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  • [WTS] C2 Pulsar+Astrahus in EVE Marketplace

    Still available to buy.

  • [WTS] C2 Pulsar+Astrahus in EVE Marketplace

    Still on offer

  • [WTS] C2 Pulsar+Astrahus in EVE Marketplace

    Class 2 wormhole
    Statics Lowsec and C2

    A couple dead sticks with weapons, all abandoned.

    Astrahus Citadel for sale inside hole - scenic location close to temperate planet surface.

    3x Barren, 3x Gas, 1x Temperate planets.

    Looking for offers near 1.5b.

    Contact me in-game for fastest response.

  • [Vanguard] Combat and Navy BC Rebalance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie, these changes look pretty awesome all around.

    I must ask though, why is the standardised cap recharge rate being kept? Does the Drake really need to have the same recharge as the (not cap bonused!) Navy Harbinger?

  • [New structures] Assembly Array and Research Laboratories in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Choices and limitations.

    Choices such as what types of assembly to provide.

    Limitations such as how many lines a single person can create at a platform (not limiting global jobs, just per person).


    Can't really comment on much else, not really sure of the vision of appropriate changes and direction.

  • [New structures] Administration Hubs and Advertisement Centers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ==Admin Hubs==

    First things, PERSONNEL!

    Just how a ship is limited by PG, CPU, Calibration, Drone bay, Cargo space, that kind of thing... structures in a system can be limited by Personnel! But where do they all get enlisted?

    At your admin hubs.

    When it comes to upgrading structures, and having the room to plonk down many large structures in a sov-like environment, the Admin hubs can be the "power source" to it all!

    With various influences set by the Admin Hub, it can determine the types of NPC attracted and dissuaded, be the backbone for various bonuses to structures in system, but most importantly be the life blood of the structures! Anything which can be run needs people to run it, and instead of having to deliver a cargo hold full of people to the structures all the time, a hub which broadcasts a desire for NPC's to come flocking in themselves is the ideal means imo.

    Then of course there's option in how you manage such a hub. Civ in Space, gather resources (people/livestock or whatever you wanna call them) and put the resources to work in various positions for varying degrees of effect and success.


    Ideally I'd like to see the ability to plant down objects which advertise through customisable means provided by building block tools.

    There can be simple logo boards with text in the show info. The logo hologram could be corp or ally logos, custom symbols from a CCP made list (eg shapes, objects such as asteroids or wormholes), or icons such as holograms of ships or modules.
    There could be cheap consumable beacons for advertising locations of stuff such as "1v1 Honorbrawl" or "Free wrecks from The Score", warpable like a cyno is. Such a beacon would be very cheap, short lived and very small.
    There could be letterbox holograms displaying scrolling neon text (choosing colours, display type etc from a neat interface).

    Smaller and simpler ones should be cheaper and physically smaller, whilst bigger ones more defended.

    In sov space, a system owner could place a tax on such deployables.

    Adverts could be hacked in some way to change the message or turn off the advert (destroying in some cases, simply disabling in others hence not warranting concord intervention).

    Everything from the poster stuck to a tree, to the fireworks set off in the distance, to the gigantic hovering billboard with 50ton megaphones attached.

    But without sound. You can turn away from an advert, but sound would NOT go down well.

  • [New structures] Mooring and docking features in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mooring could be used as a soft-dock mechanic, and scale upwards accordingly!

    Certain small structures could provide mooring for smaller ships (perhaps below battlecruiser or any subcap) and no docking.

    This would provide a means of placing oneself in relative safety, but also in a conspicuous position and one that can be attacked (ie the structure) or camped. The use here could be in daytrip platforms for mooring a scattering of smaller ships.

    Larger structures could provide mooring for larger and more numerous ships, as well as the largest structures providing docking for subcaps, caps and supercaps eventually. Supercap docking could be an expensive upgrade (perhaps to the detriment of something else, such as asset protection).

    Mooring has various options for balancing. Mass based (both max per ship and max total), number of berths and undocking means.

    Exiting a mooring berth could be done in various ways:

    1 - Local invulnerability. Kinda like how you can exist in a starbase forcefield and move around then leave by warping/jumping out no hassle. Within mooring range, undocked ships would be untouchable due to some sensor resonance field I guess.

    2 - Temporary invuln timer. This kinda seems obvious as a session change matter.

    3 - *special upgrade* Eject berths. Able to catapult ships out at high speeds/into a special warp. Similar to instant undocks. Such catapults may have mass limits, fuel costs or other limitations to make them not the best option.

    Limited mooring bays I think is a MAJOR point worth keeping around! It gives room for adaptation such as building additional berths or removing other infrastructure for berths, offering incentive to change up the structure somehow.

    Intel is a funny one. I can see how it can be VERY significant, but then I can also see how not showing the ships is basically docking. In this manner, I'd suggest moored ships cease existing in space if the owner logs off (like how ships in a forcefield work). With regards to limited mooring space, the berth can close up to demonstrate it is in use (imagine the ship is taken inside... yes I know that's docking, this is different somehow) and to explain why one might not be able to moor up.

    I look forward to how you intend to proceed here, CCP.

  • [New structures] Market Hubs and Drilling Platforms in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ===Market hubs===


    Maybe the default is homogenous, with trade/office/clones/insurance/customisation all provided at some level. Perhaps smaller structures have less immediate access to everything, instead with some built in access.

    But then the fitting/upgrading comes into play.

    Basic upgrades would hopefully come with little cost other than the slots or whatever they fit into.

    More impressive upgrades may come at significant fitting cost, or even at the detriment of other services, making them less attractive or entirely unavailable.

    - Trading could see an increase in the maximum amount of orders a player could list at that structure, adjustments in terms of tax (basic access should see higher taxes than normal, as the benefit is the utility of having the market wherever it's been placed) and allow for increased ranges of influence. Higher upgrades could allow for the owner to collect more of the taxes through normal trade, or to allow for increased (possible trans-regional) visibility. Debuffs may include higher taxes, massively reduced number of listings per player or perhaps even reduced visibility (seen from upto x jumps away or only in constellation, not region).

    - Offices could increase or decrease in number, cost and utility provided as per upgrades. Not a whole lot of flexibility in these.

    - Cloning is entirely dependent on what happens to it. I cannot comment on this at the time.

    - Insurance depends on what is implied here - NPC or player insurance. At this point I cannot comment.

    - Customisation could provide the option for players to apply ship skins that are owned and rented/offered on standings by the station or module they're at. The customisation upgrades could allow players to take on skins they don't normally have access to, which would persist until removed elsewhere.

    In all cases, increases to the utility and capability of a section should come at limited cost to others, but extensive upgrades (ie specialising) would mean the others would suffer. OPTIONS, CHOICES, that kind of thing.


    Oh MY.

    In this area, I'd consider MANY things to be on the table.

    There's options for structures that do boosting of mining capabilities of ships in system, or platforms that mine autonomously. There's room for perhaps supplying some industrial depot with ships such as ventures that can mine automatically (at a reduced rate) for the individual and for the group. Such ships could be spawned into anomalies, signatures or just in space to be scanned down allowing for interdiction on a smaller scale that a siege.

    Scale and autonomy I feel are the biggest ones here. Options that allow players to go off and do other things (like moon mining does, or PI does) rather than actively not play the game (asteroid mining and netflix). Being able to scale up individual platforms with upgrades, supplies and perhaps skills could lead to a new means of industrial might, and give many smaller groups or players that feeling of an empire of many. After all, a capsuleer's pocket should be able to fund entire colonies of humans to work in various ways for them!

    I'm imagining dragging fitted ships into a "Fleet composition" window at a platform, such as perhaps an orca, 5 covetors and 2 falcons. With some basic AI options (Always flee, flee if attacked, never flee) selected per ship, the 'fleet' could spawn as a cosmic signature to go about business, and be an interesting means of PvP. In the illustrated fleet, the Orca and covetors could be set to always flee if someone warps in, but the falcons might be set to flee if damaged, meaning they'll try to jam first (freeing the barges hopefully) before then bailing when the enemy targets them. Obviously no AI will be truly clever, but using existing rat AI with certain checks (such as what range a ship can operate at or is it being locked) should be sufficient.

    Content where a player's job is to do nothing but sit and watch the almost unchanging scene (mining) should be done away with, and these platforms can be the answer to that!

    ==Post Harvesting==

    See the trade hub section, but apply the concept to this area. Choice, adaptation, cost benefit, specialisation etc.

  • [New structures] Item safety mechanics on structure destruction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    OPTIONS is the key thing imo.

    Whether through use of fittable modules, dedicated rigs or something else, players/corporations/alliances should be able to CHOOSE the result of destruction of their station, and have bonuses or debuffs as a result of that choice.

    In order of protection, from least to most.

    0) Everything is destroyed, gone. I rate this option 0 as it gives no one anything, so doesn't serve a good mechanic.

    1) Starbase style wreck - total access for everyone to loot freely. This option would be the least protection for your assets, but would come with no cost in terms of fitting, upkeep or whatever other metric. (In terms of cost, one that cannot scale infinitely is required. Powergrid is limited, as would be a new "fitting" such as personnel. Money is not limited, so an ISK cost would not suffice in terms of limitations). As it'd have next to no fitting cost, this would leave room for additional benefits like better defenses or better utility etc.

    2) One wreck - limited access for everyone. This option means the station or container becomes a lootable container of whatever diameter for anyone to retrieve their stuff. Additionally, thieves can use salvaging modules or some other extraction means to begin siphoning off stored loot. Such an option would be perhaps reinforced warehouses, with little cost.

    3) One wreck - individual access only. Only those who own the items can access them. Being in one spot, getting there can be an issue. Such an option would be perhaps strontium activated warehouses, with moderate cost.

    4) Multiple journal locations - individual access. Gives very high means of securely re-obtaining one's assets as they are distributed across the system. Such an escape-pod deployment perhaps would come with moderate cost to fitting.

    5) NPC export - NPC ships begin retrieving the items to accessible locations. Their delivery would be to the character's current clone location unless otherwise specified. Such exports could be made targetable by various means, such as on wrekc appearance (low security design) or as random cosmic signatures with spawning weighted towards the wreck system area, the signatures only lasting an hour each and randomly spawning across the next X time period (high security design).

    6) Instant delivery to new station - single most secure option, would require extreme cost to install (and spool up time I guess to prevent abuse). Such would use perhaps compact jump gates and require pairing with another such station. Some contents may get lost in the emergency jump tunnel.

    ALL options should include some form of loss for subscribed players (the cost of failure), with the ability to determine the level of that loss or risk of loss through player choice. Each option can come with bonuses, debuffs or fitting requirements of some kind in order to make each preferable to a group of a certain persuasion.

    For example, those with the instant delivery to new station (6) may come with significant fitting issues, but then may also allow for reduced jump clone cooldown between paired stations. Option (3) could come with reduction costs for industry, as the very private warehouses means the owner can hide their jobs in bureaucracy to reduce the apparent value (and thus fee). Option (1) could mean the lack of asset-defense modules lead to more space for mooring options.

    In instances where someone chooses to be subscribed, but cannot play (aka skill training online for our deployed friends etc), an option to put one's account into protected mode would be nice.

    Choosing such an option would have a 48 hour spool up (to help prevent abuse). Once activated, any assets the player personally owns in structures with asset protection (ie, the structures in question for this discussion) would become entirely invulnerable, but also inaccessible. Any location under attack at the time (eg a station going to stage 2 of a contest) would not be protected until back to the safe idle state. Coming back out of the protected mode would have a 24 hour spool down (again, to help prevent abuse) and result in the unlocking of the player's assets. Any which would be located in no longer extant locations would be transferred to the character's medical clone location (if storage provides), or a random low sec station proximal to the destroyed storage location.

    **This is designed to help skirt the problem of differentiating between someone who has just been logged off for a couple days and someone who is utterly incapable of defending their assets, but wishes to remain subscribed**

  • Dev blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two in EVE Information Center

    I love this whole dev blog!

    Looking forward to it! (And thank god for the 4 hour vuln window. Makes playing a game as a game a LOT easier).

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Schmell wrote:
    The length of this timer is a number of minutes equal to your jump fatigue (before being increased by that jump!), and you are unable to make another jump of any kind until this timer expires.

    Can you clarify this please? Does that mean that if i take a jumpbridge with any ship, i will be unable to jump through gates, or this "jump of any kind" is only about jumpdrives/bridges?

    You can ALWAYS jump through gates under this system.

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center


    Limit fatigue to 1 month.

    Firstly, a penalty of more than a month is not seen in any other game mechanic aside from losing something forever. T3's cost you a few days training tops, alpha clones at most a month, kill rights last a month etc.

    Secondly, a 1 month fatigue would produce a jump cooldown of 3 days. This is sufficiently penalizing for any situation to stop excessive movement. I doubt anyone is going to say 5 LY per 3 days is OP.

    Thirdly, reaching such a fatigue require a couple days and multiple back to back jumps under the currently proposed system. You'd have to know what you're getting yourself into and be dedicated to it.

    A max of 1 month of fatigue cooldown, thus 3 days of jump cool down, is sufficient. Especially when careful time management can lead to 8 jumps a day at max range in 2 jump pairs.

    BLOPs adjustments

    Enh, you've seen a million people state this one already, I'll just reiterate it. They kinda live on jumping around, so perhaps a range scaling similar to the JF one, though not as nice neither. Perhaps a exponential scale, where 1 LY is treated like a 0.1 LY (10% range influence) while 7.875 LY is treated like 5 LY (a 63.5% range influence). The mid ground of about 4 LY would then want to be around 30% influence, giving a fatigue multiplier of 2.2 which shouldn't be anywhere near as prohibitive as a multiplier of 5.

  • Prototype: Dojos in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Manic Velocity wrote:
    CCP Veritas wrote:
    Have you ever wanted a little pewpew but didn’t have the time to find a fight, or even fit a ship? Well, have I got the extremely rough prototype for you to try out on Duality! Introducing: Dojos!


  • We should cater as much as possible to the participant that wants a quick, easy PvP fix.

In a game that encourages and prides itself on setting long-term goals, I'm weary of the idea of instant gratification. On top of that, this particular prototype sounds like it caters to a very specific group of players, who I'm willing to bet are in the minority of New Eden.

I worry that this will create a slippery slope when other small groups start to complain that their particular preferred style of play is not catered to. Should we also cater as much as possible to the participant that wants to farm rats without the looming fear of being ganked? Should we also cater as much as possible to the participant that thinks gate camps are unfair?

CCP Veritas wrote:
Once matched up with another player in the dojo, you’re both whisked away directly from station to your ships, assembled from the items in the dojo, in a deadspace pocket placed randomly in space that’s guarded from people warping to it - they’ll warp to the dojo deployable if they try.

For all intents and purposes, this is instanced gameplay. Creating a secluded area of the game world that restricts the spectrum of player interaction in order to create a level playing field for a select few. I don't think I can adequately express how much I dread even the mere mention of instances in EVE's sandbox. EVE's non-instanced gameplay is primarily what attracts me to the game, away from every other MMO. And I mean that very literally. I can't bring myself to play other MMO's where instances serve to restrict interaction, and dissolve the concept of a massive virtual world.

I have a quote in my bio that I refer to from time to time: "If you find yourself in a fair and equal fight, you have both f***ed up."

EVE is not about fair and equal fights. The Alliance Tournament and NEO are the obvious exception, as they are not inherent to the game's design.

EVE is not about instant gratification, and that's surely to its credit.

All of that having been said...

If dojos were to remain on Duality, or even Singularity; if dojos never made it onto TQ, I could bring myself to accept them.

Just curious how you'd feel if they weren't impenetrable deadspaces?

Also, please don't harp on about "minority want this, don't do it." The majority of players are in high sec space. Only a minority manage wormholes. Only a minority do reverse engineering. Only a minority solo pvp frequently. Only a minority fly black ops. Only a minority use large railguns frequently.

The minority card can be pulled on almost anything and isn't in itself a good reason to not work on something.

  • Prototype: Dojos in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mangala Solaris wrote:
    Kenneth Skybound wrote:
    Just quoting myself from reddit for visibility :P

    [quote=Kenneth Skybound]
    Frankly, I support this - not in the current iteration by any means (and there are some things within I don't quite understand, like are the parts lost if the ship blows up, and who pays that bill?).

    The person who's Dojo is being used is the one who has stocked it with all the ships, fits, charges and the like. So when the ships explode, its probably their wallet that suffers. These would all be sourced through current means on TQ rather than created out of thin air.

    Wrecks are left behind - and I assume that when the pocket they are in goes away they can scanned and found? (I know little about scanning mechanics to be honest).

    The way scanning is, the victor would have to remain long enough for it to be scanned down by someone, as wrecks themselves cannot be scanned.

    Thanks for your input on item usage. I hadn't yet connected to duality to see if the contents are used up in fights to determine if they blow up at all or were merely a list of allowed items by means of putting one into the deployable.

  • Prototype: Dojos in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Just quoting myself from reddit for visibility :P

    Kenneth Skybound wrote:

    Frankly, I support this - not in the current iteration by any means (and there are some things within I don't quite understand, like are the parts lost if the ship blows up, and who pays that bill?).
    Things I'd like to see:

    • Organized bets
    • Standing limitations
    • Character/corp/alliance blacklist or whitelist
    • Deadspace NOT hidden, but cancels all bets if warped to, offending character announced to all betters, competitors and deployable owner, ceases all combat instantly
    • Entry fee, reward payouts and charges on item usage - all optional
    • Adaptable points system, not limited to just ships
    • Teams. Obviously.
    • Ability to hack the deployable, granting suspect flag in empire, to disable the "end combat" of people warping to the deadspace. Also the ability to siphon entry fees, bets and item fees (some%) whilst attached and successfully hacked. No notification given to anyone other than physically being at the deployable and seeing the offender. Cov Ops get minor bonus to siphon %, SoE ships get individual bonuses (astero matching cov ops, stratios a little higher, nestor much higher). Siphoning of cash and removal of "end combat" security requires constant connection to the deployable. Only one person may be connected at the same time.
    • Deployable must not be on grid with any station, stargate, starbase, sentry gun, cosmic anomaly, customs office or cosmic signature.
    • Items and ships use in the fight will suffer usual destruction mechanics.
    • Optional warp bubble, covering entire arena + 100km, to prevent losing ships warping out and to prevent pods warping out.
    • End of match removes deadspace immediately (except for combat stopped, which will wait 2 minutes) allowing for looting and salvaging by external vessels.
    • Third parties able to place "Bounties" which pay out for beating certain ships, ship groups, in certain timeframes and/or against players/corporations/alliances at specified/all dojos with chosen payout method (%, flat reward, reward based on standings, reward based on pre-match acceptance by bounty placer - default not allowed in case of no response).

    There are things other people might add or disagree with. This is entirely personal opinion from some quick thinking. I know and am aware of the prototype, in-dev stage of this deployable that may not even see singularity, let alone TQ, but my comments and ideas are put forward as if it will progress to the main server.

    That said, I welcome any and all reasonable comments and criticisms, including any CCP-Dev input saying if one or more ideas are "as good as impossible". :3

  • Are capsuleers slavers? in EVE Communication Center

    Herzog Wolfhammer wrote:
    CCP Falcon wrote:
    Crumplecorn wrote:
    One angle I've read is that ISK is worth so much to non-capsuleers that even grand rewards for the crew of their ships would not make a noticable impact on their wallets, so they actually get paid very well if they survive.

    In which case they are basically just risking everything they have in hopes of a big payout. Given the very good chances of never seeing that payout, you gotta wonder what kind of people would sign up for that, but it's their choice so whatever I guess. This sounds weirdly familiar.

    This is pretty much it Smile

    One question that's been on my mind is, if you fly an Amarrian ship, does that have slaves working on it?

    Also, if you are say Caldari and you get a Gallente ship do you have a Gallente crew?

    Makes me wonder.

    Hrrm, this spawns an interesting idea.

    Suppose that ship hull bonuses are not from the capsuleer entirely so much, instead also being from the crew. With a mere level 1, you're getting the first crew who rally to you (often foreign crew, looking for any work). They do not understand the full workings of the ship or even a large number of the systems built into it, making poor work overall.

    Level 2 would be at least some trained crew, mostly in station command positions, directing those who are untrained. Better than before, but not efficient.

    Level 3 means that the instructions given by the capsuleer are much more specialist, demonstrating a more refined knowledge and training and thus bringing about much more trained crew willing to fly with the pilot. Most of these crew will be moderately trained in the systems used on the ship, although certain limitations both in their knowledge and the capsuleer commands still hold the ship back.

    Level 4 means the capsuleer is now at a very proficient level and can convince a fully trained crew to join their every station. While the crew now all assuredly know what they're doing and most have experience with that specific ship hull, the capsuleer isn't perfect yet and still misses important commands or misdirects the various command stations here or there. The dutiful crew follow commands as told, despite the inaccuracy.

    Level 5, now there is no weak link. The capsuleer is at his or her prime in understanding, knowing fully every system built into the ship. While single portions of ship handling may not be at full power, the ship-specific subroutines and intricacies are fully understood and orders given match this. With comprehensive training in the general topics of ship handling, the capsuleer can now command the absolute best out of his or her crew on that specific ship, as well as ensuring no crew members are able to lie about their experience by having the insight to see through their bluff at recruitment.

    Okay, that was a bit lengthier than intended, sorry. One final comment I can draw from the way I've written it though is the shifting focus across the levels. At the start, it's the crew which is handicapped, while level 4 and 5 are more to do with capsuleer capability. Perhaps, if this ideology were made canon, it could explain and innovate more faction buffs, modules requiring lesser skill yet giving greater buffs because they utilize specialist crews with certification of training, tied to the faction item for the increased pay. These well trained individuals suffer an inexperience captain for the empire-controlled pay bonus they get.

  • [Oceanus] Interceptor Updates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The change to the crow addresses ENTIRELY the wrong aspect.

    Their dps is low to begin with. That's not the issue.

    Their fitting is in a good spot. That's not the issue.

    Their range is unparalleled, spewing very applicable damage whilst being nigh untouchable. THAT is the issue.

    No other interceptor weapon system allows such uncontestable damage, no regard for tracking (as there is none) and no regard for avoiding threats to the ship. While there exist some counters, they're nothing compared to the sheer range and control the crow has.

    Swapping around the damage and fitting leads to a more difficult fit, but one that applies *even better*, whilst doing absolutely nothing about the ship's range and speed.

    Please reconsider this change. Please reconsider why it is that crows are considered so overpowered. Their DPS and number of launchers certainly is not what people will reasonably quote.


    And just HOW have I only now found out about this? -sigh-

    Might be able to come, 50/50, so put me down anyway. What's the deal for +1's (significant others who aren't yet convinced to be part of this nerdy little thing called eve)?

  • [WTS] Sizeable Blueprint Deposit - 544 blueprints - Jita in EVE Marketplace

    Still available for purchase.

  • [WTS] Sizeable Blueprint Deposit - 544 blueprints - Jita in EVE Marketplace

    Your probes centre in on the cosmic signature, it's definitely a valuable one alright. The probes signal 100% outside the doorway leading to a storage facility, rented by the CEO of Gallifrey Resources. Inside, you find a treasure trove of blueprints, each locked away individually under financial series locks, gamma 9.5. Perhaps the right sized ISK credit can crack them open.
    I am selling my blueprints, not much else to it, so have a bit of lol-text to brighten it up. See them all in the following google doc.


    Message me in game only please for inquiries. I don't forum all that often and would hate to keep you waiting.

    All blueprints are in Jita 4-4.