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  • Singularity: Requests for account reactivation in EVE Technology and Research Center

    And activation if you would, please.

  • Opinion Poll: What is/should be the purpose of Wardecs in Council of Stellar Management

    What they are:
    1. The perfect mechanic to gank new players, small groups of new players, and those not paying attention (which would be their own fault) without pesky criminal flags.
    2. The precise reason to not be in a player corporation with more than a couple of characters if you spend a significant amount of your time in HiSec.
    3. The mechanic to move/remove someone else's personal or corporate industrial production (as anyone paying attention would pull down or abandon any towers or POCOs in HiSec at risk).
    4. A minor inconvenience to any moderately experienced player.

    What they should be:
    1. A method that sanctions fights between two roughly equally matched (not size, but capability) parties without NPC intervention.

  • Dev Blog: Dark Horse presents EVE: True Stories – Issue #1 out now! in EVE Information Center

    Yea, this doesn't look like the EVE I know...

    Theres more than one person in the same room, and the room isn't even one of the four rooms players are allowed into!

  • Dev blog: The New Character Selection Screen in EVE Information Center

    Drak Fel wrote:
    CCP karkur wrote:
    wizardz wrote:
    Makoto Priano wrote:

    So-- when will we be able to go back to the character selection screen from in-game? ;)


    No. We would love to be able to do that, but that is not at all a "character selection screen" issue.
    Once a connection has been made, both the server code and client code make a lot of assumptions that the characterID will not change, and it's very far from trivial to change that (otherwise we probably would have done that a long time ago)

    Could you work on that instead?

    Being able to switch characters without having to completely close the client and log in again would be much more useful than spending your time on making the screen players try to get past as fast as possible when logging in look nice.

    Apart from the reason she explained, that's something which has been asked for a lot over the last 10+ years. I'm guessing once all the server-side code has been modernised, it would be possible then.

    I'd expect to see that some time in 2024... Blink

  • Dev blog: The New Character Selection Screen in EVE Information Center

    PinkKnife wrote:
    So, for those of us with computers that aren't pre-millennium, can we get the full character load screens as an option?

    I'd agree with that too - despite long load times. CCP would need a Full body character renderer to supplement the portrait renderer, but it could be faded from a static image to the 3D model the same way the "card" based character select screen in Dota 2 does it once the character is loaded.

    Hell, you could even have a pre-rendered video of the characters (generated locally on the client) doing their idle animations and save load-times.

  • Community Spotlight: EVE University in EVE Information Center

    FYI, you guys spelt "Bairfhionn Isu" wrongly, and its such an easy name to spell and pronounce.

  • Dev Blog: New Player Training Sessions in EVE Information Center

    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:
    Correct me if I am wrong, but EVE Uni places requirements on behaviour of its members, right?

    You can scam, gank and be a **** in local as much as you want, as long as its not traceable back to E-UNI, as EVE players have a long memory and it could negatively affect the other members.

    This is why everyone has multiple character slots, after all...

    And none of this prevents anyone joining any of the public classes, posting on the forum, chatting on mumble, listening to the recordings of going through the resources on the wiki.

  • Dev Blog: New Player Training Sessions in EVE Information Center

    Ranger 1 wrote:
    Well, since they made of point of saying that organizations like yours directly inspired the effort...
    They have been saying the same thing since before E-UNI existed, making vague promises and suggestions they will do things in the future.

    There comes a time when you just get tired of waiting for that bus, and decide to walk...

    Edit: I wish CCP luck in this - they will need it. It was literally a full time job when I ran E-UNI, and I suspect they will have a significant problem finding enough volunteers to keep this running it for no reward. Unless they are paying them all in Gold Scorpions.

  • Dev Blog: New Player Training Sessions in EVE Information Center

    Nine years, guys. Nine years. Guest classes, open to all. Recordings for classes if you missed them, video walkthroughs, and a well-documented wiki.

    E-UNI has been doing this for nine years, and staying out of any political BS so that everyone can benefit from its teaching.

    Nice to see CCP finally recognising all the work everyone has put into all that, like the 6 years I spent running it as a second full-time job... oh, wait.

    CCP, I am dissapoint.

    glepp - IMHO, there's little chance of them putting Agony out of business. At least though attempts to teach...

  • Terms of Service History and Clarification Dev Blog in EVE Information Center

    Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putain wrote:
    For all this and a lot more, is why players are upset and arguing rightfuly so, that the ToS wording isn't clear. And either they're right, or CCP has a hard time intereting the rules they wrote themselves.

    I'd say all of the above.

    Something which runing E-UNI for 7 years taught me, was that now matter what you intend when you write something, if it can possibly be interpreted another way, if enough people read it some of them willinterpret it differently.

    In this case, CCP need to fix the wording and provide examples of what is and is not allowed in the TOS itself.

  • CCP invites players in the LA area to party with us on June 13! in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm planning to attend.

  • Round table at Fanfest 2013 in EVE Gameplay Center

    There is a wormhole roundtable scheduled, however you have to locate it by spreading people around Harpa when you get there, locating it using triangulation.

    Then when you find it, only a few people can fit through the door (more if they take their coats off) before the door closes and it moves to another room.

  • Dev Blog: CSM 8 Elections--CCP on the impact of the Council in EVE Information Center

    Thanks to CCP Dolan and all the others who took time to write about how the CSM has affected them in the different departments within CCP.

    If you somehow haven't voted already, go do your duty and VOTE!

  • Trebor's Allegedly Unbiased Guide to the CSM 8 Elections in Council of Stellar Management

    mynnna wrote:
    Poetic Stanziel wrote:
    Terrible Trebor's Terrible Guide.

    Not casting a vote for Trebor is saying NO to Theme Park gameplay.

    On the other hand, casting a vote for Trebor guarantees another year of you throwing apoplectic fits. I consider this to be a worthy goal.
    Me too, and its what accounted for about half my votes last election.

    I'd be interested to hear if Poe actually realises this or not...

  • CSM 8 - Things that need repairing. in Council of Stellar Management

    Badger Alestorm wrote:
    *The Truth*

  • What is the community's opinion on permanent wardecs? in EVE Gameplay Center

    The OP clearly failed our "Trolling 101" and "Alt Usage 101" classes.

    Keep paying it Zeus. You need more ISK in that wallet? You only have enough for another 40 weeks...

  • The real EVE University in EVE Communication Center

    Naginata Rios wrote:
    As you may know, i am MAD diplo, id like to say **** you to uni and its supporters for this.

    1. "Alot of your members are complete dicks" awww did we hurt ur ******* feelings?? u gana cry????

    2. i dont know how many times i have to say this so ill use caps, UNI DOES NOT TEACH PVP THEY TEACH BLOBS. i have been in the classes, i have even flown with u bitches and sure you pvp...but its only HIT F1. what it teaches noobs is that they cant do anything by themselves.

    3. if you ***** about us killling your badgers then heres an idea.....STOP FLYING UR ******* BADGERS IN OUR FACES. lmao its like all of eve uni has downsies.

    4. Med was prob ur best pilot in eve uni, he was the only one who had UNI's interests in his mind. You only confirmed ur dipshitery by kicking him for talking to us.

    5. keldum? sit down men are talking,
    I believe the appropriate response to this is:

    U-MAD, Bro?

  • Trebor Daehdoow for CSM8 - The Proven Performer - http://bit.ly/vote-trebor in Council of Stellar Management

    Trebor has done an incredible amount of work on CSM7 so far, always being the calm voice of reason and devils advocate where appropriate.

    For that, he's getting all my votes.

  • The real EVE University in EVE Communication Center

    Med, its a shame to see you posting stuff here, but we've had concerns about you since October. It's also a shame the communications from Zeus were not passed up the chain properly - as a staff member I would have hoped you had known about this.

    However, I'll address some of the points mentioned by Zeus here:

    1. Uni tells players of eve they may not socialize in local
    Actually, we tell them not to talk to wartargets, mainly as many will fall for trolling or similar, and that some will accidentally pass intel or otherwise get overworked and act foolish. The usual stuff applies here regarding the actions of a few causing repercussions for everyone in their group. See the "mate" thing recently for an example.

    2. Uni demands all rookies to belittle themselves and comment on why they died
    This has a few reasons behind it, and goes for both kills and losses:
    a) Its shows they know what they did wrong, and how to avoid doing it again.
    b) Others can learn from their mistakes.
    c) It saves us a load of hassle with the occasional "odd" kill/loss.

    3. Uni uses propaganda to make war targets look like bad people
    Feel free to point to some of this. I'd be interested to see what you consider propaganda.

    4. Kelduum has an ego for doing nothing of worth
    Again, like the propaganda mention, some more information (specifics if possible) would be useful.

    5. Kelduum thinks his do do doesn't stink
    I can confirm that my bodily waste has a significant aroma.

    6. Uni fails to teach proper PVP. They want players to rely on numbers, not skill
    This is always a good one, and someone digging around in the forum archive would probably find the exact same claims and the exact same response:
    a) We ask people to X up for a fleet and we get 100 people. Do we just not take them?
    b) We have losec/nullsec roams, and other things which require 'skill', however they aren't as obvious.
    c) It could quite easily be argued that ganking new players in industrials also does not require skill.
    d) During wars, we have less opportunity to teach practical "skill" to new players.

  • Hide your ISK, Team Security is out of control. (Allegedly) in EVE Communication Center

    My concerns were (and at time of writing, some are) that:

    1. This is a significant amount of ISK to remove from the economy, and as such could be dangerous to the based on where and how it happened - for example, the player in question could have ‘dumped’ a large volume of stock of some item for very little.
    2. That the whole balance was removed and this only appeared to happen a week after we brought it to CCPs attention, which suggested that it had been cleared and would have remained on the account of the person in question otherwise.
    3. That no explanation other than “its a security matter” and “the ISK was obtained illegally” was provided even though the ISK was removed from EVE University itself, where previous occurrences of similar events resulted in a mail from a GM explaining what had happened (bot/RMT/hacked account).
    4. That as a number of corp members were aware of the donation, and due to the amount of ISK involved, to avoid any allegations I would need to make the results of the petitions (including an outline of those petitions) public, and without a response this could look bad on CCP.
    5. That I received no response as to the above concerns and instead was told that, in no uncertain terms, that I would receive no further information and that I was free to escalate this or make it as public as I wanted.
    6. The responses to my petitions stated that there was no escalation path available for security matters, which was backed up by various sources, and that all attempts to locate one and deal with this quietly resulted in the path looping back on itself.

    CCP Sreegs wrote:
    Disagreement I don't mind.

    In which case, I disagree with your statement that the concerns and questions were previously explained either via the petition system or in private, and as such I give you full permission to post all relevant material publicly in its entirety.

    Whether or not “John” was using a macro/botting or any other illegal activity, the process of addressing the petition and the nature of the responses may have highlighted a flaw in CCPs procedures, which is simply bad customer relations.

    The issue is that the manner in which CCP Security deals with these issues, the stated lack of reporting (such as the CSM has with EVE Central Bank) combined with the lack of an appeals process (Judge, Jury and Executioner) is a recipe for distrust.