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  • EVE Online: Retribution 1.0 Feedback in EVE Information Center

    I find that the UI changes to targeted objects look slick, but the actual damage taken on a locked object is really hard to read.

  • Capital reps and Armor Links (Confirmed Stealth Nerf) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Dethmourne Silvermane wrote:
    I don't understand why this wasn't considered a giant red flag. You have SIGNIFICANTLY modified the way the game works for capitals, both shield and armor. If the rigs no longer function, that's a bunch of ships with now-useless rigs. If the gang links no longer function, you've just made a subset of fleet comps completely useless. You've also pushed subcap warfare heavily in favor of shields since shield triage is going to be the only viable mechanism for saving ships with triage reps (and I can think of multiple doctrines that just got nerfed into uselessness).

    This is such a huge nerf, I find it amazingly difficult to comprehend how you could be less than forthcoming in this regard.


  • Dev blog: War. War never changes..until it does in EVE Information Center

    Allowing Tech 2 cruisers into medium plexes will kill the Tech 1 cruiser pvp that is going on in the medium plexes in the current system. Altough Tech 1 cruisers are being rebalanced, I doubt they will be a viable fleet ship: for not alot more isk you get a Tech 1 battlecruiser with all the benefits that brings. That is why it needs a plex to shine.

    By rebalancing the Tech 1 cruisers and especially buffing the Tech 1 logistic cruisers I think CCP made a real good step towards making cruiser combat alot more interesting. Allowing Tech 2 cruisers into the medium plexes however will make these new Tech 1 logistic cruisers immediately obsolete. Add to that the Tech 2 resists from HAC's and the power in smallscale combat of Falcons and there will be no reason for bringin a Tech 1 cruiser into a medium plex because they will be utterly outclassed by their Tech 2 variants.

    I suggest moving the Tech 2 cruisers to the larger plexes and keeping the medium plexes pirate cruiser and down.

  • What counters 1000 alpha maelstroms? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Since Maelstroms usually don't have sebos they have a limited lockrange. If you can get them bubbled TidiCats could do the job I guess.
    Also, Lockout made a good point: there is a point that you have enough alpha anyway, so if you can get a good number of high rof ships you can murder them at a rather high rate, hopefully higher than they can kill you (think Panicgeddons).
    Cheapest would probably be to bomb them.

  • CALL TO ARMS - Caldari Militia in EVE Gameplay Center

    I can confirm the Minmatar militia will be in Gallente space to help our allies as to even the odds against such a swarm that would decimate our frog allies without our help.... LOL

  • EVE Online: Crucible 1.1 Feedback in EVE Information Center

    The keyboard shortcuts however can be modified. I had already thought of changing the push to talk key to something else, but the fact is that i don't use the overload button as much as my ptt key and the targeting key. Things that you use alot should be easy to reach and feel comfortable. That is why I would like to give the overload button a secondary place: a button that is not as easy to reach as the SHIFT or CTRL key. And expecting the troll, I would like to point out that I don't like voice activation due to me sometimes talking to other inhabitants of my household, and not all my corpies have to hear in Dutch how we ran out of toilet paper or something similar.

  • EVE Online: Crucible 1.1 Feedback in EVE Information Center

    Great deployment except for one little thing:

    The SHIFT button will now toggle overload on modules when clicked in the hud. However, I use the SHIFT button as my ptt-key. When I'm Fc'ing I want to be able to ptt and click my modules at the same time. Unfortunately there is no option that I can discover that makes one able to reset it or even better, reassign it to another key. Please give us the option or show me to be the noob that I am by explaining how I can change this.


  • Minnie vs Amarr FW Heating up for 2012? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Some odd reasoning going on there. If they were indeed already shooting a bunker they would probably have been in ships that can't enter a minor plex.

  • FW vs. NPC null sec in EVE Gameplay Center

    I agree with Mutnin: join CalMil. You will get plenty of targets in lowsec (GalMil, SC, Snuff, Horns, RnK) and you have really easy acces to nullsec.
    Also, as every guy with an alt appears to know: you can easy farm caldari missions to make nice iskers.

  • [VIDEO SERIES] Winter War (The ongoing war in Branch, Vale and Geminate) in EVE Communication Center

    Good vids. Keep them coming!

  • Why does caldari militia fail? Your viewsplease in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bad Messenger wrote:
    JasonXXL wrote:
    Okay, so what you are saying then is that you are elite because you can camp in a bomber/mission shitstar with frigs while you are most likely outnumering the camped in target by a fair bit, and you are compleining about the fact that Trov uses a carrier to rep his ship and a booster in a system where he is outnumbered 5 to one very often. I agree Damar, you are elite.

    When was last time when you fought without rr securing your fight?

    In anything armour tanked that is Bc or up I don't. That is the way my gangs work and how any armour tanked Bc or up gang should work imo.

  • Why does caldari militia fail? Your viewsplease in EVE Gameplay Center

    Okay, so what you are saying then is that you are elite because you can camp in a bomber/mission shitstar with frigs while you are most likely outnumering the camped in target by a fair bit, and you are compleining about the fact that Trov uses a carrier to rep his ship and a booster in a system where he is outnumbered 5 to one very often. I agree Damar, you are elite.

  • Why does caldari militia fail? Your viewsplease in EVE Gameplay Center

    So your real complaint is that Trov undocked a carrier, not the fact that is neutral. Yesterday Trov had a non agreed 1v1 on V-station (ruppie vs ruppie) and we had some guys sitting in adjacent systems but why spoil a nice solo fight. Trov was winning and a carrier undocks to rep the hostile rupture (still died btw). I would not liked to be camped by a guy with a carrier waiting to undock, but let's face it, it's not something that is not easy countarable.

    And I think you are referring to us staying docked while we were moving yesterday. Funny thing about moving is that you probably don't have your stuff in order right away. So, because we were also outnumbered we decided to stay docked intead of welping random ships. Would it have been nicer for you if we undocked? yes. Would it have been smart on our part? no.

    Simple fact is that both sides use tactics to get an advantage over the other side. That is EVE. Of course, equal fights are more challenging but I doubt many people in EVE and especially not you would frown upon doing some ganking yourself.

  • Why does caldari militia fail? Your viewsplease in EVE Gameplay Center

    Now I usually don't reply to a Damar post, but since more Caldari have complained about this, I'll take this opportunity to reply to the neutral carrier and t3 complaint.

    First, the neutral carriers. Normal game mechanics should flag a neutral carrier as soon as it starts assisting one of the Gallente militia. This might prevent you from shooting it right away, but a triage carrier will in most cases lock and assist a Gallente ship aster than you can lock it in your battleship. However, I have heard that it sometimes takes a while to flag a neutral logistics. Carriers are never used just to evade agression, it's just alts that are available while keeping damage characters in fleet.

    Neutral t3's: boosters are always alts, and alts are used for other stuff as well (eg. moving to Jita). That is why boosters tend to be neutral, but certainly not all of them. But seriously, the chance of you catching one is very slim indeed, as it is not meant to stay on grid. Therefore it does not matter a single bit that a booster might be neutral to you. And seriously, look around, the neutral booster is here to stay. People don't want their eyes asociated with their main body to ensure an element of surprise.

  • Caldari vs Gallente FW in EVE Gameplay Center

    Fine, if you guys wanna do a sorta equal numbers T1 cruiser fleet we'll do it. Just give a shout.

    We will of course be using neutral carrier reps though.

  • Caldari vs Gallente FW in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ahh yes, of course, should have included the damar troll in the 'to be expected' list. Isn't Damar Day coming up soon?

  • Caldari vs Gallente FW in EVE Gameplay Center

    There has been quite alot of talk about the Gallente like to bring what Damar calls the Jesusblob. I would however like to point out that those Jesusblobs are rarely formed to take on the Caldari, simply because it is a rare occasion indeed to see Caldari roaming down the pipes in our timezone in what can be described in lowsec terms as a medium sized fleet. Of course there is always some Caldari pilots and small gangs floating around in the pipes that are just ahving some fun and ganking some guys, but a true full-fledged Caldari fleet is, much to my disappointment, quite rare. Most of those Jesusblobs are really just roaming fleets or if we roll a bit heavy fleets set up to take on pirate corps/alliances like Shadow Cartel and Snuffbox. Those pirate entities have usually very solid setups, good FC's and on average perhaps pilots with more skillpoints than your average SP-DR member has (I only have 30msp for example). To take these guys on with their shiny toys we therefore need to travel quite heavy sometimes and perhaps even outnumber them quite a bit to stand a chance.

    I have also seen quite a few remarks made by Caldari pilots in local chat about the so called logiblobs that the Gallente, and perhaps in particular SP-DR and our Alliance, like to field. Fact is however that we field mostly armour ships and the nature of that little beast is that they don't have the GTFO ability that the shieldtankers have that Caldari pilots like to use in their fleets. In order to survive one therefore needs a solid logi backbone. The Caldari have also for as long as I have been in FW fielded quite alot of ecm: a Caldari fleet without a Falcon is not a true Caldari fleet. I have also noticed that the Caldari have recently started fielding alot more ecm drones, up to the point that there would be only ecm drones fielded by Caldari pilots. Since we can't use smartbombing ships due to FW mechanics when non SP-DR members are in fleet, we have to build in some redundancy in the logistics group because some jamms will get through, even with strong local and remote eccm.

    I am also aware that the Caldari are low on numbers (not counting all the mission running alts of course; sometimes I feel that I only ever encounter a Caldari pilot in a manticore). I really hope one or two decent sized corps will join your ranks soon to level the playing field. However there are other ways to even the odds. I have seen the Caldari using alot more logistics lately and I think that they have had quite a few (near) succeses with them, so keep that up. Also you have quite a strong setup in Ravens and Rokhs that you have sometimes fielded. If I were an FC in the Caldari militia or CEO of THE4 I would really invest into that setup. And this is to all you Caldari pilots: if your FC asks you to bring a specific setup then bring it, and don't go messing around with it yourself because 1) judging from what I have seen on the kb's, it will be very fail 2) your FC can not judge correctly what the capabilities are of his fleet. Changing into BS will even the odds against a larger force that is eg. in Bc's and I for one will happily fight your Bs fleet when we are in Bc's. The Drake only goes so far as well (mainly GTFO and low dps; the tank makes it very forgiving for newer pilots, granted) but the Bs fleet might be a change of the same old same old.

    Now there is nothing left for me to do then expect the complaints about hotrops, neutral logi, neutral carriers, neutral boosters, batphones (never used one, but I'm sure someone will think we did), and of course us pushing the winbutton of epic awesomesauce: Shelley09