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  • 119.3 - Feedback and Issues (Mac) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Unfortunately, the forum is not letting me post my client crash output. It is giving me an error about the past containing html :(

  • 119.3 - Feedback and Issues (Mac) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Since 119.2 the incidences of client crashing has increased from once per day to several times per day within the same playing time frame now with 119.3.

    Events that were occurring just prior to the client crashing:

    Jumping a gate (sometimes is crashes prior to the session change, sometimes after)
    Opening Planetary Colonies Window
    Opening Ship Inventory Window
    Rotating ship view
    Zooming in/out of ship view
    Opening D-Scan Window
    Opening Industry Window
    Jumping to a clone
    Self-destructing a capsule

    The error log always says the same thing: something about a 32-bit rendering problem vs a 64 bit OS.
    I'll screen cap it and post it next time it happens.

    I know it always takes a while after a patch for things to settle down and/or get fixed on the server side, but for those of us who play on our Macs, the time between problems being reported and resolved in the client is unusually long.

    Just when it seems the game has become too unstable to play (and still be enjoyable) CCP gets around to having the Mac wrapper updated/fixed....this lasts ~ 1-2 patches before the death spiral starts all over again and we end up here.

  • UI scalling 200% and 250% in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Another 4k monitor user asking for better UI scaling.

  • so this is there real future for new players? gate camp? in EVE Communication Center

    I think this is just another in the long line of EVE Darwinian selection.
    Adapt or die.

    It's a harsh galaxy out there. You either learn from your mistakes (which, quite frankly, were pretty stupid) or you go play another less demanding/challenging game.

    Your lack of experience, understanding of game mechanics, failure to learn from your mistakes and the resulting rage quit post leads me to believe that you self-identify as a cheese danish ( no offense towards the Danes intended).

  • Free Multiple Character Training, On All Multi-Month Subscriptions in EVE Communication Center

    Do Little wrote:
    Promotions come and go. Anyone can take advantage of this promotion - The game time you buy will extend your subscription. The multiple character training will be available immediately.

    The fact that you subscribed last week is irrelevant - that doesn't stop you from extending your subscription with this offer.

    It is a limited time promotion - use it or lose it. Last time we had a sub plus free MCT offer was last summer.

    If something goes on sale at a store, you don't expect the sale price to be permanent and you don't expect the merchant to price protect people who paid regular price - the world doesn't work that way!

    Actually, for quality vendors this is EXACTLY how they do business because they know, if they take care of existing customers, they are repeat customers.

    But that's only if they care about customer service as a way to engender product loyalty.

    But these sort of sales/offers are just CCP fishing for all of those new Alphas to try and get them to lay out some cash.

  • Free Multiple Character Training, On All Multi-Month Subscriptions in EVE Communication Center

    It is disquieting that these offers, which apply to multi-month subscriptions do not automatically get credited to accounts which ALREADY have recurring subscriptions of certain ( 6 months in my case) lengths.

    So, for those of use who are already paying for multiple month subscriptions, how to we claim this?

    I have one account that just re-subbed ( 6 months) automatically 3 weeks ago, so where's my MCT credit?

    On a side note, if CCP wants to prevent a lot of confusion about the details of HOW this offer (or similar ones) work, they should spell it out in detail. An ounce of prevention and all that, ya know?

    If the plan is supposed to encourage existing paying customers to earn the reward by buying EXTRA time to add onto their existing subscriptions, state that clearly so we understand that is what you are offering and how it is supposed to work for those of us with existing automatic renewing subs.


    Mom always said I was the ugly ducking in the family ;)

  • Medium Shader = My own cloaked ship is invisible totally in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Still in super stealth mode (i.e. ship is completely invisible). But, hey, at least we now have a little "class specific" icon to look at (even though it disappears when you zoom in too close).

    I'd prefer to be able to see the "old" shimmering shadow like it used to be.

    But I suspect, like a lot of other things, this goes hand-in-hand with the change from DX9 to DX11 and the upgrades to ship rendering when coupled with the clamping of certain settings for Mac users so they can't use the setting that would allow for many of these wondrous graphics improvements.

    Last update was three months ago.
    At the risk of sounding snarky, can we at least get an update on when we might get an update?


  • Peculiar turret graphics bug in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I've been seeing some odd graphics bugs for random ships (Vindicator, Retriever, etc) in random places (asteroid belts, docked in station, when warping, etc) where there are extra graphical elements around the ship hull, usually rectangles or curved sections of various shapes and sizes that rotate in sync with the turrets. They disappear when the ship is viewed from some angles but are clearly visible once not viewed edge-on.

    I first noticed this about a month ago and it seems to be affecting more and more ship models. I suspect the updated graphical rendering of ships models is the culprit.

    Here is an example: http://imgur.com/Yq0JpqQ

    Any ideas on how to eliminate this? It ruins the whole "I'm flying my ship in space" illusion.