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  • In your opinion what do you think draws players away, in EVE Communication Center

    Make EVE more about PVP everywhere and stop making it a carebear heaven.

  • Im looking to get a laptop to play eve on, i cant really bring a desktop with me on a truck. in EVE Communication Center

    I play eve on an HP pavilion laptop. I paid about 750 bux for it. I can run two eves at the same time easily. The main thing I have is a 1 gig dedicated video card ontop of the ram. That helps a lot.

  • Pulling the Plug on WiS in EVE Communication Center

    I hated WIS anyway.

  • Galaxy Friends in EVE Communication Center

    Alara IonStorm wrote:
    MNagy wrote:
    Why does every faction have "High Sec" touching eachother.

    Same reason there is a troop build up at any DMZ. They are not going to leave the systems closest to their enemy undefended.

    Think of the fleet battles that would take place. That would be more like the videos we see.
    Every corp knows if they want an instant fight - fly through a corridor.

    Massive fleets would form and go for battle.
    More HS->HS wormholes could be created for jumping between sectors.
    Daily mission runners/care bears that just log in and run a mission and then log and never leave the relative system wouldn't really notice a difference.

    How many of us fly endlessly through LS and Nullsec and find there is only 1 person in local. (you).

  • Galaxy Friends in EVE Communication Center

    Why does every faction have "High Sec" touching eachother.

    If they really were factions, and were really at war, shouldn't there be a neutral zone between all 4 factions.
    HS to LS/Null Sec back to LS and back to HS

    If Minmatar hates Amar so much... they should be separated.

    IMO the galaxy should be split into 4 quadrants with Null sec in between.

    If you want to be a care bear, stay in hs.

    Not only that, but certain minerals should only be available in certain quadrants.
    I can play technially in 1 system my whole life and the game dynamic does not change through the whole game.
    It seems like its getting stale. Everywhere I go, its always the same (just different regular locals).


  • [Proposal] Remove Self-Destruct while engaged in combat in Council of Stellar Management

    I would also like to see no self destruct.

    Still need to be able to keep the "kill yourself as a pod" - on a large timer so nobody can scram you and hold you in space for hours with nowhere to go. -That would be funny however.

    +1 support either way though.

  • Lock This thread - shame on your ccp for allowing this to end this way - 7 pages of hate in EVE Communication Center

    Why would you want to play a game that consistantly rewards you and doesnt give you any setbacks.

    I find getting a little wrench thrown in my plans here and there makes the game interesting.
    Run an industrial ship past some campers ... that feelign is well worth the game in itself.

    It seems you are just looking for a 'care bear' style of play where you can just click things and just get stuff.

    Its like asking to play super mario 1, but also asking so you are invincible through the whole game. - Whats the point?

  • ***Updated*** Silent Doger (Still playing) of Red Alliance admits to RMT in EVE Communication Center

    For those of us who would have to go google what RMT stands for ( including me ) when it relates to online gaming...

    Real Money Transfer

  • [Proposal] Make abandoned POS's Un-anchorable. in Council of Stellar Management

    Lord Zim wrote:
    Malcanis wrote:
    Maybe the Hacking skill could give one a chance to unanchor an offline POS. (A higher chance for smaller POS, lower chance for Faction) That would be pretty neat, I think.

    Hacking an offline POS replaces its authentication table and makes it "yours", at which point you can do whatever you want with it. It doesn't matter when it ran out, if it's offline, it's hackable.

    Make it so CCP

  • [proposal] Expired Account Notification for Corp in Council of Stellar Management

    Andski wrote:

    Any serious corp would collect members' APIs.

    Or a paranoid corp.

  • [Proposal] Make abandoned POS's Un-anchorable. in Council of Stellar Management

    Smiling Menace wrote:
    I remember CCP saying ages ago that things floating in space that hadn't been used in 30 days or more would be removed. Not sure if that was ever implemented or not but seems like it should apply to abandoned POS's. Maybe move them to the Corp's HQ that anchored it? Or have it impounded so that if someone wants it, they can claim it later?

    Trouble with WH's is that the POS would probably still be used if the Corp that anchored it could find it again. And that's most likely the problem here, people leave the WH and forgot to BM the exit or got podded out of the WH with no way of finding it again.

    Still - a pos that is unfueled - should be ripe for the picking and should be able to be unanchored.

  • [proposal] Expired Account Notification for Corp in Council of Stellar Management

    Manage a corp and there is one thing that you do not know about your corp members...

    Who no longer plays eve and who has their account expired.

    When an account expires - it would be cool if you can send an email to corp / admins or something to let them know.

  • [Proposal] Make abandoned POS's Un-anchorable. in Council of Stellar Management

    +1 and then + 10000 more

    Its very annoying to see 100's of dead pos's everywhere.

    A pos should not have to be destroyed or left to rot in space forever as a placeholder.

    There should be 'profit' in taking a dead unfueled / abandoned pos.

  • [proposal] - Filter Local in Council of Stellar Management

    Drake Draconis wrote:
    FloppieTheBanjoClown wrote:
    As for removing local, I'm against that idea. I feel like it would strip out any notion of community in the game. As it stands now, when I land in a system with friends I strike up a conversation with them. You get to know people because you run into them frequently.

    New players would encounter significantly quieter, less friendly local channels as people would have a lot more reasons to not talk. Most of them would eventually stop even paying attention to local because it would so rarely be of any use. The worst part is how badly they would be victimized by more experienced players in high sec: neutral scouts would become even more valuable, and newer players at war wouldn't know they'd been spotted and followed by a neutral scout. Not knowing there might be wartargets immediately upon undocking from a station is a bad thing.

    I think the removal of local is limited to null-sec...but not low-sec/high-sec (empire space).

    And honestly....local is nothing more than trouble....aside from intel gather...its smack talk..spammnig....just a total waste of time...most socializing i do is in allinace/corp chats or private convos. But that's just my personal opinion.

    100% agree

  • [Proposal] New Pop-up Alert for all first time posters in Council of Stellar Management

    If being ignorant to new players and not educating them as to 'why' the idea does not have merrit instead of just telling them that they are 'dumb' may be a reason why its so hard for eve to gain new players.

    They are not accepted into the player base - that even though may not have 'valid' opinions...their opinions are valid to them.

  • What would you do? in EVE Communication Center

    I already do it now... when I put in something long into the skill cue.

  • Downtime in Council of Stellar Management

    I understand your frustration - but most people work in 'daylight' hours and that means that you want 100% of your employees at the ready if there is a problem.

    In the end I look at it as 'just a game' and an hour away from eve lets me do something else I probably should be doing.

  • [proposal] limit gang links to a single grid in Council of Stellar Management

    I agree with this ...

    I would however leave 'mining' bonus's off the table.

    Orca's and Rorqs cost waaaay too much with minimal defenses to force them to be sitting in an asteroid belt in 0.0 space.

    Otherwise +1

  • [proposal] Horizontal Scrollbars in Council of Stellar Management

    Plenty of windows such as editing members / titles / even your bookmarks people and places screens.

    ALL these windows have data to the right but no horizontal scroll bar, and you have to keep making the window bigger to get to the data.

    Please add horizontal scroll bars.

  • What's with this b.s. 1-month kill right window? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I have to say I like the idea,

    But ONLY if the attacker as well loses a lot less standing for the kill.

    Having the kill rights - or making the kill is what seems to be the fun part of the game.