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  • Magic Plex Vault in EVE Communication Center

    ...but...but..."The market is stable".

  • Dev blog: Increased Skill Injector Flexibility Coming On May 23rd in EVE Information Center

    Granular. Word of 2017. Everything in this game will be granular soon.
    This is the end of Large skills injectors. Granular PLEX shows it's better to sell smaller chunks with higher price, only idiots would not benefit from this situation. Change for new players ofc...first PLEX prices, now they do the same with skills injectors. Malcanis law in practice.

  • Forming the Strategic Cruiser Focus Group in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Can you consider spliting focus group into four sub-groups one for each T3C, I know how to fly Tengu but have no idea how to fit Proteus for example.

  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    Sgt Ocker wrote:
    If that is how it goes, a single plex hits 3 mil isk - Expect to see online numbers plummet to all time lows.

    I for one have 2 accounts expiring in less than a week - I can't/won't spend nearly 1.5 bil for a plex so will end up with another 2 Alpha clone state characters, making 7 out of 11 accounts - Unsubbed.
    I was talking to 2 of my alliance mates earlier - Between them 12 accounts went dead today, one has another 3 that expire in less than a week.
    This is just three players who all ran multiple accounts by farming SP - Which adds up to a small loss to CCP initially but grows to a larger loss as many other sp farmers realize it is now a lose lose situation and let those subs drop.

    With "period average" as low as it is (which now includes alpha's), can CCP sustain the loss of paying customers by allowing plex prices to rise like they are?

    Funny thing is, I think you have it a little backward - Plex prices go up - Less sales in the NES. High plex prices won't encourage players to spend it in the NES, it will do exactly the opposite.

    CCp has worked hard over the last couple of years to keep plex prices fairly stable, I can't believe they are happy about the prospect of losing more players due to the price hike..
    CCP needs to have a massive plex sale and soon before too much damage is done.

    Good times for ppl selling PLEX - income for CCP.
    PLEX is still underpriced. I can easily PLEX my account by casually playing.
    PLEX chunks is more attractive in NES than AURUM - psychology. Ppl more willingly spend 3mil than 1,5bil.
    I don't care for alts accounts, multiboxers, SP farms. CCP only let SP farms because they are earning money on extractors.

  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    Sgt Ocker wrote:
    Nevyn Auscent wrote:
    Steijn wrote:

    For me they didnt ruin my wallet, they just removed a player from their game. Plex above a certain level just isnt worth it personally so when my current time added via the Plex from Aurum expires, i'll be gone again.

    I was a player that had something like 6 years continuos sub, but stupid mechanic/game changes over the past 2 years made me completely lose interest. So for all those that say vets never leave as they have you by the short and curlies once addicted, let me tell you that p**ss a player off enough with stupid changes and they will go for good.

    Except CCP don't & never have controlled the in game isk price for plex. That is player controlled, so you are putting blame on entirely the wrong people.

    Nevyn; Are you REALLY that naive?
    What do you think "plex sale" is about? Or should I say "used to be" about.
    History shows, whenever plex prices reached a critical high CCP would have a plex sale.

    With plex currently at 1.44 bil (1.41 buy order) for 30 days game time, CCP need to start looking at ways to fix it and fast. 200 mil isk increase over 3 days is not good for the Eve economy and its player base.

    I'm pretty sure they will let this price hike run for a while to see if the market / player population can sustain it, problem is, many of those who let subs lapse due to the high price of plex combined with the many game play issues, just won't come back.

    Injectors and extractors have been hit by this change too, a reasonable SP farming character produces 3 injectors per month. This used to be enough to plex the account and make a moderate profit. Now it just can't be done, extractors have gone up, as did injectors but not enough to cover the cost of a plex. 380 mil (profit per injector) X 3 leaves you around 300 mil shy of purchasing the 500 plex needed, forget any sort of profit.

    Why CCP need to start looking? It was expected that splitting PLEX into chunks will increase it's price. What CCP should do exactly? Educate ppl? "Minerals that I mine I free"? "Multiplication by 500 is hard?" In general I find most of homo sapiens sapiens stupid - 1 250 000 000 PLEX "that's too much CCP", 3 000 000 PLEX "well ok, and look how many new ships skins I can afford now...". PLEX will rise above 3 000 000 and will stay there. I don't think AURUM conversion hurt market as much as predicted.

  • Is End Game a myth? in EVE Communication Center

    End game? What end game? In sandbox? End game will be when I'll stop playing EvE.

  • Strategic cruiser balance pass in EVE Communication Center

    An-Nur wrote:
    T3 rebalance on Chaos

    T3C new subs

    And according to Gorski Car SP loss will stay, so there's end of that argument

    Volume of subsystem is 40. Too much IMO.

  • Dev Blog: PLEX Rework - Follow Up in EVE Information Center

    Sagara Mithril wrote:

    Wow, i don't see the point of breaking it into 500 parts if you can't activate hours or days of Omega time, If you would allow this, you would have much more Omega Clones playing at a time, and it would give Alpha clones an incentive to make money and play the game... Jesus...

    Cyno alts everywhere, never gona happen.

  • Strategic cruiser balance pass in EVE Communication Center

    Coralas wrote:
    Injectors is only relevant to people that can afford them, T3s will likely be cheaper after rebalancing, injector cost has opportunity cost, ie you are giving up space ships to PVP with to buy the injector, etc, etc. Again, old players, new players different issues.

    Then exclude injector, to do role T2 T3 must have the same skills, it's already worse in some ways than T2 cruisers.

    Coralas wrote:
    Yes and I might have level ******* 4 in all of the ******* subroles because I'm not the ******* specialist, and I wouldn't care if I carried a bunch of t1 solaces with me, its just better to have 10 dps ships and a logi than 11 dps ships even if the logi isn't the worlds greatest logi and hasn't spent all the SP on it, and no they are currently super relevant for small gang as is, ie nothing changes if they stay relevant for small gang.

    So you don't want to buy injectors yet you rich enough to fly with all that stuff within refitable hull?
    They are super revelant to small gangs because they are BSs wraped in cruisers hulls not because they are multipurpose tools. Just because you want to use them in small gangs doesn't mean they would be usefull in every other aspects of pvp. That's no how you balance hulls, you just want to pull some rope into your style of gameplay.

  • Strategic cruiser balance pass in EVE Communication Center

    Coralas wrote:
    Players that have been playing for 10 years, all have access to whatever they want, there isn't anything anyone can do about that.

    Players that haven't, view a month as a long time, and they'd view 3 months to cover 3 roles as a very long time, particularly if its delaying battleships and capitals by 3 months, so you'd expect that if they needed to cover a different role, the t3 would be the fall back that avoided them needing to stop training other things for quite some time.

    Training into T3C is the same as training into T2, both need cruiser on level V. In the world of SP injectors irrelevant. Flying role T3C needs same skills as flying role T2. Why they should be worse?

    Coralas wrote:
    Also when I go on roams, we sometimes lose 1 ship, rather than the fleet, or someone has to log, so being able to refit a t3 to change role is pretty good, at the moment, that is very difficult because of cargo space and rig issues.

    Wishfull thinking and very SP intense. You telling me that you will be carry role subsytems, rigs for the roles, modules and actually have pilot to fly all that things? Now read what you wrote above.
    CCP have to rebalance T3C to be viable in all forms of pvp not small gangs roams.

  • Blood Raider Shipyard pics in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have a bad feeling about this. Alliances should fight with each other not PvE content. PvP fuels EvE. PvE should stay solo to small group activity. I know this is a test evironment but knowing CCP it will stay for years there.
    As a PvEer I can't believe I wrote that post...

  • Strategic cruiser balance pass in EVE Communication Center

    Coralas wrote:
    ie the ideal outcome is that if a line pilot goes to join an armor hac fleet, their first choice is a t2 hac, t2 logi or heavy dictor, the second choice is a t3 setup for dps, logi or tackle as per the role they intend doing, the third choice is a t1 dps or logi cruiser or some other smaller tackle.

    Why do we need T3s? Your example shows that we don't need multipurpose ships because T2 hulls will always perform better and T1 will always be cheaper. "Niche" hulls.

  • Dev blog: The future of probe and directional scanning UI in EVE Information Center

    Duo Roman wrote:

    I like the new directional scanner and the buttons on the bottom of the window.
    Since I place the window at the top of the screen the final button position is mid-screen, very convenient.

    Since I place the window at the bottom of the screen final button positions are very inconveniet...CCP have no idea how to make usable UI. Just because someone at CCP think it is a good idea to switch probing button possition I'll have to rearrange my whole UI. Something that suppose to help me playing is actually forcing me off from the game. CCP don't understand that UI is crucial thing in EvE. Ghost may show us his x-rays all the time, but nothing will replace user friendly UI.

    There was a tons of feedback how to change proposed new feature. I'm aware that devs don't play the game (most of them) so maybe start to listen what players is saying about created features and take it under consideration? Not all things are muscle memory.

  • ORE Versions of DST and BR in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Anthar Thebess wrote:
    Current DST allow you to get up to 1 million EHP - while still having cloak and MJD.

    1.000.000 EHP on an medium sized industrial ship

    What more do you need?

    Can you link me that 1mil ehp fit?

  • Happy Bday EvE!!! in EVE Communication Center

    I hope your server will always be full!!!

  • Strategic cruiser balance pass in EVE Communication Center

    Salvos Rhoska wrote:
    T3C cant emulate Force Recon. No covert cyno.

    You mean like now or after change because now they can use covert cyno.

  • Strategic cruiser balance pass in EVE Communication Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    You also seem to be misunderstanding what is meant by Flexability.

    I don't think you now either. T3C are flexible now. I can use covops, nulllified subsytem, have good tank and dps, few roles in one ship at the same time. Problem is that flexibilty overshadow other cruisers.
    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    Only a few people in this thread are focusing on refitting while out on a fleet, the rest of us are talking about stuff like the ability to fit a more tanky but less effective EWar ship, or a Command Burst hull that can EWar or something like that. Given what CCP have shown us that's the sort of niche they're targeting for the T3Cs.

    Good but in comparison to what? There are not specialized navy hulls and T1 are too weak to begin with. Obviously they must be in par with T2 cruisers. Please don't use the word "niche". Niche in EvE = useless. Like AF.
    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    This does not mean that the overall power level of the hulls is going to be at the level of a Navy ship, it means the bonus levels and possibly the base stats will be, but the ability to combine bonuses in interesting way should make them more attractive than the Navy hull.

    It doesn't matter when they will begin as hulls (it may be at navy level), what matters when they will land after fitting and rigging and as you already wrote it should be at T2 level. Cade it's good in theory but very hard to balance. CCP has hard time balance single hull, balancing every-role single hull cruiser to be worth flying and not nerfed too much will take years. I would like them exactly at the level of T2 with the role I choose. Then T3BS would enter...

  • Strategic cruiser balance pass in EVE Communication Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    Not all valid information is "fresh" especially when you're talking about the time scales tiericide has happened on. CCP's original post put T3s at around Navy level but more flexible. CCP seem to have taken this as "Navy level bonuses/stats but more options" and they've targeted the T3Ds *about* there in terms of base stats. The main problem T3Ds have is being quite fast and essentially getting extra bonuses over other hulls while being a size above their primary competitors, Pirate and T2 Frigates.

    With the general Cruiser balance, and the various T3 tweaks over the years, we've only seen CCP push the ships towards "not as good as T2" in terms of specialization, and while I agree we've yet to see hard stats so far, everything CCP has said about the T3Cs and their plans for them puts them pretty solidly in the region I noted above.

    So while this is certainly speculation, it's pretty well informed speculation and that's a long way from "anything goes" or not having any idea. We have an idea, it's just a fairly vague one, but it's better supported by the available evidence than anything else we've got so far.

    At the same time CCP wants to keep SP loss on that hulls. Another "fresh" info. Navies level hull with SP loss, a bit overnerfed don't you think?

    Guys please stop this whole: "worse than T2 but with flexibility". If they will be nerfed to the level of navies hulls the choices will be: bring a navy hull or T3C? Not T2 hull or T3C because they will be incomparable. How many times fleets were changing fits after undock, apart from caps which was nerfed? Flexibility of those is overrated, at least in huge fleets. It's already a FCs nightmare from what read and hear.

  • Strategic cruiser balance pass in EVE Communication Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    Also CCP have flatly stated, repeatedly, that T3 ships are supposed to be roughly equivalent to Navy Faction in terms of performance but more flexible.

    Quote that, because from fanfest presentation the only nerf so far is increased sig radius, no flatly stated "we will bring them to the level of navies", and so far it is the only viable source of information because it is "fresh". We have no idea where CCP want them. Fozzie and Larrikin didn't share the details.

  • Nestor, the odd SOE ship out in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ash Vyvorant wrote:
    While obviously a Battleship that can fit a cov-ops would be OP as ****

    I have no idea why everybody keep claiming that. Covop cloak ability might be mitigated by some serious drawbacks: increased align time, increased targeting delay after decloak, low scan resolution. Nestor don't have spectacular dps it's a RR ship with very low mass. I have better dps on Gila.

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