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  • Worm for Lvl II Security Missions in EVE Gameplay Center

    I see nothing wrong with it.

    advanced note if you upscale to Gila or Snake eventually
    passive tank is OP

  • New Mission Runner Question in EVE Gameplay Center

    help my mission

    in game chat channel + website

  • Ship & Fit for L2 Security Missions in EVE Gameplay Center

    Missions repeat fairly often, so you soon get to know what to do in them.

    As an alpha you may be locked out of larger hulls but you can still participate in higher level missions.
    Actually this is rather a good thing, as it breaks the belief many people have of "A bigger hull-class is better, because it's bigger"

    You can have a bucket-load of fun in frigates, destroyers & cruisers
    That fun typically has a lower ISK barrier too, coz frigates be cheap :D

    Whichever weapon you focus on, don't skimp on it's support skills
    +Tracking imo is the best to train first
    +Range can be left till last

    If you're wondering 'how do I handle Level 3 or 4 missions' in the near future when my standings allow it.
    you have 2 choices

    The Gnosis

    for L4's as an alpha you'll need friends

    As for Ship & Fits

    Look at the bonus you get from the hull.
    Make your module choices around those and it's pretty hard to go wrong.

  • What do suicide gankers consider a "worthy target?" in EVE Communication Center

    real gankers don't care about the value of the target

    you're 'just' a target

  • Reprocessing in EVE Communication Center

    Do standings still have an effect ??

  • Eve is not that scary, is it? in EVE Communication Center

    Alpha status sidesteps the 'it's not free' barrier

    Tell em it's a bit like an extended trial
    and that some things are off-limits to free accounts
    if they don't like it, they've lost nothing, coz they played a game WITH you.

    as all ready mentioned, eve isn't for everyone
    so it's okay for them to not like it

    right now, they only think they wont like it
    after a short while as an alpha .. they'll know for definate

  • Rapid heavies or cruise? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Missiles are a weird weapon platform in eve and performance with them varies on both the nature of the target and the launcher being used.

    Each missile type is best suited for use on it's 'size' equivalent target

    - Cruise = Large
    - Heavy = Medium
    - Light = Small

    With Cruise's you lose about 80% of the available damage when shooting at Medium sized targets, and it's a waste of ammo shooting Small targets (use drones for those instead).

    With Heavies you lose about 80% of the available damage when shooting at Small sized targets, and when shooting at Large targets you are capped by the upper limit of the damage done by the missile.

    For missiles the ability to effectively apply the damage they can do is more important than it is for turrets.

    For the Snake .. the Drones are your main DPS
    Rapid Heavies make for a good secondary weapon system.
    You retain more of the effective dps
    Range is not too dissimilar from your basic control range

    Fitting tools will give you a maximum damage rating based on perfect conditions, with missiles you will almost NEVER have perfect conditions.

  • Ship/Weapon and Skill Selection in EVE Communication Center

    Turrets is probably the better choice for cross training.
    All 4 major factions are well represented with gun-boats.

    The gunnery support skills will apply to any size of turret and each of the types equally.
    (pedants may try to point out that Projectiles don't need the cap-skill)

    +Tracking Speed
    +Base Damage
    +Rate of Fire

    I would say are the skills you want to prioritise in skill-queue planning alongside the relevant turret skill

    +Fall Off Range
    +Effective Range

    are the ones you can worry about less (Unless you're training lasers, then the cap skill is very useful).

    then it's just a question of deciding between Shield or Armour skills, which will give you the racial ship skills to focus on.

  • Raven PVE Fit Level 4 Mission Running in EVE Gameplay Center

    the 3.0 fit has an awful tank (it's neither passive nor active)

    Passive tanks work by utilising 2 mechanics
    Total shield HP
    Shield recharge rate

    If you have 1000 shield hp
    and a recharge time of 100 seconds
    your shield will regenerate 10hp/s

    Ideally you want a large value in shield hp and a small value in recharge time

    effective tank dps vs
    Guristas 29.55
    Serpentis 35.97
    this is how effective your tank is ... it will break if npcs do more than 40hp damage per second

    Changing the Midslot layout (for an active tank) to

    100mn Afterburner II
    Large Shield Booster II
    Kinetic Deflection Shield II
    Kinetic Deflection Shield II
    Thermal Dissipation Field II
    Heavy Cap Booster II (400's)
    Missile Guidance Computer II (Precision Script)

    gives you an effective tank dps of
    vs Guristas

    switch it to
    2x Thermal + 1x Kinetic and you get a tank of 368.37
    vs Serpentis

    It has a cap-life of ~15m which is more than enough for L4 pve content

  • some PVP advice in EVE Communication Center

    It's a good plan.
    There's only so much you can learn this way though.

    A different fitting could make a difference.
    If you only ever use 1 ship with 1 fitting, you're missing out on a learning opportunity.
    It's not just 'how to fit a ship'
    It's also what difference does a fit make to the combat style you need to use.

    Always flying solo means you won't learn about group tactics.
    It just needs 1 person flying with you to became a small gang.
    I'd recommend looking into the public access pvp fleets.

    Hope this helps & have fun out there.

  • Need advise on training for PVP/WH in EVE Gameplay Center

    Scanning Skills
    Gas Mining


    Depends on the WH corp you join

    Be able to switch between Armour fleet & Shield fleet
    Coz you really don't wanna be armour tanking in a Pulsar

  • Opinion: Stop telling noobs to do the SOE Arc in EVE Communication Center

    Alaric Faelen wrote:
    Like most Eve content, the epic arcs are good ideas poorly implemented. Or I should say, half implemented. Connected and branching storylines should really be part and parcel of 'combat' PvE - missions, anoms/sigs, etc. Instead it's a concept that never went further than a couple very niche bits of content wholly unrelated to the rest of the game.

    Pretty much spot on.

    When they were first touted to us I was looking forward to them as there was so much potential for unpredictable variety in them.
    Sadly ccp dropped the ball and it landed in a massive pile of dog-****

    to be fair ccp are very good at coming up with excellent ideas
    somehow, in the process of delivering those great ideas to us they end up all crappy and almost unwanted
    whether it's a lack of clarity and communication between the various teams, or the introduction of the csm, it would be nice if ccp spent some time trying to fix things to bring those visions to actuality

  • 3 best feature additions to Eve since you started playing? in EVE Communication Center

    Skill Queue

  • 3 Worst Features to EVE Since You Started Playing? in EVE Communication Center

    Moa redesign
    Missile nerfs

  • Opinion: Stop telling noobs to do the SOE Arc in EVE Communication Center

    Yebo Lakatosh wrote:

    But it could be worse. You could always suggest the newcomer to go mining in a Ventrue. P

    It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

    Industry feeds the combat side of the game.
    Those ships & modules don't just appear out of thin air.
    Someone has to build them.
    To build them they need minerals.
    And some people actually enjoy it as an activity.

    The L1 SoE arc does a couple of important things.
    A totally new player will invariably need to ask for help in the later stages.

    So showing new players that teamwork & co-operation to accomplish a task .... is a bad thing ??

  • Advice for a begginer in EVE Communication Center

    If you've played other MMO's some concepts you will be familiar with
    and some others just don't exist in eve

    essentially missions = quests
    however in eve you aren't led by the nose from one quest hub to the next
    mainly because eve doesn't have quest hubs


    What the [UNDOCK] button really means

    "is it ok if you explode somewhere in space" [YES]

    and there is no [NO] option (apart from never undocking)


    ISK is a disposable resource

    Your ship is a tool used to accomplish a specific goal
    Different goals will require different tools

    Your ships (and the modules fitted to them) are disposable resources


    To answer some of your questions

    The industrial side of eve is massive and can be quite complex, it can also take a lot of investment (ISK, training time etc) to get into properly for some aspects of it.

    Mining is the easiest to get into. Yes it can get incredibly tedious, but those ores & minerals are essential in creating new disposable resources for combat.

    Missions & Incursions are good for earing ISK

    PVP keeps the industrially minded players in eve very busy making & selling new things.

    Wormholes can be the most fun & entertaining places, and the loneliest & most boring, they combine pve and pvp combat, salvaging & exploration, and resource harvesting all in 1 location

  • Tunnel Vision Rat Aggro vs Drones in EVE Gameplay Center

    DeMichael Crimson wrote:
    Buggs LeRoach wrote:
    Jant wrote:
    Arthur Aihaken wrote:
    NPCs hate drones. They absolutely despise them. Switch to something other than drones...?

    Thing is, even just yesterday I was having no such trouble which is why i'm a tad confused.
    Also, i'm a Gallente pilot with heavy focus on drones. I don't think CCP would just decide 'eh, drones are for losers' and essentially ban them from PvE.

    such behavior you describe could come from launching large drones against frigates and cruisers . it's intended to prevent afk play ; specifically , grabbing aggro and launching large drones to kill everything .

    Just wanted to add that the actual game mechanic governing NPC aggro towards Drones is suppose to be as follows :

    Frigate and Destroyer NPC's attack Light Drones and above.
    Cruiser and Battlecruiser NPC's attack Medium Drones and above.
    Battleship NPC's attack Heavy and Sentry Drones.

    Since that's not happening then there's definitely a bug which should be reported asap.


    There's also which npc script they are running.
    Some scripts dislike drones more than others.

    Is there more than Sleeper, Sleeper-Lite & Normal now ?

  • Machariel or Tengu for level 4 missions in EVE Gameplay Center

    Garrett Osinov wrote:
    Kitty Bear wrote:
    Nothing stopping you from using either.

    They can both complete L4's, so in the end it boils down to your own personal preferences.

    Which do you consider to be more important to your game-time.
    - ISK per Hour
    - Fun per Hour

    as mentioned above
    go play on test-server a little and see which you prefer

    I liked the Tengu for missions even though it's not the 'optimal' choice

    lol...fun...doing missions ?!?! 100500 times again those stupid missions, that almost didn't chage in the past 12 years ?!?

    This may shock you....

    There are people that enjoy MINING in eve.

  • Machariel or Tengu for level 4 missions in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nothing stopping you from using either.

    They can both complete L4's, so in the end it boils down to your own personal preferences.

    Which do you consider to be more important to your game-time.
    - ISK per Hour
    - Fun per Hour

    as mentioned above
    go play on test-server a little and see which you prefer

    I liked the Tengu for missions even though it's not the 'optimal' choice

  • How hard are wormhole sites? in EVE Communication Center

    Depends on the wormhole class and the site type your attempting.

    C1 to C3 can be done solo
    C4+ requires at least 1 friend for some content

    Combat sites are where you'll start running into problems as a solo pilot

    If you haven't looked at
    now would probably be a good time to start reading :D