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  • Rate the Avatar above you in EVE Communication Center

    At first glance your portrait looks like a kind of smug overconfident dude. Reminds me of Mengsk Jr from Starcraft 2.
    But then I zoomed in and WOW that's a difference. Now it's a stiff, forced grin and I feel like either he's in serious pain or is actually a robot.

    Putting that one at 10/10 for not being what I was expecting.

  • Returning player seeks opportunity to contribute in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Scarlet Maximus wrote:

    If you don't have time to spell "you" properly in your official corp public releases, I don't have time for you. Sorry.
    Oh yeah, and replying with just this link to every active recruitment post is not a great way to convince me you're interested.

  • Returning player seeks opportunity to contribute in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Let's get straight to the facts.
    I'm bad at PvP combat, and I'm at uni with intentions of succeeding, so I can't commit to nightly ops or whatever. What I'm good at is bullshitting in chat, and I enjoy playing support roles in other games. But, I don't want to play logi. Too demanding for me and my character doesn't really have the skills. So here's the deal.

    If you can provide a gunboat to watch my six, and money for my time, I will mine for days. I own a Retriever and am training for an Orca, and with Project Discovery I'm happy to put in the time on evenings when I don't have any work.
    If you need an extra bit of firepower on missions/incursions/deadspace/etc, I am a qualified F1 Pusher in a fair number of T1 combat ships. If you have new pilots that need assistance, I'm happy to fly on their wing and back them up.
    If you want to pay someone to just hang out and scan down things for you, I can do that too. I can also fly ECM birds with a moderate degree of competence, and enjoy preventing people from hitting friendlies.

    The TL;DR is, I'm looking for a corp where I can do the boring stuff and know that effort is going somewhere. If my ore is going to a capital fleet construction program, I'm happy. If I know I'm saving ships by sitting on the edge of a fight jamming everything, I'm happy. It's that simple. I don't need to be on killmails, I just need to know I'm helping.

    I can do voice comms, Slack, whatever. I can provide an API key, although I'd prefer to be in a position where management didn't need to read all my mail. I'm willing to base out of highsec, lowsec, or nullsec (although as someone who is bad at PvP I'd like assurances that my home turf is relatively safe to fly around in without an entire fleet backing me up).

    Aside from what I can offer, I have a few simple requirements for a prospective corp. I won't join a corp with "4chan culture" - if you're calling people *ist slurs on comms on the regular, I don't want any part of that. It's not my thing. I also won't join a corp that's on the losing side of the current nullsec debacle. Two requirements ain't that hard, I don't think.

    These are my cards. Show me yours.

  • Guess the occupation of the avatar above you in EVE Communication Center

    Gay pimp.

  • pls make tubrik1 CCP tubrik1 in EVE Communication Center

    CCP, hire this man immediately. He is clearly exceptionally well-qualified for any and all available jobs. This could be the best thing to happen to the company since Incarna.

  • Eve Time ??/ in EVE Communication Center

    Windows 7 has a handy gadget for this built right in.
    1. Click on the taskbar clock
    2. Click "Change date and time settings"
    3. Go to the "Additional clocks" tab
    4. ???
    5. Profit

  • Team Avatar and the future of our prototype in EVE Communication Center

    Guttripper wrote:
    Morwen Lagann wrote:
    Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what Hilmar will have to say about it at Fanfest with it next year, personally, regardless of the nay-sayers.

    And for a moment, what if nothing is said or done concerning avatar gaming?

    Will another year pass and those desiring avatar gaming keep their subscription while threatening to unsub? Will there be claims that unless Eve has avatar gaming, it will be doomed? Will other games be brought into the mix as the course of action for CCP to get it together or else there will be a mass exodus?

    I'm sure there will be claims like that made, but personally I don't put any stock in them. Not for quite a few years, at least.
    Eventually, technology will get to the point where WIS is a "why haven't they done it yet?" feature, and then it might start having an effect, but that's a ways off. Until then, WIS is something lots of people want, but it won't hurt the game to not have.

    However, I'm not saying it won't benefit the game either. WIS is nigh-guaranteed to bring in extra subscribers, and making existing players happy is almost never bad. It has the ability to be a near-unique selling point, and if done properly could contribute immensely to gameplay and general atmosphere.

    So no, I don't think there will be a disaster because of it, but really, after Incarna WIS can only go up. They've got the foothold with CQ; the awkward bit is done. From here they've got a lot of improvements to go after, and not really any way to make it worse.

    Will this thread continue onward practically repeating itself?

    When do threads like this not? P

  • Rate the Avatar above you in EVE Communication Center

    Isis Dea wrote:

    many extra lines

    Not bad, not bad at all. You're kind of sabotaged by that shadow on your neck, but otherwise everything is just about right. 9/10.

  • Team Avatar and the future of our prototype in EVE Communication Center

    Morwen Lagann wrote:
    Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what Hilmar will have to say about it at Fanfest with it next year, personally, regardless of the nay-sayers.

    Same here. Microtransaction shenanigans aside, I'm all for WIS and what it could add to EVE. I hope CCP delivers on it sooner rather than later.

  • Rate the Avatar above you in EVE Communication Center

    Ila Gant wrote:
    [Amber Patoria] Great use of color and application of additional layers (tattoos, piercings, freckles). They all work without being overdone. 10/10

    Simple, but smooth. Could use a bit of reduction in the chest department next time there's another free resculpt, though.
    8/10, would invite for an excursion behind the CENSORED bar.

  • Hate the Avatar above you in EVE Communication Center

    Scruffy Gallente scum. Wipe that imbecilic smile off your face before I wipe your face off your body.

  • Why are people still waering glasses thousands of years in future? in EVE Communication Center

    Style points.

  • Resetting wallet to 0 and starting from scratch in EVE Communication Center

    ACE McFACE wrote:
    If you do actually do this, give me the ISK. I could use it


    seriously though, I need it more than him. There's this Ashimmu I want need...

  • cyno at center of the sun in EVE Communication Center

    You can get to the centre of the sun without warping - he might not have been bumped out after lighting the cyno (it's possible the OP didn't have time to spot his ship before being bumped himself).

  • Sanctuary Image Contest Submission Thread Week 1 in EVE Communication Center

    Checking in
    The Seyllin and CONCORD HQ ones were taken from my capsule because there were some dirty sods with guns waiting at Seyllin I.

  • Graphics Vs. Story in EVE Communication Center

    Atomic Option wrote:

    Story only matters for games that center around it. It's basically just a subcategory of gameplay. EVE depends on story for null gameplay, and it's always fresh because players are making it as they play. BF3, CoD and Halo are fun because of the mechanics--there's no story outside of your k/d ratio. DUST gameplay doesn't depend on story either yet, but it might eventually. I think a lot of game designers (notably the SWTOR team and a lot of other WoW cloners) confuse "story" with "mechanic that

    I'd just like to step in here and confirm that Halo does not in any way have a story, especially not one that's a fate-of-the-galaxy space opera complete with romance, drama, and great characters. And that the game only succeeds based on KDR-centric multiplayer.

    Edit: I do not make any excuse for BF3 or CoD though - let's be honest, it's been a while since the stories of either of those series were anything more than showcases for multiplayer graphics and gameplay.

    As for my answer to the OP: I would say both are important. If a game has a good story, but the graphics of a (bad) Elite clone, it becomes a tad tedious to play. If a game has great graphics but no story, I won't be attracted to it at all, really.
    Gameplay trumps both, mind.

  • [Short story] Electric Sheep in EVE Communication Center

    Eija-Riitta Veitonen wrote:

    His ship was severely damaged: Estimated travel time was only a few minutes. Instead it arrived (...) 44 years behind schedule (...). And the distance was(...) 12 light years (...). Yes, nitpicking is what i do best, sorry.

    You've missed out on a very important part of the chronicle then:
    Interstellar jump drive technology is fairly new. Until it came along, the only way for the empires to expand their territory was to send a ship to a solar system to build a stargate. The fastest versions of these construction ships managed a speed of ca. 30% of the speed of light. At this speed a system 10 light-years away could be reached in 33 years, or there about. The crew of the construction ships was put into cryogenic stasis for the duration of the trip, only to be revived once the destination was neared.

    That'd be 89938 km/s, thus Jita from Luminaire would be reached in some 40 years at that speed, give or take.

    In my defence, I wrote this at college and couldn't access any EVE sites because of ~filtering~ (they'll allow Facebook through but not anything remotely related to games). I'll make a few alterations to the story. Ideally I'd like to keep a fairly long journey time, for the psychological effect, but we'll see how it goes.
    This may become an interesting story if you get the numbers straight (EVE is a game full of geeks, and geeks hate shady nombers) and enlargen it a bit. I like the name, you totally didn't steal the idea from one of the nearby threads on this very forum, did you?
    Also here's a bonus linky you were asking for.

    You know, I read that thread pretty much right after posting this and was all "dammit now they'll think I was referring to that".

    As for enlarging the story, I don't know...it's more a sort of "now you're thinking about that too, aren't you?" story than anything else, there isn't really much else I can add to it. To be completely honest, I started off not writing it for EVE at all; it was set in a generic universe on a ship called the Heavier Than Thou. I only changed it to being set in New Eden after someone else said it would be a good match.

  • [Short story] Electric Sheep in EVE Communication Center

    Eija-Riitta Veitonen wrote:
    As far as i remember colony and/or seed ships only took some decades to arrive to other systems, not hundreds.

    I'm sort of basing this on chronicles like Old Man Star, where the guy took so long to make the trip that by the time he got there, faster ships were close to arriving too. I know his ship was damaged, but still.

    Kalanaja wrote:
    Terran ships had warp drive capability which is why it didn't take them hundreds of years to get anywhere. By that same token warp drive is fast, but you would still need quite a bit of time to get between systems, plus having to stop for recharges in between warps.

    The ship in the story is an early Caldari ship, not a Terran ship. It still has warp drive capability, but it's very primitive (hence 150,000km/s rather than the 6+ AU/s our ships can do now).

    Kalanaja wrote:
    It wasn't until much later that the Caldari colonized Jita. Guessing it would have been before the war itself as the Caldari were colonizing systems without the Gallente knowing it and then stumbling upon that fact later. That was part of the cause for the Gallente-Caldari War.

    Can you provide a source for this, please? I don't doubt you, I'd just like to know.

    I'd also like to point out that I picked Jita just for somewhere recognizable to aim the ship at. I didn't have access to EVE while I was writing the story, so I couldn't check the map for something further away.

  • [Short story] Electric Sheep in EVE Communication Center

    Eija-Riitta Veitonen wrote:
    According to my distance calculator script:
    Distance between 'luminaire' and 'jita' is 11.2851 ly.

    Well then. Mmmrrmrm I'm not sure how to fix this. I have to reconcile three parts of the lore:
    1. Early colony ships had warp drive, albeit primitive (150,000km/s seems appropriate)
    2. Early colony ships took hundreds of years to arrive
    3. Stars in New Eden are really, really close together.

    I guess I could change the star to something further away, and the time a bit shorter, but it still needs to be a pretty long way and be a Caldari system.

  • [Short story] Electric Sheep in EVE Communication Center

    Do I want to stop thinking?
    That was the question, wasn't it?
    Amadene sil Vanir, third officer of the Caldari colony starship Shiigeru, pondered that question as she stared at the metal box that would put her in a dreamless sleep for the five hundred years (and half that number in light-years) to the ship's destination.
    What am I thinking about now?
    Reefersleep, deep cold, cryo; the process has had many names over the years. Many appearances too – a simple bed, or a glass capsule, or a metal box. The purpose is the same though. A high-tech coffin so you can live forever.
    What if I don't start thinking again?
    The ship nudged her mind, questioning. She reassured it, and again contemplated the coffin. Sleep for a nothingth of a second, or wake for half a thousand years? Hardly an alternative, but...
    Will I know if the coffin fails?
    An electronic voice echoed through the sleeper bay – the starship's ESSENCE computer, announcing five minutes to acceleration. Barely enough time to go under before the engines fired and crushed her against the aft bulkhead.
    You don't dream, do you?
    Amadene pulled herself together, slipped on the sensor harness, and climbed into the coffin. The blank grey lid closed with a whirr, and everything went dark and cold.

    Shiigeru tore through space at 150,000 kilometres per second, a trail of glowing exhaust reaching out behind it towards the receding sun of Luminaire. Five hundred years later, the sleeper ship would reach the distant star Jita, and found what would become one of the most important colonies of the newborn Caldari State.

    Amadene didn't dream.

    Note: a bit of division tells me the ship's speed is correct for that distance and time. However, I do not know if the distance from Luminaire to Jita really is 250LY.

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