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  • Screen reader and EULA in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say no. There was another program that did something along the lines of what you are talking about. It was banned and how it accomplished this was patched very quickly.

  • SOLD. in EVE Marketplace

    3 Billion isk for Simone Katelo please

  • Update regarding Multiboxing and input automation in EVE Communication Center

    Xython wrote:
    Taram Caldar wrote:
    War Kitten wrote:
    Mierin Arthie wrote:
    How does this policy update regard the usage of KVM switches to control multiple computers from one mouse/keyboard?

    for those that dont know what a kvm switch is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KVM_switch

    That doesn't broadcast, it just changes where input goes - it should be fine.

    it broadcasts a single command to multiple systems

    Still applies.

    Seriously people.... reading comprehension

    Not even close to accurate. You can simulate a KVM by unplugging your keyboard and plugging it into a second computer.

    KVMs should be just fine, if you want to set up a few dozen PCs to play EVE Online with. (Don't do this.)

    Some KVM have a broadcast mode. Commonly used for imaging 30 computers at once.

  • EvE-ID spam infested, who to contact? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I've heard the owner went MIA, but could be mistaken.

    I think most have started using neweden dev instead: https://neweden-dev.com/Main_Page

  • CURL response in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Some shared host block file_get_contents with remote files.

    As for your curl issue, try var_dump(). Sometimes it gives more info.

  • CCP is thinking about removing the IGB in EVE Communication Center

    CCP FoxFour wrote:

    The other big thing the IGB offers is the ability to open links in the client. I don't think we have looked to deep into it, but we should be able to have you press a button on web site and then via CREST it tells the server which tells your client to open some window. Maybe a tad shower but again not only is the format and technology better for developers but the number of uses and possibilities is far greater than the IGB.

    I could go on listing so many other things but the bottom line is this: CREST is a far newer technology and more importantly one we can maintain far easier than the IGB. We would like to remove the IGB but we will not do so until CREST, or even maybe something else, gets us feature equal to the IGB.

    Really the only question and problem with moving from the IGB to CREST is the fact that you can browse the IGB from the client versus alt-tabbing. From our, or mine anyways, understanding most of you guys have multiple monitors and that's not an issue. There are also other applications that will overlay your current web browser with the game. Things like Overwolf I think it's called. The benefits from us doing things through CREST and relying on you guys to use an existing browser are immense. We get to focus on making cool things instead of trying to maintain a customized browser in the client. Not sure you guys realize just how much work there is in maintaining something as complex as a browser and how much of a security

    How much slower? Are we talking 30 seconds? Any longer then that I do not see as acceptable. There has to be a better way. When the old ingmae browser was removed and we got this one, we where told this one would be better and that it would be easier to update. I would look at other options other then just removal.

  • CCP is thinking about removing the IGB in EVE Communication Center

    Annette Nolen wrote:
    Haven't seen it called out yet but the ability to click on things on a page in the IGB and have it open in-game (showinfo on corps/players, contract details, system info, etc.) is pretty critical too. Losing this would REALLY hurt some tools/use-cases.

    This is the biggest issue I see and there is no other way to do this. SSO will not help with opening info ingame and neither will CREST. If your are using IGB headers to authenticate, your doing it wrong.

  • Need help with SQL Statements - Profit calculation in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tiberius Zol wrote:
    Wafflehead wrote:
    Why would it be prone to error? The only error would be the coder.

    Using average is not acceptable in my view.

    For me neither... want to have exact numbers. Think i figured it out... maybe on a to complicated way.. but it should work.

    @Steve: yeah i'm using yapeal already. Helps me a lot for all my stuff. Hopefully it will get an update soon after the crius update.

    I've been helping Dragonaire with some of the updates with the next version. We have looked at the new endpoints. I am hoping to add them to the 1.1.x-WIP branch either sometime this week or early next week. I do not know when it will get merged with a branch that you would actually want to use.

  • Question about itemID in Assets (related to BPO's) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP FoxFour wrote:
    As a heads up, I hope later in August (I am gone for the month of July on vacation) to put out an API endpoint that will just list all blueprints and their PE/TE/runs.

    I think you would make a lot of people very happy. I think people started asking for something like that when the API first came out.

  • InGame Browser Security? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Velarra wrote:
    How secure is the In Game browser?

    If it is, - how is it kept secure?

    I ask given its age and seeming lack of any update/change in year(s)?

    Given it's age, it would not shock me if someone found an exploit that was patched in the mainline code that the eve browser was forked from. That being said, it does a few things that most browser do not: it does not run plugins such as java or flash which reduces it's attack surface and most browser security holes are found. Second thing it does is limits the javascript api. Last thing it does is that it is running within EVE and care was taken to make sure it could only access a small portion of the game.

    Personally, I would love to see some work done on the browser. One of the selling points we where told when the browser was updated is that we would get regular updates. I want html5 and canvas. Plus all the advancements in speed.

  • POS Tracker - FGV - 5.2.1 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Dimitrie wrote:
    There is a way to track the silos. I have written my own tool to manage them.
    Silo tool

    There is a way, but it gets messy if you have multiple pos in the same system.

  • Getting a new phone for EVE! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I currently use a phone very similar to the HTC One X (HTC EVO 4G LTE) on Sprint in the US. Anything with 4.0 will do what you want and more. Your best bet is to look online at the reviews. They are kind of like shoes, one size does not fit all.

  • Getting a new phone for EVE! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Don't buy a new android phone unless it has 2.3 on it. Personally, I wouldn't buy one that doesn't have 4.0 on it. Also, asking for recommendations on a phone without saying what country and carrier is rather pointless. You may also want to look at a used phone. In the states, you can find year old phones on craigslist that where top of the line phones when they came out, so probably still going to be better then any new $80 phone.

  • Eve-ID.net - Home of EDK in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ammut Irvam wrote:
    Ok so what needs to be done so that EDK wont lockup due to mass queries etc.. cause this is the main problem I'm having and it'd be nice if anyone else would be interested in helping with the development of EDK or even starting a new killboard software altogether.

    Please get in contact with me via eve-id.net on the forums by sending me a PM or on IRC @ irc.coldfront.net w/channel #eve-id

    Edit: From what I gather from Karbowiak nothing can be done really since it uses a ****** dbms

    Are you looking for evekill.net size or just for a corp or alliance? Either way, I don't think your going to "fix" EDK, you'll end up rewriting everything anyway. Best to just start clean and work the things in from EDK you want. Last time I looked at EDK, the queries where bad because the code was bad. It can be done with an Relational database, it just has to be designed correctly.

    The biggest thing I always wanted was signed kill mails in the feed syndication with api style feeds or json so if a server was sending bad mails, you could block those mails.

  • [Proposal] Freeing Access Mask IDs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Desmont McCallock wrote:
    While I was looking into the API Contracts call, I noticed that the same access mask (67108864) serves that call and the 2 sub -calls that are related to it (ContractsItems & Contract Bids).

    So I was thinking that the same principal could be applied to the MailMessages (making MailingLists & MailBodies it sub-calls under the same access mask) and Notifications (making NotificationTexts it sub-call under the same access mask).

    This way 3 access mask IDs can be freed for future use.

    This could also be applied on the "Wallet" related calls but I'm under the impression that pilots would rather prefer those two to be separately accessible.


    I'd rather contracts be changed to match the others

  • POS Tracker - FGV - 5.2.1 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Militaer Biber wrote:


    i try the version 5.1.7 :)

    When i try my API Code ...

    Error Code: 203::Authentication failure. :(

    i try IGB and Normal PC Browser


    It means your api key is wrong, make sure you have it entered in correctly. Another thing that can cause this is an incorrectly configured php, check your php.ini for input and output paramater.

  • EVE Online - Epileptics Beware of the Suns!!! in EVE Communication Center

    This even happens to me on the login screen.

  • POS Tracker - FGV - 5.2.1 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Frozen Guardian wrote:
    Solo Drakban wrote:
    Another quick thing:

    In track.php at line 104 there is:

    $row2 = $posmgmt->GetLastPosUpdate($row['pos_id']);

    $row2 never seems to get called before the end of the function nor in the template. I commented this out and nothing seems to have broken and there is no reduced information on the tracking page as far as I can tell, but it is saving on some extra queries to the update_log table. :)

    Thanks! Yes I see no use for it either and can't seem to find reason why it existed other than it probably was copy and pasted by someone from view/editpos.

    In other news, another forum reply gone due to "sorry we've been ganked." I got to remember to write out my replies elsewhere first and paste them into here.

    Or it was needed at one point, but something else changed, and never got removed. I'm guessing you can't find anyone that could explain 100% why every line was put in. Its been worked on by so many people now and changed with pos updates. If anyone wonders why I stopped working on it, it needs to be rewritten from scratch, but I didn't have the time. Fixing bugs became such a pain due to how complex it had gotten. Frozen is doing and excellent job at it though.

  • Api to database app??? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    the only way to do this would be to install it locally using, then taking the sql files it caches and run those manually.

  • PHP + API. Few questions in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Do not use headers! They are very easily spoofed, would take me about a minute to do so.

    For this, I suggest using pheal. It has the examples your looking for in the documentation.

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