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  • Breaking News: Citadel/Plex Contracting. in EVE Communication Center

    Aedaxus wrote:
    Shawn en Tilavine wrote:
    BREAKING NEWS: CCP makes the game; players make the rules.

    Players don't make the rules, CCP made the rules in the EULA and the Terms of Service. You'll learn after a few permabans.

    The contract system is risky but at least offers a sign at the player owned structure contracts, so stop taking them. Let the POS owners complain and ragequit. CCP starts to care once their income dwindles.
    CCP provide a fairly loose set of basic rules for us to play hard and fast with, things like no racism, sexism, RL threats etc are common sense rules; outside of those basic rules we make our own, normally at the end of a gun.

    One such example of us making our own rules is a constant source of anguish and tears on the forum, I'll leave it to your imagination what that example is Twisted

    edit ~ a few permabans? That's an oxymoron if I ever saw one.

  • To: The Developers (Please Make the Factions' Ships/Structures Equal) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    What is this fair that the OP speaks of?

  • Breaking News: Citadel/Plex Contracting. in EVE Communication Center

    Teckos Pech wrote:
    EVE is not like other games. The Devs leave loopholes like this in on purpose. The Devs are not hear to hold your hand and pat your poo-poo. They will, in all likelihood, point and laugh though.
    If anybody finds Eve holding their hand, they're about to lose an arm; and any accompanying jewellery that is attached to it and its extremities.

  • Breaking News: Citadel/Plex Contracting. in EVE Communication Center

    Khara Hirl wrote:
    Uh no... I am a Senior Game Moderator and have been for 3 years on another mmorpg
    Completely irrelevant, you're not a senior game moderator here nor is Eve that other MMO. Different games have different rules, being able to lock somebody out of a citadel is within the rules of this particular game.

    Oh, and it's also a fallacy, argumentum ad verecundiam.

    and no matter how much you want to think that you make the rules as a player, I can tell you the Dev team has the final say on everything.
    While you're correct in saying that the Dev team have the final say, it is also correct for us to claim that we make some of the rules using the tools that CCP have given us; such is the nature of the sandbox.

    Also this is clearly not working as intended, if it is, ccp is out of their minds thinking this is even close to tolerable in an mmorpg in 2017.
    You've been told by an official CCP representative and forum moderator that it is working as intended, what you think is irrelevant in the face what CCP say is and is not working as intended.

    Times have changed, and I will stick by my original statement it's abusing a game mechanic that maybe they didn't realize would happen.
    Of course they realised, it's been happening for years with player owned outposts, if CCP considered it to be abuse of a game mechanic they would have done something years ago.

    While times may have indeed changed, Eve has never followed the norm for other MMO's; that's a large part the appeal of Eve FFS.

    If you don't like or can't accept Eve for what it is then vote with your wallet, just like the hundreds of thousands before you that didn't like or couldn't accept Eve for what it is. It's not a game for everyone, and you appear to fall smack bang in the middle of the group that Eve isn't for.

  • Breaking News: Citadel/Plex Contracting. in EVE Communication Center

    March rabbit wrote:
    Jenn aSide wrote:
    Khara Hirl wrote:
    The ability for someone to lock you out of a plex/citadel after accepting a courier contract, in my opinion is absolutely abuse of a game mechanic.

    To me this is straight up mechanical abuse and the fact that CCP lets this type of activity go on, is absolutely disparaging to new players and disgusting to old players. This is NOT how to run a game, just because scamming is allowed doesnt mean you allow/design game mechanics to specifically allow scamming.

    I have a solution and it's very very simple, allow couriers to right click their package with in 2500m of the citadel/plex and select deliver.

    Why would CCP continue to allow this type of abuse, aren't you wanting new players to come into your game and stay? This isn't part of the whole "eve is hardcore, rah rah rah, get used to it rah rah rah, salt salt salt" Take this lesson to heart because you nearly killed your game by not listening to the silent majority but listening to the vocal minority when it comes to crap like this.


    CCP please fix a problem i could fix for myself with a simple adjustment of personal policy (ie don't do couriers from Citadels/player owned structures period, then they can't lock you out).

    Citadel owners will thank you A LOT when all of players will follow your advice "ignore citadels" Cool
    I sense an opening for Chribba here, holding security deposits for honest citadel owners. Player driven solutions are more desirable in a sandbox game than dev driven ones.

  • Breaking News: Citadel/Plex Contracting. in EVE Communication Center

    Citadels are player owned structures, if the owner decides to revoke permission for others to use the facilities at any time they're entirely within their rights to do so; they do own the damn thing after all.

    It's not a new phenomena either, people who own outposts have been able to revoke permission to use the facilities for years.

    Stop yer bitchin' and deal with it.

    TL;DR Working as intended.

  • Cloaks in EVE Communication Center

    ISD Buldath wrote:
    Be nice, max!
    The thread is still open isn't it?


  • The Ultimate Guide to Defeating CODE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Alessienne Ellecon wrote:
    Valona Siura wrote:
    This is possibly the worst post I've ever seen in 11 years of playing Eve Online.

    An ISD acknowledging that Eve Online encourages "psychopathic behaviour"

    calm down ganker
    Still waiting to see the alpha strike fit destroyer than can get 10 volleys off before Concord happens..

  • So you're stuck in a lift... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Erin Davis wrote:
    I'd spend it all with Kaely.
    There's a queue for that.

  • PvP? in EVE Communication Center

    There's strength in numbers, a group of frigates can absolutely murder a battleship.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Defeating CODE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hiasa Kite wrote:
    Alessienne Ellecon wrote:
    Mike Adoulin wrote:
    You do realize that CODE pops tanked Skiffs and Procurors when it suits them, yes?

    *makes some popcorn*


    Yes I do, and that's why I made different fits that are harder for them to pop.

    But the fits you suggested aren't harder to pop, if anything, they're easier. That's literally the discussion we've just had.
    But mah ECM....

  • Call to Arms! in EVE Communication Center

    Specia1 K wrote:
    I am ready. I fight for honor, virtue, and in defence of my Kingdom.

    I can only wonder what my opponent fights for...

    Long live The King.
    It's Dom, he fights for giggles, infamy, spiced wine and exotic dancers.

  • PVP & PVE can co-exist!!! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    RainbowDashC22 Shiratori wrote:
    Rhaegon Aesir wrote:

    How about you go back and read my original post. That 'First' idea I posted is horrible. Even I mentioned that, MULTIPLE times. it would need too many changes, and wouldn't even be 'eve online' anymore.

    My posts after that is to the other people who only read the first part and focused on the bad idea and not the much better second idea under it.

    And why should I learn about the game. In all the years I've played the game, I've never once had to leave High Sec. And yet I'm richer, more trained, and have better ships than most people in My Corp, which originally was a Null Sec Corp before getting overwhelmed by a bigger alliance and had to move up to High Sec.

    They were based in Null Sec, and I only ever stayed in High Sec, and yet I was better off than most of them were... So yes, if High Sec was suddenly PvE only and no longer PvP, there would need to be a LOT of reballancing where one could not Stay in High Sec and be better off than someone in a Corp in Null or even Low Sec.

    That is why my Second idea, if you want to go back and read my first post on the idea of PvE, was basically a Second 'Eve Online' that is basically a F2P Demo or Cut down/slimmed/basic version of Eve Online, while the main eve, what we are playing now, goes back to P2P and doesn't change. Have the 2 being 2 different games. Eve Online, and Eve Slim or something. Name pending.

    Jonah Gravenstein wrote:
    Can we please have this explained in a coherent manner, because at the moment it's a mishmash of terrible ideas wrapped in a coating of fecal icing.

    That is the POINT. Go read my original post. You people kept focusing on the horrible idea and skipping the better, clean, and more useful idea. Are you all stupid or something? Read the ENTIRE thread, Read EVERY post, and Everything IN every post. Not just read the newest one by a person and latch onto whatever they said without any context!
    I did read the original post, the content is shite, shows a clear misunderstanding of the nature of the game and the suggestions contained therein are the antithesis of what Eve is.

    There are no better, clean or useful ideas contained in this thread, they're all crap.

  • PVP & PVE can co-exist!!! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    RainbowDashC22 Shiratori wrote:
    Not 3 servers, but more Restricts of what is allowed in each Class of Secter. Like how Captital and Titans can't enter Low or High Sec, or that Warp Distruption Fields don't work in high sec and so on. They already have some 'Balances' to keep High, Low, and Null different. It would just need to be more extreme if they made High Sec PvE only.

    To balance out that you would be able to get a LOT of resources from High Sec easily by bots and alts freely now. So splitting the items into Tiers and keeping everything not basic out of High Sec would mean those in High Sec would be safe, but not able to get much in the way of expencive or rare items so everything in High Sec would be dirt cheap and not making much items. A Venture or T1 Frigate would go from costing a few mill to costing a few thousand only.

    OR, the other side. Have the prices for everything not T1 skyrocket while having the items found outside of High Sec worth much more to get people to venture out and get it to afford anything not T1.
    Can we please have this explained in a coherent manner, because at the moment it's a mishmash of terrible ideas wrapped in a coating of fecal icing.

    So first idea I brought up, would basically be a full rebalance of every single Blueprint and item in the game, their worth, and how to collect the minerals and such to make those items.
    To what end? That sounds like an awful lot of Dev time being wasted to fix something that isn't broken, dev time better spent elsewhere.

    Or could have done my second idea, basically having a Seperate 'Demo' / 'Casual/PvE' version that is cut and not part of the main game in any way, or have any impact.
    This already exists, it's called the test server, Singularity.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Defeating CODE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Clockwork Robot wrote:
    Ima Wreckyou wrote:
    Clockwork Robot wrote:
    You were all doing so well too. It had been almost a whole month without anybody fake posting to create drama and attention.

    /me hands clockwork a tinfoil hat

    Is that tinfoil?

    Or... antimatter?
    More importantly is it an official Dinsdale branded tinfoil hat, that has been wrapped around a magnetic containment vessel containing antimatter?

  • A good morning mail from Holey in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm starting to feel left out, the only abusive evemails I get are from Fabulous Knob's comedy alts.

    Oh and the moron who's Retriever I bumped with my Procurer while transiting a belt a few months ago, he went ballistic and still sends me the occasional love letter.

  • A good morning mail from Holey in EVE Gameplay Center

    Dom Arkaral wrote:
    This was his best attempt today, although I don't know how I became a wallpaper

    Holy's wallpaper looks like this.

  • The stigmas of Eve in EVE Gameplay Center

    StonerPhReaK wrote:
    My marijuana induced psychosis is telling me this post is meant to be constructive.
    Don't hog it, pass it.

    Also this is deep for C&P and could turn out to be a decent thread, I approve.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Defeating CODE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vipsan Agrippa wrote:
    You are wrong in part and not up to date Jonah, surprisingly Dom will update you on the forums ( just ask him), if you don't get out pvp'ing much.

    Ask Dom about his experiments with tornados. Something other gankers have used in Jita for years for their Alpha-Strike.
    I'm well aware of Tornadoes, we're talking about destroyers here, not ABC's.

    Keep up.

  • 11 Years come to an end. in EVE Communication Center

    Mangrasky wrote:
    Jonah Gravenstein wrote:

    Nope, I'm a cake and in the sun i start smelling.

    You don't even understand my postings, so what do you want from me ?
    I understand them just fine, you're whining about PvP happening in a PvP game and insulting pretty much everybody that doesn't share your irrational point of view.

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