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  • Looking for other Alpha pilots in EVE Gameplay Center

    Good luck!

    Let me post something here for you Biomass WH wiki

  • [WH&Beyond] Biomass Party, the best party in J-space! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    This group is Biomass Party, we are a diving and PVP oriented corp living in WH space. In time, our goal is to build a corp known for coming out of nowhere, hitting hard, and running away. Maybe you can eve say we'll be the cheap-shotters of eve, I don't know. Most certainly, good times will be had, content will be generated, and salt will flow. 3 goals we have in mind for this corp, off the charts fun, off the charts kills, and the dankest of memes. Heck, even our CEO is a walking meme, but then again, that's the fun part of eve, is knowing the narrative.

    Interested in learning more? So come check us out in our corporate public recruitment channel: Human Waste Disposal. Additional details below, if you want to know more!

    So we do have some things we are looking for in pilots in our corporation, but we're flexible if you show the spirit and attitude we want. Along with great teamwork skills, we value pilots that don't wait for content to come to them, living in wormhole space is very boring if you aren't actively looking for things to do, so please keep that in mind. Down to earth people, who can also laugh at themselves, as well as life circumstances are also what we want, we're not a corp of killboard warriors, or ping-activists, we're a group of people playing together to give everyone good times and good content. Must be willing to travel around eve though, there will be not that many groups who will see as much of New Eden as we will when we get going, I'll promise you that. And one way or another, there will be explosions, but we will be fighting hard to make sure it's not us exploding. Now check out our bullet point list below of what we want and what we offer to help you figure things out.

    What we offer:
    - Experienced pilots, tons of skill, training, educational resources, team player attitude.
    - Good atmosphere, we're not going to freak out on you for making a mistake (unless you accidentally unanchor our fortizar or something... perhaps)
    - Simple, straightforward doctrines and ship fittings to get us functioning on the same page for PVP
    - Non-standard fleet tactics, spicing up the meta.

    What we want:
    - Ideally characters with at least 15 million sp (this is negotiable, depending on experience/drive/attitude)
    - The ability to fly at LEAST 1 ship with a covert ops cloaking device (Astero, Bombers, Recons, T3 Cruisers)
    - Someone with at least a bit of PVP experience, or a desire to kill things.
    - Team players that want to pull some weight (the more people pull, the less work everyone has to do)
    - Indy players are more than welcome, especially if they like getting a bit bloody from time to time

  • When do WH open on the other side in EVE Gameplay Center

    From what I know, it works like this:

    1) A wormhole spawns new, and an invisible timer starts counting down with a range of 1-4 hours (stacked more towards the 4hr).
    2) If you scan, warp to the wormhole, and do ANYTHING but jump, the wormhole will continue not to have spawned on the otherside (unless the timer has already reached zero)
    3) If the WH timer expires, or someone jumps the wormhole, the other side spawns.

  • Forming the Strategic Cruiser Focus Group in EVE Technology and Research Center

    My name is Jonn Duune and I've been using t3cs since about 2010. I have several characters that are perfectly skilled t3c pilots, across all 4 races. I have used them in every role that they are capable of, from hunters, dps boats, EWAR, logistics in solo, small and medium gang PVP experiences. I have also used t3cs in PVE in nullsec and wormhole space, and understand how they work. In the utility roles, i have used jamgus (shield and armour), neut legions, covops scanners of all 4 t3cs, and have a very broad variety of experiences.

    Also with experience in wormhole space is quite extensive, as I have lived in c2 through c6 space, and as a FC in spectre, I routinely fly, or fly with t3cs in a broad variety of engagements throughout eve.

    I have connections to newbros who have just started the game, giving the ability to understand how t3cs feel from your newest players to vets such as myself.

    You can see on my main, Jonn Duune, the times I've used t3cs, everything from links boats, to hunters, to small fleet, and i think i'd make a good impact on trying to bring t3cs in line with where they're desired to be in game.

  • If you are a WH PvP alliance/corp facing eviction, WH NATO can help in EVE Gameplay Center

    Falkenberg Roenning wrote:
    Nothing wrong with evictions per say. This thread just boils down to 3 words and game mechanics. I quote OP "without just cause" So basically OP want to define and police "just" in low class j-space. Speaking on behalf of myself, thank you but no thank you.
    Listen to what Jack and Seraph actually write, the real implications of staging an eviction will take care of the rest.

    Cliff notes:

    It's not cool to remove someone from j-space just for the lulz, we need all the activity we can get. But I don't see the point of adding more layers of politics to wormhole living.

    I actually think this is a good idea. WH NATO has basically said that if there's an unfair eviction in process, they'll try to make it fair. This to me is GF material

  • Wormhole jumping bug... known? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Terrorfrodo wrote:
    Jonn Duune wrote:
    There's a very simple reason for this, and this is a known WH issue for years.

    Where the WH appears is not where the signature is.

    Wow, you managed to reply to a week-old post without reading it. He specifically said it's not about that issue since he was at 0m from the wormhole in the overview.

    ---P.P.S. - I was also getting an error earlier when trying to deploy a medium mobile warp disruptor on a C2 to HS hole. Overview had me at 7000m from the hole and when trying to deploy from cargo, I was getting a "Can't deploy within 5000m of a signature" type error. Is my hole broken? o.O---

    Soel Reit answered the first part, i answered the PPS... reeding iz hard.

  • Call to Arms! in EVE Communication Center

    Choose me for the meme potential. i bring dank MJD skills.

  • Soloing C3/C4 sites in a Golem (Fit Help) in EVE Gameplay Center

    SharpestBanana wrote:

    This cant break the RR on the frontier barracks can it? Im running 980 missile dps and it takes a little while. Also NOS dont work on sleepers as far as i have tested?

    NOSes should work on sleepers unless something has changed.

  • Soloing C3/C4 sites in a Golem (Fit Help) in EVE Gameplay Center

    This is how you fit a golem:
    [Golem, c4]

    Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
    Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
    Capacitor Flux Coil II
    Capacitor Flux Coil II

    Gist X-Type X-Large Shield Booster
    Pith X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    Cap Recharger II
    Target Painter II
    Large Micro Jump Drive

    Cruise Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Cruise Missile
    Cruise Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Cruise Missile
    Cruise Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Cruise Missile
    Cruise Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Cruise Missile
    Bastion Module I
    Imperial Navy Large EMP Smartbomb
    Heavy Ghoul Compact Energy Nosferatu
    Corpum B-Type Medium Energy Nosferatu

    Large Capacitor Control Circuit II
    Large Capacitor Control Circuit II

    Hobgoblin II x5

    +30Gj/s cap stable with NOS. Smartbomb for orbiting frigs, DLA not needed, only use the drones on cruisers and close battleships, has painter to help applying to cruisers, MJD for escape plan, and absolutely no need to use cap boosters (this is a BAAAD idea)

    EDIT:: Important Stats:
    (Max Skills)
    DPS: 928 (779 missiles, 99 drones, 50 smartbomb)
    Tank: 2137 ehp/s
    Resists: 64/78/81/82

    This should be fine for most C4 sites (some of the data/relic will be tough)

  • Ideal ships for small-gang WH in EVE Gameplay Center

    Antichrist of Revelations wrote:
    Jack Miton wrote:
    I'd be pretty shocked if T3s went away entirely as a top WH fleet meta.
    Sure the fits will change but the ships wont.

    Nobody knows what will happen, but there's like a 30 page thread in General Discussion right now.

    My thoughts will be about a 5% nerf to DPS of close range weapons, and a 10% nerf to tank. It's not going to be really big.

    With the gang you're talking about for defending a hole, i'd recommend a bunch of kiting gilas... 2 or 3 of those can really mess up people's days.

  • Wormhole jumping bug... known? in EVE Gameplay Center

    There's a very simple reason for this, and this is a known WH issue for years.

    Where the WH appears is not where the signature is.

    How do you know this:
    When you warp to a wormhole signature you land 5-15km from it.
    When you warp to any other signature/object in game, you land within 2500m of it.

    Steps to reproduce it:
    Attempt to anchor bubbles around the wormhole, like you've found, you'll be 7km off the wormhole, but the signature is closer, but invisible, and causes this problem.

    This has been a thing for as long as I've been in WH space (2010 or so)

  • Solo PVP in wormholes - Weapon of choice, fitting and methods? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:
    Yeah for solo WH work, there's no real competition for the stratios.

    So much this. The stratios is the pocket battleship of wormhole space, can and does kill anything upto it's size with relative ease, can escape anything that is bigger than it.

    Engagement profile for a solo stratios:
    All T1 Frigates, Cruisers, Battlecruisers (except for shield regen myrm)
    All Faction Frigates, Cruisers (Gila can battle you, but with some skill and a good fit, still a winnable fight)
    All Exploration ships (T1/T2/Astero)
    Some T3 Cruisers (specifically proteus, loki, and some legion fits)
    Most Non-PVP T1 Battleships (Hyperion, Dominix, Armageddon, or Typhoon would be very difficult)
    Some Faction Battleships (anything cap intensive)
    Most, if not all PVE battleships (upto passive regen tanked rattlesnakes, but this can and will eat active rattlesnakes alive).

    There's not a more versatile ship in j-space than the stratios for PVP.

  • Freeport 7 - Public Access Citadel in a C2 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Veriton Darkconis wrote:
    I'd just like to let everyone know I've set up a noob friendly Publicly accesable Citadel in an abandoned C2 WH(this wh has a static HS and static C2, and a random WH)

    Just as an FYI, if a c2 has a c2 static, the only kspace static it can have is a lowsec. You may have encountered a wandering highsec, but after 24 hours, i'll be gone, and there might not be another for days/weeks

  • Closed - Please delete in EVE Marketplace

    8 bil

  • WTS 2x starter characters, 13.5m sp core skills, 5m sp unallocated in EVE Marketplace

    14.75 bil, if you let me know i'll shuffle some assets around to make this happen.

  • void in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    good guys, free bump

  • Jonn Duune for CSM XII - J-space representative in Council of Stellar Management

    A group such as HK is entrenched enough that the structure in itself isn't so much the problem. It could be a Fortizar and they still put up a similar defense

    Yes and no. The keepstar has a really big feature that i think is one of the problems, and that's its arcing doomdsay weapon. Done properly, a keepstar can essentially wipe several caps off the field with this, and in combination with using the bombs, missiles, and applicable ewar, it's a huge force multiplier.

    I agree groups like HK are so entrenched that there's no easy way of doing any kind of eviction, but what I'm arguing is that a POS's defenses capabilties (even something like a large dickstar/deathstar) is at most as capable as a fortizar (though personally, i believe in terms of offensive capabilities a fortizar is significantly better, though it loses in the EWAR role to a proper dickstar), whereas a keepstar can add the equivalent of many many ships in support.

    Also players of eve, if you haven't done so yet, find a candidate that speaks to you and get out and VOTE FOR THEM. If you don't participate in this game, you're essentially giving away your right to whine about any future changes that CCP wants to bring to eve, because you're demonstrating with your actions that you don't care.

  • BLOPS in EVE Gameplay Center

    Skelee VI wrote:
    Blops refers to a blacks ops pvp attack.
    Hunter ship lights a covert cyno or regular cyno
    Black ops battleship bridges to the ship lighting the cyno. The bridge costs fuel depending on what is bridging.
    Covert op cloak capable ships (sb, recons etc) bridge throught the black ops battleship to cyno ship or black ops battleships jump to cyno ship. bam your dead
    There are range and fuel limitations

    Just to add to this, here's a comprehensive list of things that can go through a covert cyno bridge from a blops battleship

    Black Ops Battleships (though they really should jump themselves)
    T3 cruisers equipped with the covert ops subsystem and a covert ops cloak
    Force recon ships (recons that can be equipped with a covert ops cloak)
    Stealth Bombers
    T2 Scanning Frigates

  • Barghest farming c6 long range in EVE Gameplay Center

    Andrew Indy wrote:
    I thought CPP fixed this issue.

    But yes as people have said Running high end sites in a low DPS ship is often worse than a Lower sites with a higher DPS ship. Assuming this does work the reason i would do it would be to clear Gas sites, they have lower EHP and the isk is in the gas.

    There was in fact a spread sheet on the forms that had ISK/EHP of all of the sites and the ISK/EHP is pretty much the same for most sites. So it really boils down to how easy it is to apply that DPS (C2/C4 have range issues, sites with more frigs take longer per EHp ect), the number of sites you have access to and your DPS.

    An example of this is a rattle snake in a C3 takes about 11min per site, C4 sites are 40min but the sites are not worth 3-4X more.

    the only real trick is to get the sleepers to aggress you, otherwise the FoF missiles don't work so well.

  • WTB Orca Pilot Ready to Go in EVE Marketplace

    Michael Wingdonger wrote:
    Looking for Orca Pilot, prefer ship with it. Ability to use propert T2 drones and boost mods. T2 Mid abilities would be great, though not required. Let me know!

    just as an fyi, assets are NOT allowed to be sold with character.

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