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  • Ishtar fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    Cross Strike wrote:
    Thanks so much,

    I'm surprised no one recommends a shield fit.

    it used to do buffer shield fits quite well
    however it lost a Mid & gained a Low since I last flew one

    and 4 slots isn't enough for a robust tank + prop mod

    when you have to choose between
    2 hardeners + 1 LSE
    1 hardener + 2 LSE
    to fit an AB or mwd

    2 hardeners + 2 LSE
    and have no prop mod fitted at all

    shield fits are no longer viable ..

  • L4 sec missions ship and fit options ? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Passive AB Gila with RLML's
    Use the missiles for the frigates & cruiser spawns, drones for the BC's & BS's
    L4 missions are not hard in a Gila
    you wont be doing the AE4 bonus room however

    easy way to fit a Gila

    high slots
    - Missile Launchers

    mid slots
    - 2 shield hardeners
    - some shield extenders
    - an AB
    - #optional drone navigation module + script
    - #optional target painter

    low slots
    - some dda's
    - #optional drone tracking module
    - #optional shield recharge-rate module

    - Purgers

  • Various fits and advice in EVE Gameplay Center

    I suck at scanning, so cant give exploration tips Sad

    What I've experienced of it via other corp members

    Hi Sec is the least profitable area to scan in
    Wormholes & Nulsec give the best profits
    A cloak is life

    Ship choices :-
    - Heron
    - Buzzard
    - Astero
    - Stratios
    - Tengu

    that's all I got, hope it helps

  • Various fits and advice in EVE Gameplay Center

    AF's have largely been superseded by T3D's
    Just a fyi.

    Getting the web/scram skills for the AF will carry over as well.
    It's a short train and Gal TD would give you another option.

    Ishkur is a great ship but like all AF's it's now outclassed by tactical dessies
    in combat mode they do more dps
    in prop mode they go faster
    in defence mode they tank better

  • Asteroid belt question. in EVE Communication Center


    whilst a lot of the info there is very outdated

    it's still a good way to look for specific systems to visit for belts

  • Need your advice! What Ship / Build for LVL 4 missions? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I've used a few different ships for L4's

    Raven, Rokh, Megathron, Dominix, Rattlesnake, Gila, Ishtar & Tengu

    They all handle them easily (rattlesnake performs much better in bonus room of Angel Extravaganza)
    You don't need fancy faction modules, T2 is more than enough.

    focus dps & application as primary concerns on your load-outs
    tank can be left as secondary

    The Amarr & Minmattar versions of the standard BS's will perform in a similar manner
    If you want to push it a little, some AF's can manage them too, just takes a lot longer so it's not isk/hr friendly

  • Absolutely Obliterated in EVE Gameplay Center

    Blade Darth wrote:
    Alaric Faelen wrote:
    web or painter drones
    There is a higher chance of seeing a rocket propelled unicorn than someone using those.

    It's a good indication of their overall effectiveness (from inception & possible over-nerfing coz whiney crybabies(a.k.a. pvp'ers)).
    Combined with their easy destructibility.

    @ Op

    In pvp you want all your weapon to have characteristics as similar as possible to each other.

    ie ..
    - if you're fitting for long rang sniping a webifier doesn't suit what you're attempting to accomplish as it's a short range e-war module on most platforms
    - you want to be able to apply as damage as possible with each successful shot, having each weapon be exactly the same as the others helps achieve this

    always remember
    whatever you plan for/to do
    the first point of failure is 'contact with the enemy'

    and even if you're dying in a fireball ... try to keep having fun

  • PVE Rattlesnake Fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    basic buffer package

    5x Cruise Missile Launcher II
    Drone Link Augmentor II

    Large Micro Jump Drive
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    Explosive Deflection Field II
    3x Large Shield Extender II
    Omnidirectional Tracking Link II, Tracking Speed Script

    Shield Power Relay II
    2x Ballistic Control System II
    3x Drone Damage Amplifier II

    3x Large Core Defense Field Purger II

    dps is 40||60% split on missiles/drones
    tank dps value is 405 (vs basic Angel damage % distribution)

    You can bling the resistance modules or extenders to obtain higher soak values

    There is no DCU .. 60% resistance value on your structure is useless in pve

  • It's time to add a new kind of PVE missions (With smart AI) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    stoicfaux wrote:
    This is EVE. The NPCs need to be controlled by players.

    Let's call it a Player Controlled NPC or PCNPC for short.

    The PCNPC is presented with an anonymized interface (no location info, no mission runner names, no local, etc.) and control of either an uber-ish NPC (think burners,) or general control of a swam of NPCs, think RTS like interface.

    The PCNPC would be rewarded with LP (e.g. pirate faction LP) for winning, whereas the PvE runner would get enhanced standard rewards for winning.

    Something like this could scale up with gangs and could encourage PvE players to taste PvP since the PvE player would have better control (i.e. risk management) going into it, i.e. it minimizes a discouraging instant-WTFBBQPWND-one-jump-into-low/null-sec encounter.

    The PCNPC could loot a PvE player wreck if the PvE player deliberately chooses a more difficult risk/reward PCNPC encounter (e.g. PCNPC Level 5 mission.)

    It could also be turned into a faction warfare thing, where the success of PCNPCs advance a pirate faction.

    Finally, if you still have doubts out PCNPCs, imagine if Sansha invasions were controlled by PCNPCs...

    Looks nice on paper like any plan does.

    If CCP implemented this there is a portion of the playerbase that would simply say
    "Challenge accepted !!"
    and promptly work out how to game it to benefit themselves no matter how much obfuscation CCP build into it.

    I'd rather see a truly dynamic content system that makes knowledge bases like eve-survival redundant (for the new content obviously)

    I'd like to choose 1 option from a range of mission offers
    lets label them: Easy, Standard, Hard & Difficult

    Easy would have the lowest LP/ISK reward and require the least travel, rarely requiring you to leave the constellation
    Difficult would have the highest LP/ISK reward and require the most travel, more often than not into a different region completely.

    The mission objectives should represent all/most aspects of eve gameplay
    Resource Collection
    Logistics (Transport)
    Logistics (Repair)

    If the agent has 3 mission offers available, my choices are always going to be limited, but the content available is always going to be much larger.
    It encourages me to diversify my skill-set and to choose between time to complete and final payouts
    It supports the casual player with limited time available to play
    It supports the more serious player who may be looking for extended content

    If you want scales on the Easy/Standard etc labels and LP/ISK attached to them
    Easy should be equivalent of a Level 1-2 Mission
    Difficult should be around Level 4-5

    final note
    yes I am aware that making the highest payouts generally in different regions pours **** all over isk/hr ratio's

  • any good drake fit? in EVE Gameplay Center

    easy way to fit a drake

    high slots
    - Missile Launchers

    mid slots
    - 2 shield hardeners
    - some shield extenders
    - an AB
    - #optional missile guidance module + script

    low slots
    - some bcu's
    - #optional missile guidance module
    - #optional shield recharge-rate module

    - whatever works to plug the gaps

    - 5 light drones


  • It's time to add a new kind of PVE missions (With smart AI) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ages ago they developed a tool for creating branching missions ...
    that gave us the SoE newbie mission, and not much else.

    more dynamic choices has been a frequent request from players over the years
    it's never arrived, it might one day, but I'm not holding my breath

  • This game is Brutal in EVE Communication Center

    If you want a mixed bag of activities

    join a wormhole corp

    wormholes offer
    - resource collecting
    - manufacturing
    - exploration
    - pve combat
    - pvp combat
    - periods of self contemplation

    Production in eve can get really complicated, and there is a LOT to learn
    If you haven't read any of the stickied guides in the research, industry & trading forums
    seriously .. I mean it.
    just like setting up a business in the real world requires an effective business plan with predetermined vision, mission statement, goals, objectives and ambitions.
    setting up in the industrial side of eve requires the same level of planning and preparation
    just remember the old maxim "failure to plan, is planning to fail"

    enjoy your time in eve
    and remember, you're never safe.

  • Worm for Lvl II Security Missions in EVE Gameplay Center

    I see nothing wrong with it.

    advanced note if you upscale to Gila or Snake eventually
    passive tank is OP

  • New Mission Runner Question in EVE Gameplay Center

    help my mission

    in game chat channel + website

  • Ship & Fit for L2 Security Missions in EVE Gameplay Center

    Missions repeat fairly often, so you soon get to know what to do in them.

    As an alpha you may be locked out of larger hulls but you can still participate in higher level missions.
    Actually this is rather a good thing, as it breaks the belief many people have of "A bigger hull-class is better, because it's bigger"

    You can have a bucket-load of fun in frigates, destroyers & cruisers
    That fun typically has a lower ISK barrier too, coz frigates be cheap :D

    Whichever weapon you focus on, don't skimp on it's support skills
    +Tracking imo is the best to train first
    +Range can be left till last

    If you're wondering 'how do I handle Level 3 or 4 missions' in the near future when my standings allow it.
    you have 2 choices

    The Gnosis

    for L4's as an alpha you'll need friends

    As for Ship & Fits

    Look at the bonus you get from the hull.
    Make your module choices around those and it's pretty hard to go wrong.

  • What do suicide gankers consider a "worthy target?" in EVE Communication Center

    real gankers don't care about the value of the target

    you're 'just' a target

  • Reprocessing in EVE Communication Center

    Do standings still have an effect ??

  • Eve is not that scary, is it? in EVE Communication Center

    Alpha status sidesteps the 'it's not free' barrier

    Tell em it's a bit like an extended trial
    and that some things are off-limits to free accounts
    if they don't like it, they've lost nothing, coz they played a game WITH you.

    as all ready mentioned, eve isn't for everyone
    so it's okay for them to not like it

    right now, they only think they wont like it
    after a short while as an alpha .. they'll know for definate

  • Rapid heavies or cruise? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Missiles are a weird weapon platform in eve and performance with them varies on both the nature of the target and the launcher being used.

    Each missile type is best suited for use on it's 'size' equivalent target

    - Cruise = Large
    - Heavy = Medium
    - Light = Small

    With Cruise's you lose about 80% of the available damage when shooting at Medium sized targets, and it's a waste of ammo shooting Small targets (use drones for those instead).

    With Heavies you lose about 80% of the available damage when shooting at Small sized targets, and when shooting at Large targets you are capped by the upper limit of the damage done by the missile.

    For missiles the ability to effectively apply the damage they can do is more important than it is for turrets.

    For the Snake .. the Drones are your main DPS
    Rapid Heavies make for a good secondary weapon system.
    You retain more of the effective dps
    Range is not too dissimilar from your basic control range

    Fitting tools will give you a maximum damage rating based on perfect conditions, with missiles you will almost NEVER have perfect conditions.

  • Ship/Weapon and Skill Selection in EVE Communication Center

    Turrets is probably the better choice for cross training.
    All 4 major factions are well represented with gun-boats.

    The gunnery support skills will apply to any size of turret and each of the types equally.
    (pedants may try to point out that Projectiles don't need the cap-skill)

    +Tracking Speed
    +Base Damage
    +Rate of Fire

    I would say are the skills you want to prioritise in skill-queue planning alongside the relevant turret skill

    +Fall Off Range
    +Effective Range

    are the ones you can worry about less (Unless you're training lasers, then the cap skill is very useful).

    then it's just a question of deciding between Shield or Armour skills, which will give you the racial ship skills to focus on.