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  • IN GAME SUGGESTIONS for CCP- Please keep clean and pertinent in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'd rather they just fix the glitches in the fitting tool already present.

  • Magic Plex Vault in EVE Communication Center

    Cypherous wrote:
    Blade Darth wrote:
    "careful consideration and close monitoring of the market"
    They noticed price jump by 20% in 3 days and hit the "oh sh*t" button XD

    The price increase was expected and fairly normal for EVE, there was no panic, they didn't want to flood the market on day one with PLEX from the free aurum they gave out the alphas to try and get them to buy things from the NES store, CCP saw the market didn't explode as much as they thought it would so they converted the remaining aurum sooner than planned

    Lol no, they did it sooner than planned as emergency damage control to pop the plex bubble.
    The market inflation was disastrous.

  • Planetary Interactions : Compression Facility in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So why would anyone go above p1 or p0 if you could just compress 100s of k in m3 into compressed and ship it out in an interceptor.

    Especially chiral structures
    160*800-900isk a piece*5-6 lava planets

  • Character Models in EVE Communication Center

    It's a resculpts. You just get to change things like mass, complexion, and scupt again.
    It should honestly be free for everyone in the docks with the rest of the customization.

    But the real question is it one time only, if you don't save your changes or freeze up or lag out. Does it consume the resculpts and when you log back in nothing has changed but you lost the resculpt item.
    That would suck.

  • Character Visage Manager in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Support. Ive mentioned several time we need to be able to save portraits and reload old ones if you change it and it looks bad.
    This seems like an expansion on that.
    As long as it includes poses

  • Battleships and Capitals: Bigger is not better in EVE Gameplay Center

    Give battlecruisers up secondary high slot rack with gun limits.
    Minmatar 8 small turrets
    Gal 6 small 1 med
    Amarr 4 small 2 med
    Cal 4 med or something like that. Underneath the standard highslots.

  • IT"S BEEN 7 YEARS!!! OPEN THE FREAKING DOOR ALREADY! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    That door is hiding all of star citizens test servers.
    CCP can't have you looking in there.

  • where are these skins?! in EVE Communication Center

    Sir BloodArgon Aulmais wrote:

    "39 Wiyrkomi SKINs and 31 Justice SKINs are on sale with prices ranging from astonishing 370 AUR to 2150 AUR.

    This sale will run for seven days from 21st of October to 27th, afterwards those ship SKINs will be removed from the New Eden Store for the time being"

    Limited edition, so, have to find someone selling some.

    They did that for kador too though. Theyre gonna bring them back.

    They have to finish all the broken sets.
    Like where's the Sarum maller, Abaddon, or apocalypse, or khanid Abaddon.

    I think imperial arm skins AR limited cause there's only three and none on market usually.
    But main factions should have skins for all ships

  • [Module Proposal] Tractor Bubble in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As long a I can start salvaging when all the wrecks are in range before the 3 minutes are up.
    Cause if it pulls everything in 30 seconds I'm not waiting 2 minutes I want to start salvaging.

    I would say shorter cycle like 30 seconds, and it more or less anchors the noctis.
    Creates a localized "Gravity well" to suck things towards it continuously that speed up the closer they get to the ship (like a grappler scaling but over long range to reach wtecks)
    But the ship is slowed immensely unable to move through the duration or cancel the module. Once it's on you're gonna be there 30 seconds.

    Maybe just for fun have the wrecks orbit you when they get to 5000m

    If it's a 3 minutes it would likely still be faster to just to do it manually with tractors and noctis bonuses.
    I'd like to increase how efficient it is.
    My only issue with the noctis is its kinda slow and squishy with a small hold for salvaging or looting general pve stuff.

    How I would envision the module

  • New Sun effects in EVE Communication Center

    ISD Stall wrote:
    While there is no direct game mechanic in relation to stars, a lot of players use them for various activities including:

    1. A warp out point (usually to get a capsule out of a combat area if they are going to die.
    2. A central point to make book marks for often safe spots.
    3. A location to be used as a regroup point
    4. A location to drop probes for scanning
    5. Many other reasons.........

    6. Oh and most importantly, the honourable 1 vs 1 duel Twisted

    1v1s should be in special belts that appear as ship graveyards from ancient battles randomly spread out.
    Interference from the wreckage blocks dscan, cynos, and only one ship can be locked at a time.
    If the ship is locked by one ship it can't detarget to allow a friend to jump in.
    Once you target or get targeted you either fight or get out of target range. So no logis.

    You have landmarks, belts, ice belts and now occasionally in systems graveyards for the brave only.

  • New Sun effects in EVE Communication Center

    Make coronal mass ejections that randomly come out through systems and if you get hit you blow up.

    Environments hazards ftw. Random comets, asteroid/ship collisions.

  • So The BR Sotiyos in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lugh Crow-Slave wrote:
    to be fair considering only one of these exist at a time it will only be farmed. there are not going to be casual groups going after them

    That's my main issue with them, they provide nothing except a chance at a item for huge corps to farm in limited numbers.
    Even if there's only one of them it's not something 99.9% of people will ever see. Kind of just a pointless update for the top .01% that wasted time and resources.

  • Tech 2 Orbiters (Shuttles) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Why. I'd rather just have a Vic lux yacht.
    Cooler looking than shuttles too.

  • Portrait poses in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I've mentioned this before to allow ragdoll posing.

    I have at least a dozen separate things I'd like changed about the character customization

  • Better piloting controls in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Let me use a flight stick or have better first person view.

    First person arrow keys are kind of garbage and you can't really fly your ship with it. It keeps try to orient you horizontally.

  • [Module Proposal] Tractor Bubble in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So a reverse smart bomb tractor beam.

    I'm fine with that, saves lots of trouble on a noctis if you could go for 7 salvagers and one big 100km aoe tractor beam that pulls everything to you. Just make it an expensive 20-30m module since it would be a very powerful tractor beam.

  • Makeup, lipstick, eyeliner for Male characters in EVE Technology and Research Center

    They don't want trans characters. Eve is supposed to be gritty and realistic.

    But there are major issues with the current sculpting, pose system, lighting system, and I would support more unique clothing tied to race and more features for jewelry, tattoos, hair, beards, scars. Eyebrows etc. And affordable non overpriced accessories to wear, personally I'd like a pipe.
    I don't see why more makeup or in the case of men "warpaint" couldn't be added. But I really don't need eye liner, just a physical beard and not painted on white lines that aren't arent affected by ambient light in portraits like hair is.

  • Player-AI PvE in EVE Technology and Research Center

    No thankyou, elite frigates with ewarfare are already too much of a nuisance and should be tossed out.

  • Plex Pieces in EVE Communication Center

    ISD Max Trix wrote:
    This has come up before and to paraphrase what CCP has said on the topic, it is unlikely if ever something like this would be implemented.

    Personaly, I would not want this to happen. This is because it would seriously unbalance the game. Capital pilots would be able to plex solely for a fight, those who have month long subscriptions would gain no real benefit from it. In turn you would see the price for 1 NuPlex end up the same price as 1 OldPlex, which would defeat the purpose of the new PLEX system.

    Edit: Having a bit of trouble with removing the lock on this thread.

    Disagree 100%,
    The new Plex system was only implemented to reduce the number of alphas plexing their accounts
    By artificially raising the prices 50-100% to force subscriptions. CCP is trying to raise subscription numbers but theyre actually just pushing new players away who can't afford to subscribe or Plex now. People who can actually afford to subscribe are already subscribed, new and returning players are back because it was supposed to be cheaper to play and go directly to Plex.

    Old Plex system was much cheaper and intuitive for everyone involved,
    Plus a broken down chunk of time for one day let's say would mean your still not training for 29 days. Assuming I was going to queue up a 14 day skill it would take me over a year if I only bought one day per month to play as omega with 0 impact on the market.

  • Magic Plex Vault in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    SNeAkYbRiT wrote:
    Hi all, little confused with my plex vault, before downtime I had 1 plex in my vault now I have 43.

    Have I missed something or do I really have a magic plex vault?

    Dont get me wrong Im happy that my 1 plex can replicate.

    Take a peek here.

    Don't worry, they're not breeding P

    Im assuming this is because of the astronomical price increase on Plex that many people who spoke against this update warned you would happen weeks/months ago when it was first announced.

    Hope more will be done quickly to lower prices.