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  • Nullification and Interdiction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nullification is aids and should not exist in the game, or at least in T3 cruiser context for at a decent cost.
    In any case not for interceptors or other entry level cheap ship.

  • Got scrammed, with two WCS's - How come i couldn't warp? in EVE Gameplay Center

    you can fit so many warp disruption mods as your ship has med slots.
    1) he must've had fitted more than just 1 scrambler.
    2) he was flying a heavy interdictor, which has infinite warp disruption strength on focus point (your WCS dont matter).

  • Open letter to Mr. Pétursson / ピエトルソン氏への公開状 in 日本語フォーラム


  • 170m main, looking for PVP corp in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    170m sp, can fly everything up to dreads, other stuff on alts.

    looking for a decent, active corporation in 0.0 (micro/small scale/fleet) PVP, NPC space or sov doesnt really matter.
    Not interested in PLNC or Goon aligned groups.
    German or russian corporations are welcome too.

    http://eveboard.com/pilot/Mark_Hadden pw:12123

    lets see if I can find a new bunch of friends here to play dis crappy game with :)

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    BuntCakez wrote:
    I actually think that EVE is probably the only MMO that can successfully pull off the F2P model. With sufficient limits on the Alpha clones, they will not be able to disturb the current state of the game in an undesirable fashion :)

    I'm unsure on that, I mean if those ftp accounts will be limited in such a vast number of ways, the question is if' playing these is going to be someones desire at all.

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center


    is it a move from Subscription model to worst p2w ever known to mandkind or just a better trial? You decide.

    No, its not a bout golden ammo, its not about slower progress, its about an entire 2 class player base. The one who plays for free and the ones you dont stand a chance against, because he pays money and has access to full game.

  • Curse in EVE Gameplay Center

    you can do fairly well solo, if you know the game but not with a curse - there are plenty other, better ships.

    Noone wants to fight a curse so gl finding your fights which you're able to win.

  • [Proposal] Buff to Loot Drops Across the Board in EVE Technology and Research Center

    buffing loot tables wouldnt help you at all, as the prices for the items will plummet even lower. Just look at faction BS prices and dead space items atm. X-types are worth ****, so rattlesnakes, machariels, bhaalgorns or vindicators.

  • Citadels Should Only Be Anchored At Planets or Moons in EVE Communication Center

    yes, citadels on gate grids shouldn't be possible since they allow safe gatecamps from 1000 km away.
    Lets see how long CCP is going to take to fix this.

  • Fix the T3D's domination of frigates already? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Madrax573 wrote:
    Where are all these cancerous svipuls hanging out?

    I'm pretty much only flying around low sec and the only svipul I see is the pve one fitted up in my rens hanger......

    And pretty much every situation I've had described to me why the svipul is OP and stuff is exactly the situation destroyers were made for!

    And the argument about having a ship that can up-fight to a decent degree and then run from the stuff it can't kill.......really? Are you all kindergartners?! isn't that one of the many skills you develop as a small ship pilot?

    you know you just need to undock to see them. I mean, how blind and deaf one has to be in order to miss svipuls online??
    Maybe leave your small plex for a change? Because thats literally the only place you wont find a svipul in, since CCP fixed it a while ago.

  • 3 seconds lag in EVE Technology and Research Center

    currently I experience some weird kind of lag. yesterday and today again,
    my ship reacts with delay of 3 seconds or more.

    Doubleclick in space -> 3 seconds lapse -> ship reacts.
    Same for warping etc, basically everything.

    Its not like it was a network problem, my ping to eve server is around 16-17ms constantly.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  • Will I find fun pvp in Eve? in EVE Communication Center

    picking fights you can win and running from everything else is the most important skill in eve (small scale/solo) pvp.
    Thats what you need to learn first, meaning a lot of lost ships in process. Once you figured it out, the success is rewarding as in no other game by far.

  • [March] ECM Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    keep dumbing down your game for idiots who cant remember which ECM module is against which race.
    Why dont you rename "radar" to "amarr", "ladar" to "minmatar" etc.. while you are at it, makes it even easier for rtards.

    Or go even one step further and get rid of race names and call them like red, green, yellow and blue maybe? For those who cant deal with race names and mix them together. This would make sure even the least intelligent moron would be able to safely apply right ewar modules onto enemy ships.

  • WH CRASH BUG in EVE Technology and Research Center

    its like a super old bug, you jump through WH, sound starts cracking, client dies at some point after that.. (hangs up).

  • WH CRASH BUG in EVE Technology and Research Center

    how is this still not fixed??

  • WH CRASH BUG in EVE Technology and Research Center


    why still no fix? Is this bug too stronk for your devs?

  • WH CRASH BUG in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hey CCP,

    what do you think how long you can take to fix your client crashing when jumping WH?

    I mean, this bug is perhaps 6-12 months old, cant be that hard to find/fix?

    Crashing eve every day when taking WH!!

  • The Moment you realize you're the bad guy in EVE Communication Center

    AT is ****. Glad, I completely missed it this year, turns out it was for good haha.
    I'm also sure CCP will do nothing to fix it. Maybe its a better idea to completely scrap the tournament (after removing this year prizes all together), since prevention and investigation of stuff like described by DHB is almost impossible.

  • So, new battleships eh? in EVE Communication Center

    Soldarius wrote:

    Not quoting as a direct response. But just to provide some context for my post.

    Blops rebalance is still overdue. I can't think of much that would fit the concept of a behind-the-lines skirmish BS better than a T3 reconfigurable. Barring that idea, a new or at least renewed blops BS concept would be welcome.

    leave ma Black Ops alone - they are fine.

  • Aegis WH feedback in EVE Gameplay Center

    Andrew Jester wrote:
    glad the non-retards are echoing my sentiments from the first page~ Some say I'm a prophet I just say I'm blessed

    For the people whining "oh it's so hard to move caps without nulls" then go look for LS holes? It's even easier to move through there and it's not like you're going to get #rekkingcr(uski)ewed. Roaming null isn't WH content, if it is then PL is a toptier WH alice since we roam null for content too. Pls include us on the spreadsheet tia in advance.

    Winthorp is right, whining entitled babbies cry whenever they have to adapt.

    "whining entitled babbies", did you ever try to find any useable chain for us since the nerf or are you one of those who jump on a set up fleet by ping and have absolutely no idea about the undergoing effort of preparation? Judging by your posts, I would rather assume the last, you also arent in the wh channel on IRC. Maybe you should go probing by yourself prior calling others "whining babies", just saying.