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  • TOO MANY Wormhole connections!! in EVE Gameplay Center

    This. This is why we gank people.

  • InterBus in EVE Communication Center

    Well, this thread was an experience.

  • [EVENT] Summer Masquerade at L'Amore in EVE Communication Center

    My thanks to Ms. Raske for a nice event, I enjoyed myself.

  • TEHQ in EVE Communication Center

    I spent five minutes on it and now I want to kill myself.

  • Birth: Demonspawn in EVE Communication Center

    Hey y'all what's goin' on in this here thre-


  • Proof Max Singularity is a terrorist and is supported by terrorists in EVE Communication Center

    Elmund Egivand wrote:
    Red doesn't make a capsuleer a Blooder. Red is an attempt to show aggressiveness.

    Nuh uh! I paint red stripes on my ships because it makes them go faster!

    On a separate note..I'm actually rather fond of the fact that I know a neat little secret about Max Singularity's corporation.

    But I ain't tellin'

    He seems nice enough, and I guess our guys kind of like him for some reason (He's interesting!)

  • The Cardinal has gone missing in the pitch black station depths in EVE Communication Center

    I actually kind of like the guy.

    I hope he ends up alright.

  • Speculation rages following Rogue Drone Swarm Incident in EVE Communication Center

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon wrote:
    As I am assimilated one of the fun things I've learned is that Drone Hives are actually just very edgy scrap-metal abstract art installations.

    Charles is gonna get maaaaaad when he reads this!

  • Speculation rages following Rogue Drone Swarm Incident in EVE Communication Center

    Muck Raker wrote:

    "I plugged one of those things into my brain and I eeeaaaarrrrrgggghhh, nah, just joking with ya. Had you going there for a moment.", said a male Gallente capsuleer.

    I can neither confirm nor deny this statement.

  • [10 June] Happy Holiday to All Caldari! in EVE Communication Center

    Loki Vaako wrote:
    pleasure seeking gallente drones.

    You really shouldn't generalize. The defining aspects of a culture are often made by its elites, its highly educated bourgeoisie (And there is never even a consensus there). Not its average family. Billions of Gallenteans lead rather normal lives, hold quiet faiths, traditions, and enjoy simple community life. This is especially true of the Jin-Mei, Intaki, and Mannar. The city doesn't define the country, the elite do not define the commoners. And the Federation doesn't define its member states.

    This is true everywhere, by the way, much as we like to ignore it.

    I travelled the Amarr Empire for years, and was stunned by how many quiet heretics and atheists I found.

    I lived and did business in the conservative State for years, and was stunned by what I saw there behind closed doors, absent public appearances. And what I saw for sale.

    I've taken many lessons from my mother on what the Republic was like (though I've never stayed here long). From what she told me of her home, it was a vibrant mix of tribes but also a developing world, fighting its poverty head on, and establishing its democratic republic to fight the negative aspects of the tribe system, whilst trying to preserve its roots at the same time. Metamorphosis was common here, contrary to the stereotype of the tribes being stuck in their ways. I've corroborated this with the testimony of many Matari friends and many, many books.

    Things are rarely so simple as, perhaps, our leaders, or the media, lay them out to be. The more exotic places you visit, the more you'll see the people are essentially the same.

  • [CONCORD] Taskforce Pegasus Confirmed Lost In Drone Regions in EVE Communication Center

    Teinyhr wrote:
    Ayallah wrote:
    They are a living, sentient species and do not deserve eradication for the crime of living.

    Destroying hives in empire space is not eradication or genocide. CONCORD isn't calling for a full on exterminatus for the "drone regions"

    CONCORD should absolutely do this though.

    Consider the following:

    They are one of few enemies humanity faces which does not reason and does not see us as of any value whatsoever.

    They are of proficient combat capability and overwhelmingly numerous. Trivial to capsuleers, yes, but there aren't many of us. Not enough of us..

    They possess a scale of productive capacity (and more importantly, a limitation from restrictions on production that all organic life possesses, such as sleep, food, and leisure) that far surpasses ours, theoretically.

    They are not life in any strict definition of the term. Any moral systems which prescribe value to life strictly exclude them. This alone isn't justification for extermination, as we could still feasibly glean value from non-living intelligence. However, they have shown no willingness or existential ability to 'trade' with us per se.

    They lack the need for life support systems. This frees them to drift endlessly into space, without even the strict need of stargate-based warp technology. They could feasibly drift off into space, harvesting everything in entire clusters of stars. Thus, they possess a unique threat in that, many millennia from now, they could feasibly harvest all useful material in the galaxy to be purposed for their hives. This could restrict future human colonial efforts at least, and at worst, it could mean a mass of drones which we are at some point incapable of repelling. In honesty, I doubt humanity will live this long, but we are, whether we like it or not, at the mantle of responsibility over the stars.. we are the sentients which have assumed this responsibility. I'm not comfortable with the thought that all future possible life could be ended by a theoretically endless, all-consuming drone mass.

    They have now launched a full-scale invasion (or at least, a numerical spill-over) of human space.

    In honesty, I consider them at a similar level and type of threat as Sansha's Nation before the empires wisely allied against it. In terms of the average of short, medium, and long term threats. I don't see a rush, necessarily, not like with Nation, to deal with the threat. But if we never deal with the problem, it could be the thing which eventually overwhelms us, and furthermore, long after we are gone, it could be the thing which either precludes the development of further sentient species, or ends their journey amongst the stars as well.

    At the moment, we have a race of near-immortals with enormous fleets, technology, and resources. We have a central entity which has at least some capacity to rally most of the forces of humanity towards a particular threat's elimination. That's sort of an..unbelievable combination, historically speaking. We've never been more able to deal with a threat like this, and we likely never will be more ready, and quite likely will only fracture or regress as time goes on relative to these drones, who at the moment seem limited to technology based on ours (and playing defense against an enemy like this won't work forever). We should seize the opportunity and do as much as we can to stall their growth relative to ours. There's no guarantee alliances of empires, fleets of immortals and our level of technology will always be available to deal with a threat like this. The risk of their regression in centralization, technological development and effective hive-like immortality is less than ours. The longer we wait, I believe the less likely we will overcome a threat like this.

    But don't freak out or anything.

  • [CONCORD] Taskforce Pegasus Confirmed Lost In Drone Regions in EVE Communication Center

    I'm slightly disappointed by the inconsistency of what you find in the wreckage.. Sleepers are much better, much more consistent money. Except that lucky bastard Ragnar, he found 50 PLEX for what was essentially 2 minutes of work...

    I'm not even sure how incremental pilot's licensing fee credits were found inside a rogue drone nest.. but I'm not going to question free licensing.

  • [CONCORD] Taskforce Pegasus Confirmed Lost In Drone Regions in EVE Communication Center

    Ayallah wrote:
    CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department has emphasized the danger of allowing the outbreak locations designated "Rogue Swarm Nests" to spread unchecked
    Emphasized but not elaborated on.

    What a pathetic veil for genocide.

    What would you do if 10 super carriers filled with 'refugees' showed up in Vale? Would you even hesitate?

    No, of course not. And those are people. These are drones.

  • Curse of the shadows in EVE Communication Center

    AEther Galatia wrote:
    Jason Galente wrote:

    OP is some sort of ratman.

    And must be defended, at any cost.

    Was that an accident or something?

  • Curse of the shadows in EVE Communication Center


    OP is some sort of ratman.

  • An Offer for Nauplius 'The Butcher' in EVE Communication Center

    Dis gon' be gud.

  • As an official response to CCP tuesdays nerf in EVE Communication Center

    Jeremiah Saken wrote:

    They patch it because well oraganised group of players take it to the level of an exploit. Goons didn't create imbalance, CCP did. They just showing that CCP lack of imagination.
    As for your keepstar comment, again where is the goon fault in that?

    I never implied any of this was goon's fault per se. Just that their interest lies in stonewalling this change, so it's hardly compelling when a goon doesn't like a carrier nerf.

  • As an official response to CCP tuesdays nerf in EVE Communication Center

    Jeremiah Saken wrote:
    Jason Galente wrote:
    A goon crying about a rorq and carrier nerf. Oh noes.

    You guys produce more in Delve doing that crap than pretty much the rest of the game combined. Of course you're crying.

    It's not that I'm defending goons but why should players be punished for using the space they live in? It's not goons fault that CCP can't proper balance their own game.

    Except now they are enacting the patch to balance the game, and goons are crying, trying to prevent it.

    This patch is CCP balancing its game.

    Punishing goons would be doing something other than fixing the imbalance, like trying to retroactively take away all the product of the absurd economic activity in the past.

    I don't think we should expect goons not to use the space they live in to the extent they're able to do so by the game's limits. The issue is the game's limits. Hopefully this patch addresses that.

    In my opinion it doesn't go far enough. Two years of keepstar plopping, have fun trying to evict Goons. No group in the game should ever be allowed to be made totally unassailable.

  • As an official response to CCP tuesdays nerf in EVE Communication Center

    A goon crying about a rorq and carrier nerf. Oh noes.

    You guys produce more in Delve doing that crap than pretty much the rest of the game combined. Of course you're crying.

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Halcyon Ember wrote:
    Jason Galente wrote:
    Mebrithiel Ju'wien wrote:
    Halcyon Ember wrote:
    Are you hoping to find people interested in a rebound or...?

    DAMN! Hope J-Gal remembered to tank thermal, for that burn was HIGH burst deeps!

    Wormholers are known for their high resistance profiles. I'm in a committed relationship, Halcyon.. much as it continues to shock me that some lovely soul sees fit to put up with my shenanigans.

    I had heard, but when you go prodding into other people's relationships, one does wonder.

    I would hardly call a public joking thread "prodding into other people's relationships". That tends to be a private and scandalous thing.

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