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  • WTS Lot of 209 T3 BPCs in EVE Marketplace

    It has been brought to my attention that this may not be a lucrative purchase for someone at 2B.

    I'll be willing to talk for 800m, maybe get someone started on T3 Building!

  • WTS Lot of 209 T3 BPCs in EVE Marketplace

    I think you have misinterpreted my intentions, and I have misinterpreted the current state of the market.

    I took a massively long break from EVE, and found these in a can of mine from when I used to invent almost 2 years ago. I just want them gone, and will be willing to negotiate appropriately. I came up with the number based on recommendation from others that know more than I, and by doing some contract research on single BPCs.

    By no means am I looking to fleece anyone, or 'separate slightly noobish builder and his ISK.' I am just looking to unload relics from an era of when i had the time to build subs and hulls.

    Jarnis McPieksu wrote:
    Unless I made some horrible miscount on the number of runs in these BPCs, this is about 2400 runs of subsystems plus a couple of T3 BPCs that I'm ignoring because ME/TE 0 (okay, maybe they worth 10 million. maybe).

    Inventing 2400 runs worth of subsystems using a mid-priced intact relic (~6.6 million ISK) costs approx 1.6 billion ISK and takes ten days on one character / 10 lines.

    So you are "offloading" at a nice profit margin of over 20%... Excellent deal, bro - for you, of course. I admire a good capitalist and all, but this appears to be a way to separate slightly noobish builder and his ISK.

    ...and actually building these for sale would take almost two months and more than 120 billion ISK of raw materials and fees. Fairly thin profit margins and that is assuming you can somehow move 2400 subsystems, or 480 ships worth of. Unless some major coalition welps fleets of T3s daily for a week, and all these subsystems are of actually relevant types for fleet fits (didn't check in detail, but mostly Loki subs so mostly nope - Nulli being dead and all that), selling the pile might be somewhat of a long-term project, so you'd end up with market-crashing pile of mostly-Loki subsystems with 120 bil+ tied into them :)


  • WTS Lot of 209 T3 BPCs in EVE Marketplace

    Bump. Will lower price to 2B.

  • WTS Lot of 209 T3 BPCs in EVE Marketplace


  • WTS Lot of 209 T3 BPCs in EVE Marketplace

    Looking to unload an entire lot of T3 BPCs.

    206 Rig BPCs
    3 Loki BPCs

    For a full list, you can view this GDoc Link, 2nd tab has screen shots of a contract with them showing the runs.


    I'd like to get 2.5B for this lot, which is less than 12m a BPC.

    There are a good number of 20 Run BPCs in there. This will save a builder alot of money and time building T3 subs.

    Please leave a note here, or message me in game if interested.

  • Private Sale in EVE Marketplace

    Selling my beloved Laryk, private sale.

  • Dev blog: Incursion changes in Hyperion in EVE Information Center

    Two step wrote:
    It sounds like the net result of these changes will be more ISK made from Incursions. Does CCP consider that a good thing? It has been quite some time since we got any sort of visibility into ISK sources in the game, but it seems to me, and to many of the people that I talk to, that Incursions are already extremely lucrative, and significantly lower risk than many other activities. Any chance CCP would be willing to release a more up to date breakdown of income sources in EVE?

    As far as I remember, running them yields a isk/hour comparable to running WH sites... except, if you get jumped in a High Sec concord gets involved... And you get to see bad guys in local.. And they can be farmed 23/7 (which could be done in WHs, if you had like 400 sites in one system.)

  • PAX East & Boston Meetup! April 12! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Esharan wrote:
    I'll be there sporting Brave Newbies Inc. gear (baby blue t-shirt) I'm very friendly, so come up and say hi both at the event and at the bar.

    Lets get drrrunnnk

    If I buy beer, and join an Alt into BNI, do I get a Tshirt?

  • PAX East & Boston Meetup! April 12! in EVE Gameplay Center

    GM Pyro wrote:
    Sorry for the short notice, but the team has decided to focus on Fanfest. As such, we are unfortunately not able to attend PAX East with Valkyrie, nor attend the player gathering that y'all are putting together as we had initially planned.

    Maybe next time.

    I can't express how disappointed this entire thing makes me. Some of us cannot attend FF, and only catering to fans who can go makes us feel pretty crappy. I am sure I will have fun at Pax East anyhow, but the primary reason I was going was because of my love of EVE and wanting to meet CCPers. The fact that we found out last minute that there would be no CCP presence makes me kinda angry.

  • Potential Idea for Discussion: Delaying signature appearance for K162s in EVE Gameplay Center

    Forgot to mention. Like the idea of PVEing in PVP ships. Maybe this will bring that trend back.

  • Potential Idea for Discussion: Delaying signature appearance for K162s in EVE Gameplay Center

    For the most part, I really like this change. Any change to WH space that increases the chance for PVP, and makes PVE harder is in my opinion a good thing for WH space.

    Definitely removing the K162s from the overlay is a plus. I never liked the idea of ships being able to see any of the sigs in system without actually have probes out. This feature is broken IMO.

    From the aggressors standpoint, having a delay on the sig appearing is a neat idea. I almost feel that it needs to have some limitations. Someone suggested being unable to warp off hole until it appears. Something along those lines is reasonable.

    Another idea would be to allow the sig to be hidden for a period of time, unless a substantial amount of mass comes through the hole. My concern is that, even the most diligent of corps could potentially have a cap wave seeded in their system without them even noticing. If you have a group that actually pays attention to the sigs in their system, an opposing foe should be unable to drop a cap fleet into their system without any possibility of finding out. Sub-caps however, would be less of a concern.

    This of course is my opinion and how it pertains to my play style and what I enjoy in game.

  • Boston and New England Meetup! October 19th! in EVE Gameplay Center

    I will be there, but a bit late. I will be presenting at the Boston Code Camp (hopefully) that day.. and I am hoping I get to present early so I can I bail and make it for Beer O'Clock. But if I know my corpm8s, they will still be drinking whenever I get outta my event.

  • Boston & New England Meet - August 10th 2PM in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bren Genzan wrote:
    Had a great time hanging with the folks from K162 and SOUND. Did my DNSBlack imitation, talked their ears off, pretty much convinced them to get alts and join OUCH... maybe... Roll

    Definitely will do this again... well, if they let me, anyway. Big smile

    I am bad about committing to stuff, but I am def interested. It was good fun chatting with you...

    Overall, lotsa fun. Hope we can continue to grow this meet.

  • Help me CCP Soundwave, you're my only hope (or Post ALL your Little Things improvements wishes!) in EVE Communication Center

    Naming Jump Clones...

    I'd like to be able to have a JC set for a specific task, and know what it was without looking through all of the skill hardwires.

  • Price Check: T2 Shield Extended Naglfar in EVE Marketplace

    Looking for a price on a Nag with Meta 2 guns, shield booster and as stated in title, 3xT2 shield extender rigs. Rest of the fit is T2.

    Serious offers also taken.

  • Boston & New England Eve Meet! May 25! BEER!! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Theng Hofses wrote:
    cyno up

    Whoah.. I havent seen Theng around game in ages. Probably around 2 years. Wish I could make it to this meetup this time, but family stuff is getting in the way.

    I will be up around Boston this summer, and then in October at the M$ building, so I will def post when this is happening, we can do another mini meetup.

    Hope you guys have a good one, and enjoy the awesome fries at this place. If you havent been before, I suggest looking at the beer list ahead of time, I literally spent the entire first round deciding what to drink.

  • Boston, MA EVE meet: Feb 16th, 2PM in EVE Gameplay Center

    I will be making the trip up to Boston and will most def be there. I may already be drunk by 2pm... But trust me, I am more enjoyable drunk.

  • Want to run for CSM 8? You need help! in EVE Marketplace

    I for one am paying for this service.

  • Want to run for CSM 8? You need help! in EVE Marketplace

    Seleene wrote:
    LOL!!!! Two Step is a damn boss level prostitute. TwistedTwistedBig smileBig smile

    Please elaborate. I really would like to know what a boss level prostitute is? Really think I need to meet one.

  • [ISK6] ♥ ♦ Eve Online Hold'Em ♣ ♠ -- EVE's Oldest Gaming Establishment in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have been playing EOH Poker since around 2008, and have found a really fun way to make some isk, and meet some great people while waiting for stuff to happen in game. The staff is professional, and anytime there are any hiccups, they are quick to respond and fix the issues.