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  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    Thank you for taking the trouble to vote in the elections!

    Bobi Ahrire wrote:

    - noone wanted to buy my votes listed HERE
    - there are only 2 days left for voting
    - your thread was at the top of csm candidates forum and I couldnt bother to read all 60+ other threads (well I didn't really read yours either, only the title)
    - it will be funny to see some nullsec carebears/code guys crying if you get to CSM
    - currently highsec is more dangerous than sov nullsec but much less rewarding
    - highsec needs to be improved so we get more new, casual players

    I'm happy to inform you that you got 9 votes from me.
    2nd one on my list will be the Fuzzworks guy since I use his API


  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Brian Paone wrote:
    * What are your thoughts concerning the 3/10 DED site called "Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation"? Do you often run this specific site? Why or why not?

    I have no specific thoughts about that particular site. I can't remember specifically ever having run it. In general I found those sites either too easy or terribly hard with little in the way of "just right". I can make more ISK doing other stuff.

    Brian Paone wrote:
    * What is your position on the subject of reputation grinding via missions? Do you believe it is fine the way it is or would you propose changes, and why?

    I had a question about Standings/Reputation already in this thread, from someone trying to promote their own ideas. Maybe you should check that out?
    Standings/Reputaton have become increasingly irrelevant over time. I regret the time I wasted grinding standings... I notice no effect from them, and if I could earn better ISK with better standings / reputation then it is not enough ISK more to motivate me to grind. With the changes regarding Jump clones and the arrival of citadels... standings etc are completely irrelevant for me now.

    Brian Paone wrote:
    * What are your thoughts on NPC corporations?

    I think it would be fun for Capsuleers to be allocated to more NPC corporations than currently. Maybe even influenced by standings. Otherwise the NPC corporations are also pretty much invisible and irrelevant for me and my gameplay.

    Brian Paone wrote:
    * What are your thoughts concerning the overall size of high-sec space? Too big? Too small? Just right? And, of course, why?

    If anything it is too big. I don't know why CONCORD would waste resources policing systems that have no activity. And there are very many systems that are just lifeless... honestly I was thinking it might be fun to have the SEC of a system fluctuate a tiny bit depending on activity... but I expect I will write more on that after the elections.

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    LeConte Boudreaux wrote:
    Do you also agree?

    The answer to that question is contained in the above thread.
    I hate answering the same question over and over again. If you took time to read what I wrote you would not need to ask this question.
    Thank you for coming.

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    LeConte Boudreaux wrote:

    Thank you. I shall be sure to quote you (as above).

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    LeConte Boudreaux wrote:
    CSM representatives are elected for the people by the people.

    Perhaps there is no hi-sec representative because there was never meant to be one? The concept that any one body could sway the happenings of hi-sec devalues it's experience as an amorphic entity in the hands of the NPCs, not the players?

    Is High Sec an amorphic entity in the hands of NPCs and not the players?

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    LeConte Boudreaux wrote:

    Photographic evidence for authenticity.

    hi-sec needs a governing body that is not swayed by any player-group. To this day, I have not seen a finer job of this than CONCORD.

    Oh. And there was me thinking that a minerbumper would say something about their Saviour (who once was in the running for CSM until he withdrew... ever heard the interview? https://crossingzebras.com/csm8james315/ )

    I am talking about the CSM, which does not necessarily have something to do with governing High Sec.
    Please, if you are going to post on my CSM thread, try and keep on subject.

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    As an aside, I got booted from the minerbumping channel when I tried to invite them to the discussion.
    I will probably post the chatlogs (such as they are) on my blog later.

    [20:33:26] LeConte Boudreaux > I've updated myself on what ever Lorelei Ierendi was on about. She's running for Hi-sec CSM? We've already got a Savior.
    [20:36:39] Hero Of HiSec > I doth not believe in democracy but Toxic Yaken is yonder HiSec candidate.
    [20:36:50] Tax Collector KarlMarx > Carebear only vision for hisec*
    [20:36:58] Tax Collector KarlMarx > aka worthless
    [20:37:20] Hero Of HiSec > Democracy is Suicide.
    [20:39:30] LeConte Boudreaux > typical politician.

    Noone there has actually read my threads or anything I have said. Typical high sec!
    I guess when I run next year they will also be getting all uptight about how I don't consider their playstyle or appreciate their content or whatever...
    Well suckers... you had your chances. I don't wanna hear any more of your complaints.

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    Sivar Ahishatsu wrote:

    3rd - Would you be for an expansion of High Sec to include low sec?
    Nope. Why would anyone be for that? There are lots of high sec systems with hardly any life... why make more of them? That will not address any problems...
    I have mined / existed in High Sec. I have mined / existed in LowSec and I have mined / existed in nullSec. Despite my Killboard I felt safest in Null Sec. NullSec for Mining Safety... and I would urge my Carebear cousins to try it.

    Sivar Ahishatsu wrote:
    Meaning expanding the CONCORD rule set to include all the way to 0.2. With only 0.1 systems being bereft of CONCORD presence.
    CONCORD do and mean nothing. Literally nothing. Gankers have optimised themselves so much... that expanding CONCORD response space will make (IMHO) large swathes of EVE much LESS attractive for anyone who uses them.
    What do the different SEC statuses really mean, anyway? Different ores available? One can do quite well just mining Veldspar (just ask Chribba).

    Sivar Ahishatsu wrote:
    How do you think this would sound current to High Sec Citizens?
    The overwhelming majority of High Sec citizens wouldn't hear it if you said it. That is the sad truth. And what would they do with it? Like I said, there are already enough High Sec systems... or do you think everyone should have their own.

    Now a question from me: Have you tried, for example, ganking? Do you know what you are talking about?

    Sivar Ahishatsu wrote:
    4th- You speak of

    [quote]The problem with High Sec space is that the players there are all independent. There is no feeling of "we". This lack of "we" is a problem. The lack of "we all stand together" is a problem. The "apathy of the carebear" is a problem...

    Do you think this to be a result of lack of trust? Maybe even some level of fear? Are Empire citizens apathetic to one another because they fear and do not trust one another no knowing who will turn around to back stab them or Player Kill them in an ambush or Declare War on them? Is this maybe what prevents Empire citizens form developing a "WE"?/quote] No, I do not think it is a lack of trust, in general. I do not think it has anything to do with fear. I do not think the average High Sec carebear of which I speak knows enough about the game or game mechanics to develop either a lack of trust... or fear. Seriously... have you tried speaking to High Sec carebears about things.
    In your question I think you credit the basic carebear with too much insight. There have already been great changes in the game (eg the End of Awoxing, the End of War Decs with Character Log-On/Off info...) that have done a lot to benefit High Sec Carebears.... but most of us do not know it. Sad but true.... oh so true.
    As it stands, war decs are easy to avoid.... simply CORPS reform...

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to write.
    I saw your independent thread on the forums: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=514372&find=unread
    which I took time to answer.

    Sivar Ahishatsu wrote:
    Hello Lorelei,

    At this point I would like to state/ask the following things:

    a) Are you asking/posting just for yourself.... or do you represent a larger block of votes that will be cast? It is very late in the campaign season.. the voting ends soon. Is answering your post going to bring me votes, and be worth it? Or is answering your post going to maybe annoy / dissatisfy the people that have already voted for me... if they read something they do not like?

    What do you think?

    b) Did you know, you can only quote 5 times in a forum post? I did not know until I tried more. But trying to answer 8 questions with only 5 quotes is blowing my mind. (yes my English teacher would have shot me for starting a sentence with "But"... but he is not here.... or is he??)

    c) Have you maybe, really read this forum thread? Maybe even my blog? Maybe even my other forum threads??? Honestly... after years of bad experience at work... I cannot stand repeating myself too often. I apologise if I get aggressive (well I am not sorry if I get aggressive if you ask me something I already answered... like CONCORD or BUMPING or some such stuff... your own fault!).

    That being said... the answer to your post might take several posts.... exactly because of the quoting restrictions. Here we go!

    Sivar Ahishatsu wrote:
    8th- Why do you play EVE?
    Taking the easiest question first!
    I like EVE. I (more or less.... read previous posts / listen to interviews) started being interested in Space Sims with Elite... and spent really too much time with Elite II / Frontier (instead of studying). I was a kick-ass trader flying my panther between Barnard's Star and Sol! I got soooo rich!
    EVE lets me do the same things... only my actions actually *gasp* affect other people. That makes me important (or at least feel important).
    Stuff like that is why I play EVE. If I wanted to play a game where I would not get ganked / scammed / lost then I would play another game. I joined EVE knowing what it was. What I absolutely really think is that it is quite [AUTO CENSOR SUCKS] to want to change EVE into something that it is definitely not.

    More answers coming later... maybe also on my blog... because you asked a lot!

  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    Hey guys,

    Gevlon says "Hi"... it's like he can't forget you, man!

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    Thanks again for all the feed back, and remember - Let's keep it civil here and within the realms of the forum rules Blink

    All the Tinfoil CSM theories and leak theories make me smile... as if the CSM was that relevant... (says a Candidate).

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    "What is the CSM?"


    For those of you (like me) that missed CCP promoting this video... here it is!

  • Higsec Security and Justice plan? in Council of Stellar Management

    Sivar Ahishatsu wrote:
    Please feel fee to reply here with links to your Intro posts so I can look up your plans and better decide on voting.

    Please only Candidates who actually have a plan to Improve Security and Justice in Highsec.

    Thank you kindly.

    if searching through the threads of the 64 candidates is too much work for you:


    feel free to post questions in my thread... I don't normally venture into other threads...

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    Thanks for stopping by my thread and taking time to post.

    Myszokar Asterlan wrote:
    Hello! I'd like to ask your opinion concerning recent changes, particularly alpha clones stuff and Aura's voice.

    Aura's voice: well apart from those times I need it, I play EVE with sound off... listening to my own music or something. I must admit, the change in voice takes some getting used to.

    Alpha Clones: Having the potential to have more people experience EVE and join is not a bad thing... and being able to log in to the game to catch up with friends without having to subscribe for a month seems also to have postive sides. I tried out an Alpha clone... trying to think if I have any use for Alpha alts... but at the moment they are not for me.

    Any other recent changes you would like my opinion on? My EVE experience is getting laggier with every update - or so it seems. I need to update my computer.

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    ShockedI just happened to be online when I got a notification about the elections:

    Greetings citizen of New Eden,

    Voting for the Council of Stellar Management, the democratically elected EVE player council, is now open to all Omega accounts. If you are eligible to vote, please head to the CSM page where you can study the candidates and cast your vote for up to 10 candidates of your choice.

    Make CSM 12 your CSM.

    Video tutorial on how to vote

    Happy voting!

    This makes me so happy!

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri wrote:
    It wasn't faction police that killed him, it was faction navy. Different thing. You get attacked by them for bad faction standings, not bad sec status. And you do get a popup warning when you try jumping into hghsec while under -5.0 sec.

    Of course, ther could be a separate popup for jumping into hostile imperial systems, but where's the hilarity in that?

    Thanks for the correction.

    What gets on my nerves is that some things are completely babysat (I get warnings when I accept a distribution mission if the cargo does not fit in my active ship... I get warnings when I try undocking without the cargo on my ship - no really!) and other things are not. By having so much babysitting it is hard for carebears to know what gets warned and what doesn't... and it leads to a false (unfair) sense of security. I mean if the game warns me that I am undocking without cargo, it warns me when CONCORD are going to turn off my engines and blap me... why wouldn't it warn me that the Navy are going to fry me?

    I would plead for consistency. Partial babysitting is not fun from my perspective.

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    Thank you for taking the time to post in my thread... and by the looks of it in lots of other threads too! There cannot be enough engaging of the candidates to encourage debate.

    Cochise Chiricahua wrote:
    07 Candidate!

    First, thank you for your time and effort (both present and future) in representing the capsuleers of New Eden! They’re much appreciated.

    I’m preparing to cast my vote in the CSM12 elections. After reading the information you submitted, though, I still have a question.

    Which information did you read?

    Cochise Chiricahua wrote:
    So, my question. Where do you stand on high-sec ganking?

    I asked which information you read because I addressed and posted the subject of high sec ganking in my opening post in this thread. I also included links to where I talked about it in more detail in my campaign threads last year and the year before, and on my (seldom used) blog. As it happens, high sec ganking is one of the most important themes for me!

    As you say... you read the information I posted... but obviously you are still unclear on where I stand. Do you have any specific questions about what I wrote that I could help you with?

    Cochise Chiricahua wrote:
    This frustration drove me into anti-ganking, and I’ve been a proud member of Thomas en Chasteaux's High-Sec Militia for several months now.

    I was proud to have been the CSMX Candidate endorsed by the Anti-Ganking community and channel. Especially proud because I did not actively court them, but dedicated members read through all the relevant candidates and decided that I was as close to a candidate that represented what they felt. They helped me come in 15th place in the election... Sadly people in High Sec have been losing interest in the CSM since then.

    Cochise Chiricahua wrote:
    As a member of the CSM, would you present such an idea to CCP? Would you push for its adoption? What other game changes might you consider to make high-sec ganking more difficult and less profitable?

    And there was me thinking that you read what I wrote...
    Before I get any further, have you tried high sec ganking? Do you have an idea how difficult and dangerous it already is? (See campaign thread #1 back when I was the anti-ganking candidate for some discussion on this: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=386664 )

    I get you wanted to copy/paste lots of candidates in the CSM thread in order to draw attention to Thomas' idea and bring up the issue of ganking in high sec... The answers to the majority of your questions have already been covered by me. Changes to ganking/bumping/CONCORD... As I wrote in my opening thread:

    Please read my last threads before posting questions... we really do not need to cover the points that have been discussed before... high sec is worth fighting for!

    I am more than happy to discuss the issue, my issue, with you... but I don't necessarily want to repeat the stuff I have been saying for three years now. If you would like to debate this with me, please take the time to do some reading... and/or look for me in the anti-ganking channel. I hope that you will read through my response before answering.

    EDIT: You should maybe try and collate the responses that you get, maybe on Thomas' blog, so that other people can benefit from your hard work. Statistically speaking it is the third day of voting and probably more than half of the people that care enough to vote have already voted... this effort on the part of the EVE community might have been more productive shortly after the candidates were announced...

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    So whilst running around in my transport ships and keeping an eye on zkillboard to check out where hotspots of ganking are, I saw this:


    Someone lost a 19B Freighter to faction police. In Perimeter.

    The game mechanics warn you when you undock and are going to get blapped by Concord... why not do the same for Faction Police?

    Or why not stop warning people that undock and get blapped by CONCORD because of the criminal timer?

    Either people need popup help or they do not...

  • High Sec Mercs in Council of Stellar Management

    There are plenty of us out there, it seems.

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    I am actually planning to vote towards the end of the week, because I am waiting to see if anything new comes up... but...
    I know that statistically, most of the people that are going to vote do so in the first couple of days. They have already made up their minds, or had their minds made up for them.

    So this is what my voting list looks like at the moment. - in case any of my supporters are unsure what to do with their votes. I will happily answer any questions people have about it.

    Lorelei Ierendi

    commander aze

    Toxic Yaken


    Steve Ronuken

    rhiload Feron-drake

    Ariel Rin

    Juvenius Drakonius

    Erika Mizune

    DJ Thomas


    JTClone Ares

  • High Sec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    So the eve of the elections is upon us.
    I would like to take this time to encourage everyone to vote, for whoever they want (or whoever their block tells them).
    It would be nice, now that we have all forgotten the drama of CSMX if the percentage of participants in the voting could start climbing, so that the "playerbase representation" of the CSM could become fact instead of fiction.

    I am afraid CCP has a long way to go in getting the numbers working for high sec... and from what I have observed in the last three years the interest in the CSM is dwindling...

    "No and I'm also not going to look for one as I'm not going to vote." - A fairly typical response from one of my ex-Supporters on the subject of "a solution to the low turnout in High Sec Voters..."

    I think it would be nice if CCP could bombard us with popups or notifications (like that cluster shutdown thing for downtime) - for example at login - so that everyone that logs into EVE is at least aware that the CSM exists.

    Still I am looking forward to seeing what happens.

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