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  • Problem with Thunderdome in EVE Communication Center

    Hi, wanna ask if there is someone who has the same problem with thunderdome performance. I have like 5-15 second delay/lag and rubberbanding, its not 100% of the time but pretty often.

    For example: there is countdown and all i see is 10...5....nothing happens for good 10 seconds and then it unlag and we are already fighting. Or when warp is unlocked before match, I right-click on arena beacon in overview and it takes like 5 second just to show menu with "warp in" and other things. It happens in station also when I open hangar, fittings or anything.

    I tried almost every option to fix it... deleting cache multiple times, verify integrity too, removing some files, downloading them again... and yes i have download everything checked in launcher.

    TQ and SISI works without problems.

    It's so frustrating to play with this problem. Any ideas? Anyone with same problem?

  • [June] Fighter Damage Reduction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Jenn aSide wrote:

    Perfectly well said. What carriers and supers have done is devalue isk, meaning that you have to rat even longer even with a carrier or super to make enough for a plex.

    In addition to that, soooo many escalations meant that the deadspace loot was near worthless.

    A lot of players are too young in the game to remember when doing a DED site and getting a good drop meant you had enough isk for 2 months of game time (when plex was 500 mil and a Mach blueprint would get you 1 bil, getting that BPc was HITTING THE LOTTERY).

    Now you have to do like 10 DED 10/10s to get enough loot to turn into ONE month of game time.

    I remember that time... here is 2b loot from 8/10, when plex was for 530m... https://i.gyazo.com/a333e1faac1e332d14db91cb25ecfd2e.png

    i wish that times will come back...someday

  • [June] Fighter Damage Reduction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Do you really think this change will raise sales of Plex? This changes will not fix economy, it will only raise gap between rich and poor players, like always. Did you consider full server wipe? Maybe it will help.

    You should nerf all that smartbombers and afk VNI/Ishtar ratters... they are big issue, not carriers or supers.

  • [Video] EVE Online PvP Music Vol. 1 in EVE Communication Center

    Teh Gaunt wrote:
    damn man!

    i am very happy to be included in that playlist <3

    i am glad you are happy with that <3

  • Solo pvp best pvp[video] in EVE Communication Center

    you can alt tabbing as much as you want if you set input on directx or game itself. it will record only game, even if it s in the background.

    depends on what program are you using of course.

  • [Video] EVE Online PvP Music Vol. 1 in EVE Communication Center

    Stridsflygplan wrote:

    yes he was on the list :)

  • [Video] EVE Online PvP Music Vol. 1 in EVE Communication Center

    EVE Online PvP Music Vol. 1

    First video with cool music used in PvP videos.

    In first video you can hear music used in videos from famous players like Teh Gaunt, Rhiload, Ronan Le'Meurtrier, God's Apples, worstplayerever, Kovorix, Guados, Aldap, NOisER.

    This songs are my favorite and I try to mix genres, so this compilation is not so boring. I hope. ^^

    In next video: bigmiker, KTOZ, Rolandooo, Baali and many many others. ;)

    Song list:

    Kavinski - Road Game
    King & Queen - Dancing Queen
    WY ft. Lox Chatterbox - Filthy
    Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane
    Sib3rian Plagu3 - Never, ever (Serebro Remix)
    Die Toten Hosen - Call of the Wild
    Mattia Turzo - Attributes
    Elliot Berger - Diamond Sky (feat. Laura Brehm)
    M_V LAYSHA(레이샤) - Party Tonight(서일대축제)

    Check them out:

    Ronan Le'Meurtrier
    God's Apples EVE

    (I was inspired by one WoW video, dude picked a class, the best pvpers and one song from their video... simple)

    p.s. its already 3:17 AM so i'll make description and song list later... also i have birthday today so consider it as gift from me :D

    EDIT: sorry for mistakes here or in vide... i am already sleeping

  • Disappointed With the Sansha Victory skin in EVE Communication Center

    Why is it called Victory skin? All I see is color of coffin on funeral in Autumn... pls CCP add some stripes or brighter colors, something with more life.

  • Advertise on EVE TV during Alliance Tournament XII in EVE Communication Center

    Same here. I sent The R0nin ad on tuesday. Didn't get any comfirmation yet.

  • [Video Project] One Man Crew - Collective Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    I can help if you want. My references are Guados' SR8 and SR8.5 video.

  • Singularity: Requests for account reactivation in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hi, can you reactivate my account please. Thank you so much.

  • [Vidya] Elite Bandicam PvP in EVE Communication Center

    That part with mobile depot was cool. Lol'ed so hard. P

  • [Video] The Dunk Squad in EVE Communication Center

    Reppyk wrote:
    Protip : your void tengu with the AB cannot track ****, even your dps against a BS is reduced.

    Its not that bad, bigger problem was when they had Kinetic/Thermic resists because of Caldari missions. Later I switched to Loki. Our later comp was Loki (prober/links), Loki/Loki (dps), Scythe (just in case, because many other dunkers were around, we killed some of them too), Crow (trololo master/scout//tackle).

    Omega Crendraven wrote:
    oh CO2 how cute )))) get on the D-7 Gate when you want a real fight m8er and I will show the real dunk squad

    Can you visit us to show us that dunk pls. we will be waiting in K3J or in Nalvula/Litom. :)

  • [Video] The Dunk Squad in EVE Communication Center

    Are you tired of FW frig fights?
    Are you pissed off of PRO fights, which you cant get?
    Are you bored of TIDI slideshows?
    Are you sick of mission tutorials?

    This is video for you!!!

    MTU DUNKING full of elitness, epicness, awesomeness and swagness. Nah seriously, sometimes you need to relax from everyday stereotypes. So we choosed to try MTU bug. It was really cool experience (at least for us - dunkers), we had a lot of fun on comms and we enjoyed it. And I am sure about this is EVE - to have a fun with friends.

    The Dunk Squad - EVE Online

    Additional info:

    -there are three fights which are speeded up for hardcore fans - two 2x and one 3x
    -last fight has really bad quality - DEAL with it
    -video contains carebear tears

    Any donations are welcome and if you need to make a pvp video, just let me know but prepare some ISKies, yay! (you can see my work in my channel)

    P.S. dont take this video seriously, it is just a parody. Smile

  • [PvP Video] Samurai Revenge 8.5 in EVE Communication Center

    Cool vid, I love it!!!

    Oh my god, I am in that video too, watch local chat!

    I am so proud!


  • Corp looking for 0.0 SOV Alliance in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Daily bump.

  • Corp looking for 0.0 SOV Alliance in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Bumpity bump again. Still looking for the alliance.

  • Corp looking for 0.0 SOV Alliance in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    We are still looking for the alliance.

  • Corp looking for 0.0 SOV Alliance in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Bumpity bump! Cool

    Still looking for alliance.

  • Corp looking for 0.0 SOV Alliance in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Hi, we are small corporation oriented in all activities. And as you know about situation in Catch, we want to move along and join other alliance in other region.

    What can our corp offer:

    • Participation in PvP fleets (we are also making our own PvP fleets available to alliance members)
    • Providing Ice/Ore products
    • Providing Fuel Blocks and PI products
    • Some manufacturing (ships for PvP, ratting etc.)
    • Participation in other alliance actions (alliance ops, transporting, escorting and other types of help)

    What we need:

    • SOV holding alliance
    • Good ratting system
    • Buyback program for Ore/Ice products

    The best for us will be to join as full member of alliance, but we can rent if its needed and when offer will be really lucrative. No drama, TS comunication, forum and other things are really basic things for us and we havnt any problem with that.

    You can send your offer here or to James Kestrel in game.

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