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  • Spreading out the Trading Hubs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Chaotica Donma wrote:

    Couldn't there be a mechanic in theory that if there is a player interested in hauling items, they could pick up "contracts" (for lack of a better word right now) and move things, getting the 10% fee payout? If there is no player, it is automatically moved by the NPC hauler? I can imagine there would be plenty of opportunities for players to haul given the market volume, so there wouldn't be any shortage of work. Either way, I'm sure people would prefer the player character hauling option, given they're probably less likely to get popped than some AI code.

    This has been proposed before (look up Interbus), but I am against it for several reasons:
    1. I prefer to have competition between players about delivering the best service, not NPC's
    2. I don't like arbitrary price ceilings and floors set by NPC's, whether it is for products or services, and I see no need to introduce a new one, as I prefer prices set by supply and demand among players.
    3. Both public couriers and private couriers seems to function pretty well atm, there is no need to make an NPC service doing the same service as players easily can provide now. There is no shortage of people wanting to haul it seems. You have gathering points like Haulers Channel to increase the visibility of your public contracts, and you have several courier services (most notably PushX and Red Frog, but there are others as well).

  • Spreading out the Trading Hubs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yakima DWB wrote:
    Your ideas will end hauling between hubs, whether you believe it or not. Just think of it this way: if YOU are willing to pay 10% extra to have it auto-hauled in 30min, other players will likely do the same. Even if not all players feel that way, you are taking a significant amount of the hauling business away. Just use courier contracts, since that's what they were designed for. Or fly yourself there, and pick up what you need. It really doesn't take that long, especially if its just a mod or two and you don't need to fly a hauler for the occasion.

    I have to second that. In 2012, about 20% of our 100k contracts in Red Frog were hub-to-hub contracts. With OP's proposed system, we would likely lose a large proportion of those (espcially by end-users of products). I'd rather lose business to a competing player-driven service than an automagic delivery option.

  • Red Frog robbed of 45 Billion in EVE Communication Center

    There is a little addendum to this story that has not made the press yet, it seems.

    Today, after some contemplation, Beatrice, via a newly created alt, transferred 44.5 billion ISK back to our corp White Frog Insurance.

    That is something at least I will remember Beatrice for.

  • [SERVICE] Fresh Logistics in EVE Marketplace

    Garett Ormand wrote:
    Porkita wrote:
    Aaah, it shows our prices... neat :)

    Wish you good luck, it's a tough business!

    Yeah, I just used a scraper to request a quote from your site and parse it out. Thankfully, you guys use a GET request, so it's easy enough to do. RFF, on the other hand, uses a POST form, so I have to work a bit harder to spoof that request in ruby. I have yet to work on that, but it shouldn't take long. Speaking of which, I should switch mine to a GET request. That is more appropriate.

    The way I see it, the comparison acts as good business for us when we can do it cheaper (we're not undercutting, we'll just have some eager newbies), and good business for you when you can. I imagine people will compare before shipping anyway (unless they're loyal regulars), so offering the comparison tool will either get me their business or give them the lowest price.

    And thanks for the good wishes!

    Should be pretty easy to fetch our prices for high sec at least, as we have an api for doing just that, found at http://api.red-frog.org/

    Our blue frog prices are based on the red frog prices, but with multipliers for the various collateral levels. Should not be too difficult to figures the multipliers out without having to scrape the site.

    Good luck to you and your corporation!

  • [SERVICE] Jump Freighter/Freighter Movement Ops, 3rd Party Service in EVE Marketplace

    I've been asked to chime in on this thread.

    I can confirm that Ryker prime is currently a member of Red Frog Freight, and that BFL Ryker Prime is currently a member of Black Frog Logistics.

    Ryker Prime joined Red Frog Freight on May 15th 2013, and have since then done about 250 contracts for Red Frog Freight, with 0 failed contracts. BFL Ryker Prime joined Black Frog Logistics on June 26th 2013, and have since then done about 80 black frog contracts without failure.

    I would like to stress that this third party service is not a Red-Frog product, even though it is done by a member of our community. Our members are free to do any kind of business they want to in Eve, as long as they conform to our ethical guidelines, found at http://sites.google.com/site/redfrogrecruiting/behavior-and-ethics.

  • Splitting stacks when setting up contracts no longer works in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This is a very annoying bug that affects most people that set up contracts. Please fix it! And while you fix it, consider adding a "stack all option" as well inside the courier interface.

  • Community Spotlight: Red Frog Freight in EVE Information Center

    DrysonBennington wrote:
    Is Red Frog looking to branch out into smaller haulers such as the Iteron's to make local convenience jumps between major trade hubs?

    I know for a fact that Red Frog Freight would make a mountain of ISK if they provided hauling services to the Incursion pilots as well.

    Providing hauling services to the Incursion Runners will allow the Incursion Runner to move their three tiered assault packages

    Sniper BS
    DPS BS
    Logistics Ship

    to and from each Incursion Center without having to jump back and forth taking valuable time away from running the sites versus hauling their crap to each new location.

    As Steve also said, we already service incursion runners in high sec with our Red (up to 1 B value pr contract) and Blue service (up to 5 billion value pr contract). We do not, and do not have any current plans about servicing incursion sites in low-sec and null-sec at the moment (if it were to be done, it would have to be done with blockade runners, and those have a very limited cargo volume, so they would not be terribly helpful when it comes to moving ships).

  • Community Spotlight: Red Frog Freight in EVE Information Center

    Beatrice Khamsi wrote:
    Oxandrolone wrote:
    Its funny how the contracts and jumps per day plumited at the start of april when the autopilot warp to 0 people got the ban hammer

    It was not related to WTZ bans, but mainly due to Burn Jita.
    (we didn't see decrease in our pilots' activity due to WTZ ban)

    Just to expand on Beatrice's answer:

    Here are the daily contract statistics for the days around the date for the account bans, and Burn Jita:

    Day before account bans: 17/4-18/4: 5635 jumps, 481 completed contracts, 0 failed
    Day of account bans: 18/4-19/4: 5813 jumps, 464 completed contracts, 3 failed
    First day of Burn Jita: 19/4-20/4: 4939 jumps, 377 completed contracts, 2 failed
    Second day day of Burn Jita: 20/4-21/4: 3770 jumps, 295 completed contracts, 1 failed
    Third day of Burn Jita: 21/4-22/4: 6368 jumps, 460 completed, 0 failed
    After Burn Jita: 22/4: 5885 jumps, 492 completed contracts, 0 failed

    I would expect a lot more than 3 failed contracts on the 18th if the wtz-exploit had been prevalent in Red Frog.

    Just to make it clear, if I get knowledge of anyone inside RFF utilizing wtz-exploits, or bots, I will gladly report them to CCP myself for them to take a closer look.

  • [VLI] Vaughn Lampen Investments - All Accounts Closed and Refunded with Outstanding Interest! in EVE Gameplay Center

    I also got my ISK back + interest.

    Thanks Joshua.

  • [Service] Red Frog Freight (High sec freight service) in EVE Marketplace

    Mara Stark wrote:
    Used a few times and for the most part has been good. Make sure you double check numbers though before clicking "OK" because the toon working for RF does not nessasary mean they have integrity. My last contract I forgot a zero in the collateral section... yes, by bad. The contract failed and the toon assigned to the contract left RF the same day. No email, nothing. Lesson learned.

    Like I said, I screwed up with the collateral by not double checking, but it would be nice to see honesty in the service. I'll set the collateral to max for now on even if the cargo is worth 1 ISK.


    Sorry for the loss of your contract. We do repeatedly state that customers should put a proper collateral on their contracts, to prevent theft, and as an insurance in case of suicide ganks. If we discover a contract thief, we will kick him from our ranks as soon as possible, although sometimes they leave before we have a chance to act. Always contact us if you suspect that a contract has been failed on purpose.

    If we had a way to detect undercollateralized contracts, we would have rejected them, but unfortunately we have no means of detecting them (except in the case of 0-collateral contracts), until after they are accepted.

  • Push Industries - March 2013 Service Changes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Siigari Kitawa wrote:

    RFF: 194 (0.001892%)
    PUSHX: 44 (0.001828%)

    I would like to note that our ratio of completion is better than yours overall. If we're playing a numbers game, we basically complete all our contracts faster than RFF and fail just as many as you, if not LESS. Note this also includes high value contracts that include special cases above 5 billion.

    Thanks for the comparison, Siigari. First of all, I'd like to complement PushX for being our competitors. I for one, enjoy having competitors, and too many past competitors have failed too soon after launch. PushX has stayed on. I think having active competitors have made us better than we would have been without them. It is a welcome reminder to not become complacent, which I think we needed around the time PushX came onto the scene. I also think it is good for customers to have a choice.

    Now, onto why I chose to come out of my cave and answer:

    To compare the failure rates between Red Frog and PushX, it would probably be a more fair comparison if you compared RFF+BFF with the high-sec part of PushX, since you include high collateral contracts in your numbers, and we organize those contracts differently within Red-Frog.

    Failure rates:
    RFF + BFF: 195 of 106 560 accepted contracts (0,1829%)
    PUSHX: 44 of 24114 accepted contracts (0.1824%)

    Statistically, these failure rates are identical (no significant difference), and both corporations show a remarkable low failure rate in my opinion. The numbers were also presented slightly wrong in your post (you forgot to multiply with 100 before adding the percent sign).

    Anyway, I look forward to more comparisons between PushX and Red-Frog for 2013. Happy Hauling!

    Locin WeEda

  • Push Industries - March 2013 Service Changes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Syds Sinclair wrote:
    ..I'll chime in here. I've used RFF in the past, but never use them now. I've never used PUSH, and don't see myself using them in the future.

    I really don't see why anyone would use RFF or PUSH. There are just better alternatives out there.

    One benefit of using PUSH or RFF over public contracts that has not been mentioned yet, is what happens to your contract if you make a mistake (for example, if you forget to set collateral or set a too low collateral). In most cases, using RFF or PUSH, you will receive your goods, either as a rejected contract or as a delivered contract.

    I did a small study on our 2012 numbers: out of about 1100 contracts issued with 0 collateral, a bit over 800 got rejected, about 240 got delivered, and 10 of the contracts failed (due to contract thieves). While neither RFF nor PUSH can guarantee 100% that no pilot will ever run away with under-collateralized contracts, we can remove their access to the contracts if they do it once.

    If you did a similar study on public contracts, I have a feeling that the goods would not be returned that often to the contract issuer.

  • [Service] Red Frog Freight (High sec freight service) in EVE Marketplace

    Thanks for all the contracts. Queue is now exceptionally short, with the oldest outstanding contract being less than 12 hours old.
    Get your freight moved today.

  • [VLI] Vaughn Lampen Investments - All Accounts Closed and Refunded with Outstanding Interest! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Joshua Vaughn Lampen wrote:
    Announcement - VLI Investors Interest Payment

    Investors: Ischtar Grey, Locin WeEda, Anne Mar
    Date of Investment: 11 DEC / 9 DEC / 9 DEC
    Date of Return: 5 JAN
    Value of Investment: 2.725B / 2B / 150M
    Interest Earned: 190.75M / 140M / 10.5M
    Account Balance: 2.725B / 2B / 150M

    Screen Capture of ISK Transfer to Bond #3 Investors:


    Thank you for your continued investment in Vaughn Lampen Investments.

    I've also invoked my reserved right to pay interest / clear accounts early as its a Saturday and more conveinent for me. Big smile

    I confirm that I have received the interest payment as shown on the screenshot.

  • ★★★ Haulers Channel ★★★ in EVE Marketplace

    I approve of this channel. It is a good opportunity for solo haulers and corporate haulers alike to find contracts of interest, and perhaps a stepping stone before joining one of the larger freight corporations in Eve (like Red Frog and Push).

    I think the channel fills a niche that complements the larger freight corporations in Eve.
    Good initiative, Jita Rita.

    I will be following the channel with interest.

  • [Transfer] - Lampen Bond #3, 17.00B ISK - Transferred to: [VLI] - Vaughn Lampen Investments in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have just invested 2 billion into this venture.

  • [Service] Red Frog Freight (High sec freight service) in EVE Marketplace

    Ken Sunji wrote:
    Awesome service guys.

    Any chance you might introduce a surcharge for Charon sized load similar to Blue Frog?

    Hi Ken,

    I can't promise that. I have noted down your suggestion though.

    Our main thought behind the 860k m3 limit is that all freighter pilots that join us can do it, without having to train for level 5 (which fenrir pilots and providence pilots would have had to do if we chose 900k m3 as the limit.

    We will never require our Red Frog Freight pilots to use a particular freighter to do our contracts, as that may cause fewer applicants to our corp, or longer queues if we have a lack of charon pilots.

  • [Service] Red Frog Freight (High sec freight service) in EVE Marketplace

    Infinite Force wrote:
    bump - since i don't see a posting for black frog - excellent job and well done!

    Thanks for the bump, the Black Frog thread is here:


  • [Service] Red Frog Freight (High sec freight service) in EVE Marketplace

    Our contract queue is empty! Use the opportunity to get your courier contracts done in a short timeframe, while it last.

    See you in channel RF Freight !

  • Contracts API Cache time reduced in EVE Technology and Research Center

    We like it!

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