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  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    Arrendis wrote:
    James Syagrius wrote:

    I, suggest you, keep, too, propaganda my dear as your skills, in assessing the psyche of others, is.. lacking.

    James! Dude! I love me some commas but what the feck, dude?
    Commaageddon perhaps, well yes, perhaps a bit too exuberant with them... But still, the point remains.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    You're reasonably capable of avoiding outright statements, I'll agree. Somehow, though, your statements without fail tar the State and gild the Federation, even as you try to paint yourself as somehow a noble, unbiased participant and a partisan, both.

    But, yes, please continue dissembling and using accusations to shield yourself.
    If you wait long enough....

    I, suggest you, keep, too, propaganda my dear as your skills, in assessing the psyche of others, is.. lacking. Of course, I 'favor' the Federation, my loyalties are as blatantly obvious as your own.

    I know you are used to the obsequious sort of Federal, clamoring for accommodation at any cost. I am not however of that ilk and know you for what you are. The agent of a hostile power, speaking just enough truth to hide the inevitable lie, using the whisper of 'peace' and 'truth' as a weapon.

    I am indeed the occasional villain, unlike you, it would seem, at least I am an honest one.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    But how quick you are to declare the Federation blameless when there are, shall we say, interesting coincidences that make such a declaration questionable.
    You do seem fixated with 'blame'. I don't believe I did declare the Federation 'blameless', context being everything. But keep minimizing and obfuscating the inattentive will always believe a lie.

  • The Cardinal has gone missing in the pitch black station depths in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    No further investigation into this crate and its contents is necessary.
    Will this 'crate' and any potential contents be on the market?

    I collect antiquities so...

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    Undoubtedly the Federal Intelligence Office has made its own inquiries and came to its own conclusions. Conclusions I would certainly trust over other overly biased assessments.

    As with any suspicious aggression, potentially by a hostile power, they are being understandably deliberate and not provocative in their speculations of potential blame.... unlike some.

    I look forward to their report.

  • Short announcement on Sapphire Interstellar Banking Solutions [S-IBS] in EVE Communication Center

    New eyes for new times. It is always good to welcome another Federal organization into being.

    I wish you better luck in your endeavors than I or your predecessors have had.

    Should you need material or moral support there are many who stand ready to assist you.

  • [KURIL] Kurilaivonen begins Federal operations in Mies in EVE Communication Center

    Veikitamo Gesakaarin wrote:
    Pieter Tuulinen wrote:

    But, I mean, look at you. Who could conceive of such a thing?

    Pieter dear,

    As a now citizen of this Federated Union built upon the principles of freedoms of choice and alternative; I find I would be remiss if I did not offer my fellow citizens an ample freedom of choice in truth and alternatives in facts.
    I suppose it is all in the way one defines 'liberty'.

    But needless to say, you now have my full attention.

  • Curse of the shadows in EVE Communication Center

    Now whatever is wrong with shadows?

    They can be quite comforting when familiar.

    As to Dodixe, well she has attracted some unseemly types of late, but still, she remains my preferred market.

  • [KURIL] Kurilaivonen begins Federal operations in Mies in EVE Communication Center

    Well... what could possibly go wrong?

  • Quafe Convoy Destroyed By Caldari Forces On Caldari-Gallente Border in EVE Communication Center

    Pieter Tuulinen wrote:
    I get very tired of people who operate under the mindset that you can't do anything wrong if you don't do anything at all.
    What is the colloquialism?

    Oh yes... 'preach brother.'

  • Quafe Convoy Destroyed By Caldari Forces On Caldari-Gallente Border in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    Though, to be fair, there's an argument that Kim could really be a FIO agent provocateur to inspire resistance to Provist and Dragonaur efforts.

    Winds, Kim's also effectively called herself an untrustworthy Gallente propagandist at least once in recent memory.

    (but, like most things involving Kim, it's worth a laugh but no real consideration.)
    Ms. Kim's honesty and forthright expression of loyalty to the State are understandably disconcerting to those wishing to mask hidden intent.

    Personally I... and others applaud her efforts to clearly express the hidden desires of most within the State to see not only the continuance of the State but the annihilation of our Federal Union.

  • Quafe Convoy Destroyed By Caldari Forces On Caldari-Gallente Border in EVE Communication Center

    James Syagrius wrote:
    Tyrel Toov wrote:
    James Syagrius wrote:
    James Syagrius wrote:
    Tyrel Toov wrote:
    Considering the crew were all Caldari, whose to say they haven't already been informed and the matter settled internally? This was a matter of Caldari shooting Caldari. Quafe just supplied the ships that got destroyed.
    Actually it's not and I think you know better.
    Personally, I think we all know what this was, and in time will know the truth of it.
    Until we do, fear not. I will remind you regularly.
    Your weekly reminder, as promised.
    While I guess, I should feel honored that you find it worth your time to do this for me, but consider your reminder duly noted and disregarded.
    Mr. Toov.
    I will forgo my promised weekly reminder as we have since our last conversation received additional information.
    But never fear, I won’t forget, let’s say, in a month if additional clarification isn’t forthcoming.
    Well… I didn’t need to issue my promised monthly update to Mr. Toov, which was due on the 30th.

    But can any of us truly say we were surprised?

    The Caldari in the State, have their… honor.

    While admittedly biased, I can think of no better exemplification of such in practical demonstration.

  • Hello dears. Let's have a chat, shall we? in EVE Communication Center

    Arrendis wrote:
    That's not very nice, coming from a Gallente. We've all seen how fat your dreads are.

    I think she's more like a Nidhoggur or an Archon, all svelte and sleek, not potato-shaped like a Moros.

    Honestly, James, that's just rude.
    Now now, the Moros is... shapely. You know despite rumor you have an excellent sense of humor, though I fear at heart you are a trouble maker.

    I would imagine she 'the Lady herself', will understand my sentiment.

    One meets some interesting people in trade.

    A few more 'revivals' and New Eden will be an interesting place once again.

  • Hello dears. Let's have a chat, shall we? in EVE Communication Center

    Well, the Dread Lady herself.

    My day just improved.

  • The Federal Frontier: A new Federation-focused Capsuleer news site in EVE Communication Center


    At first, I thought to answer your comments individually, but I think doing so would delude the purpose of this thread. You have indeed lived up to the title ‘The secessionists silver tongued devil’.

    I know you, and we have been acquainted for some time. You know that I have more than a transitory interest in Intaki. Indeed, the same person who attempted to introduce me to the concepts of Ida was the same person who warned me of your cleverness to dissemble.

    What you are purposing would diminish both the Federation and the Intaki. I understand your fear but disagree with your solution, yet I can respect you and your opinion, as I appreciate you respecting mine. So let me say if one day the ‘Intaki’ in whole or in part, choose to leave the Federal Union, within the structures established in treaty law, they will have no better confederate than myself.

    You mentioned that the Gallente have subsumed their culture to promote a Federal identity. Of course, they have, one must give to gain, and goodness what 'we' have gained. I am Gallente. My father was Gallentean, my mother Amarrian, my wife Ni Kunni, my son… died being a Gallente. Many bloods, one ideal.

    What you see as weakness is a strength, what you see as a denuding of culture is actually its progression. To grow one must change. Mammal taught me enough about Ida, to know that one doesn’t become complete through separations but understanding and accommodation.

    While I know you to be one of the most intelligent and insightful persons I have ever had the privilege to oppose. It gives me no pleasure to say your comments betray a profound ignorance of what it means to be ‘Gallente’, and I find many of your comments in this regard stunningly stereotypical.

    Be well Bataav.

  • The Federal Frontier: A new Federation-focused Capsuleer news site in EVE Communication Center

    Saint Michaels Soul wrote:
    Intaki Independence – A chat with Bataav
    Another excellent if wrongheaded article.

    Only in the Federation can one see such a diversity of opinion celebrated in 'print'.

    Bataav wrote:
    To answer your question, a part of why I support independence for the Intaki is to prevent the Intaki culture being completely lost to a vague, all assimilating Federal identity that has no depth.

    Gods above, he is still at it. One must admire your persistence. ‘A Federal identity…’ Isn’t that the point of a multi-ethnic society? Leaving your insult to the ‘vagueness of our shallow culture’, aside. The Intaki are fully integrated into every level of the Federation. They have had as great an effect upon it, as it has upon them. I think you give too little credit to the resilience and charm of the very ‘Intake culture’ your actions seek to limit. The Federation is strengthened by the Intaki, the Intaki are strengthened by the Federation.

    Bataav wrote:
    It’s important to understand that this isn’t ethnic nationalism. It’s not some Gallente-hating movement. Not like Intaki Pure was, with their plan to kick out everyone who’s not Intaki, and drag anyone who is, away from the lives they have built, back to Placid.
    So you wish to leave the Federation to save Intaki culture, but it isn’t an ethnic movement. Can both of those things be simultaneously true? Can you separate one from the other, the ethnicity from the culture? Perhaps what your purposing isn’t ‘Gallente-hating’, but it is very much xenophobic and very 'un-Intaki'. Those ‘non-Intaki’ who remain, I suppose will be expected to assimilate into your nonethnic Intakicentric society?

  • The Federal Frontier: A new Federation-focused Capsuleer news site in EVE Communication Center

    Aria Jenneth wrote:

    I actually really like this one. Usually the thing that worries me the most about the Federation is when it starts doing stuff that seems to undermine its own foundations.

    Also, now I really want to visit the Crystal Boulevard and study its design as an armored bunker!
    Yes, when your opponent actually tries to win it can be troubling.

    But I agree, it was a well written if the wrong-headed article. The good people within the FIO make us safer day by day, despite occasional excesses.

  • Alexander Noir in EVE Communication Center

    Pieter Tuulinen wrote:
    Again. One started a war and one bought enough time with his death to get enough civilians off Home to make the State viable. Also, Tovil-Toba brought down the U-Nat government.

    I hate to be saying 'The ends justify the means' but.... To us, the ends were survival.
    We can never get past the excuses, can we. Who started the war? You say it was us, we say it was you, one horror blamed for another, blamed for another, blamed for another.... By the time one turns to love the other has turned to hate, the cycle continues.

  • Alexander Noir in EVE Communication Center

    I have watched but refrained from participating in this discussion for obvious reasons.

    After all, we are all saying the same old things and trotting out the same old arguments. But, it got me to thinking why I don't attend the Malkalen theatrics?

    Let me clarify my thinking.

    Admiral Alexander Noir… was a murder.

    More accurately he acted contrary to the intentions and interests of the Federation and is considered a war criminal. Wandering Saint killed more than six hundred thousand people. We may never know what delusion prompted Admiral Noir to commit his act of terror. His last chilling message being the only insight into his final motivation. "I have an obligation to my beloved Federation to settle accounts with this hateful race, these cursed Caldarians. For my entire life, I have mourned for Hueromont, wishing, praying, willing for the day when I could strike back on behalf of those souls who perished. Fate has bestowed upon me this grand opportunity, this great day, to make vengeance for all those who gave their lives for the Federation, the true guardian of our precious Gallentean race.... may you rest in peace now, brave souls of Hueromont, and you, kindred spirits of Nouvelle Rouvenor, knowing that I will take back what was stolen from you... Curse you, Caldari... may I take as many of you with me that I can!"

    Admiral Yakiya Tovil-Toba… also a murder.

    More accurately he acted exactly as expected by his compatriots. “To this day he is revered as a national hero and his name is one of the first things every Caldari child learns.” We know Admiral Yakiya Tovil-Toba motivations perfectly. “Eventually only one of his ships remained, a badly damaged fighter-carrier. In his dying breaths, Tovil-Toba directed the huge vessel down towards Gallente Prime.” An intentional act of terror that cost at least two million people their lives in the city of Hueromont.

    Alex Hinkelmann wrote:
    The man (Admiral Alexander Noir) ended the lives of many dutiful Caldari. They will not be forgotten and neither will the actions of that man.
    So to Mr. Hinkelmanns observation, when I am reminded of the Malkalen ‘disaster’, I reflect on what was lost but also consider that there haven’t been any statues erected to Admiral Noir, an important difference there don't you think. One reviled... one venerated.

    So I must agree with Mr. Bilko, it is appropriate when remembering one, we remember the other.

    But forgive me, I ramble. In a lively, discussion a young Piot cautioned me against anger. He said, "Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished." A quote he attributed to Karin Midular.

    It's good advice. It's just a pity so few of us head it.

  • [Ramble/Rant] Understanding belief, reality and the Tribes. in EVE Communication Center

    Arrendis wrote:
    Oland Jan wrote:

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:

    ... it's a legal matter after a concert broke open the crust of a volcano, insurance matters and 'acts of god' clauses. Don't ask.
    I so want to visit this world!

    You should see what she can do with a temperate planet and a structurally-unsound supercarrier.
    I could be wrong, but knowing Mr. Jan as I do, I would suspect it wasn't the geologic abnormality that attracted his attention, but rather the mention of a divine posterior.

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