veritas in EVE Communication Center

    In vino, Vertias?

  • Would you like Stats with that? in EVE Communication Center

    One such diagram showed, over a certain span of time, how many times each type of ship undocked. I remember the massive disparity between the Drake and the rest of the Battlecruisers. I'm curious to see the bigger picture with regard to the changes that have happened since then -- specifically 'tiericide'.

  • Proposal: Spelling change in EVE Communication Center

    And let's not forget the venerable (HEE-la)

  • A twisted corporation... in EVE Communication Center

    Thomas Hurt wrote:
    I'm not sure if this was some twisted joke or what, but CCP really should not stand for one of the largest corps in the game having a squad that specializes in preying on miners...

    Welcome to the Jungle.

  • Eve and "fun" in EVE Communication Center

    Crumplecorn wrote:
    Yogsoloth wrote:
    the fun is in the hunting and killing of people
    Literally telling other people what is fun. Worse than ******.

    Literally telling other people what the definition of PvP is.

  • Caldari wiped out of FW? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yun Kuai wrote:

    See I told them that name was bad. Damn it now no one is going to take us even remotely seriously Cry

    It really is awful, though -- almost as bad as Samurai Pizza Cats. But hey, at least you didn't put any numbers in it.

  • Logistics Proposal: Signature in EVE Technology and Research Center

    When I first read the idea about signature with repair modules, I thought that you were talking about sig bloom when repairing something else... which doesn't seem that bad of an idea...

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