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  • CONCORD ships: what are they good for ? in EVE Communication Center

    Vanessa Celtis wrote:
    I tried to fit the Pacifier and also the Enforcer with PyFa, and... No Way Jose, I just can't fit them. Basically they miss a slot on each level with more CPU and Power. They have awful DPS, crap tank and finally I got to the conclusion that they are only good for storing in your hangar, Scam contracts in Jita, and spinning them around in station because they look good.

    So, I make a distress call to all bitter-vets reading this and helping me finding out: WHAT THE HECK ARE THE CONCORD SHIPS GOOD FOR ?

    Fun killmails? ShockedLol

  • Not a big fan of the new forums' ability to delete posts at any time in EVE Communication Center

    Haha true.

  • Not a big fan of the new forums' ability to delete posts at any time in EVE Communication Center

    Wait for CODE. to ask for a permit before to del a post...ShockedLol

  • Strategic cruiser balance pass in EVE Communication Center


  • Strategic cruiser balance pass in EVE Communication Center

    Tried one of my pve fit Proteus with a sisi Pyfa, with about the same config @lv5 all for fair comparison:

    therm shield goes from 65% to 47.5%
    effective EHP goes from 105k to 67.6k
    dps/volley stay the same, railgun range stay the same but they take less power and cpu to fit
    it gains hull points??
    but lose about 39.05% in armor point

    speed -55m/s
    +1 target (6 vs the old 5)
    a bit more of targeting range/scan res/sensor str
    signature goes to 172 vs old 151 Shocked (w/ mid grade halo)
    more align time: 8.15s vs the old 7.45........

    I don't know what to think of the EHP, the rest is OK for me excepted the bloom in sig (w/o the halos: it goes at 200 vs the old 176, I find that... excessive)
    And the drop of speed, and growth of align; please it's a cruiser not a BC!

    Well it's a lotsa of nerfs. I will continue to use it since I love the Proteus but I need to study more the subsytems before
    Mixed feeling What? but n ot a surprising one... but hey enjoy, we can switch of rigs now... Roll

    NB: oh yeah it gain a fourth midslot, and lost one low slot vs the old fit, a-w-e-s-o-m-e, especially for an armor fit

    NB last: the drones of the fit have changed too: capacity: 50m3 vs old 75m3 bandwidth 25mbits/s vs old 50mbits/s
    same drone range
    bye bye my hammerheads...

  • Do you actually enjoy playing EVE? [Poll] in EVE Communication Center

    I playing since 2013 and I always return to Eve.

    My solo pew pve/industrial has taken a new step this year since I finally joined my first public fleet, from a twitch player, and did gang pvp, the lowbear in me is fully satisfied to pew other players and dying in cool explosions BearTwisted
    I have even more fun doing logi than the pew.

    There is always something fun to do in Eve, even "solo"; you can pass years to do the same things again and again, until one day something happens Lol

    People outside (aka not Eve players) can say whatever about the Eve community; I find it diversely more alive and active than for other online games.

  • Full clears: Marauder > Noctis? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I use a Noctis with my second account; tech II tractor beams and salvagers do the job pretty fast.
    I don't even bother with MTUs since a while.

  • Dev blog: Strategic Cruisers and You in EVE Information Center

    The ability to swap the rig without destroying them will be pretty cool.
    I'll wait to see about damage changes, but since I do L4 mission with a Proteus, and it isn't considered efficent, it will not change my fun BearBig smile

  • 119.5 - General Feedback in EVE Information Center

    Lost my Aurum, and no conversion has been made. Thanks CCP Roll

  • Bored with Eve, where do I go next? (maybe outside???) in EVE Communication Center

    Kenneth Endashi wrote:

    Yeah, I think I'll move to New York.

    Great, you could raid some local carebears aka gentrified hipsters.

    But beware of the local CONCORD, as 000Hunter000 said, you don't have clones so beware! TwistedLol

  • What do you think is wrong with EVE? in EVE Communication Center

    But you just posted on a "wasteful" thread without even answering the OP. Doh! TwistedUghBig smile

  • What do you think is wrong with EVE? in EVE Communication Center

    1/ CONCORD, let's get rid of it, or make it vulnerable + no magical spawn

    2/ Missions; make them dynamic with improved AI

    3/ Make bounties fun, not a Eve-Like Facebook style

  • So what do you use for mission running and why? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I fly a rail Proteus with sometime a command/logi Proteus on a 2nd account.

    I do not seek efficiency, even if in some hours I do good (incl loot/salvage), but I love the Proteus and I find it simply fun Bear

  • Hi and godday for now. in EVE Communication Center

    Awfully addictive, even by doing industry stuff What?ShockedLol

  • Luminaire Snowball Fight 4! (18-DEC-16, 2100, Luminaire) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Wow your shots and vid rocks! ShockedBear

  • Luminaire Snowball Fight 4! (18-DEC-16, 2100, Luminaire) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thank you again! I couldn't be here due to terribad Gallente standings Oops with this main so I taken my main alt (Siggrid Kunis).

    That was awesome, props to you and to anyone that was here (out of some wardeckers ShockedWhat?Lol)

  • Missions with 3 accounts in EVE Gameplay Center

    I using two account, one with a Proteus rail and drones + a Guardian logi and drones assist (I don't use rep drones).
    I don't use the logi each time, only when I get long/high LP/high pew missions. The proteus is "fleet" fitted in the duo case with buffer armor/resist. I have another one with rep when I solo it.
    Once done, I switch the logi with a noctis, while the proteus wait and dscan on site.

    It is perhaps not efficient but fun, and I love my couple of proty-guardy Bear

    I'm nearly done to have my alt as a full link/booster in a command proteus too, fun again Bear

  • Merry Christmas in EVE Communication Center

    Merry xmas and fly with hig colors and sparks Bear

  • Luminaire Snowball Fight 4! (18-DEC-16, 2100, Luminaire) in EVE Gameplay Center

    I missed it in 2015, but I will be here on the 18! Bear

    Thanks for this event.

  • Fitting window inaccessible, station service window hidden in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Each time when I login, on whatever account I have, I can't open the fitting window, and the station serice window (for undock, repair etc.) doesn't show up too.
    Cleanup the cache has did nothing.
    But there are two workaround for now:
    - for the fitting window I need to undock and dock again and it works...
    - for the station window I go to : General Settings / Station / and click or unclick (it's independent of its state) the 'Small Station Service Buttons', I go back in the game and it appears after some seconds and act normally for the duration of the log.
    Once I delog, on whatever account, I must follow the same steps...

    At least there is a workaround for now, but if you could fix this.