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  • plea for Walking in Station in EVE Technology and Research Center

    i say shift the quarters to a shared corporate quarters or alliance wide/coalition wide space. overhaul voice coms to be able to switch channels at will like teamspeak offers and give people similar options here to set up corp voice chat in game without 3rd party software.

    in citadels this would be a shared space with actual present players being there in flesh, and people in far off spaces being shown in hologram like a universal alliance wide space thats built into each citadel and broadcast everyone present in all locations so its a hub.
    gives a place for formal corp meetings, take an elevator to your own personal expanded captains quarters.

    could be expanded later to include more out of ship gameplay elements like star citizen which eve could have had years ago if they hadnt wasted so much time on that world of darkness game.

  • welcome to the agency event in EVE Communication Center

    Algarion Getz wrote:
    Gneeznow wrote:
    oh man 6 hours work for like, one single nuPlex, back to Darkest Dungeon I go!

    It seems the dev team who made the agency event hasnt heard of the PLEX changes CCP made in May.

    in that case it must be the same team behind rogue swarm.
    oh look 1 plex drop after running 50 swarm sites, just 499 to go.

  • welcome to the agency event in EVE Communication Center

    Fabien Gillet wrote:
    I'm having the same issue with "Battlecruiser Enforcement" not completing. I've ran 2 combat sites in a BC after I've scanned the sites with an explo frig.

    Try scanning the site down while actually in the BC?

  • welcome to the agency event in EVE Communication Center

    I haven't had any issues yet that I had a few days ago on sisi.

    Only two I have left is t3 cruiser which I can't fly. (So I basically have it stuck there)
    And the battle cruiser Sig one. I've done SIG's but I have not actually scanned down a signature in the BC itself and complete that same sig.

  • bring back the jukebox in EVE Technology and Research Center

    give me all the old orchestral songs, with a simple check box for what i want to be played, a shuffle option for what ive allowed to be played.
    music in this game is in a very sorry state.
    shouldnt have to use an out of game browser to listen to in game music and mute the ingame music through settings...

  • Advanced Audio Settings Changes in EVE Information Center

    Linus Gorp wrote:
    Umbra Mirage wrote:
    As far as people getting tired of the music because they've heard it so often maybe some kind of eve playlist customization or randomization for the music should be looked into for those that want more variety. I myself currently enjoy the music but i wouldn't mind some kind of option to change it when one feels like it.

    EVE used to have a jukebox until CCP ripped it out. I don't think it's coming back.

    it should be petitioned to come back because i pretty much mute audio now. its the same 3 songs and annoying techno combat song over and over regardless of whether i uncheck everything or use the override with classic music option.

    >they expect people to pay 15$ a month and its the same three ambient songs over and over.


  • welcome to the agency event in EVE Communication Center

    Scott Tracy wrote:
    With 2 of the events bugged the battlecruiser and tech3 cruiser how are we supposed to get top prize of tech3 skin

    if youve viewed the skin its just the regular tengu skin but slightly darker. i doubt it will end up being worth much.

    the point of the event is to grind endlessly for embarrassing rewards, youll likely have plenty of time to complete it.

  • welcome to the agency event in EVE Communication Center

    Tekkaa wrote:
    Are the rewards going to get any better though? Surely the more you do they get better?

    does not appear so, cant slide the rewards bar so i dont believe theres anything above the tengu skin.

  • welcome to the agency event in EVE Communication Center

    for additional "luls" if anyone had not previously checked sisi, the rewards on sisi were actually better.
    ccp removed some of the rewards, you originally got 5 plex for the final plex reward, not 4.


    seriously, 5.

    Kani Tsuguro wrote:
    Can it be that some challenges are not working correctly?

    Locate and complete a Combat Signature Site. - I did it in a Drake -> success.
    Locate and complete a Combat Signature Site, while flying a Battlecruiser. - I did that three times in a Drake -> no success
    Locate and complete a Combat Signature Site, while flying a Tech III Cruiser. - I did it in a Tengu -> no success

    Do I something wrong?

    i had that issue on the test server, but my issue was i completed them and they didnt reset correctly the next day.

  • welcome to the agency event in EVE Communication Center

    has anyone else checked this out on the test server and agree the rewards are all completely worthless?

    >useless booster
    >useless amount of plex
    >slightly darker version of the generic tengu skin

    dont see much of an incentive to actually try and go out of my way to do the ... erm tasks i guess.

  • Tips for Project Discovery exoplanets? in EVE Communication Center

    Amy G Dalin wrote:
    Planets are Magick

    I thought the game was trying to trick me, because the star is consistently getting brighter before and after the planet passes in front of it, and planets don't make stars brighter, short of falling into them.

    So, if this really is a planet, how is the star getting brighter? The only thing I can imagine is gravitational lensing, and I'm not at all convinced that's a viable explanation.


    I decided to do the tutorial again, and it seems there really is a brightness increase. The things I don't pay attention to.

    that has nothing to do with the planet, its normal cycle is going up and down.

  • [Project Discovery] Allow us to re-analyze a failed analyis in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Many of them are falsely marked tbh.

  • Wealth tax in EVE Technology and Research Center

    1b is poor though, that's not even enough to Plex my account.

    There are people with hundreds of billions if not trillions and multiple trillions and hundreds of trillions for the cancerous ghost trainers. Why should I get taxed because the exploited the same and broke the rules. Just ban them permanently and their isk is gone.

  • NPC rats in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Only if it has guaranteed drops of something good. Last npc dread wreck I salvaged had nothing of value and less than 10m in loot.
    Waste of a spawn.

    Where's the vanquisher bpcs.

  • OMFG in EVE Communication Center

    Tengu was op, so it was nerfed.

    Not nerfed enough tbh. Still gets way too much damage for a cruiser.

  • Project discovery exoplanets and ships rewards... in EVE Communication Center

    The game always displays bpo when you click info on a bpc.

    The games broke anyway no clue how they expect anyone to maintain 99% accuracy with the Bs rigged samples

  • what is wrong with project discovery? in EVE Communication Center

    Blade Darth wrote:
    Jon Greyburst wrote:
    Anyone else now getting more evaluation graphs than not? I'm now getting 6-7 in a row followed by maybe 3 that aren't evaluated.
    Not sure but might have something to do with your accuracy. When it falls you get more evaluation graphs. They don't want people spamming "no transit" handling the actual samples.

    To be fair most of the graphs are no transit. Not every star has something passing in front of it.
    There's lots of consenus ones that just have transits marked everywhere already. There's nothing there everyone is just marking stuff cause the first day threw everyone off with the hundreds of falsely marked graphs that were all no transit.

  • what is wrong with project discovery? in EVE Communication Center

    They don't give enough points for one. I'm at 69% accuracy again after spending the first day at 4% because of the glitch. But I only get 60 points per slide. Not 69, and the levels need way more points. L

  • Default Skin in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Old Pervert wrote:
    I suspect that this would not be so easy to code, as it is applied to the ship, which is not "saved" by the client.

    One possibility would be to have skins be remembered within the fitting utility, so that when you either multifit or just "fit ship" it does so with the skin included.

    Skins are tied to the characters

    Old pervert>brutix>default skin>serpentis skin
    I dont think it would be too hard, it loads the default skin when you get in the ship, just need to add a code that makes it so x character plus x ship equals x saved skin on that character being applied and overrides the default.

  • Suggestions for improving project discovery. in EVE Communication Center

    It should give you a preview window when you click once for the initial transit and drag the mouse to line up others. The preview widow displays a fold of just that area. If you scroll with the mouse you could see the transits line up as you drag to the correct interval.

    Or improve the slider in the actual fold window. .10 or so at a time is way to small a number. You have to be 99.9% on the dot to have the fold slide even be remotely useful. You should be able to fine tune in larger increments.