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  • Rating of Eve trailers past in EVE Communication Center

    There are quite a few really good trailers. But even though graphics are outdated by todays standard, I still like the Empyrean age trailer best.

  • In Game Insurance in EVE Communication Center

    As far as I'm concerned, it's still way too good.

  • Kill this crappy bounty system.... in EVE Communication Center

    Elonaris Pokto wrote:
    Neuntausend wrote:
    Elonaris Pokto wrote:
    Bounty should be binded to a crime not to a dislike of a person.....

    If you've done something against the law you deserve bounty,if not it's just an abused feature.....

    Bounty is only needed where the law doesn't cut it. If the law and law enforcement can handle it, bounty is not required. If you do something that is against the law, then FacPo and CONCORD will take care of you. Bounty is for those cases where you did something and CONCORD/FacPo don't give a **** - say, you went full Awox, cleared out your corps hangars and murdered a bunch of blues on your way out.

    The bounty system is broken, though. However, As of yet I have not seen a good suggestion on how to fix it, and I do not think there can be one. I do not see a reason to "kill" it either, though. It's not like it hurts anyone.

    Right...if you've DONE something beside a "not liked nose".....

    Possibility of giving bounty for no reason = kick it from servers,delete it,trample on it,falt it and scratch it into tiny pieces that slowly drift away.....

    It's still a game, you know.

  • Is there any way to know who stole my ore In HIgh Sec? in EVE Communication Center

    Alasdan Helminthauge wrote:
    Where is the "It is YOU (the op) who stole ore in High Sec from the Supreme Protector!"?

    This is EVE. It's only yours if you can defend it Pirate!

  • Is there any way to know who stole my ore In HIgh Sec? in EVE Communication Center

    Jonah Gravenstein wrote:
    Mr Epeen wrote:
    Bjorn Tyrson wrote:
    Mr Epeen wrote:
    Fifty Three wrote:
    probably not going to say anything if it is him.
    You have that completely backwards.

    This is EVE. He'll not only convo you to laugh at you for losing it, he'll post it in C&P to make sure he gets the maximum mileage out of his pathetic little can theft.

    But you learned a lesson and that's the important thing.

    Mr Epeen Cool

    No... no he really didn't learn any lesson. His posts in F&I are some of the most cringe inducing I've ever read. And after this I bet the only thing he will have learned is yet another topic to make a horrible whiny "to the developers" post about
    Damn you, Bjorn!

    Now I have to go and check out F&I. Better be worth it.

    Mr Epeen Cool
    In a seething pool of shite ideas, the OP's are the ripest in a long time.

    Confirmed. Lol

  • Is there any way to know who stole my ore In HIgh Sec? in EVE Communication Center

    Oh my, there's been a lot of popcorn in this thread.

  • Help pls in EVE Communication Center

    Yourmoney Mywallet wrote:
    Last decade called - it wants its jokes back.Roll


  • What is the general "health" of this game? Subs? New players, etc? in EVE Communication Center

    Tau Cabalander wrote:
    Whenever I read "EvE is dying", I can't help but to think of poor Chloe.

    With this sort of an EvE community, EvE can't help but be immortal.

    My friend needs clothes...

    Omg, just saw, it's going to be five years soon...

  • Newb starting information in EVE Communication Center

    Chainsaw Plankton wrote:
    courier contracts to citadels, again a scam, maybe not if it is a well known public citadel, but very possibly still.

    Never take the contract with your hauler. Always use an unsuspicious alt. Make sure, there's a decent time offset when delivering, so your alt cannot be connected easily to your hauler.

    Ift the distance isn't large, check if you can dock at a citadel with your hauler, before taking the contract with your alt.

  • Help me! in EVE Communication Center

    Welcome to EVE Matt!

  • £3.99 Beta clone state in EVE Communication Center

    Joel Rak'la wrote:
    Hi I'm a alpha sstate clone on eve online and I love the game so far but I dont know if I want to spend £9.99/month on this game so I suggest that there is a beta clone state which is in-between OMEGA and ALPHA which costs £3.99 this would allow you to get up to Freighters and with factios like SOE you could get there frigates and with ORE you could get mining barges and industrial ships...

    Pls do this because I dont know if I want to spend 10 pounds a month on a game that I havent fully been able to try out yet.

    Let me see...

    Freighters... check
    Faction ships... check
    mining barges... check
    industrial support ships... check

    We'll need a bucket for the tears.

  • Concord in EVE Communication Center

    Teros Hakomairos wrote:

    How could someone come to the conclusion that you have to remove PVE content from a PVE only zone?

    I don't get this sry....sounds...silly :-)

    Not at all. He / she's only talking about the rewards, not the content.

    Making HS a safe zone would mean, you'd have to deprive it fom any sort of reward that could be used in PvP, which basically means everything.

  • Can you still add a video to CQ? in EVE Communication Center

    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    Herzog Wolfhammer wrote:
    Tried it 3 years ago - was a major kludge then. Probably has not improved much.

    If only we could "pipe" streams into the CQ... but we don't have a CSM for that.

    If it's a choice between piping streams into CQ, or having stuff happen in space, I know which I'd push for, and which I'd push to be smothered in its sleep.

    Gameplay in CQ I could possibly get behind. Just watching steams? nope.

    Because it would be such a bad thing to have more customizable corporate or alliance level information / content available ingame in an at least somewhat immersive way...

    I don't use CQ anymore, because honestly, there is nothing useful to find / do besides sitting on the couch.

  • here is an idea in EVE Communication Center

    Looks of CQ depend on the faction the corp that owns the station belongs to. I guess they didn't bother to do another one for citadels.

  • Not enough stuff is being destroyed in EVE Communication Center

    I'm a HS player and the little spare time I have is mostly spent playing there. Every time I did PvP it actually took place in lowsec or wh space.

    That said, I like the way HS mechanics work and the risk they bring to the players in HS.

    Due to the various changes in mechanics, HS got safer since I started playing, by increasing the level of effort and dedication required for nonconsensual combat. HS PvPers have adapted to that and become very good in many aspects of gameplay. This "professionalism" mostly does not find a match in the way, their targets handle the game and results in a perceived disadvantage. It doesn't help either, to tell an autopiloting freighter pilot, that he is doing it wrong, because anything else is simply not the way he wants to play the game.

    Now what would I do, if CCP removed non consensual combat fom HS? The HS I like would no longer exist and I'd have to permanently move either into lowsec or maybe NPC nullsec. This would force a type gameplay upon me, that as far as I know today, I wouldn't want. For sure, I wouldn't be able to spend the time required to adapt in the next 6 to 12 months. So I'd most likely let lapse my accounts until I have more spare time again.

    Would I come back then? I don't know, to be honest.

  • Referring to 'not enough being destroyed' in EVE Communication Center

    I've fixed that for you.

    Teros Hakomairos wrote:
    Redundant is only PVE in highsec.....

    Teros Hakomairos wrote:
    Redundant is only highsec.....

    Teros Hakomairos wrote:
    Relevant is only PVP in highsec.....

    Like any more opinions?

    Teros Hakomairos wrote:
    They moment some PVP freaks can't disturb your PVE sight on the game will be the moment players will begin to return just because they now can roam free as they like in high....


    and working.....

    That would mean you'd have to separate the PvP economy from the PvE economy. So HS would have to get a separate currency only usable there.

  • Real event in EVE Communication Center

    One of the most notable things that happened is still my first lowsec roam. As a HS carebear I suddenly found myself surrounded by flashy red -10s in fleet. The quiet industrial alliance that picked me up in a belt in Gallente space turned out to be a very interesting lot.

    And during the next mining op the other carebears in the ally wondered, what had happened to my sec status.

    Notable fun times for just the subscription fee Lol.

  • Destruction of my Charon! in EVE Communication Center

    Artemis Ellery Sazas wrote:
    However, before they get a chance to learn and explore the different paths of Eve and gain that crucial experience, they are picked on and griefed to the point a good number are leaving.

    This is what you need to do to get started in EVE in HS:

    1. Acquire decent reading skills
    2. Read and understand the new pilot faq
    3. Read and understand the 8 golden rules
    4. Acquire some common sense
    5. HTFU
    6. Undock
    7. Have fun

    And while it may not always be easy, it's not rocket science either.

  • Should CCP Darwin Hand Out An Annual Darwin Award? in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Darwin wrote:
    I've thought it might be funny to suggest such a thing (since I'd probably rather run it past our community team than do something like that on my own) but to tell the truth I haven't had a good idea of what it would be.

    The name kind of implies highlighting a particularly embarrassing loss in-game, and that's not something I'd think would be appropriate for us as developers to do. Maybe highlighting particularly embarrassing posts in EVE General Discussion?

    For now I think this will just have to remain a dream.

    How about players nominating candidates, CSM doing a pre selection and the community team making the final decision? That way everybody is involved. Also, it could either be an embarrassing loss or an outstanding achievement. All it needs to be is memorable.

  • How many times you can fix negative faction standings? in EVE Communication Center

    Rexxar Santaro wrote:
    ...which is equal to weeks or months of reparation (isn’t it a broken game mechanic?).

    This is sort of a relic of the early years of mmorpgs. It is the principle that actions have consequences. Blizzard has basically removed all of this in WoW over time, either by charging for a service (i.e. name and faction change) or by removing restrictions altogether (i.e. easy switching between multiple skill trees).

    CCP has done this too in certain parts of the game. They removed clone grades for instance.

    I don't know, why CCP still sticks to standings. It is a horrible game mechanic, because it is leading to heavy grind and is basically nothing but a boring time sink. Over time less parts of the game are actually affected by faction standings though. Restrictions have been removed. Looking at faction warfare, I guess CCP doesn't have a good alternative yet for a complete removal.

    Because people don't like consequences, they usually don't want any of it. That's why there's such a lot of entertaining threads in GD about why the sandbox needs to be changed, so that kicking a sandcastle happens less frequently or at best not at all.

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