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  • Can't log in on the new forums in EVE Communication Center

    Mr Epeen wrote:
    I can log in. I just choose not to.

    I'll stick around in this one until it shuts down.


    Had a thorough look at the new ones. Thanks CCP, but... no.

  • Hauling probleem and Citadels in EVE Communication Center


    Just another bottle of "make it easier" vintage.

    Even when the number of players in Jita was still a thing, it never was a problem to get into system. There were just two simple rules to be followed:

    • Be at your keyboard when you approach Jita
    • Don't use the Perimeter gate when incoming

    The same principle applies to Citadels. Just follow some simple rules.

  • What's Powering The Ship's Capacitor in EVE Communication Center

    Friction. It's the Fedos crawling all over the ship, that reload the capacitor. The more you have...

  • why are skills locked for alpha clones? in EVE Communication Center

    Remains Intact wrote:
    The real question is if alpha limitations give people the desire to sub. In the case of my friends that I attempt to introduce to the game the answer is a flat out: no. Not one single friend of about 20 has stayed longer than a couple days in eve.

    What were their issues with EVE? What were their expectations, when they started playing?

  • why are skills locked for alpha clones? in EVE Communication Center

    That's a ShockedShockedShockedShocked/ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked for me.

  • selling Plex for Isk in EVE Communication Center

    Yebo Lakatosh wrote:
    Tau Cabalander wrote:
    Tuttomenui II wrote:
    Do direct trades and you wont pay tax.

    ... and get nothing in return, because of numerous trade window bugs and exploits.

    That sounds very... dangerous!

    Please educate us so we can trade safely!

    He's not allowed to.

  • Every time CCP redesigns yet another ship... in EVE Communication Center

    There's nothing wrong with the Imicus. It's just so... Gallente.

  • Plex ? in EVE Communication Center

    Yes. They were pretty generous back when incarna hit.

  • eve online game in EVE Communication Center

    Shae Tadaruwa wrote:
    Nion by wrote:
    ok so this makes the game pretty much play to win.

    I must admit, I do like play to win.

    Just never figured out how to win.

    Just my thought. I must be doing it wrong I guess.

  • EVE-Monument in Reykjavik in a bad state in EVE Communication Center

    Vortexo VonBrenner wrote:
    Guard needs to be sent out there with a toothbrush scrubber.

    Get on it CCP!

    And HTFU! Blink

  • Thanks for all the Fish in EVE Communication Center

    I never got any spam or phishing mails regarding EVE on the mail account I registered with my accounts.

    This is distinctly different from other games I've played in the past.

  • CCP broke the no intervention on Market rule in EVE Communication Center

    Wow. That's a lot of wine going down the drain lately.

    If you know a thing is way too good to stay true, just don't jump on it. At least not if you're adverse to change.

  • if CCP need more money without effect to balance&gameplay in EVE Communication Center


  • Boom? WTF? in EVE Communication Center

    Location: Stargate Perimeter

    Yes, it's a thing currently. Happened to me too. One of the very rare occasions I went to Jita in just an empty shuttle and... BOOM! Lol.

    Good fun. Thanks for the service to the smartbomber and Concord Blink.

  • Roleplay corps is it a thing in EVE? in EVE Communication Center

    RP EVE style.

  • My friend needs clothes... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Oh, wow. On sunday it's going to be five years since the OP and still no corpse dressing. Get going CCP!

  • How do I handle bribery? in EVE Communication Center

    You are a capsuleer now. Any form of ethical values or moral standards have evaporated and became completely meaningless when you paid for the transfer to your first clone with the destruction of your original body.

    So take his stuff and Pix Severus' advice.

  • Hi sec war deccers (pvp carebears) in EVE Gameplay Center

    KnightGuard Fury wrote:
    Mike Adoulin wrote:
    How do you know?

    You don't.

    You were probably war decced because they were bored and they saw you flying by.

    Or maybe you ticked somebody off and touched what they consider their internet space rocks.

    Tons of reasons.

    You can either fight, run away, or log off and go play World of Tanks for abit.

    Learn to fight. Have a standing fleet. Kill them in t1 attack frigates. Put up a citadel and dare them to go after it.

    Or go be nullbears.

    i already said i personally talked to them ffs. they wanted us to join them but we said no.


    Who would want to herd a bunch of unwilling industrialists?

  • Hi sec war deccers (pvp carebears) in EVE Gameplay Center

    KnightGuard Fury wrote:
    Jenn aSide wrote:
    KnightGuard Fury wrote:
    well, their original reason was "join us or get decc'd" but at this point in time they really still have no reason to lol. and if they dec any corps i create im just purposely wasting their isk

    i get that they want content but they arent getting it from us.

    That depends. If they War decced you to get a response from you, your post on this forum just handed them a win.

    but its not to get a responce from us. that was their main reason...
    im just asking why people do this sort of thing

    also i think war decs should be a ships destroyed per decc kind of thing. until you kill a certain amount of ships depending on the corp/alliance size of the people you dec the war dec keeps going.

    I've slightly adapted your text for better content ratio.

  • Please Advise: Bowhead high-sec ganks in EVE Communication Center

    Burgein wrote:
    I really can't believe that using free throwaway alt accounts for suicide ganks has been allowed for this long. It's such an obvious way to bypass game mechanics like security status loss and kill rights.

    I would be fine with suicide ganks if people had the balls to do it with their main character.


    Get informed.

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