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  • Advice required in EVE Communication Center

    I am currently bringing my own web site up to date and I really would like to add some content about the fact I play Eve. I am reading the information about fansites, but it is not exactly fansite I want to do. It is probably just a few pages and some screen shots, that I have taken. So :

    1. Is it allowed?
    2. Do I have to put the copyright message thing on the page somewhere (how small can i make it)?
    3. If I end up blogging would I get into trouble about it?

    any suggestions/comments would be appreciated, as long as they are in plain english and not legalese What?

  • Upgrading PC (Skint & Need Advice) in EVE Communication Center

    Torskelrak wrote:

    Vista Home Premium (SP2)
    Intel 2 Quad Core Q6600 @2.40GHz
    RAM - 4GB
    32-Bit OS

    My PC, sounds very like yours, I upgraded to Windows 7, (any variant will make you good) I only have 3.5GB ram, and running 32 bit os. It has not been overclocked, mine was a sli mobo with 2 geforce 8600 in it, till eve and the dust blew them up, I now have a Nvidia GTX 460 SE. I can multi client on low settings (3) and not stress it out. The only real thing you may want to do it add an up to date graphics card and I suspect it will last a good while longer, if you can go for Windows 7 as well do so. It really is faster!


  • New dev blog: Fixing some things and moving forward in EVE Information Center

    now then, new font means I dont need to buy glasses just yet and better lighting in minnie quarters will help no end!

    new cyno effect, i makes them so I hopes they are goody! Ship spinning would be a nice change, I get a bit piddled off having to move to the edge of the gantry to look at the damn ship, even when i land there and never walk in I always have to walk out...

    Methinks a good move ccp! Ta muchly!

    PS I like incarna anyway

  • Silly new player mistakes and how to avoid them in EVE Communication Center

    flying afk, emptying the dishwasher through 0.4..... LOL, my first podding and i missed it! Oops

  • [Service] Red Frog Freight (High sec freight service) in EVE Marketplace

    friendly bump for a great service..., along with its sister BLACK FROG!

  • Hi in EVE Communication Center

    yep I like, I likes alot! :)

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