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  • Percentage of chars of each race? in EVE Communication Center

    Chribba wrote:

    Perfect. Thanks! That was a surprise. So many Gallente, so few Amarr and Minmatar....

  • Percentage of chars of each race? in EVE Communication Center

    No sources for statistics? Any ideas where to look?

  • Percentage of chars of each race? in EVE Communication Center

    I was wondering about the distribution of players characters among the four races. In other words, what percent are Amarr, what percent Gallente, etc. No practical reason, I was just curious as to which races are most popular and least popular as choices for chars. Are there statistics out there somewhere? I couldn't find anything via internet search.

  • Citadels and engineering complexes profitable? in EVE Communication Center

    Salvos Rhoska wrote:
    As with all real estate or business:
    -Location, location, location.
    -Competitive prices/rates.
    -Desirable commodities.
    -Good support services.
    -Managing customer relations.
    -Adequate security for you and clients.

    ECs near resources.
    Cits near trade lanes.
    Then network them to feed into each other.

    Another option is to provide services to specific isolated constellations, which helps micromanage relations with locals as potential clients. (albeit most will probably already have their own infrastructure)

    All things considered, it will probably take you many months at least to recoup your investment and build up clients so prepare for the long term.

    Or, setup various scams there to catch unwary/drunk players for potentially huge profits per hit.
    There are a LOT of them to use, and a great deal of fools/drunks to fall for them.
    Furthermore, you can use a legit and a scam structure concurrently, such that one finances/feeds into the other.

    PS: WHs have an extremely limited clientele (which will almost certainly be hostile to you, unless you join them), and no Asset Safety.

    PPS: For optimal results, form Corps based there and recruit, to create your own internal clientele as well as a myriad of other benefits (such as a regular income, supply of commodities, connections, word of mouth advertising, aggressive AWOX potential on competitors, looks good to investors, and potentially even an inhouse capable defense force etc.)

    PPPS: If you are really motivated/committed/good, try to negotiate a loan so you can expand with complimentary structures to cut market share from competitors dramatically (or even to finance a mercenary attack on them). There are a lot of very rich players very eager to throw money at someone that shows dedication and smarts. That is their metagame, its how they play EVE. Finding those diamonds in the rough. Be prepared to show them a coherent business model/plan, rather than showing up with nothing but your hat in your hands. If you do that, you will be well ahead of atleast 90% of other loan applicants.

    And if you manage to deliver on their money, investors will fight each other tooth and nail to throw even more money at you thereafter.

    GL. May the isk be with you.

    Man, that's interesting. But I have to admit to myself-- in Eve market stuff, there will always be someone with more math talent, bean-counting focus, and inspired market strategizing insightfulness than me. I.e., could easily get my butt kicked, and not exactly know why. Got to love Eve. Whatever activity you're doing, it's the hairline differences that make you a victor or a beaten.

    Fish Hunter's information about Perimeter citadel owners paying you to just get out, though.... Extortion-- hmm.... Smile

  • Citadels and engineering complexes profitable? in EVE Communication Center

    Since citadels and engineering complexes have been around for a while now, I was wondered what kinds of experiences owners have had. Specifically, in terms of using them to produce revenue. I'm sure there are many variables that can affect things, such as location, competition for business with other facilities, and other factors I'm not aware of. If anyone would like to share thoughts, it would be interesting to hear them.

  • How to dscan deadspace area? in EVE Communication Center

    Thank you my friends, appreciated. o7

    As for question 2., about beacons: For FW missions, reportedly there are mission 'beacons'. Honestly, I haven't tried one yet, so I don't know. Belay that question for now please, might be barking up the wrong tree.

  • How to dscan deadspace area? in EVE Communication Center

    Actually I have two questions:
    1) I want to dscan a deadspace area before I go activate the acceleration gate. How to know which direction to scan? The gate points to one direction and sends ships that way. So to dscan the deadspace, do you have go to the gate and see which direction it points?

    2) I've heard that there's a way to tell if a mission beacon has been tripped/activated. How to know?


  • Hot ship in EVE Communication Center

    Got it, thanks for all the tips. So I now have a heat-tempered hard Thrasher. So I'm going to hit Clean Ship to cool it off. I couldn't find any screen door mods, but maybe that's because I'm Alpha and I can't fit them. So, if rust builds up, that helps EHP too, right? I'm in a Caldari station and the hangar is pretty dry. Doesn't seem like a good rusting environment. Space is even drier. Like absolutely dry, no water at all. Not good for rust either. Should I dock at a Minmatar station? Maybe they're a little more damp and humid?

    Also, are there any Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings you can buy that look like that molten lava? It looks pretty boss. Like, is there a way I can get that look without going down to 20% structure again?

  • Hot ship in EVE Communication Center

    I've been away for awhile, and last night I got a surprise. My Thrasher got into a fight with an Imperial Navy Slicer. Luckily I won, barely. But everything was cooked away except about 20% of my hull. And that last part was cooking. Cooking hot, with ripples of red heat coming off of it. Looked like magma or lava. Even the Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoating was burnt off. I didn't notice that until I docked up and camera drones showed the Thrasher's exterior close up. I should have told my crew, but I didn't think about it. They got scorched on the way out of the ship. The whole hangar smelled like burnt hair or bug-zapper zapped bugs. I got a few comments and dirty looks from the docking management staff. Actually I could smell it on my way to my Captain's Quarters and then later on the way to the nearest bar. Some people looked like they were struggling to keep the romantic thing going in their dates or their attempts to pick each other up.

    Anyway, my question is: If I just leave the Thrasher in the hangar for a week or two, will it cool off on its own? Or do I have to take it to a citadel for a free repair?

  • Hek sec level too low? in EVE Communication Center

    Of the four major trade hubs, three have 0.9 Security Level. One-- Hek, the dumpiest of the four-- is at 0.5. One point away from being low sec. What do you think, should that be changed? Some considerations:

    -Game world/RP-wise, having Hek at that level doesn't make much sense. Out of almost 8,000 systems, it's one of the top four commercial centers. It doesn't seem to make sense that the Minmatar Republic wouldn't want to protect commerce better there. The majority of people going in and out of Hek are Minmatar citizens, after all. Besides, having indy ships exploded at a major trade hub is kind of embarrassing. It seems like the Republic would have cleaned up the neighborhood by now.

    -Gameplay-wise, Hek is a nice spot for miner/freighter ganking, due to the slow faction police response time. New player systems are in the region. When newbros starting in Metropolis want to shop, the stuff they need is mostly in Hek. Should their shopping mall system also have optimal gank zone sec level?

    -For Faction Warfare, enemy Amarr or Caldari FW members can sit around camping stations for a good long time. Min Navy are slow to wake up, due to the low sec level. So it's worth their while to set FW station camping as a sub-profession. Compare that to going to Jita, Rens, Dodixie or Amarr as enemy FW. No loitering, you have to dock up pretty quick to avoid NPCs. Is FW hub station camping a good thing? Considering it's only possible against one faction?

    -Hek (and the other trade hubs) developed as a trade hub organically. In ancient Eve times trade gravitated to the system, as players themselves picked the most advantageous places to sell. It was 0.5 then, and trade still settled there as a hub.

    -Hek's low sec level has helped make it distinctive. As a dump. It has it's own dump character.

    What do you think? Should it go closer to 0.9, like the other hubs? Seems CCP could do that by just typing in a digit.