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  • [VIDEO] Small gang - Used and Abused in EVE Communication Center

    downloading, reserved Big smile

    edit: facking sick. especially that raven fight, running out of cap boosters and all, seriously a brilliant brilliant fight. again sorry to see you go m8, but something tells me we will fly again in the future.

  • [Video] Crucifier PvP is fun. in EVE Communication Center

    Quality entertainment, please keep making these!

  • [VIDEO] Call of the Wild - Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    W0lf Crendraven wrote:
    Not saying its bad, just saying that those ships can win or at least force itoff.

    A a heating talos burning away from the Nomen will track it nearly perfectly.

    Well it all depends on where and how the engagement starts, since the nomen had damned well better be heating too. Again not saying it's a sure thing, but it's a fight I would take every time.

  • [VIDEO] Call of the Wild - Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    W0lf Crendraven wrote:

    And lets not forget the talos and co, a single good flown shield talos would rip the Nomen apart in seconds, (which in turn really shows how bad his opponents really were).

    This part i disagree with, having flown against a number of taloses, and not just terrible ones. They won't track you within 15-10k, and 1km/s margin gives you enough to stay there reliably with some piloting. It's not a sure thing by any means, but i'll engage a lone talos or tornado any day in the nomen.

    And honestly most of the stuff you mention gives the ship plenty of opportunity to simply leave, except i guess the condor but why would you fight those anyway? It's an amazing roaming ship because, like any nano-ship, you can leave when too many counters hit the field. I've only lost it by being an idiot (around 15 times now Lol).

    Just because many of the opponents included in the video weren't challenging the ship, it doesn't mean it's not an extremely flexible and fun ship for 0.0 combat with a huge engagement envelope. Of course I'd never warp it at 0 in a FW plex, and I hope nobody else would either. I can say it takes very little "talent" to find appropriate opponents (in 0.0), as literally every time I undocked in it I got at least 1 reasonable fight and usually 5-6 fights or more, including instances where I had to replace the scorch because it wore out. I haven't counted exactly, but do you really think that the 130ish kills i've gotten in it over the last month and a half were ALL a result of a 'talent' for finding bad opponents?

  • [VIDEO] Call of the Wild - Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    SidtheKid100 wrote:

    Great video, Kovorix. Couple questions though, if you can find the time to answer.

    Firstly, hotkeys. I take it you're not text chatting much while you're pvping, so you can afford to use them?
    Also, it's just qwert, no modifier key such as alt or ctrl or anything?

    Secondly, a more technical question:
    As someone who's flown that ship extensively, what do you think is an effective counter to a similarly fit NOmen?
    And if you find it difficult to think of a counter, would that, in your opinion, make it imbalanced?

    Thanks again for posting such a great vid, there's hope for solo yet!

    Yeah that's it with the hotkeys :)

    As far as counters, yeah there are a number. As diesel said, a TD is troublesome, although 1 on an undedicated ship isn't the end of the world (i've had to deal with that).

    A cynabal with a web and scram and neut would give a lot of trouble if it got tackle early. Also anything with high native EM resist - a vagabond with a scram is certain death for a nomen, and jaguars/wolfs suck to deal with if flown well. Loki as well. Rapiers of course and anything with sentries these day :)

  • [PvP Video] Samurai Revenge 7 in EVE Communication Center

    That was incredible. Definitely noticed the extra effort to make it a bit cleaner to watch. You are a terrific pilot and great to see brawling done so well!

    dat ASB reload in the AT fight.... O.O

  • [VIDEO] RAPTORIAL - Solo/Duo/Small Gang PvP in EVE Communication Center

    Raptim Sicario wrote:

    Thank you man I wasn't sure at first how to pull it off with that fight, was thinking split screens and different editing, but I stuck with this one. It's just the beginning of these split fights, not a lot of people is doing this and if I could get enough material I'd do a full video with them Lol

    I have had fantasies about it before but it's hard to coordinate - if you guys can manage a whole vid I will be so so happy. I'd say fading back and forth is better, with split screen there's too much info on screen. It definitely would be an editing challenge to making it coherent! You might think about using slower replay speeds and having some different colored theme to help differentiate the two of you or something... Big smile

  • [VIDEO] Call of the Wild - Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    Sara Letha wrote:
    Very nice fights. I have two questions

    1) I Notice you appear to be using hotkeys for alot of modules, am i just missing the clicks? If you are, then what hotkeys are you using? Because Ive been meaning to start using them but find it hard to find any keys im comfortable using as hotkeys in eve.

    2) In the last fight with links, was it just loki links or was it loki + legion links?

    1) Yes I hotkey all the modules. I use hotkeys like this:

    highs: qwert
    meds: asdf
    lows: zxcvb

    and I used ctrl for heat.

    but other people do them different ways too. Takes surprisingly little time to get used to, I recommend it.

    2) We had loki and legion links.

    cheers :)

  • [VIDEO] RAPTORIAL - Solo/Duo/Small Gang PvP in EVE Communication Center

    Really enjoyed this man :) especially the gang stuff - good showcase of what you guys do. I liked the switching between you and Guados in that fight, it would be sweet if you guys could put more of that together in the future.

  • [VIDEO] Call of the Wild - Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    W0lf Crendraven wrote:
    Baffles me again and again how you manage to find that many dumb people to kill. I need to roam null more.

    I mostly agree with what you're saying - 0.0 has a lot of pretty bad pilots compared to low sec, and there are a few fights in the video that I feel a bit dirty including because of clearly poor fits and flying, namely the Co2 one.

    However, there are VERY few interesting fights in solo pvp videos that are against competent pilots, and this is especially true when flying without links. I had a number of fights in 0.0 against better gangs in the last month, and while they are a blast to have, they make for very boring fraps - kind of like fighting a brick wall. Competent gangs fly consistent and smart setups. A lone talos would never be caught 70k away from the gang, tacklers are more crafty, and they adapt by bringing counters like rapiers/sentry domis (ugh). The result is kind of like a sparring match, where tackle dies sometimes and that's about it.

    That said, I believe there is a certain skill in drawing out bad decisions and stupidity from gangs (just ask Aldap Smile).

    Thanks for the feedback, it's definitely something I have mixed feelings about.

  • [VIDEO] Call of the Wild - Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    Powers Sa wrote:
    I'm not discounting any of kovorix's skill, but he doesn't have any TE's or TC's fit. That's pretty OP when clearing all that tackle and those drones, he was able to track it all no prob, With Scorch.

    Well the number is .076 mate, and has been that way for some time - the zealot has always been a good anti-tackle ship with the exact same range and stats. Was it OP before?

    It doesn't track as well as you think. Certainly a good inty pilot will avoid most damage - observe the Ares during the gang fight, he's very difficult to take down and not just because of the logi. An inty in a 20k orbit can't be hit, and takes quite a few heated mwd cycles to break the orbit.

    Far more valuable than a TE of TC is the nanofibre + Locus II rig, which adds 5k to the optimal, making it 40k+5, and increasing your speed. Most frigates simply aren't expecting high volleys at that range, hence the failure to create transversal. Burning directly away and heating the guns gives plenty of time between 40k and 10k for a dead frig.

  • [VIDEO] Call of the Wild - Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    Thanks for all the kind words guys :) OP is updated with eve files link.

  • [VIDEO] Call of the Wild - Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    Hi again, long time Big smile

    EVE FILES (Size 516mb)
    YOUTUBE (Please watch in 1080p!!)

    Length: 24:29
    Resolution: 1080p for Youtube with the black bars. If those bug you, wait for the EVEfiles download. (apologies in advance for my terrible computer and graphics)

    This video has 1 fight of Myrmidon and the rest is entirely Omen Navy Issue. I wish I could give you a more diverse ship roster but I could only get reasonable fights in the Nomen. Also it's a blast to fly. This is the most kite-y video I've ever made, and I'm not sure if that's exciting or not. But if you think you can stand 20 minutes of me zooming about avoiding stuff, please proceed. P

    Solo is "true" solo, no links fancy implants stuff etc. End gang fight has links.

    SOMER Blink
    If you've still never heard of these guys I would be really surprised. They've been supporting me, other pvpers, AT teams, and media producers for a long time, and they absolutely deserve a visit. Have fun, win some crazy ships, and it looks like they are closing in on 1 QUADRILLION isk won, which will mean a crazy party. Check them out at the link above.

    Track List:
    Call of the Wild - Die Toten Hosen
    Don't Let Me Down (remix of the Beatles) - Gramatik
    No Diggity (remix of Blackstreet) - Extraordinary Magnitude
    Fortune Days (remix of Glitch Mob) - Virtual Boy
    1977 - Ana Tijoux
    Good Evening Mr. Hitchcock - Gramatik


  • (Video) I suck at PvP V in EVE Communication Center

    Hey man :) really enjoyed this one. Lots of great and interesting fights.
    Some little crit: sometimes it was TOO sped-up, especially when things get interesting. Also nice to know when you have links and when not.
    cheers, looking forward to next ones.

  • Adobe After Effects vs Sony Vegas. in EVE Communication Center

    Yeah, after effects is unwieldy for editing an entire video in, use Premiere for that. After effects is great to learn too but mostly for intros, 3d stuff, or other special effects that you want to add to the whole video after it's been sequenced with music etc.

  • [Video] Solidarity 2: Back to Basics (Vimeo link now up ) in EVE Communication Center

    Enjoyed it! At a couple moments I felt like the links weren't justified, which takes something away. But great piloting and well edited!

  • [Video] Atrophocy's Tunnel Vision 4 (Solo/Duo PvP) in EVE Communication Center

    Really really enjoyed the video, especially the typhoon at the end. Sorry to hear about your accounts man, you're a great pvper :(

  • [VIDEO] - BUDRICK3 - NIGHTFALL (Solo PVP) in EVE Communication Center

    fun stuff, enjoyed it!

  • How do you destroy a Megathron? in EVE Gameplay Center

    As far as battleships go, there are lots of options - since he's buffer tanked anything with 2 cap injectors and 2 armor reps will win ultimately. However, I'm assuming you aren't up for taking another battleship against him, or that he would simply run if you did...

    For battlecruisers, things are a bit difficult. Holding range is a difficult option because he neuts to 25k and has reasonable range. You could directly counter him with for instance an armor tanked talos that has a cap booster and a TD with a range script.

    My suggestion would be a triple rep myrmidon, electron blasters, etc. Since you have lots of cap injection and repping power you'll be able to tank him at point blank with good micromanagement (use an exile booster!). Maybe fit a TD in a midslot too, and load it with a tracking script to lower the damage a bit. You could also do an armor Hurricane that has an AB or a TD and does something similar from point blank range. Do you have skills for one race in particular?

    EDIT: also cruiser-sized, something like a dual prop SFI would effectively get under his guns despite his web, as long as you have a cap booster to keep the AB going. I imagine he has ion or neutron blasters because he's buffer fit, so his tracking isn't THAT great. It would just take forever to kill him alone in a cruiser.

  • [Video] D5's 6th PVP video Dark Ride VI in EVE Communication Center

    That was awesome. I think it's my favorite DR yet. The fits were really cool and there were a bunch of exciting fights in there, and awesome piloting a lot of the time. I have to say though, what were you expecting diving in on 2 vindicators?? incredibly lucky to have survived at all.