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  • javascript:insertsmiley('[:=d]','/Images/Emoticons/ccp_smile-big.png') in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Test if javascript insert works in subject line.

  • Cassini Mission End in EVE Communication Center

    After 13 years of awesome science, Cassini will be retired on Sept 15! As someone who loves space and enjoys a good animation, I think they did a wonderful job announcing the end-mission plans.

    Since many of us are space nerds, I wanted to throw this on the forums. How do you feel about Cassini's legacy?

  • Merlin Shield Brawling for FW in EVE Gameplay Center

    Will do! Thanks!

  • Merlin Shield Brawling for FW in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanks, SharpestBanana! I'm still worried about not being able to keep up with kiters; I'd rather they warp off than escape my range - how should I close in with 1 web 1 scram? Maybe a more powerful afterburner?

  • Merlin Shield Brawling for FW in EVE Gameplay Center

    TLDR: Please advise me on my fit!

    I was reading posts and playing with fits for a standard Merlin. I thought I'd try a shield-tank with blasters and double webs to make up for range control issues.

    While I intended to use this fit in solo FW, either to harass the NPC in an enemy novice plex or guard a friendly plex, I'm not sure this fit would suit the task. I don't think it would stand up against a Tristan. It's also more expensive than other fits I've read about, so I'd like to learn how to keep costs down. I'd appreciate any advice!

    This is the fit:

    [Merlin, ShieldBrawler]
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
    Damage Control II

    1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
    X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier
    X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier
    Medium F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender

    Light Neutron Blaster I
    Light Neutron Blaster I
    Light Neutron Blaster I

    Small Core Defense Field Extender I
    Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
    Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I

    Antimatter Charge S

  • What Are the Current Hot Button Issues? in Council of Stellar Management

    Bumping thread before bed

  • Alphas and F2P Have Failed in EVE Communication Center

    Teckos Pech wrote:
    Nemelle wrote:
    Unlike conventional game developers, CCP's role is not to create additional content, but to incentivise corporations to utilize new players and incorporate them into their null-sec empire.

    These structural issues ...
    [for brevity]
    ... allowing them to write their own.

    What you are describing Goons already do. Yes, you are basically outlining something New Eden's Bad Guys™ do. Goonwaffe takes in new players form the Something Awful forums, Karmafleet takes in new players in general. Goons have a very thick (for NS) market, they have lots of information and advice on how new players can not only live in NS, but thrive (for example, run anomalies in groups when you are new yes, the pay off sucks compared to a 4 year player running a anomaly in a carrier....but it is way, way better than other new player options for income while solo).

    Yes for rewards in null-sec and "allowing [players] to write their own [stories]," but Nemelle is also talking about tools for general corp management, and that's not something even the Goons can provide. I particularly like her point about finer controls for personnel management. It removes the grind of being a "space nanny" while making for more interesting internal security challenges. Post to Player Features and Ideas?

  • Arrival in EVE Communication Center

    The aliens in Arrival are also just a plot device to me - the cool bit was taking the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis to its limits. And somehow tying that with a story about motherhood. That was pretty awesome.

  • What are you reading? in EVE Communication Center

    The Gardener's Year by Karel Capek

  • Why Eve Can't attract new players, and has lost 20,000 so far. in Council of Stellar Management

    Bjorn Tyrson wrote:
    maybe the solution is for us to go back to the way things where before, maybe we need to be a little bit LESS helpful, and more hands off, tell them to just enjoy the game and have fun with it for what it is, and worry about that fiddly isk and plex buisness later. with alpha accounts its even easier to do that than ever since real world finances aren't even as big a concern anymore.

    As a rather new player myself, I'd argue that the downpour of support from veterans is what got me hooked on this game. It's been fun chatting with people about their experiences, reading blogs, and applying bits and pieces of what I see to my own game. I **** up a lot, and I've found some advice to be garbage the hard way, but I feel like I'm getting better at the game and enjoying it while I do. Players obsessed with isk and plex will have a tough time regardless of how much support others give them, as you've pointed out - it's the players looking for a good time who you provide the most value to.

    I wouldn't give up on being a helpful bittervet just yet.

  • Offline version if EVE. in EVE Communication Center

    I really like the EVE community (abrasive as it may be) and I think an offline version of EVE would lose a core part of what makes this game fun.

    azurefox wrote:
    OP, look here.

    There are surely more space-RPGs better suited for PvE progression than EVE, and I doubt any future game will attempt the same wacky experiment EVE has and succeed just as wildly. I hope this community can somehow prove to be worthwhile to you.

  • CSM: A Publicity Stunt Or Actually Useful? in EVE Communication Center

    Jeremiah Saken wrote:
    DeMichael Crimson wrote:
    There's a couple of sub-forums where the CSM should be very active but they, as well as CCP, rarely ever visit them. I'm talking about the sub-forums 'Assembly Hall' and 'Player Features And Ideas Discussion'. Maybe they're just stealth browsing the threads in those sub-forums so they don't give the impression of showing favoritism towards specific threads.

    Let's not make CSM a second (or third) job. They need time to play the game Blink

    What would be good if the seats in CSM where specified in terms of game knowledge and experience. Like PvP, fleets, industry, exploration etc. Then for example Industry CSM would have the ability to create his own focus group about industry. So act as "head" of players experienced with industry and bring more value feedback to CCP.

    Last summit CCP shown CSM new probing features and feedback was a disaster because there were no acutall explorer...

    I actually like this idea. It'd be messy to figure out how each CSM member decides what areas they'll focus on, but then we'd basically have a more formal party system. Players might feel they have a clearer place to voice their thoughts, and it would introduce an interesting mechanic into the CSM structure. Moar metagaming! >:D

  • Alphas and F2P Have Failed in EVE Communication Center

    Does anyone know if someone's scraped data for how many alphas represent returning players vs. new players? My assumption is that the vast majority of the alpha surge was made of players who once played EVE and couldn't commit enough time for it to be worth the subscription, rather than new players interested in the F2P access. These alphas won't convert to omega accounts unless they're suddenly able to devote that time, and that's not something CCP or anything in-game can control. It wouldn't matter how difficult EVE is to learn or how long it takes to get to the "good stuff," most alphas just want to come back to a world and community they enjoy.

    Even if alphas don't translate to omega subscriptions, I'd argue that the extra content these returning players provide outweighs any downsides of the F2P model. Sure, they don't add to CCP's funds and can't compete on an equal level with omegas, but they can still contribute to the in-game economy, (try to) gank, fight small gang brawls, fill the ranks of alliances, and drop an opinion or two in the forums. Returning to roots would be a warm salute to a devoted fanbase; opening the gates to less enthusiastic fans is a wise move for a 15 year old game which, by all accounts, should be long dead. EVE will fade in time, and alphas should keep it going for a bit longer.

    Now, if the alpha surge was dominated by new players, that would be really interesting...

  • What are you listening to today? in EVE Communication Center

    Revisting old favorites: impossible piano, midi art, and Touhou remixes.

    Seizure warning, just in case.

    Also, Gingeas is a great curator of midi channels. It's a good place to go if you'd like to see more of this stuff.

  • What are you listening to today? in EVE Communication Center

    Because today is one of those days.

  • What is the avatar above you thinking? in EVE Communication Center

    Ah, another "EVE is dying" forum thread. I'd give my 0.2 ISK but...

    ...nah, my time's worth more than that.

  • Aura portrait in EVE Technology and Research Center

    salacious necrosis wrote:
    More vaguely interesting trivia. There are actually twelve different Aura's, all with the same portrait:

    "Aura Emrayur"
    "Aura Sehmy"
    "Aura Chaven"
    "Aura Kisogo"
    "Aura Amsen"
    "Aura Todaki"
    "Aura Bourynes"
    "Aura Duripant"
    "Aura Cistuvaert"
    "Aura Hulm"
    "Aura Ammold"
    "Aura Ryddinjorn"

    I have no idea why.

    Huh, an Aura for each of the starter systems. I wonder if there was an old plan to customize Aura depending on where you start off - different tutorial dialogue or something.

  • 🌌 TRAPPIST-1 System: 🌏🌏🌏 (3 planets in habitable zone) in EVE Communication Center

    Commissar Kate wrote:
    hmmm, low mass class M star and most likely tidally locked planets. Does not sound like a very nice vacation spot unless you want to see a dim eternal sunset/sunrise. 😞

    Sunset and sunrise are my favorite times of day - where can I find a travel agent? Smile

  • 🌌 TRAPPIST-1 System: 🌏🌏🌏 (3 planets in habitable zone) in EVE Communication Center

    Hehe, the derpy running from the first video though... Lol

  • 🌌 TRAPPIST-1 System: 🌏🌏🌏 (3 planets in habitable zone) in EVE Communication Center

    There's a video from the University of Wyoming's AI lab where they simulated the evolution of animals for speed - I thought it was pretty neat.

    I don't know what constraints would cause 4 lower and 4 upper limbs to be favored, but it'd be fun to check it out! :)