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  • Deployment Issues - 2017/02/14 in EVE Communication Center

    Hidalgo Gengod wrote:
    Yes, I knew it.But " Deployment Issues" ... There was no word on what the time will be increased.!

    Meh, if its less than 3 days its still better than "the good old days"

  • [MC] - Mercenary Coalition - EVE Online's original mercenary alliance in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Back to the top you go ....

    Mercenary Coalition is always recruiting. Could this be your new home ?

  • Map Layout in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As you said, dotlan is laid out by hand and the map layout bears no relation at all to the X,Y,Z coordinates in the SDE.

    The standard eve map 2-D layout is (AFAIK) just the Y and Z coords.

    You can use a Force Directed map to automatically make an optimized 2-D layout of any structure consisting of nodes and edges ( ie systems and jumps)


  • Testing for Multifitting/Bulkfitting in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Cognac wrote:
    Archetype 66 wrote:
    Nice !

    Suggestion: instead of caping the number of simultaneous fitable ship, why don't you create a queue with a limit per tick ? Like 1 or 2 ships.

    It's not a problem if a batch of 600 ships takes 5 minutes to execute if it requires only one launch. Would it be hard to program ?

    That would not be a very nice experience. Problem is we have to lock all the items/stacks of items that are going to be fit before fit them to make sure the state doesn't change during the fitting process. This also means you cant interact with those stacks while they are locked.

    How about a warning message .... "The assembly workers are on a go slow today and this operation will require to to loiter in your captains quarter for X minutes to complete. Are you sure you wish to continue"

  • Testing for Multifitting/Bulkfitting in EVE Technology and Research Center

    KhanidLady wrote:
    5pitf1re wrote:
    Awesome stuff Karkur <3

    Quick question though. Will Multifit allow me to somehow put rigs in the cargo hold of ships automatically?

    why not just fit the rigs? fitting rigs doesnt require skills anymore. so you only get increased penalties.

    If you are a member of a highly mobile alliance that might be gone in the next few days, the ship may not sell before it needs to be moved.

    If the rigs are fitted they would be lost when the ship needs to be moved.

  • [MC] - Mercenary Coalition - EVE Online's original mercenary alliance in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Quick Bump.

    Have to say, Mercenary Coalition is a real blast. Its great to be back.

  • Looking for corp...Eve Programmer in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    None of us ever logged in in PL either. You'll fit right in mate.

  • [Focus Group] Capital Ships Signup in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yeah yeah, so I realize that this thread is going to be overrun by PL and you probaly dont want to be perceived as favouring one allaince over another. But im going to add my name to the list ....

    - I run multiple capital accounts. Both titans and supers as well as carriers and dreads. Oh yeah, and I have the corp rorqual too !
    - Im the XO of Body Count, one of the oldest corporations in game and founders of the original Mercenary Coalition. Please feel free to count the number of supers owned by our corporation.
    - Im an 8 year bitter vet with a seriously active killboard across all my accounts.
    - I fall well above the average age of the Eve Player base.
    - Im a professional software engineer specialising in real time systems so I know the basics of the limitations and abilities of the Eve server and client software.
    - Im a Kiwi who just took great delight on winning a bunch of Isk from Bam Stroker (sorry Bro, love you really) on a certain Rugby Match. But I promise never to mention it again. In reality Im actually active in the US Timezone, but available on Slack during the US working day.


  • Dev Blog: Next set of Sov and Capital Movement Iterations in EVE Information Center

    Aryth wrote:
    One bit of feedback. I would increase the timer from 20 minutes to 4 hours. Otherwise I can see waiting for all other fulldirs to go to bed and nuking stuff in the middle of the night. I don't know what harm a 4 hour timer does other than meaning you can't start it 4 hours before DT.

    Probably the most usefull bit of feedback in this thread so far. 20 mins is not enough time if your directors are offline and can only respond to a notification pulled via the API that could already be 30 minutes old.

  • Fleet Warp Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So now that common sense has reappeared can we get back to solving the real problems related to fleet warps

    • The ridiculous ease of Combat probing has completely killed all the old sniper doctrines (425mm Railgun Mega's anyone ?)
    • Bombs have completely killed shield Battleship doctrines

  • Unscheduled Downtime Extension – July 15, 2015 in EVE Communication Center

    Wingman8701 Boirelle wrote:
    Well 4 hours is starting to bite a little...

    Sit back and relax dude. The record is like 3 days.

  • [Duality] Sovereignty Playtest Competition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I seem to be able to get the Entosis Module to become stuck fairly reliably


  • Dev Blog: Shake my Citadel in EVE Information Center

    CCP Ytterbium wrote:
    The Starbase Defense Management skill will be reworked into something else or refunded when Starbases are removed.

    So we can take this as a statement that you intend to remove POS entirely at some point. Good, they are horrible.

    The price points of citadels mean that they are however completely unsuitable as "staging points". Right now, a few hundred million ISK gets you a disposable staging POS in a friendly or hostile system where you can store sub-caps, capitals and supercaps and assemble an attacking or defending force.

    What structures do you intend players to use for staging fleets in, and what do you see as a viable ISK cost for those structures ?

  • [Feedback Wanted] Time Zone Mechanics Survey in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The problem wiht the current sov mechanics is the "structure grind". You need supercapitals to grind massive numbers of hitpoints to reinforce structures. If you're "lucky" enough ( heh ) to be in an alliance with large numbers of supers then you get to sit in your space coffin for 20 mins shooting at a station while nothing interesting happens. If you dont have supercaps, you're going to be sitting there a hell of a lot longer. This isnt good gameplay - BUT - the existing timer system isnt that bad. Fights do occur in a window specified by the defender. If the defender is active and shows up you get a fight. Great. Otherwise, you sit in your space coffin and shoot the next cycle for another 20 minutes a couple of days later. Anybody can start a fight at any time.

    The Entosis link fixes the "structure grind" problem ... No more space coffins. Obviously, thats quite disappointing for those of us stuck in a space coffin, but its better gameplay overall. However, it breaks the current Timer system. And the entosis link is potentially too powerfull when fitted to a single kitey interceptor.

    • The attacker should be able to start the first reinforcement timer at any time or in a much bigger window. This could also be done by allowing the attacker to shoot a structure into shield timer at any time the same way its done now
    • The defender still gets to set the reinforcement window for the capture events.
    • It should be harder to start the first reinforecment timer. You should need more than a single troll ceptor sitting in grid for a few minutes. If the Entosis link is intended to measure who "controls the grid" then a single BS sitting unopposed beside the structure is exerting control - a kiting interceptor 200km away is not.

  • Dev blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two in EVE Information Center

    Tiberian Deci wrote:
    On a serious note, anyone care to speculate on how PL is going to get fights now?

    Pretty much the same way we do at the moment. By reinforcing stuff and forcing people to undock and defend it.

  • Dev blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two in EVE Information Center

    Overall theres some really good ideas in here. Especially freeporting stations. Some things appear strange though ...

    • It seems odd that the reinforcement window applies to the first attack on a structure as well as on the subsequent reinforcement timer. Surely it makes more sense that the first attack to put the structure into reinforced can happen at ANY time, but the structure only comes out of reinforced at a time decided by the defender ie. the same way it works now.

    • Since capture the flag points appear constellation wide, it makes more sense for the reinforcement window to be set for a constellation rather than the entire alliance

  • [Scylla] Change to the CSPA charge default. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Morwen Lagann wrote:

    Now all we need the CSPA charge to actually go into people's wallets instead of into the void. (And remove the upper limit.)

    Also: the CSPA charge should only be taken when the conversation is accepted, not when the request is made.

    ^^ This. All of this.

  • [Scylla] Skynet - Removing Fighter Assist in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Getting rid of Assigning Fighters AND Fighters warping is overkill. You only need to do one of these things to kill skynet.

    • Stopping Fighters Warping effectively kills "Skynet". Do this and the Carrier must be on grid with the ship that the fighters are assigned to, and hence at risk. If the fighters are assigned and the carrier warps off, then the carrier should loose contact with the fighters ( just like drones ) and have to return to the grid to reconnect to them.

    • Preventing the Ability to Assign Fighters does NOT mean that they don't require warp drive. Fighters and Fighter Bombers are expensive and the ability to reconnect to them anywhere in system and recall them is important if the carrier or super drops connection. Supers typically warp between targets without recalling drones.

    The "best" solution would be to prevent fighters from Assisting - ie aggressing any new target - unless the owning carrier is on grid. However, given that this is probably more difficult to code, the preferable solution from a carrier / supercarrier pilots point of view is to remove fighter assist and keep the ability to warp.

    But yeah, some of the more creative solutions - like a "siege module" - to allow you to assign could be pretty good too.

  • EVE-O preview - multi-client preview / switcher - v1.18.3 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Just Discovered this ( well, got pointed at it by a buddy ) Thanks, guys this simple app makes life SO much easier

  • Improving the Fitting Experience in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Sharq wrote:

    We have been looking into features like:

    • Allowing pilots to try in the fitting window modules and rigs they own or don't, to see what effect they have before committing. Try before you buy
    • Simulating active and overload states of modules, docked or in space. No need to leave the station to see what your hardeners can do.
    • More accurate and rich information on attributes in the fitting window.

    There are a ton of ideas floating around that could be added to the list, but what would you be interested in seeing that would improve your fitting experience

    - Not everybody is in a station when they need to refit
    - Not everybody wants to compare numbers, sometimes you just want to get the modules fitted NOW, in a hurry.

    IMHO you risk breaking the functionality of the fitting "window" by turning it into a "design tool". I would much prfer to see 2 separate things ...

    1. A ship fitting screen that lets me re fit modules to my current ship quickly and easily, including refitting from my cargo hold and containers in the hold. The less screen space this takes, the better. If I'm in space and my dread has just been hotdropped I dont want the fitting screen to get in the way.

    2. A proper ship design tool like EFT or PYFA. and lets be honest, why re-invent the wheel when you alreay have an open source community generated tool that does EVERYTHING you need. Just integrate PYFA into the client.

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