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  • Lagging interface/graphical errors? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    GM Mechanic wrote:

    Please try the following.

    * Start the launcher.
    * Click on settings in the left pane.
    * Click on shared cache settings.
    * Click on show in explorer.
    * Delete the tq folder.
    * Close file explorer.
    * Once the button stops being gray (may take a few second or even minutes) click verify.
    * Allow the process to finish.
    * Reinstall your graphic driver (even if you have the latest driver and it's working with all other games).

    You may want to clear the client side cache as well for each account and see if that makes a difference. Login to your characters and do the following.

    * Hit Esc key on each one
    * Select Reset Settings tab.
    * Click on Clear all cache files.

    Then see if the issue persists.

    I had thought it was just my computer this past week. Thanks for the suggestion, after doing this it appears to load character portraits after I tab out of a chat and back in. However new speakers will appear with the default model. The rest of the problems seem to persist as well.

  • after every jump zoom is on max in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm getting the same as well, on all toons and all ships. I unchecked the 'try new camera' option for the time being and it doesn't seem to be happening on the old camera.

  • New camera now in opt-in Beta on TQ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Some very cool changes to the camera. I enjoy the new FOV, smoother camera movements, and it's actually neat to be able to see my ship from a first person perspective.

    One option I wish had remained was the ability to "Toggle Point Camera to Selected item" without the need to use a keyboard shortcut every time. I may well be a minority user of this feature however, I've found it extremely useful to be able to simply see what I want by having the camera point to the item in space that I select. After opting in, I can no longer use this feature even after opting back out it at this time it appears. (even after resetting the keybind).

    Excited to see where this new feature goes, thanks for putting it out there.

  • Mike Azariah ---> CSMX in Council of Stellar Management

    You've got my vote. Thanks for the hard work the last couple of years.

  • Login Issues in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Was having the exact same issue here however it appears to allow me to intermittently log in through the launcher.

  • An Announcement On The Future Of The World Of Darkness Project in EVE Communication Center

    I sincerely wish the best to those affected by the closure.

  • Xander Phoena for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    As anyone who listened to last year's candidate interviews can attest to, Xander knows the process, the community, and the game damn well. Heavily involved in the community and not one to ignore an elephant the room, there's nobody I can think of who I'd feel more qualified to enter CSM9.

  • Launcher problems in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Managed to get one account into game and then the launcher is showing Tranquility as offline. It will let me enter the information for the second account but the "Play" button is grayed out.

  • Community Spotlight: Aura in EVE Information Center

    I've used this for some time now. Great program! It keeps me up to date on skills, mails, orders etc when I'm not able to be tied to the computer.

  • Team Avatar and the future of our prototype in EVE Communication Center

    I can't say that I'd climb aboard the unsub wagon if Avatar play never came to pass. I CAN however say that if quality gameplay were offered in this department, I would personally add another account or two here. Especially if I knew that both aspects of play tied into each other. Why pay elsewhere if you can do it all from one game. Just my two cents, but why be not be THE game to play rather than A game to play?


    We may already have it and I just didn't find it and/or am too lazy to find it. But is there some sort of in game California Capsuleers channel out there?


    Bicc Bum wrote:
    Jeez, so many valley livers in this thread. How do you guys do it? Oh yeah, play EvE :-)

    Santa Rosa, CA here, but i consider all of the Bay Area my home.

    Haha used to live there too.


    Vincent Athena wrote:
    Transmaritanus wrote:
    San Fernando Valley, at CSUN :D

    Near me! I'm in Simi Valley.

    Small world. I just moved from there a few months ago.


    Still in Cali, however moved from Socal up to Sac.


    Ventura County SoCal. Where even during Christmas it's 70 degrees.

  • It's nearly the beginning of another year in EVE Communication Center

    It's been an eventful year to say the least. Woke up naked in a clone pod that hadn't been updated in over twenty years for some odd reason. We've all had those mornings though. Spent the better part of the rest of the year trying to put the pieces of the puzzle back together.
    Next year I hope brings on new friends, new enemies, and maybe a few answers as I pursue my new career as an alcohol quality control tester. Keeping New Eden safe, one vodka shot at a time. Cheers.

  • Intel Chip Problems AGAIN! (fixed for some, not for others) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    And the gold star of the day goes to MJ Incognito. Worked like a charm, thanks brother.

  • Intel Chip Problems AGAIN! (fixed for some, not for others) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Vertex wrote:
    Hi all, I just wanted to give you all an update. We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue in-house but we're looking at purchasing some new hardware to assist with this investigation.

    We're also involving INTEL as the 'reset' is happening in the device driver and not the game client, if the game crashed then we would have crash dumps that would help us pin point the issue but because it's a driver reset no crash dump is generated.

    The update is appreciated! Been having the same issues myself on my new desktop. The petition I filed says that aside from a few select tricks here and there, there isn't much that can be done. From this forum though it looks like the books aren't totally closed on this one as the petition would imply. Or are they?

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