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  • Hello dears. Let's have a chat, shall we? in EVE Communication Center

    This is why I never believe it when someone tells me a capsuleer is permanently dead. First Graelyn and now you.

    See also: why I never believe anything Lyris Nairn tells me, full stop.

  • What do you take seriously? in EVE Communication Center

    My partner (more a who than a what), and philosophy that isn't second-rate nonsense.

    I also take the defense of whatever place and whichever people I refer to as home, very seriously.

  • Capsuleer Muses! in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    In before the most fabulous war of all time. Who's got the betting pool running between this guy and Charles?

    ..I'm insulted.

  • Declaring War on an Impotent God in EVE Communication Center

    Mebrithiel Ju'wien wrote:

    If you even ticked any of those boxes, I might have liked yours...

    My shitposts tend to appeal to a different crowd, but thank you for the consideration.

  • Declaring War on an Impotent God in EVE Communication Center

    There's one eventual outcome of this. Absolutely 0 persons change their opinions or long-term activities due to the intervention of Syenna and her fan club. Syenna gets bored, likely within a month or two, moves on to other things. Syenna looks silly for having been so melodramatic about being a glorified highsec wardeccer killing rookie ships for a few weeks. People forget the whole affair, including Syenna looking silly, a few days after it's over. Unless some argument ensues between two egotistical capsuleers in the comments section of the thread, long after the fact, over something completely unrelated to the original thread, and we are thus reminded of this for reasons unknown for at least an additional week, when the headline continually gets bumped to the top of the IGS by the argument about random personal things.

    Welcome to the IGS. Enjoy your stay.

  • Declaring War on an Impotent God in EVE Communication Center

    Syenna, how much did you pay your lackeys to like all of your comments? Or if money wasn't it, how long did it take you to rally your friends to fight the good fight in the comments section?

    You'd think if you really believed in your divinity, you wouldn't be so insecure about your public image...

  • Alexander Noir in EVE Communication Center

    Jev North wrote:
    Somebody help me out here -- show me the trick to reading deep into a person's soul using only public statements and news articles, or to hacking into the clones of the top brass of the Gallente armed forces. It must be really easy if it's anywhere near the best-fitting explanation, and I'm just not seeing it.

    More than 100 years of dedicated public service in the interests of promoting peace, there's your trick. Not 100 years of PR fluff, 100 years of actual accomplishments.

    Have you ever dedicated 100 years towards a singular pursuit?

    Have you even dedicated one year towards a singular pursuit?

    How likely is it that a man spends his ENTIRE LIFE dedicated towards a cause, and it turns out, he doesn't actually give a damn about it, and you can't judge anything about them by it. He was just doing the same thing uninterrupted for 100 years with no noticeable hiccups because, screw it, why not?

    Does anyone here claim to know what the guy's favorite flavor of ice cream is (Grath pls) or if he ever cheated on his wife? No. So we don't know the guy's personal life, don't claim to, and we don't really need to. But when the guy so obviously centered his life around that single cause of peace, I think it's pretty damn obvious that he's not the type to ram a ******* supercarrier into a station in order to start a war. You don't find that inconsistency a little strange?

    Am I out of left field here? Someone help me out, I'm confused as to how anyone who followed his life's accomplishments would think you couldn't read him, that he was some sort of enigma. The guy was a ******* teddy bear until he apparently randomly decided to murder 600,000 fellow peace advocates.

    I've never seen a public figure so singularly dedicated to a cause before. 100 years and he happens to have a total change of heart the moment a station's shields inexplicably go offline and he's piloting a super near it? I have a hard time truly believing that. Not because of emotion or excuses, but because it insults my intelligence and the degree to which I was paying attention.

  • Alexander Noir in EVE Communication Center

    Pieter Tuulinen wrote:

    Finally, whilst any anger felt is entirely one way, I must admit to some frustration. Here we have a clear cut case of a crime and people demand that it can't have been mental stress or a psychotic break or a character flaw that caused it - it must have been a clone jacking

    Actually, 'people' are not saying that, people are literally saying that it COULD have been stress, it COULD have been a psychotic break, and it COULD have been a well-disguised character flaw, and that it merely COULD, not MUST, be a clone-jacking as well.

    Very many people on this thread have said these things. Your narrative of this conversation is disingenuous and visibly inaccurate. You can go scroll up and read what people said again, because you clearly need to.

    And I hate to beat a dead horse when it comes to the dis-ingenuousness point again, but it is not merely a 'clear-cut case of a crime', it's an uninvestigated extremely graphic case of mass murder. You're downplaying it so that you seem more reasonable in writing it off as not worthy of examination, because 'it was just a clear cut crime'. No, it was one of the defining moments of recent history, an absolutely pathological act only capable of being committed by an irredeemably evil person, and it happened under extremely suspicious circumstances that even more suspiciously were not thoroughly investigated after the fact. Don't downplay that.

  • Call To Arms for the Republic Shamans and Witches in EVE Communication Center

    Casserina Leshrac wrote:
    Ilan Ardishapur wrote:
    Fighting filth with filth will do you no good. Take in God and he shall grant you victory.

    When are you going to realize Nauplius is a threat to all of us.

    As a Puritan you are supposed to stop rabid droolers like this one from getting out.

    Your failure has now begin the unthinkable. Amarr and Matari working together against a common threat.

    It's not as unthinkable as you think. The Alliance of Empires had all CONCORD signatories in it as a temporary military alliance to invade and destroy Sansha's Nation. The Matari and Amarr seem to have no problem putting down dogs together, and filth like Nauplius is at least as morally reprehensible as Sansha Kuvakei (though by no means anywhere near as dangerous). I wouldn't necessarily be surprised.

  • The Federal Frontier: A new Federation-focused Capsuleer news site in EVE Communication Center

    James Syagrius wrote:

    But I agree, it was a well written if the wrong-headed article. The good people within the FIO make us safer day by day, despite occasional excesses.


  • Alexander Noir in EVE Communication Center

    Alex Hinkelmann wrote:
    The Admiral had many moments that demanded respect, his last was not one of them. I truly believe you can never know a man, this catastrophe further enforces that belief. It is very possible that some of these conspiracies have been devised, be it out of hope or denial in an attempt to pass on blame and responsibility to another organization, nation or person.

    When the man commits an act that is literally undoing all of the work of his life, and flies as opposite as possible in the face of everything he was and did, it's far from wishful or emotional thinking to find that very suspicious. The only real explanation of that is a total psychotic break or a clone-jacking. It would be highly irrational to think his act was just one of many in his life and, well, people make mistakes. People don't flip on a dime to that degree and level of significance unless they've gone completely insane or unless some very extreme event drives them to do so.. and to my knowledge, peaceful progress was being made, so that's out of the question. Unless, like Pieter suggested, he was changed slowly since retirement, and nobody noticed.. which is possible, but would be a testament to the massive failure of hundreds of people who knew him to keep track of him. You'd think that'd be important for a man piloting a giant supercarrier near a station.

  • Alexander Noir in EVE Communication Center

    My question with these sorts of things is usually "who stands to benefit?"

    Because so many different military-industrial corporations in both the Federation and the State would stand to make an unbelievable amount of money from a catastrophe that started a war, 3 seems probable to me. It would really only take one heartless money-grubbing executive at any of these companies to make it happen. It wouldn't even have to be the guy at the very, very top. It could've been a rogue.

    2 seems probable as well, and probably the least conspiratorial option, though I studied the man a lot growing up, and he never struck me as the pathological type. So, the most believable in terms of simplicity, but not in terms of his personality..

    1 seems like the conspiracy theory.

    I could see why one would believe either 2 or 3.

  • The Federal Frontier: A new Federation-focused Capsuleer news site in EVE Communication Center

    Morgana Tsukiyo wrote:
    Arrendis wrote:
    Morgana Tsukiyo wrote:
    That´s kinda the thing. "Believe" but don´t practice. So it´s just words in the wind and then a lot of rationalizaiton to justify it, like every point you made after number 1.

    People do what they do, i´m not judging. Just find it interesting to see the mental contortionism that people perform to avoid admiting such a clear thing.

    Out of idle curiosity, which points do you think are rationalizations? You said 'every' point after (1) is a rationalization, so:

    Do you think 'killing is bad, but killing to stop someone from killing is less bad' is a rationalization?
    Do you think groups of humans don't have aggregate agendas?
    Do you think different groups can't have conflicting agendas?
    Do you think there is not broad agreement that it's better to resolve conflicts without killing everyone?
    Do you think there is not broad agreement that people are imperfect?

    How are each of these rationalizations? Additionally: which of those statements do you think people do not practice? (ie: (2) - do you believe people do not, in fact, put the belief that killing in self-defense or the defense of another is less objectionable than killing out of hand, into practice? If you believe they don't, how do you explain the legal availability of 'Self Defense' defenses in criminal prosecution?)

    Also, as each of these is a relatively straightforward point, building on the previous points, what 'mental contortions' do you think are in evidence, and what do you think isn't being admitted?

    We'll just start with those 5, we can get the other 4 (or 6, if we include 7a and 8a) after.

    Things are things, i do not see right or wrong, just things and people creating their personal stories and makebelieves to give this dream meaning and context.

    Remember: Whatever is, is right. It couldnt be otherwise.

    What a lazy response. Typical of lazy moral subjectivism though. You're only saying that (or thinking that) because you don't want to tackle the nitty gritty details of the morality of killing people. Understandable, because as Arrendis showed it's quite the gargantuan task to break down if you're doing it earnestly, but if you're going to be like that, don't also grandstand and laugh at other people's necessary inconsistencies as they endeavor to do something that you skipped because it was too complicated and easier to take the nihilistic shortcut. It just makes you look pretentious and unintelligent at the same time.

  • Slaver Hound Crisis in Khanid Kingdom ! Gallente influence suspected ! in EVE Communication Center

    Aww, how cute.

  • Recent spike in Wormhole signatures - a cause for concern? in EVE Communication Center

    I was rather disappointed that we didn't find this hole before the phenomena apparently ceased. I knew it'd be a hell of a thunderdome with that many connections.

    What I'm curious about is whether other places would've seemed relatively.. empty. Or cut off, perhaps, since so many systems temporarily connected to this one system.

  • Idle Threats in EVE Communication Center

    Pieter Tuulinen wrote:
    Put that thing back where it came from OR SO HELP ME......

    It's a scene.. for the upcoming company play!

  • Just saying in EVE Communication Center

    Arrendis wrote:
    Jason Galente wrote:

    People will only put up with that for so long in a democracy.. just saying.

    Yeah, about as long as the Fed needs us to offset the combined strength of the Empire and State.

    Like I said: 4+3 = 5+2. Lose that 2, though...

    I was talking more internally, but I see what you mean when it comes to international politics between the Fed and Republic. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

  • "Gallente" - with sources! in EVE Communication Center

    Valerie Valate wrote:
    Jason Galente wrote:
    Valerie Valate wrote:
    I feel compelled to point out, that alternative guides to Gallente culture exist.

    Still doesn't top the original, or as I should now call it: "Gallente"
    - without sources!

    The "original", written by you, seven months after my article.


    Oh, right.

    I probably should've checked the year.

  • Idle Threats in EVE Communication Center

    Breaking News: Miner War in Highsec!

    The time for talk is over!

    Nereuses at dawn!

  • [Faded Light] A Public Declaration of Intent in EVE Communication Center

    Arrendis always takes low hanging bait and gives it a 7 page essay response, it's like a sport to her. Don't act surprised.

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