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  • [Service] ✱ KG hosting ✱ Web hosting, Teamspeak and more in EVE Marketplace

    Not the worst dude in the world.

    So if you need some hosting, have a chat with KongGal - he can most likely squeeze you in, with whatever tickles your fetish Blink

  • Dev blog: Introducing EVE Portal: The EVE Online Mobile App in EVE Information Center

    There's a few issues with it.

    1. No application cache, meaning the application constantly hits the API for data
    2. Having the app opened, and the screen going blank (sleep), leads to the app crashing upon screen unlock
    3. API being overloaded big time, leading to mails not being able to be read or showed (probably caused by the influx of users, and the fact the app doesn't cache anything)
    4. Battery usage is atrocious, it keeps the three devices i tested awake, all the time. Surpassing even Facebook in power usage (Tested on CM13 nightly, CM14.1 and stock Android 7.1)
    5. Memory usage is hilarious, while running it uses in excess of 100MB, with peak according to Android itself, showing 312MB.
    6. When viewing the character sheet page, if you expand a jump clone list to view the implants, it'll collapse on it's own as can be seen here: https://goo.gl/photos/A7vp3mbJj9pWYcBz7

    And the list just keeps on going, i had a good whine about how terrible it is.
    To think this took in the vincinity of 7 months to make Roll

  • GM response to Missing Killmail - Only the victim gets it????? in EVE Gameplay Center

    That GM is a ******* moron, tho it honestly doesn't surprise me, it seems CCP hires the most idiotic of the idiotic to be GMs these days.

    The Aggressor AND Victim both get a killmail - it's been like this since the day killmails was introduced.
    And if he was actually knowledgeable about the subject, he'd know that too.

    As to why YOU didn't get a killmail after the guy ejected, i guess it's because the game decided that at the time you popped it, it was pilot-less so it doesn't count as a kill - but if that's true, then it's a bug that CCP needs to fix.

    Then again, they also stopped giving out killmails to border violations in the AT, so, maybe CCP is just pants on head ******** these days when it comes to killmails Roll

  • EVE Launcher for Linux in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ravow wrote:
    Cerian Alderoth wrote:
    Jessie Wallace wrote:
    Congraluations you know nothing about anything.
    Having a rough day? Heh!? Twisted

    I would like to see some (performance) progress for Linux users:
    EVE Online is the only reason I still have a Windows installation.

    Thanks for working on this! P

    Two way to increase performance:

    - Overclock (The OpenGL->D3D converstion in Wine take 100% of one core so overclocking allow faster conversion.

    - Use the nine state tracker (Using D3D directly without converting it get rid of the CPU utilisation surge, almost double the FPS, add the shields & other effects back and take less electricity)

    Could you build Mesa with D3D9 support on your system and add D3D9 patch again Wine and link it with that Mesa and enable nine in the "registery"? That way, people using proper opensource drivers will get the performance gain & effect while people using proprietary drivers will still get the slower codepath. When nine is enabled in Wine, it detect D3D support and use the appropriate codepath.

    Mesa already have nine support, juste need to be enabled during compilation (and you have to compile like, latest one, git if possible)
    Wine patchs are these : https://github.com/sarnex/wine-d3d9-patches

    If your not sure if you can trust that auto detection for D3D9 in Wine, you can build Two wine, one with and one without D3D9. And detect yourself:

    To detect D3D9 support:
    first that command : glxinfo | grep -i gallium | wc -l
    result of first command : 0 = use wine without nine, >0 = check presence of d3dadapter9.so in /usr/lib32 or /usr/lib32/d3d.
    if d3dadapter9.so is present, assume that native D3D9 support exist on that system and use nine wine, else, use normal wine.

    note : some system don't have the glxinfo commande, better bundle it with the launcher.

    While at it, turn on Command Stream - and also answer my question about the Solus devs. kthxbye :P

  • EVE Launcher for Linux in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hey Snorlax!

    Would it be ok for the Solus OS guys to put your package into their repository, so it can be installed easily in Solus? :)

    For information on their OS you can visit their page: https://solus-project.com/
    They're also on IRC, Freenode in #Solus

  • Recurring Opportunities coming soon in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Instead of this, just give us the chat endpoint that you have in CREST.

    Altho that would probably lead to an even bigger loss in terms of players actually logging in Roll

  • Dev blog: Citadels, sieges and you v2 in EVE Information Center

    Well **** me, this is actually the first thing in over a year that i've liked. Straight

    Now you just need to give us buildable Stargates and convert all of nullsec into W-Space (or give us ten times the space in W-Space). Cool

  • Dev blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two in EVE Information Center

    Nami Kumamato wrote:
    Why not just make it simple ?
    Create- I dunno - a huge star-base that you can anchor a the frigging sun or whatever . If it gets destroyed it's no longer your system.
    Occupancy will get you bonuses towards how hard it is to get destroyed etc. You can defend it with platform/batteries and active fleets patrolling.
    The End.

    Yes, so much yes..

  • Dev blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two in EVE Information Center

    EvilweaselFinance wrote:
    Karbowiak wrote:
    Am i the only one wishing that we'd get the old pos warfare sov system back? Shocked

    no, i liked that and it was significantly better in a lot of ways than this or dominion

    it was completely broken by AOE doomsdays protecting cynojammers, but that's gotten fixed, and fuel blocks exist now

    True story.

    Plus with the POS system, you could take a system in about a day, instead of spending a week taking on system.
    Yes you had to steamroll a system with lots of dreads, but compared to the current system, or the proposed one, you atleast had a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Meh, whatever..

  • Dev blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two in EVE Information Center

    Am i the only one wishing that we'd get the old pos warfare sov system back? Shocked

  • Dev blog: Download on Demand client for EVE Online in EVE Information Center

    Please for all that is holy, tell us that you've switched to a proper CDN, that doesn't eat **** and die everytime we try and download anything from it.

    Please?! Shocked

  • zKillboard.com in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Chelien Orlenard wrote:
    Squizz Caphinator wrote:
    Your host has restricted the use of file_get_contents, probably has other restrictions too. I wouldn't recommend using them for a zkillboard install.

    I succeeded in moving the zkillboard on the same server.
    This problem is due to the fact that there is a mistake in the source code that has been published.

    186 line of /install/install.php
    $cronOverrides = file_get_content ("$base/cron.overrides"); 

    Correctly is the "file_get_contents".
    Also there is a mistake in the specified file name, the file is included in the source has become a "cronoverrides" (not exist dot).

    I have modified as follows, This was able to run.
    $cronOverrides = file_get_contents ("$base/cronoverrides"); 

    thank you.


    This has been fixed, that was my mistake.. /o\

  • IDEA...need your thoughts and a CCP Employee thought would be nice in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I for one would not mind getting allowance to set skill training via CREST.

    Tho, i would rather we got CHAT endpoint access than anything else, but that's just me :P

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center



  • EVE Probe Installer 0.82.6614.0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Maxwell wrote:
    Karbowiak wrote:
    Will it auto update in the background? Mostly thinking that if it's set as screensaver, it'll run multiple times a day, giving you guys more intel, but will it auto update aswell?

    It will not auto-update. For now, at least, we will simply post a new thread here if we have an update.

    If you do run it as a screensaver, it will not send the performance results to us. Apart from alerting us of crashes, it is purely for your viewing pleasure.

    Well that sorta sucks.. But now i guess you know what to put into it next! :P

    1. Automatic updates
    2. Performance metrics from screensaver runs

  • EVE Probe Installer 0.82.6614.0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Will it auto update in the background? Mostly thinking that if it's set as screensaver, it'll run multiple times a day, giving you guys more intel, but will it auto update aswell?

  • External killmail link hashing algorithm in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Steve Ronuken wrote:

    While I personally support making them all public, I can understand the reasons for not doing so. And I wouldn't want them immediately public.

    There are people who don't put their kills on public boards, because it leaks useful information. Like when they're active.

    Sure, the loss mail might show up, but there are some targets who don't have killmails set up on a public killboard.

    Could just make it opt-in from the client.

    "I want to share all my mails publicly going back to the beginning of the universe!"
    "I dont want to share all my mails, they're mine, **** you!"

  • CCP Response Regarding SOMER Blink Concerns in EVE Communication Center

    Whats up with the CSM circlejerk? lol Lol

  • Dev blog: EVE Online SSO and what you need to know in EVE Information Center

    To those morons amongst you who think we 3rd party devs will get access to your account details, please read the following:


    Read it? Understood it? if not, read it again..
    Ok, lets move on.

    The SSO (Which is OAUTH2 based for those of you who need to know that) works by telling us that your login is real,what your character name+id is, and a unique id that is bound to your character for the duration it's on the same account.

    So lets sum up

    1. We do not get your account details
    2. We get the characterID and characterName of the character YOU selected to use
    3. We get a unique id that is bound to the character you selected, as long as it's on the same account

    The SSO will actually make you all safer overall, since 3rd party devs aren't holding your account information anymore, AND it will make lives for us easier, since we don't have to hope you'll register to use extended features.

    It will only get more glorious once CREST gets opened up, and we can start requesting more data from it using scopes and whatnot. (That's where we ask you for extra information when you login via the SSO)

    tl;dr: we will not get access to your account details

  • CCP Image server, and the lack of a proper CDN.. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Updated the first post with links to currently usable CDNs (There's only one atm, but i'm sure more will be added)