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  • All Hail Empress Catiz of Amarr! in EVE Communication Center

    Well I say this without the intention of starting anything but I have served personally for King Khanid in my youth as a cyber knight. I shall be taking the next few days to both spend what remaining time my status allows with him and grieve.

  • [AM] Pledge of support to Empress Catiz Tash-Murkon in EVE Communication Center

    As holder in Khanid Kingdom and Executor Vicroy of Aegis Militia we pledge our support to her holy empress apparent. We look forward to your guidance of the empire and your shrewd economic eye.

    Walk with God Empress Apparent.
    Amarr Victor

    Kithrus Crases

  • On this day, and on the day of my death in EVE Communication Center

    I'd offer to help but realistically as soon as I do true republic supporting tribes men start spitting hot coals even as the words leave my mouth so....

    God Speed?

  • Providence should leave the supercoalition in EVE Communication Center

    Vaari wrote:
    KuroVolt wrote:
    Vaari wrote:
    You are heretic too.

    I will be sure to forward your concerns to sir Daedalus.

    I have accused him of heresy at least twenty times, so do that.

    So at what point when people stop listening to you do you give up?

  • [ARC] Preliminaries, re: Schism, Valkyrie, subcompact TEBS interface in EVE Communication Center

    Who should we supposedly turn the device into? I have my own ideas where they belong.

  • Announcement: Vitoc Stuffing Tower Operational in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:

    Seriously though, equivocating capsuleer entity memberlists with the merits of the cultures they're loyal to? That is very surprisingly ridiculous, coming from you. I could expect it from lesser minds, but not you. Is DnG perhaps the greatest representative of Empire culture then?

    Well played.

  • Announcement: Vitoc Stuffing Tower Operational in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    Do I? Hmm. Apparently I do a lot of things I'm not aware of. The line I draw is one of descent. This particular clown's ideologies and views grew from Imperial soil and faith, no matter which way his branches grow. When his victims are returned to slavery, the difference is minimal in every way that truly matter to an individual's spirit, potential and freedom. The soil remains tainted and blighted, whether it's under the clown's shadow or the Empire's.

    I might also be able to provide combat logs of your forces engaging ours when we did show interest in taking down one of his bubblesticks. Long story short, for all intents and purposes that tower was defended by Amarr forces.

    As for what I believe... well, matters such as these can be handled without public announcements of strategic or tactical information, inviting in third parties and other problems to turn the inevitable charlie foxtrots even worse. The IGS and Summit are frankly rather poor venues for coordination and dissemination of intel.

    For that matter, let's not start pretending there isn't a significant difference between 'rescue' and 'recapture', Jenneth.

    Well when your faction agrees on everything 100% of the time you can expect us too as well.

  • Announcement: Vitoc Stuffing Tower Operational in EVE Communication Center

    Either way the tower was destroyed. thread over.

  • We want you to commentate at the Amarr Championships at Fanfest 2016 in EVE Communication Center

    Non amarrains need not apply, heathen scum ;)

  • [AM] Project Renewal Complete in EVE Communication Center

    It is with great pride I announced the reenactment of AM's primary objective, the protection and preservation of our faith and the safety of the people planet-side.

    One year ago I dismantled AM for the purpose of sending out her members to achieve long term goals. Much of what was needed for future operations could not be acquired on the war-front. Many of our members we sent covertly into other ventures seeking relics and knowledge for the wars to come.

    Now today our family has been restored. Aegis Militia has been fully reinstated into the war-front and already several operations have been started in the wake of everyone's return.

    I look forward to be in contact with our allies to share what we have learned and to the enemies of the innocent I have but one and only one warning.

    Choose your weapons wisely, for once to set your eyes on what we defend there is no mercy.

    Walk with God

  • [Consortium] Combat testing of Drifter influx doctrine successful in EVE Communication Center

    It would be unfair to not mention the lives of the baseliners we hired to assist in the operation of our ships to make this op possible. I want to further mark the lives lost in duty so we may find the optimal weapon on the assassins of our late empress.

    My family is setting up a special fund for compensating the families and loved ones of those brave individuals.

    That said excellent run all round.

  • [AM][TZED] New to Faction Warfare? in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Who we are:
    We are a new corp in a old alliance (Aegis Militia https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Aegis_Militia_%28Player_alliance%29) seeking to reinsert our name in Amarr FW.

    We offer small gang warfare.
    Faction Warfare
    Wormhole (Thera)

    We hunt down CCP storylines for those interested (see: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=topics&f=4229)

    What do we expect:
    Tzedakah is looking for young pilots to begin combat training on a new pvp wing in the Alliance. If you are new to Faction Warfare or are a veteran looking for some mates We'd be happy to have you.

    No skill requirements but we ask you have a mic

    What you stand to gain:

    We have great vetren FCs/players who would be happy to teach you.

    We are not large but our primary number one goal is to give community for those who want to hard core without the requirement of no life. Many of our members (both in and out of the alliance) are married or have children. We want to have fun first and foremost. You don't make a fleet don't sweat it.

    We are here to grow and have fun and kick ass.Big smile

  • [AM] This is not the end in EVE Communication Center

    After much soul searching and prayer I have decided to withdraw all active Aegis Militia forces, projects and agents in an effort to focus on growth.

    Aegis Militia has been blessed with many new members a much help from the Amarr community. We thank you for that help but due to failings on my own part and for lack a better term putting the cargo before the hold lost sight of the end goal. I havbe a had the pleasure to fly with many great pilots in the last 10 months. I have taught but more importantly have learned much from many of you.

    Thank you all for the experience.

    We will be withdrawing from the Militia till such time it is feasible.

    Aegis Militia shall continue forward with your support and the blessing of the Faith.

    Walk with God.

  • Succession Trials Candidacy – House Tash-Murkon in EVE Communication Center

    After thought, prayed long and hard on the subject of whom I would support and ultimately fly for. I came to the conclusion that house Heir of Tash Murkon offers both the best leadership in economic and spiritual future of the Empire but most importantly the royal heir has shown herself personally to be a women of grand vision as well as resourceful and ambitious.

    By her leadership I see the future of peace and prosperity that is unmatched by other heirs leaders. I will follow.

    My combat skills are well marked. I have experience in some of the greatest matches in the Alliance tournament from when I flew with CVA. Mainly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2s8jdgRz9E

    Currently I patrol the front from the matari sansha and bloodraiders. I have access to all Amarraian sub capitols, I have experience both leading small gangs and pulling ones weight in large fleet engagements.

    I hope my application proves worthy of your attention if you have any questions I look forward to hearing from you.

    Amarr Victor

  • A Personal Apology to Cardinal Kahar Dex in EVE Communication Center

    Well lest the one bright side is less people will still claim CVA is a puppet of Goons.

  • Tzedakah - Sheild of the Empire [FW, WH, Live Events] in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Kithrus wrote:
    /bump for amarr victor

  • Announcing the Amarr Championships! in EVE Communication Center

    Count me in whatever happens!

    *runs off to clear calander for fanfest*

  • [UNITY] Official statement on the death of Empress Jamyl. in EVE Communication Center

    Jili Tonari wrote:
    Wait a second,

    No abolition, no peace.

    And the one person who was making that possible just died. Thank you for your kind respect little one.

  • [UNITY] Official statement on the death of Empress Jamyl. in EVE Communication Center

    I remember when the Ray of Matar died and for the most part we Amarrians were very respectful of that fact.

    Glad to see the favor returned in kind.

  • Auctoritas Christening [Aegis Militia] in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Empress announced three weeks ago that the ship Auctoritas was being built to address the Drifter threat. She attended the blessing of the ship yards in Safizon in person.


    These same ship yards last week came under attack by drifter forces repealed by CVA, PIE and mix Militia forces.


    Before he Holiness returns in September, Aegis Militia would like at assemble a sizable fleet to escort her ladyship to the shipyards for unveiling of the Auctorita. We ask all Amarrain loyalist and faithful to join us.

    We will be running armor with a preference for Amarrian hulls. All interested parties outside of the Amarrian bloc should email me directly.

    We will be announcing the form up date as more details become available.

    Join Mailing List: AM Live Events

    Walk with God
    Amarr Victor

    Kithrus Crases of the Khanid merchant house of the same name
    Executor of Aegis Militia

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