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Kalen Tsero

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  • WeebFleet - Lowsec in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Our website is now fully functioning \o/

  • WeebFleet - Lowsec in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Ohaiyō capsuleers. Weebfleet from the Tsundere Triad alliance is recruiting!.

    Are you an anime fan? Do you feel disjointed and unwelcome by some people? Well we're the perfect corp for you. That's not to say we only take anime fans, you just have to not care about anime memes (animemes). We are a lowsec alliance setting​ up shop in our new home - being recently formed we can't promise you the universe, but we can promise you a new and active home.

    Services and benefits
    -website for op board, fittings, and other services
    -Logistics service to move freight between jita and our home constellation
    -ore and pve buyback programs available
    -Home pocket contains easily accessed l1-l4 agents, with l5 nearby
    -Raitaru equipped with manufacturing and refinery services
    -lowsec constellation with active pvp groups nearby, null and highsec regions with short commute.
    -Senpai will notice you.

    -TS3 for comms
    -Full API, no expiry for services.
    -Either a love or tolerance for anime.

    How to Join
    a) Join the Weebfleet in game channel and talk to one of the recruiters there.
    b) Join our public discord and ask in general chat. Someone will talk to you.

  • Kalen for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Cochise Chiricahua wrote:
    07 Candidate!

    First, thank you for your time and effort (both present and future) in representing the capsuleers of New Eden! They’re much appreciated.

    I’m preparing to cast my vote in the CSM12 elections. After reading the information you submitted, though, I still have a question.

    By way of background, I started in Eve as a hauler, moving freight in T1 industrials and gradually working my way up in both ships and cargo. However, I repeatedly found my progress impeded by gankers who would destroy my ship and steal my cargo. In low- and null-sec space, that’s to be expected. You place your bet and take your chances. In high-sec space, however, this is very frustrating. Why have high-sec space at all then? This frustration drove me into anti-ganking, and I’ve been a proud member of Thomas en Chasteaux's High-Sec Militia for several months now.

    So, my question. Where do you stand on high-sec ganking? I’ll concede that ganking is a legitimate style of game play, as CCP has ruled. But I also feel that it should be difficult and dangerous (for the ganker) in the 30% of New Eden designated as high-sec space. In particular, I’d like to see CCP tweak the game mechanics so that the criminal flag generated by looting a ganked freighter in high-sec space follows all players who handle that loot, and otherwise make looting more realistic. (Thomas en Chasteaux's ideas, not mine.)

    As a member of the CSM, would you present such an idea to CCP? Would you push for its adoption? What other game changes might you consider to make high-sec ganking more difficult and less profitable?

    Cochise Chiricahua.

    To be quite honest, and you're probably not going to be a fan of this. I'm actually happy where the ganking is in highsec right now. I've performed it myself both on Kalen directly and on a few alts. There is no way to alter the loot passing suspect without changing something for ALL sections of space unfortunately. As long as the hauler is in the fleet that kills a freighter, there's no risk for them.

    Also, the profitability really comes down to the freighter themselves. If they're a properly tanked obelisk with a moderate amount of items in the hold. Then it will be significantly less profitable to gank them versus the cargo expanded charon carrying like 2 incursion pirate battleships. That's where it comes down to risk versus reward on your behalf. The more you carry at once, the more risk you're taking.

  • Kalen for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    DeMichael Crimson wrote:

    My question - what is your viewpoint regarding Faction standings and as a CSM member, what changes would you propose to CCP pertaining to game mechanics for Faction standings ?

    Good luck to you in the upcoming CSM election.


    What do you mean my viewpoint regarding them? That's a broad topic and any way to answer it in its current form could make it appear as though I'm just fluffing something out. Could you be a big more concise?

  • Kalen for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Dont Look wrote:
    Will you ever remove Anime from Eve Online?

    In the short of it, nah.

  • Kalen for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Gorski Car wrote:
    Do you like Waffles?

    Yes, in fact I do like Waffles. Do you?

    Fun Fact: Waffles are just Pancakes with abs.

  • Kalen for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    * Reserved for replies *

  • Kalen for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Hello all, most probably don't know me unless you're on tweetfleet slack or have joined Karina Ivonovich's recent Weebfleet slack. I'm here to throw my hat in to the CSM candidacy pot. Even though I'm not a big name, I know I can and will work hard to make sure my constituents are heard when it come to anything that may affect them. Anyways, on to my post.

    WHO AM I?
    I've been playing EVE solidly since May of 2013. Started as a highsec miner and one month in to the game I got my first taste of PvP venturing in to low to get some of those rocks. Never looked back. Joined E-UNI that August, stayed there for two years, then in August of 2015 I joined WAFFLES. While in E-UNI I did try out wormhole space for about 6 months, I stayed mostly entirely in lowsec. During it I've FC'd mostly small gang, my largest fleet hitting 50 people wherein we used carriers and dreads. I run a monthly "weebfleet" public fleet which is slowly gaining traction.

    I'm going in as a lowsec candidate. Primarily to help represent faction warfare space. Now while I've never done it myself. I am in good communication with a few people who have, one who has done it for a long time. They'll make sure I get all relevant feedback to pass on to CCP. You may be asking "Why care about FacWar if you're not part of it?" Well, the short of it is that even though I don't do it. It still has a large effect on my own gameplay. If it wasn't for the faction warfare in my area, it would be much harder to hunt targets. A healthy FacWar is a healthy lowsec.


  • Lowsec pilot
  • Small and Medium gang FC
  • Cares about all aspects of lowsec due to their symbiotic relationships.
  • #MakeLowsecGreatAgain

  • if you need to get ahold of me, feel free to EVEmail me, hit me up on tweetfleet slack, on Weebfleet discord, on reddit at /u/kalen_tsero, or even twitter @kalen_tsero (though I rarely get on my twitter.)

  • [Focus Group] Capital Ships Signup in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Guess I'll toss my hat in the ring as well, I only really have capital experience in wormholes and small gangs.

  • selling the cheapest capital ships (+ the equipment) ship delivery service in EVE Marketplace

    cheap ship, quick delivery, plus easy to use site? 11/10 WILL buy again.

  • [Hyperion] Incursion changes on Sisi now in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rain6637 wrote:

    I'm aware. I just wanted to make the point that a 5 ship limit runs into the logi chain problem, at any difficulty. if they're going to alter the payout as an incentive, they should consider the number of ships and not just the per-ship figure. it strikes me as one of those matters of tradition that go unquestioned.

    Well what I'm getting from it is why do logi at all if it's balanced for 5 ships. Local reps at best is the only thing you may need. This to me sounds like it'll be no worse than the "The Blockade" or "When Worlds Collide" L4 missions. Which people run those solo.

  • Sorting/search options for chat windows in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sort by standings would be AMAZING

  • EVE University [E-UNI] - Welcoming Both New and Experienced Pilots in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    I have a quick question about joining you guys. I have an ECM boat and I'm planning on getting a Black Ops ECM boat down the road. Will you guys have use of my services? Or would I be better off looking for another corporation and just attending the public classes? I ask this because one of my friends was interested in joining your corp and we want to join the same corp.