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  • Xenuria: CSM 10 in Council of Stellar Management

    So if I put you in a room with a load of "smug socially validated eve players" and then moved you to a room with normal people, what would happen?

    A: Nothing, you simply manage to alienate yourself and offend every single social group in EVE, evidenced by your recent appearance on capstable.

    Does your mere presence emasculate people? You must be in the wrong job?

    How would you regard your comments of last year when you called an employee of CCP Games "F**ktarded stupid"? Are you ready to quit flinging mud at people you dont like or don't agree with?



    (Thats the person you'll be voting for btw, would not vote, sharp knees etc)

  • Khador Vess for CSM X - New Players, Bitter Vets... Lend me your ears in Council of Stellar Management

    I'd vote for him

  • Advertise on EVE TV during NEO II - Thursday Midnight Deadline! in EVE Communication Center

    Am available for select commissions.

    Portfolio avalable on request and my advert for Rote Kapelle can be found on my youtube channel.


  • WTS Minmatar/Caldari PvP character, tri-race Recon specialist! in EVE Marketplace

    As discussed via PM I have bought this character for 11.7Bn ISK. Account Details have been supplied via evemail to Brutor Corsair.

  • WTS Minmatar/Caldari PvP character, tri-race Recon specialist! in EVE Marketplace

    11Bn B/O with ISK available immediatly

  • SOLD in EVE Marketplace

    4bn B/o, im ready with the isk today if you mail me after downtime

  • WTS 18.4m SP Minmatar Focused Combat Pilot in EVE Marketplace

    5bn B/O

  • Lone Star Ventures Inc - High/Low Sec - Community-focused, newbro friendly corp looking for more! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center


    Here at Lone Star Exploration, Lone Star Joint Venture, Lone Star Academy and Lone Star Partners, we feel you are impinging on our name and reputation. Given the similarities between the name of your new corporation and ours (which have been around for many years) we feel that you are trading on our image and as such are in breach of the EULA and ToS, which have been recently updated to represent this change.

    I'd advise you to contact me so that we can negotiate a fee for your use of the "Lone Star" name, rather then having to take this to a support ticket.



  • Syndicate Competitive League 4 in EVE Communication Center

    Ryhss wrote:
    Will it be "televised"?(YouTube, EveTV)

    streamed over twitch

  • Introducing: The Complete Unknown, A Capsuleers Guide to W-Space [v1.01][Out of Date - Oddessy] in EVE Gameplay Center

    Malception wrote:
    Lorkin, you son-of-a-goat-sucking-dog, you're not supposed to disclose our private correspondence. How am I supposed to maintain my image of a cold-hearted space-murderer if you expose my kind words in front of the world?!


  • Introducing: The Complete Unknown, A Capsuleers Guide to W-Space [v1.01][Out of Date - Oddessy] in EVE Gameplay Center

    Malception wrote:
    On behalf of the rainbow-colored-man-thong-wearing members of CLDMN I endorse this product. If you have seen a wormhole but haven't read this guide then you're doing it wrong. Next version needs a foreword from a priest of Bob or something.

    And he sent me an EVE-mail too :)

    Malception wrote:

    The Complete Unknown
    From: Malception
    Sent: 2013.09.10 12:23
    To: Lorkin Desal,

    Hey man, I'm not sure if you're working on your guide solo or if you've got a massive team backing you up for content or whatever, but if you need any help with it I'd be glad to give you a hand. The Complete Unknown is probably the best guide to wormhole space available despite the release of Odyssey and when I was first starting out in w-space it was the best of the three guides I was referencing.

    Anyway, I'm too stingy to send you ISK, but I'd be glad to volunteer my time and do what I can to help keep this awesome tool you've created ahead of the curve.


    Just so you all know, The Complete Unknown has so far been a solo effort, but i'm not unwilling to accept help. What we really need is a wishlist of "Jesus features" that you all really want, so I can start work on editing the guide.

    I'm REALLY sorry that it's taken this long for an update, I really am. I promise its coming, although its very slow.

  • Question for CCP regarding payment in EVE Communication Center

    Nova Satar wrote:
    Buhhdust Princess wrote:
    Nova Satar wrote:
    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Next time we'll just pay in bitcoins or beer or something.

    imagine if eve had its own currency, that'd make things a little easier lolol ohwait....

    Tbf nova the entire point of the NEO was to open eve online up in to e-sports. Unfortunately i doubt that will happen now. CCP should get on to twitch, learn from this and try again though! Altho i doubt they want to

    and anybody who entered it would be mental

    being mental is a requirement in reputation cartel pilots.

  • Advertise on EVE TV during Alliance Tournament XI in EVE Communication Center

    would it be possible to submit different 15 second ads for the same organization, as long as they were different?. CCP could then cycle them depending on outcome ie win/lose, blowing up PL's flagship (again) .. etc

  • Advertise on EVE TV during Alliance Tournament XI in EVE Communication Center

    Lita F wrote:
    Is 29,970 acceptable frame rate ? or is it only 30 ?
    Is there even a difference ?

    technically it dosent matter but you can force 30fps. what software are you using?

    Also Rote Kapelle's advert is coming along nicely. It may or may not bash PL, in a totally playful way.

  • Drone Damage Amplifiers in EVE Communication Center

    Tankos Aphelion wrote:
    Are they considered as weapon upgrades?


  • Interest Check: No Holds Barred Exhibition Matches! in EVE Communication Center

    The REPUTATION CARTEL will own all everyone in this thing :D

  • Flagship Clarifications in EVE Communication Center

    By the specified date in July, you must tell them which ONE (1) ship type you are taking. The allowed ship-types are:

    Armageddon Imperial issue
    Armageddon Navy issue
    Apocalypse Imperial Issue
    Apocalypse Navy issue
    Scorpion Navy issue
    Raven Navy Issue
    Raven State Issue
    Dominix Navy issue
    Megathron Navy issue
    Megathron Federate Issue
    Typhoon Fleet issue
    Tempest Fleet issue
    Tempest Tribal Issue

    The fitting of your flagship can be chenged between matches;

    The Rules State:


    Any standard T1 or Faction battleship hull may be designated as a flagship.

    Team captains must indicate to the GM managing their match if they intend to use their flagship in any given match, and which pilot is flying the flagship.

    Flagships are able to fit faction, officer, cosmos, and Deadspace versions of the following modules, ignoring tournament rules to the contrary:

    All Highslot Modules (not including remote armour repair modules, remote shield transfer modules, or cloaking devices)
    Electronic Warfare Modules
    Weapon Upgrade Modules
    ONE Shield Booster or up to TWO Armour Repairers

    Flagship ship types must be created in advance and their ship type submitted to CCP Alliance Tournament via EVEmail no later than July 14th. The fittings for a flagship do not have to be disclosed. The names of flagships do not to be disclosed or remain constant this year, unlike previous tournaments. Fittings may also be changed from match to match.

    All flagship hull types will be published in the flagships section of the EVE Online Alliance Tournament site following the deadline date.

    A flagship may be fielded in any match, even if its ship type has been banned, and counts as a normal ship in every way other than the ones defined above.

    A flagship costs the same points value as for a normal ship of its type.

    You are under no obligation to field your flagship in any given match.

    If your flagship is destroyed, it may not be fielded again during the tournament.

  • Introducing: The Complete Unknown, A Capsuleers Guide to W-Space [v1.01][Out of Date - Oddessy] in EVE Gameplay Center

    It sure would. Also it looks pretty.

  • Introducing: The Complete Unknown, A Capsuleers Guide to W-Space [v1.01][Out of Date - Oddessy] in EVE Gameplay Center

    My Wormhole guide has been made out of date by the expansion EVE:Online Oddessy. A New Version is being worked on and will be released shortly.

  • [WTS] Revenant BPC (Closed) in EVE Marketplace