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  • Ok mining orca fit... I guess in EVE Gameplay Center

    elitatwo wrote:
    Luthor Ikkala wrote:
    ....Perhaps the fact that orca mines better? And is better booster if you fleet up with friends. Has enough tank to survive gank tries in hi-sec. do you need more reasons?

    Sorry my bad.

    You must be right then. Flying a high-speed Orca at 10m/s would be much better than a t1 battlecruiser with 100% insurance going 1500m/s.

    All this kiting must have gone in my head. Sitting still is the way to go.

    I can see this now.

    Why are you talking about t1 Battlecruisers when we are talking about mining command ships and mining with them alone?
    If i go to a belt with orca i dont want to move at all until ive cleared all the rocks near me.

    as for the fit.

    If you are planning to mine alone change the rigs.

    go with large mining drone augmentors.

    For the tank i cant give good options im still learning the game aswell!

    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    EM Ward Field II
    Thermal Dissipation Field II
    Kinetic Deflection Field II

    thats what i'd use.

  • Ok mining orca fit... I guess in EVE Gameplay Center

    elitatwo wrote:
    Silly question, why do you want to mine ore in a command ship with a ship hangar for mining ships?

    I would understand mining in a Porpoise and I tried it once, was really fast to let the drones do it for you but an Orca?

    What am I missing?

    Perhaps the fact that orca mines better? And is better booster if you fleet up with friends. Has enough tank to survive gank tries in hi-sec. do you need more reasons?

  • Insurance Business: Rough idea - any interest for this? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Fannie Anathema wrote:
    I don't know how exactly you would get this working - and considering it takes a while to get a full payout, I wouldn't be sure about actually purchasing such a service.

    However, one thing I would be interested in is a rent-a-citadel program, where I can pay a monthly fee to have a citadel or EC (possibly shared) with whatever I want in it.

    As we dont know how this will work. we only have our guesses. but they way im thinking of this. If you make a insurance contract for 10 months and you will pay lets say 10% of the contract value each month, ofc it will take some time until you will get full payout otherwise the corp would definitely lose isk doing this! But if we have a option to pay lets say 50% contract value upfront and after that smaller values each month we could reach the higher payout faster. these kinds of contracts would let the holding corp to make a fair amount of profit by trading or other means right after they get the payment. imagine 10bn upfront payment, with dedicated traders how much can you make profit in a month? i can say its not less than 1bn. i see this kind of contracts to be worth it for the company and this whole business. more isk they get the more isk they can use to trade or what ever projects they have going. I think at the end of the first insurance contract i would like to be offered to continue my insurance for some fixed amount a month. with the payout at the end of that 2nd contract being 15bn for the first + 5bn for the 2nd contract and lets say a small 1-2% intrest when the second contract is fulfilled. Ofc there is no limit imo how long you can run these contracts. after the first initial big contract you only need to run smaller contracts to get monthly revenues for the corporation. hopefully this will go live!

  • Trade Hubs in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:
    The primary hub is Jita, the secondary hub is Perimeter.

    Amarr and Dodixie used to be major hubs and remain relevant as regional hubs.

    Rens and Hek no longer exist in any meaningful sense.

    what Sabriz said you shouldnt consider hek or rens if you want to make isk in game. Yes it can be somewhat profitable not in a sense of isk/hr but for certain mods you will get higher margin out there but ofc volumes are so low that its hard to make decent amount of profit there!

  • Insurance Business: Rough idea - any interest for this? in EVE Gameplay Center

    How i see this working. When you have something like rorqual where the hull cost of ship is nothing compared to the cost of fitting the ship. I would get a insurance for the fit with high monthly payments to ease the risk of losing. For example i could pay 10bn upfront and after that 1bn a month for the remainder of contract. This way at the start i could get decent amount of isk if id lose my ship at the start of the insurance. For the corp this kind of deals allows them to make decent profit early on. I dont see why this couldnt work. Ofc there is always people that will try to take advantage over these kinds of projects.

  • Building Orca & Freighters in ECs in EVE Gameplay Center

    Be aware that if the owner doesnt provide fuel for the structure your job is halted! I had to go through that when i built my orca. it was a series of negotiating via google translator to get the job done i even bought fuel for the structure :)

  • To sell ore or refine? in EVE Gameplay Center

    73% will give you benefit when reprocessing depending on ore you will refine. high trit ore's are not so lucrative atm. but for example mexallon is decent. Are you selling in trade hubs or regionally where you live?

  • Insurance Business: Rough idea - any interest for this? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Toobo wrote:
    Dear MD, \o?

    Together with my good corp mate, we have an idea to offer a financial service that could benefit both the customers and investors to the program.

    It is still rather early stage to disclose & discuss the full details on the forum, but I would like to see a) if there's some interest in this from potential investors, b) invite people to join the discussion, where I will send out a group memo/eve-mail to outline more details and progress the discussion towards actual implementation of the program.

    While there are many rough ideas, the first one I would like to start with as our 'project' is player driven insurance program.

    The idea is simple

    1. The client buys an insurance program from the insurance corp

    2. The client could be a single pilot, or a corporation or even an alliance (probably start small though)

    3. The target for the insurance is freighters, citadels and ECs

    4. The idea is that the Insurance Corp offers some degree of pay out in case the client suffers loss of relatively high-value assets of the above types

    5. Each client will have his/her/their risk level assessed based on their past loss records as well as other variables that may come into play

    6. When the insurance fee per month and the duration of the insurance is agreed between the client and the insurance corp, the insurance shall start

    7. If the client loses his insured asset during the insurance period, the insurance corp will pay out the client according to pre-defined rate as agreed during the insurance contract phase

    8. The main principle is that an early loss of the insured asset will not be a good option for the client, as the asset will not be fully covered until the client has paid X value of the insurance fee. This shall act as a basic means to prevent insurance fraud and also to ensure that the insurance corp can maintain good reserve fund that can be put into work to keep the capital growing

    9. Aftger X months (or any other given time depending on the contract) of insurance fee has been paid, the client will find that he can enjoy the maximum coverage for his insured asset

    10. After the insurance contract has expired, the client shall receive 100% + x% of the insurance fee he has paid during the period, effectively profitting from the insurance scheme as a form of slow-investment

    11. The benefit for the insurance corp is that it can use the insurance fee income to engage in various other trade, production and investment activities, while keeping a safe buffer for early pay outs in case of loss for the clients (with limited pay out rate before X number of months has been reached).

    12. Simply put, it could work like this - the Insurance Corp estimates that it can make 10% profit on its collected fund over the period of 6 months. The policy can be set up so that the clients will be paid out 103% of their insurance fee paid upon completion of the insurance contract. This leaves profit margin for the insurance corp over long term (just random numbers at this point)

    13. Of course, one of the main issue is that the insurance corp needs to have enough buffer ISK to make this work, and to achieve this, I am willing to invest in my own ISK (+assets as collateral) but I would be happy to have other investors on board, who will get the cut of the Insurance Corp's profit while helping the insurance corp to maintain healthy reserve fund level + enough excess ISK to seize investment opportunities.

    So in summary;

    A) No insurance fraud. The most ISK a client can make will be if he does NOT lose his ship/asset and the insurance period runs its course to the end, in that case the client will make similar ROI as a common bonds found on MD, but without putting up a lump sum up front, instead he shall be putting in monthly payment as insurance fee. This is pretty good deal as a savings/investment

    B) If anyone loses their asset deliberately to claim the insurance ISK, the time frame where the claimed ISK will be 'worth it' will be the time that the insurance corp has gained enough value from the monthly fees received, hence no loss for the insurance corp at that point. The loss value, NPC insurance rate, amount of insurance fee paid up to that point by the client, the insurance duration and all these factors will be calculated into the pay out rate

    C) Multiple clients+big enough buffer from the investors should ensure that the insurance corp will run relatively stable, and generate steady long term profit, despite some sudden dips when big pay outs need to be made (but again, this shall be controlled as much as possible)

    Anyways, this is the rough idea. We have already made some calculations on possible rates and such based on some randomly picked zkill loss records of various corps (just so we have some practical sample data to see what the numbers will be like), and I believe with variable rates, duration and coverage % it will be possible to run such an insurance corp that can benefit both the client and the investors.

    As it is still very early stage and I'm just testing water, I will not disclose and discuss the calculations/formula here for now. But I would be happy to receive anybody's input on this as a general concept, and also if anybody would be interested in investing in such an insurance fund.

    We can hold basic discussions here, and if there are sufficient interest from potential investors we could move the discussion to in-game mailing list, where the actual numbers can be discussed & put under close scrutiny, so that we can agree on the optimal value for the investors while keeping the insurance service an attractive option for potential clients.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.


    This is probably one of the best ideas tbh. I see how this could encourage people to use their valuable ships for example. Big thumbs up for this. And as it is mentioned ny trusted MD active gets me exited 😃

  • Trade Pros, question for you... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:
    I sometimes manipulate prices down but more often I look for items where metagame changes have done the manipulation for me.

    After the carrier changes I bought literally tens of thousands of T2 sentry drones on this basis at 45-50% of production cost.

    I'll be holding them ages, but that's OK by me. They are starting to increase in price now. Slow gains.

    What sabriz sais, occasionally you will find items that you can buy under the production cost. All you need after that is just patience.

  • Looking for some feedback as well as some advice in EVE Gameplay Center

    In eve fun isnt as shortlived as you state. I believe fun just evolves with you. I like industry and exploration and lately ive been training my alt for some pvp fun! But still everytime i log my alt i always come back to my industry toon. There is just so much to do in every aspect of this game. Someone likes to make isk, and therefore im hoping the best of luck op! Perhaps oneday i will be using your services aswell!

  • Loan - 3B, 15%, no collateral in EVE Gameplay Center

    Well for what its worth, un-collaterralised loans have a bit higher interest rate! Id go for 15-20% who wants risk his isk for 150m?

  • ok Theft question? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Balisto two wrote:

    i have director rights in a corp/alliance who own multiple different types of citadels.
    Can i transfer all the stations my own corp :)


    Of course also emptying the entire corp wallet along with multiple poses and bpo colection

    but my question is just for stations.?

    I'd say think before you act! youre talking about peoples hard work and hours spent to achieve those things. Yes eve is just a game but still would you rather spend your time playing this game with a good rep and plenty of good friends to fly with, or will you take the easy road and steal your isk? it will give you so much more if you just play with your corp mates and have fun with them rather than take their hard work.

  • a question about mining fitting in EVE Gameplay Center

    Manicomio Tripudion wrote:
    Mikkir wrote:
    Depends on how you mine.

    If you fill your ore hold and go back to station it's a bad ship, as you end up spending more time warping than mining.

    If you dump into a deployable can or into a hauler it has the highest yield. However, it is very gankable (high sec) and doesn't have a very sturdy tank (null sec). If you have the right fleet it can be well worth it, but you have to plan your fleet around it, where the mack and skiff need less concessions.

    So it depends on what kind of player you are.

    thanks for joining the topic Mikkir.

    well, i don't spend regular time on eve, so when i'm in for mining i prefer to do it in a fixed and secure place (0.6 actually), filling jetcans until less than two hours (azure plagioclase, 4 jetcans usually), then going back to station to get my miasmos and get all the jetcans. so, maximize the yeld is my aim

    How much can you mine with retriever per cycle? My mining skills aint the best but in 169sec i can mine about 1900m3 with t1 stripminer and about 2300m3 with t2 stripminer and t1 crystal. For those numbers my orca beats them and porpoise gets pretty close aswell. And i actually like mining with porpoise as i dont have to dock up at all during my mining session. And with orca i like how fast the drones actually mine.

  • looking for minning op protection in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tisiphone Dira wrote:
    I'd be happy to offer your mining op protection.

    From her you will get the best protection! 😃

  • Trade Pros, question for you... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Well the market is a funny thing in eve. If you go by that road you might have a long waiting with your isk tied in 1-2 products.

  • Miner Extortion by Gankers in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sasha Nemtsov wrote:
    Minittor wrote:
    Ok so I can fit a Procurer to get about 64k ehp. with 5 scout drones giving 90 dps. How much what that cost to gank? Would you bother?

    You'd spend all that on a barge and forgo a measly 10 million for a Permit? That's Isk-grubbing miserliness right there, miner.

    I know it's going to be difficult for you to understand, but I tell you that there will be more rejoicing in MinerBumping over one miner who repents than over 99 Code compliants who've no need of repentance.

    It's not about the money, miner; it's about the Code.

    Well some miners dont think the permit stops you from ganking them. There is always excuse to gank a miner. Fit thats not correct, mining like a bot whatever. Your permit would be okay and worth the 10mil if it would prevent future ganks, but however as it does not many thinks it isnt worth paying for

  • Bondpocalypse Now - 10b, 3%, no collateral in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hmm i really hope everything goes well. My personal experience is that, if you try to rush things and just make quick isk, the project will eventually fall. Good luck! May this project be worth it!

  • Bondpocalypse Now - 10b, 3%, no collateral in EVE Gameplay Center

    Braondra wrote:
    I'll fund the 10b.

    Well it didnt take long to get your hands on the bond market

  • Miner Extortion by Gankers in EVE Gameplay Center

    ReaperAussie Lennelluc wrote:
    There are many Ganker corps out there extorting money from Miners, for Mining in the Area, wherever that may be.

    They want Miners to "Buy" a " Permit" from them, which is NO guarantee that you will not be attacked.

    These People should be stopped from extorting ISK from people to Mine.

    Mining is a part of the game and does not need to be placed under a bounty situation for those whom do not want to fight or pay for mining.

    Mining is free apart from buying the ships to mine with.


    Thats just part of the game! And a part that makes this game as good as it is. I like the idea that youre not sade anywhere. It makes you think what to fly and how to fit it!

  • looking for minning op protection in EVE Gameplay Center

    Rent a sov null system it requires you to join an alliance but it could be worth it