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  • Proclus Diadochu For CSM9! *Thanks for the Support!* in Council of Stellar Management

    Is this where I sign up for Star Citizen?


  • polarized massively blob some farmers, then bat-phone ash alliance. afterwards they brag about it. in EVE Gameplay Center

    TurboX3 wrote:
    ISD Please close this pointless thread.

    It's not pointless! I like to see all the neutral alts people use to post with :(

  • wormhole future ideas in EVE Gameplay Center

    Wormholes with stars that occasionally go supernova or massive solar flares...and clear out everything inside them. 12, 24, 48 hour timers or whatever. After the timer is up, star explodes destroying all ships and structures inside.

    Make them very profitable, make them have 2 statics (one high class one lower class). A lot of travel between them and connection different states to encourage travel for PVP. Profitability encourages capital expos, but adds a sense of urgency to finish before the timer is up. More expos means more pvp.

  • C6 WHS in EVE Gameplay Center

    Freddie Merrcury wrote:
    Jack Miton wrote:
    C6s no longer get evicted anywhere near as much as they used to because everyone just batphones to get saved.
    The tales of any carbear group getting evicted are largely exaggerated and have not been true for about a year.

    It doesn't help that its a miserable task to chain roll to seed dreads to invade anything of significance.

    Also that SMAs no longer drop anything, so what's even the point of evicting someone if you aren't getting any shinies out of it

  • polarized massively blob some farmers, then bat-phone ash alliance. afterwards they brag about it. in EVE Gameplay Center

    AtomYcX wrote:
    Xiamar wrote:
    I think you have rather missed the point, most people don't mind the fact that Polarized had to batphone to blob the crap out of some capitals as pathetic as that was, the article, the fact it was published, it's absurd length, the overly florid RPesque prose, and the fact that is was made out to be some sort of incredible gudfight when what is was is blobbing the hell out of some caps, is what seems to be annoying people the most.

    Seems to be a bit of a recurring theme, don't you think? Same happened with the TL eviction, blue up so you have an overwhelming force advantage (in it's own, not exactly the worst crime imaginable), kill everything, claim it was all in the name of "gudfites" and get a ridiculous spin article posted on EN24. As a member of TL during the eviction my issue wasn't with being invaded, that's all part of the game - it was the amount of barefaced lying that was going on as to the reasons/motivations of it.

    IIRC, NATWO ultimately had a larger fleet than Polarized and friends had mustered, except the primary engagement went down when most of support was offline.

  • J124219 C2 static C3 and HS no effects no force field, perfect for PI in EVE Gameplay Center

    CRODRIG wrote:
    find it bro!

    All in all, this was probably one of the dumber things you could have said.

  • polarized massively blob some farmers, then bat-phone ash alliance. afterwards they brag about it. in EVE Gameplay Center

    This thread guys.

    This thread.


  • What should be the next T3 (asking the wormhole community). in EVE Gameplay Center

    Battleships would obviously be fun, but limited in use and cost.

    Battlecruisers would outshine battleships and already battleships don't see as much use as I would hope

    Frigates would be fun, but there would be serious balance issues with them I feel. Assuming they are setup similarly to T3 cruisers, you would see cloaky logi frigates everywhere.

    T3 Capitals would just be stupid and would be like having supers in WH space. No bueno.

    The only obvious choice here is T3 industrials.

  • Wormhole Stabilizing in EVE Gameplay Center


    get out.

  • Shouldnt I be able to see what my corpies have in their PHA's? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Terrorfrodo wrote:
    So it's only useful for people who fear their corpmates more than their enemies Roll

    Welcome to Wormhole space!

  • is the T3 nerf an attempt to... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nix Anteris wrote:
    Maurice deSaxe wrote:
    what reason would there be to inhabit wh's and do any production there?

    Does not compute. Smart people do not do any kind of production in w-space.

    All that will happen with a T3 nerf, is that PvP will become more varied and interesting. You do PvP right? Since you're w-space focused....


  • Depolarized. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hidden Fremen wrote:
    Welcome back.

    ... "kind of."

  • You guys ready to sell your T3's yet? in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Getting start with IGB Development? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Having a bit of trouble figuring out what I need to do, so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm wanting to start developing an application (similar to Siggy, W-space mapper, etc).

    My background with development is almost entirely in C++ and C#. I've never done any amount of browser programming so I'm not exactly sure what I need to even start researching.

    Anyone have any good resources?

  • Can see nebulae through planet when viewed through bubble in EVE Technology and Research Center


    If you angle your camera such that you view a planet through the bubble, you can see the nebulae skybox "through" the planet, as indicated by the picture above.

    NVIDIA GTX 580, latest beta drivers

  • Repolarized. in EVE Gameplay Center

    If by back you mean not back, then we are not back.

  • Wormhole Creator in EVE Gameplay Center

    This is dumb.

    You're dumb.

    I logged in to reply to this. I'm dumb.

  • About the Eos' model in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Please don't touch my Sleipnir.


  • [IDEA] Automatically pull up market details for an item I type into the market search bar in EVE Technology and Research Center

    In order to speed up buying many different items, I'd like to be able to just type the name of the item in the market search bar under Browse and when I hit enter, have it pull up the item market details.

    Do this only when there is a single item for that search.

    Like if I type "Medium Core Defense Field Extender II" then I shouldn't have to then click Medium Core Defense Field Extender II from the list to pull up the orders. There are no other search results, it's clear there is only one I want.

    If however I type Medium Core Defense Field Extender, then there are 3 options (tech 1 + the blueprint), so don't automatically load market orders.

    Just something simple that shouldn't take much to implement that I feel would dramatically speed up a lot of things. I type way faster than I can move my hand back to my mouse to click on the list again :)

  • Golden Pod in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Daenna Chrysi wrote:
    as I have tested it on SISI, when the implant gets unplugged, it gets destroyed.

    It even says as much in the implant description:

    Once installed, the implant is a permanent part of the capsuleer's brain (unless intentionally removed by the wearer),

    Maybe this will stop people from tearing out all their implants when caught in a bubble, for risk of misclicking the gold one