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  • Dev blog: Grid Sizes & You in EVE Information Center

    You do realise that the grid size in this devblog ( 8000km ) differs from what you announced in the patchnotes for tomorrows update? ( 7800km ), so which is it?

  • Dev blog: Dirt & Killmarks - Dirt and Destruction in New Eden in EVE Information Center

    Will the dirt accumilation open up some revisiting to current ship paintjobs? Some of the Caldari ships, like the Ferox, or Charon have lots of bits (most of the striping too) where paint is missing, that could use a bit of a touchup. These scuffs show a lot of wear and tear, while fresh from the assembly line.

  • New FX on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Savior wrote:
    Arthur Aihaken wrote:

    • New smartbomb effects are pretty slick. They seem to really extend far out (well past range); not sure if this was intentional?

    Glad you like the new smartbomb FX and I think you're right with the scale of the FX, I think we'll look into tweaking the scale so that it matches the radius of the module a little bit more accurately.

    Is there not a way to tie this directly to the smartbombs radius?

  • New Camera Controls in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Burger wrote:

    Orbit camera
    This is somewhat similar to the classic EVE camera. The main difference is that the new orbit camera has a narrower field of view, allowing you to see enemy ships without having to look at, this also helps with sense of scale.
    To give you a better sense of speed we seeked advice from our fantastic cinematic team. The camera drifts ever so slightly, giving you a parallax with the stars. The ship also offsets from the center of the screen depending on your speed.

    This is in active development and we would love your feedback

    Do not like. The changing FOV and angle on zoom/offset is seasickness inducing, and I'm struggling to keep up with what the camera is trying to/wants to show me.

    Maybe a changing FOV is a nice cinematic trick for a trailer, it's not useable for gameplay. Especially when zooming in/out, rotating lots is the common thing to do in EVE to get a sense on bearings and overview of the battlefield.

  • New FX on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Bienator II wrote:

    new effects like web, eccm or TD have in their animation a ~2s segment were they are completely faded out and invisible. I would like to have this much shorter so that you can see the effect all the time.

    It would be swell if we could have a startup and fadeout animation with these effects, instead of a single animation for a single cycle; Making looping cycles look proper.

  • [New structures] Mooring and docking features in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sad to read no station interior.
    I do appreciate being to able to see what's going on outside, but the station interior is a biggie in the whole docking experience.

    Instead of having just

    • station-spinner
    • captain quarters

    have a 3rd option, the citadel-spinner?
    Yeah, that would still require you to model a new station interior with captainsquarters, i know. Still though.

  • Worlds Collide Setup Submissions in EVE Communication Center

    News article still has a Cerebus ship listed, though you corrected your mistake in the OP of this thread.

  • [Scylla] Ishtars in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Chiming in to say that nerfing damage does not address the problems that CCP Rise laid out in the devblog, namely:

    CCP Rise's devblog wrote:

    The problem: Ishtars are too good. They are squashing out diversity in several environments because of their excellent damage projection and solid survivability

    baltec1 wrote:
    Would rather have seen the ishtar lose the sentries entirely.

    This would at least address this.

  • [Scylla] Change to the CSPA charge default. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Morwen Lagann wrote:

    Now all we need the CSPA charge to actually go into people's wallets instead of into the void.

    This please.

  • Dev Blog: Drifting In And Out Of Destruction in EVE Information Center

    Now if only there was some actual reason to shoot these Circadian Seekers or Drifters.

  • Tiamat Feedback in EVE Information Center

    To be fair, I don't notice any difference you guys have done with the audio re-encoding, apart from a reverb to the guns.

    The warp tunnel lighting effect is also a bit of an annoyance: the flashes on your ships hull are way more violent than the actual warp tunnel might indicate. It's not in sync with each other and just comes across as something that wants to grab your attention, like a 3 yr old in a supermarket, only annoying you.

    Smooth that effect out a bit?

    edit: it's really obnoxious on freighters like the Charon

  • Dev blog: Coming To EVE In Tiamat in EVE Information Center

    Are any of the expansion themes getting added to the randomized backgroundmusic in EVE?
    I keep hearing the same tunes over and over in game, while the good stuff is collecting some dust on the soundcloud.

  • Improving the Fitting Experience in EVE Technology and Research Center

    FleetUp.com uses a very nice 'effectiveness' rating for a ship fitting. Calculating and showing a pilots skills/mastery for a certain fit would be a nice addition, highlighting where you have room to improve your skills

  • Improving the Fitting Experience in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Fitting Management:
    - Buy the entire ship + fitting from the markethub, using a similar window to the multiple sell.

    Fitting Window:
    - Compare multiple fits to each other, either by having us open the window for multiple shipfits currently not active; or some seperate compare panel.
    - Time to align shown
    - Grouping weapons
    - more distinct way of unloading ammo. I'm often unequipping the module itself.
    - Splitting drone damage per drone type
    - Show AB / MWD + overheat speeds in the navigation box
    - Show damage + overheat damage in the damage box

  • New atmospheric environment effects for asteroid belts. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rhavas wrote:

    I think you really missed an opportunity to dress up the Shattered planets! Would be great if you could do this around them as well. It would really add to the feel.

    This so much

  • New atmospheric environment effects for asteroid belts. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I like the new fields a lot, though I kinda expected to see a different fog colour for ice belts compared to ore belts, and possibly have some rotation on the particle rocks, but I would suspect that would grind the framerate to a halt if combined with the volumetric lighting.

    Anyway, I'd love to see more variation, such as

    • Fog density depending on security status
    • Fog colour depending on belt type (ice / ore specific, rarity)
    • ..and on top of that some variation range within a single system

    edit: checked more belt/systems now and turns out there *is* a color difference. Cool; maybe some of the nebula backdrops/sun colors were blurring it all out to a similar hue.

  • Christmas Day Truce in EVE Communication Center

    PsiMin wrote:
    Sol Project wrote:
    lol carebear.

    Go back to you little world where it is safe u ass for such a stupid comment like that. People like you make me sick

    Fine Christmas spirit there mate!

  • We want your corp little things! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Some new assets to use with the Corp Logo builder.

    Many elements are medieval themed, and I have no idea why they are included in a futuristic space game. Some new space-age shapes and forms would be welcome. A bit more Designers-Republic like. The logos that got added for the various NPC Dust514 corps are a nice step in that direction.

    • User scalable/rotateable shapes and forms, possibly with more layer options*
    • More dingbats, (✸, ✲, ❖ etc)
    • More shapes options (rounded corners, bevel/chamfer corners, outlines)
    • Add material qualities (amarrian gold / caldari titanium, minmatar rust / painted / brushed) along with
    • more color options

    * while being not that dynamic to draw a space johnson.

  • Dev blog: Download on Demand client for EVE Online in EVE Information Center

    CCP Snorlax wrote:
    Rainus Max wrote:
    Is this a step towards those HD textures mentioned a while back or have you stuffed that in the 'shiny but never' pile?

    Let's just say that this gives us a way to implement that feature.

    This should be printed in big, friendly letters in the devblog.

  • No Chairperson for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Mike Azariah wrote:
    We of the CSM ... thinking that we have outgrown the previous structure.

    Apart from the minority of CSM members that continue their seat, I don't think the CSM is able to properly judge that they have outgrown anything.

    edit: if you're all comrades, then who's Our Leader, Comrade Napoleon, Father of All Animals, Terror of Mankind, Protector of the Sheep-fold, Ducklings' Friend?