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  • Dev blog: Color Blindness support is coming to EVE Online in EVE Information Center

    Marcus Tedric wrote:
    Cloon McCloon wrote:
    Ok, i'll be the bad guy and say what the 92% are thinking... screw colour blind people, work on real issues. Society caters too much to the weak and indigent as it is, to the point where kids can't even go to school with a peanut anymore and everyone is offended by everything. Example:
    Marcus Tedric wrote:
    Colour 'Perception' has always been the nicer phrase......Cool Much more accurate too..

    If you're color blind, waaah... you can play eve with just the overview anyways.

    Ho ho! Interesting comment from the simply ignorant.

    Colour 'blindness' is a fixed genetic mutation that has enabled the survival of the human species.

    So, without the 8% - the self-entitled twats like yourself wouldn't even exist.Roll

    Oh my... either the person is trolling madly or really is this bad. This 'bad guy' represents why we have large portions of the world where females have no rights in life, why one can be jailed for being a different color or religion and why those who become injured or sick often become targets of hate. The momentum against such can and should be continued. CCP, Thank you for working on the color blind assistance.

  • 119.5 - General Feedback in EVE Information Center

    I'd give things a couple of days before reacting to market PLEX prices. Let the dust settle, see where supply/demand really start to go.

    I like the PLEX vault, but I wish I could move it to my Neocom, rather than having it in my hanger. Some may like it one way, some another. Would an option between the two states be do-able?

  • New Eden Store never has worked for me? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I noticed the news about Aurum only being converted to the new Plex if it was over a certain amount. I know that I had some Aurum, but as the New Eden Store has never worked for me, I don't know if there is any other way to check on my Aurum wallet?

  • What happened to wormholes? in EVE Communication Center

    Tuttomenui II wrote:
    78 alpha wrote:
    the other guy that uses this.

    Say what now? What THIS? Hope you don't mean that particular character and thus that account. That is ban-able unless the other person is your child or spouse or something like that.

    Maybe a roommate or friend that comes over... and changes your settings?

  • Merry Christmas CCP, The Dev's & GMS & Thank You. in EVE Communication Center

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • So is that online lore repository coming some time this decade? in EVE Communication Center

    Teinyhr wrote:
    does CCP's leadership give a **** about the lore anymore?

    They've heard from players more about it, so they have a little bit of an idea that we give a **** about it, anyway.

    It's pretty important to maintain decent world-building, even if it's in the background. It keeps what's above ground more consistent. That adds to game depth in important ways for players.

  • can you answer my ticket please in EVE Communication Center

    acewarlord wrote:
    Hello ccp

    My ticket 294080

    can you please answer my ticket going back November 15th

    Just to discourage folks... don't act like you are CCP. They frown on that in a banny way.

    Customer service is pretty backed up, from what I'm seeing, so it may be more days. They don't reply in the forums, sorry.

  • 50k Concurrent users. in EVE Communication Center

    Chribba wrote:
    Never log off!

    If you're getting your Palatine Keepstar (Chribbastar?) ready to deploy in Amarr, you'd better not log off.

  • Heard about freeplay version of EVE but am too stupid to work it out in EVE Communication Center

    Do Little wrote:
    Submit a support ticket: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us There is no magic - at least not on the client side. Time for the GM's to take a look.

    Yep, the GMs are there to help. Don't give up, that temporary obstacle is nothing compared to the enjoyment beyond it. (Warps out in terror as she discovers Hir Miriel's gank pirating idea of FUN)

  • If we have ship skins, could we have station background skins? in EVE Communication Center

    I still would love to see the Quafe / Pleasure Station background come back, as I loved the aesthetic. But what about more backgrounds? Could they be developed like ship skins?

  • Is it me... in EVE Communication Center

    John WarpingSlow wrote:
    ( •_•)

    So what you're saying is...

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    The Amarr have more skin in the game.



    Won da thread, he did!

  • Change in Aura voice in EVE Communication Center

    Captain Tardbar wrote:
    Whoever authorized the change in voice should be fired. Also, the person responsible for hiring them should also be fired.

    Also fire everyone in their department just to be sure that we got everyone who was responsible even remotely.

    Will there be any moose biting involved?

  • EVE Online: Ascension - General feedback (PC) in EVE Information Center

    Genii Cucullati wrote:
    Ridjobradi wrote:
    Really instead of calm semi cold robotic voice you brought us, (pardon my french), UK nervous whore sound as Aura voice... no no no dear CCP that wont work.. after 10y ill rather remember how good game was instead to listen watch and play this! Thank you very much it was fun, but you like too much to ruin what was perfect. Rollback voice!!!

    They were unable to get the original voice actress for Aura. Therefore they had to find a new one.

    **** happens when you go into production. Give them a break.

    Really? Must have been in one of the interviews. Anyway, I'm mostly really happy with Ascension. I also would like an option to use the older voice whenever possible, as it was uniquely "EVE" to me. The new one isn't bad and I can get used to it, but getting used to losing uniqueness isn't always good. Maybe we could get a third option, having Chribba do all the voicing. Lol

  • Change in Aura voice in EVE Communication Center

    I know the change is due to the tutorial overhaul, and I'm all for a better intro to the game, but I wish there was an option to get the 'old voice' back. It just resonated 'EVE Online' to me where the new one doesn't quite do that.

    But then, I keep wishing for the old 'Quafe/Pleasure Station' for some Gallente stations to come back. It was ditched prior to WiS... which then was downgraded to Captain's Quarters, so the the loss of the extra background was for naught, pretty much.

    At least the loss of the voice was in exchange for a completed product, so that's good, anyway.

  • Brace yourself: Eve-O forum "paywall" is about to drop in EVE Communication Center

    Trevize Demerzel wrote:
    Black Pedro wrote:
    With no barrier to entry, there could very well be a significant drop in the post quality around here so prepare yourself.

    What they lack in quality will be made up in mass volume! :-)

    Stalin once taught me in Command and Conquer... "Quantity has a Quality all its own"

  • Are you plannig to (ever) fix things not working in citadles ? in EVE Communication Center

    helana Tsero wrote:
    - Id like the bug where you randomly cant see how many people are in the citadel to be fixed.

    - also want to be able to use the delivery function on contents that is in a container.

    - allow me to share a hanger with my alt/alts.

    - also there is the horrible bug that prevents captains quarters from working in citadels.. plse fix that ! Lol

    Someone likes their avatar!

    I'd like to have a station interior of the old Gallente Quafe/Pleasure station. I just like that blue-green with the 'Bladerunner' vibe I got from it.

  • 118.9 - General feedback (PC) in EVE Information Center

    TenTen Artakian wrote:
    why you remove in game browser..it was usefull tool for the game..you have no reason to do that..

    I think the primary thing was trying to update it to keep it secure. If you'd noticed the constant updates for other browsers, it's because of all the attacks that use browser weaknesses. CCP doesn't have anywhere near the resources of Microsoft or Google, so couldn't devote that many people to keeping up with it AND have people to work on the game itself.

  • 118.9 - General feedback (PC) in EVE Information Center

    Kell Taron wrote:

    You can easily expand and shrink the the slider to change the displayed time series, you can also drag around the slider while keeping the amount of displayed days constant.

    Oh cool, thanks. That works! Big smile[/quote]

    It was a little hard to see the controls there, but now that I see it, I'm happily using it.

  • We're asked to check the EVE Chronicles? in EVE Communication Center

    Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci wrote:
    idk what you've heard about it, but CCP is currently working on a new website altogether for backstory, technical articles, player lore, and basically everything etm. The wiki was closed because it was outdated and broken, and they don't intend to maintain such an old thing. On the other hand though, I'd have personally been happier if they had left it up until they had already put up the new site :P

    I hadn't heard? Where was that at? I'd be excited to read it. Smile

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    Querns wrote:
    Regarding this question in the Q&A:


    Q: Are there restrictions on simultaneous log on for Alpha Clones?

    It seems pretty obvious that you should NOT allow multiple alpha clones to be logged in simultaneously from one computer. Allowing this means that I, with a sufficiently powerful computer, can spin up a functionally unlimited number of characters with Mining Frigate trained, and use them to mine unburdened by the PLEX cost that would apply today. This would have the effect of reducing the cost of minerals to, functionally, zero, completely ruining a moderately healthy style of PVE.

    That's a thought, although one computer these days could have multiple virtual computers running on it, so blocking via computer will have to really be worked out.

    But mostly, I'm excited about this. I'll say 7/10 excited for now. I'm still crying over things like the wiki and the loss of my favorite station background (the Pleasure Station/Quafe one). Bittervet 4eva?