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  • Spying in station. in EVE Communication Center

    oiukhp Muvila wrote:
    Jahar Makanen wrote:

    Station pvp shooter?

    Heh, Incarna ftw!

    This is actually a stealth "resuscitate Incarna" thread??



  • PLEX after change: in EVE Communication Center

    Vortexo VonBrenner wrote:
    Erotic massages at the Zoo what? I maybe should train reading comp past 1.

    This thread just took an interesting turn...

  • ccp plz read in EVE Communication Center

    Mr Epeen wrote:
    Making a movie/TV show based on a video game has traditionally been the milieu of stupidly rich people that like to throw away their money.

    Has there ever been a successful film adaptation of a video game franchise? Not that I can recall.

    Mr Epeen Cool

    I suppose it depends on your definition of "successful." I'd say the "Resident Evil" movies have been pretty profitable. And they're not too shabby, for what they are.


  • 3 Worst Features to EVE Since You Started Playing? in EVE Communication Center

    Bjorn Tyrson wrote:
    Soel Reit wrote:
    Bjorn Tyrson wrote:
    Soel Reit wrote:
    Alasdan Helminthauge wrote:

    but I'd still like the option of injectors in case that I have the right occasion, the right fight with the right odds, but lack 1-2 weeks of skill training, so that I don't have to let the opportunity slip and wait for those damn rights again.

    EVE is Patience itself. I'm pretty patient learning this game. EVE does have a learning cliff, so don't expect me to learn everything/anything in less than one year Bear.

    you're patient to LEARN but not TO WAIT for the skills.....

    why don't both???
    old players all started at 0 SP.
    you want fight them?? skills are hard capped at lvl5, plan your next 5-6 years of skills training to reach a point when you can fight on equal skills and all that's left is knowledge of the game ^^

    old players also started with learning skills, no skill queue, no wormholes (and associated t3's), no capital ships, no lvl 4 missions, no incursions, no faction warfare, and no reason to fly anything other than winmatar... y'know, while we are mentioning things from the "good ol days"

    and your right, skills are hard capped it lvl5. so what does it matter to you if they got there in a year, or 3 years, or 5. why is it a bad thing that someone can start actually engaging in the game the way they want too in a shorter amount of time, it puts more ships in space, which creates more content, which is better for everyone.

    cuz a man need to learn how to walk before actually start running.
    each step of the game let you experience difference things.

    flying a ceptor for your fleet is thing..
    flying a dictor another one.
    cruisers with all their utility another one again.
    BC and BS
    way up to capitals and supers!

    each step is a conquest and that's how it should be.
    have you ever seen a kid flying a plane with 300 people on board?
    me neither Cool

    so because you had to do it one way, everyone after you needs to do it the same way or they are spoiled?

    do they also need to walk uphill both ways to school through knee deep snow? I mean I can see the benefit of being chased by wolves the whole time, but lets not bring back the pickle in the belt... let that fad die already man.

    Do it like the other games do it:

    You can inject up to 80% of the SP of the highest trained pilot on the account.

    50M SP pilot? Alt can inject up to 40M

  • Can we get rid of CSM after the recent PLEX insider trading fiasco? in EVE Communication Center

    Teckos Pech wrote:
    Professor Push wrote:
    “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.”

    ― Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

    Execellent, bringing up Adam Smith, but.....

    Who loses on this? People buying PLEX for RL money and selling them for ISK? No.

    People who are holding PLEX? No.

    People who have lots and lots of ISK and are looking to buy a PLEX to extend their account? Yes.

    So you are butthurt over rich, long term players with a large pile of ISK.

    Wow....people upset over the mega rich in game. WITF?

    You missed a very important group. Some might say the KEY group: People selling ISK/PLEX for RL money. aka RMTers.

    It's not like that has ever been a problem before, right? And certainly not involving the CSM. Roll

  • EULA questions. in EVE Communication Center

    ...in accordance with it's rules

    As long as you're following the other rules, this rule does not apply.


  • Is there a skill training multiplier? in EVE Communication Center

    Donnachadh wrote:
    Major Trant wrote:
    This is so confusing. A higher tier skill simply requires more SP to reach each level, thus takes longer to train it. Memphis' explanation is correct.

    As I stated in my last post from a practical perspective Memphis and you are correct, higher tier skills require more SP so they take longer to train. How much longer they take to train is determined by a training time multiplier. Ignoring the character side of the equation since this topic is about training time multipliers and move on to the skills themselves.

    At the core level all skills in EvE require the same amount of SP to advance from level 0 to level 1, the same amount of SP to advance from level 1 to level 2 etc until we get to level 5. As we move on I want to use the remote armor repair systems and the capitol remote armor repair systems skills as the examples.

    If they both have the same basic SP requirements why does it take longer to train the capitol skill? The answer is that training time multiplier that both you and Memphis insist does not exist, you know that training time multiplier listed in the show info dialog of every skill in the game so some math.
    If BSP = base SP needed for advancement from one level to the next we get these.
    Remote skill is BSP x 2 = SP needed to advance because remote armor rep has a 2x training time multiplier.
    Capitol remote is BSP x 10 = SP needed to advance because the cap skill has a 10x training time multiplier.

    This system is elegant, extremely flexible and yet it requires an absolute minimum of database space to make it all work.
    Instead of storing values for each of the 5 levels and for every skill in the game each skill only needs to store the training time multiplier. If they want to slow down or speed up training game wide and for all skills instead of having to change thousands of entries they only have to change one.

    I think you misread the question:
    Like a character with 80m will take longer to learn say gunnery 5 than a 500k sp character?

    The OP was asking about different characters learning the same skill/skill level. "ignoring the character side of the equation" is ignoring the question.

    While your response is the correct response to a question, it's not the question that was asked. Memphis's response was spot-on.


  • Why does every character get to see everyone else's resume for free in EVE Communication Center

    Why should anything be visible without API/permission?

  • Sick and tired of shield miners in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Amojin wrote:
    Arthur Aihaken wrote:
    This thread is much ado about nothing.

    That's right, it is, to a lot of you. Those that just shrug your shoulders, buy the shield skills, and move on. It's much ado about nothing.

    But to some of us, newbies that only have armor skills, stubborn assholes like me that will extract every shield skill we have when an armor miner comes out, people who think it's laughably inane to use Gallente Starship Engineering to construct a Caldari Hull?

    Maybe it's just what it is.

    You keep using the word "us." Short of a multiple personality disorder, it seems you're the only one bothered by this.


  • So i lost 4 billion.......... in EVE Communication Center

    The 'long road' to solve the "how did they do this" riddle is to try the other side for awhile.

    Train up and do some ganking of your own...maybe join a corp...maybe the corp that took your ship out (if they'll have you.)

    Spend some time learning how to kill hi-sec haulers and you'll learn how to avoid/withstand such attacks.

    Like I said...that's the long way of solving it. But as most of the other posters in the thread have said...the easy way is "don't be low-hanging fruit."

    You don't have the be impossible to kill. Just harder than most.

    One more analogy...to avoid being eaten by a shark, use the buddy system. You don't have to swim faster than the shark...you just have to swim faster than your buddy.

    Good luck


  • There is no shop front. in EVE Communication Center

    Bobb Bobbington wrote:
    I believe the confusion likely comes from a simple idea. This isn't the store front. The Eve Online store page is the store front. This is not a place for selling merchandise, it helps lubricate the selling of Eve Online itself. It serves the same function as TV screens at McDonalds. Do you have to pay for them? No. Are they the main entertainment? No. But if you're bored, feel free to watch. They enrich the experience of going or doing something without being monetized, helping to aid in the selling of the real product, an Eve Online subscription. Friendships are formed, people entertained, and consequently, subscriptions sold, without a single product available for purchase.

    It's kinda the difference between www.eveonline.com and fourms.eveonline.com

    Two different sites.

    OP's car analogy breaks down. I will watch auto marketing, ads, read in trade magazines. I know which car I want when it's time to buy a car. That's when I go to the site/store. If there were a car vending machine I would go there. Alas...there is not.

    Eve has marketing campaigns...ads...trade websites. That is where you shop in the 21st century. I believe the OP is trying to live in the 1950s wherein you wander through a quaint downtown and into random shops not knowing whether you want to purchase something or not and expect the genteel shopkeeper to approach you to explain what they sell and why you need it.

    It's actually pitifully ironic.


  • CCPlz not Facebook in EVE Communication Center

    Leahzon wrote:
    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    The videos were recorded quickly, without extensive setup. Doing it on facebook allowed CCP to do it 'live', in the room where we had the meetings.

    Convenient for everyone involved.

    However, using Facebook (or any form of social media) for official company correspondence is not very professional. The proper route to take would be to host their videos on the Eve website. That is how professionals communicate with their customers.

    The CSM is a CCP marketing tool. As such, anything produced is an advertisement and belongs on an advertising platform. It's certainly not "official company correspondence."


  • Questions on Providence in EVE Communication Center

    Blodi deVriis wrote:
    I never ever do bad things!
    Yesterday I even helped a noob to leave our wormhole, instead of killing him.

    Other corpmates are not on the list, so it cannot be inherited form corp/alliance status. Must be something personal instead...

    You remind me of someone....hmm.....can't really place you...

    You kinda look like this guy

  • Free, yeah right in EVE Communication Center

    Tristan Valentina wrote:
    Well since you cant really quit anymore, can I have your stuff and biomass? Fly safe!

    Until I see the OP in Doomheim, I just assume it's another forum attention-seeker.

  • ORIGINAL 1997 STAR WARS EPISODE 1 BANNER MINT in EVE Communication Center

    Jonah Gravenstein wrote:
    I've still got a T-shirt from the original movie, my nephew has his eye on it as he's now 7, the same age I was when A New Hope blew my mind.

    So does Old Navy...

  • Why people come back to EVE in EVE Communication Center

    At this point, I can't tell if I am constantly coming back or constantly leaving. Do I keep re-subbing or do I keep un-subbing?

    My initial stretch in-game was about 3-4 years (2008-2011...to include one FanFest). Then the breaks started along with the returns. But the breaks got longer and the returns got shorter.

    My last 3-month sub just expired two days ago. I was logging-in once a week and not leaving station. Just ship-spinning and checking various things on the market.

    We'll see how long this break goes.

  • FW Without Leaving Non FW Corp Please in EVE Communication Center

    Brigadine Ferathine wrote:
    KaarBaak wrote:
    Isn't this exactly what alts are for?


    Not every one of us peasants can afford that.

    You're given two alts for free on your account.

    If you can't afford free...

  • Speculation with November Update in EVE Communication Center

    Tau Cabalander wrote:
    I think CCP has vastly overestimated the draw of free-to-play, and the expected resulting subscriptions.

    New players are quickly going to get bored because of not grasping the concept of player generated content, or frustrated with the complexity, or infuriated with loss and "griefing". CCP shouldn't have made a move to free-to-play before the NPE was improved.

    PLEX may be affected in the short-term, mostly by veteran speculation.

    A large change like this needs to be coupled with a vigorous marketing campaign.

    If history serves, we can count on CCP dropping the ball on that aspect again.


  • FW Without Leaving Non FW Corp Please in EVE Communication Center

    Isn't this exactly what alts are for?


  • Social regression in New Eden. in EVE Communication Center

    Read the OP, but not many of the comments.

    The description of EvE in the OP seems to be exactly as it was in 2008 when I started playing. Seems to be the same as it is now. It hasn't changed in the sense that a lot of the game occurs outside Tranquility. Most of it doesn't involve RMT.

    The RMT bans were simply the removal of a cancerous growth...a dead-end on the evolutionary tree that was becoming a liability to support. Many other branches flourish. Their removal was not significant in the timeline of EvE. Events like this occur every few months. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth occurs. Things die down and the stories of "what happened that one time" become part of the lore.

    This, too shall pass.

    But it was just a blip.


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