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  • Upwell structures should consume "base" amounts of fuel or ISK in Council of Stellar Management

    1.) why should you care what happens in Highsec, you want to live in null then be there.
    2.) why should highsec be your dumping ground for content?

    Screw you nullseccrs, why dont you get off your lazy bums and go have a war or something, a serious war instead of crying about stuff.

    Most of the High end litter of Citadels is from the first waves of building craze with them, followed......by yep you guessed it Nullsec and Wormhole warlords overbuilding the crap here.

    Highsec should not be more vunerable to you just because you cant fight each other, STFU, HTFU, and go back out there and stay there and do something about your own home instead of trying to muck things up just so you can ROFLSTOMP Highsec because you are "bored".

    No, we do not need this.

  • login server not working in EVE Communication Center

    same issue here......
    and when it does seem to work i can get halfway through restting my accounts list before it loses connection and wipes the list out againTwisted

  • Reduced concord intervention on wormholes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    Lamajagarn McMyra wrote:
    I wish you were correct acctualy but unfortenatly j-space aggression does not result in a personal engagement timer. Perhaps you are confusing j-space with lowsec? While ganking is of course possible it is not really viable against cruisers and up as you'd have to go reship to ganking ships to keep any sort of efficiency.

    Last I checked you get an aggression timer no matter where in space you engage someone since it's not tied to the sec status of the space you're in, but I'll see about double checking when I have some time.

    That said, if this isn't the case, then isn't simply changing this a better solution that this convoluted mess you're proposing?

    Henry Plantgenet wrote:
    And even then it doesn't work like that.
    For a limited engagement timer you need to shoot a red/yellow or they have to shoot back.
    Shooting a solid white guy doesn't incur a limited engagement timer anywhere.

    This, I know for a fact, is flatly incorrect. Any engagement between two players regardless of criminal status will generate a combat timer between those two players. This applies to duels, flashies, wars, FWarfare, ect. This sort of mechanic is often used by players in Low Sec or High Sec to aggress someone who is part of a group without significant threat of retaliation by staggering the global and the limited timers.

    The only thing I'm remotely unsure about is how it works in Null/W-Space. What you're saying about it only applying to flashy characters if flatly incorrect.

    Cade if someone attempts a gank in highsec they go flashy red, or shooting your MTU they go flashy yellow.
    Firing back on said target starts the 5 minute LE timer....

    So basically to get it going both parties have to fire on each other to start the LE timer, outside of a duel.

  • Contracting from POCO in EVE Technology and Research Center

    well maybe they could if we ever got to use Fortizars in place of POCO's, you know the market hub service as the original concept implied when Yterrbim was still around.

  • [Summer] Pirate Battleship Cost Intervention in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Alexander Draegar wrote:

    1. Yes, I'm in FCON. However, I'm still expected to make enough ISK to get my stuff myself. I don't mine (because it's far from my favorite activity), I can't really build all that much stuff. So, I go and shoot at rats myself, to buy myself the stuff I use to work with my alliance to defend the territory we use to make our money on our own time.

    2. Confining prints to loyalty point stores makes the market slide towards the FW side of the house, where the most loyalty points tend to be earned.

    1.) Ok then i dont see the issue with prints then......BPC's as a ratter should not really be part of your main concern, thats for indy guys.

    2.) FW? no dont add them to FW.....add/place them in all the corp LP stores relative to the faction they come from.....oh wait Machariel already is in the LP store for ArchAngels, just stop it from being a loot drop now and we are good.

  • [Summer] Pirate Battleship Cost Intervention in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Alexander Draegar wrote:
    So, what'll happen in situations where individual players cannot obtain a BPC at a reasonable cost in terms of ISK or effort?

    The reason that large alliances are able to easily get a hold of these things is because they are just that: large alliances with lots of players, who are able to simply warp in, destroy everything in a single pass, collect every scrap of good loot, then warp to the next similar site. This is much the reason why BPC costs are as low as they are. Wealth tends to beget more wealth, and these guys have a LOT of resources (players, ships, and ISK) to work with from the start.

    For individual players though, it's a much different story. We have to work our tails off to get a single copy of a pirate battleship print, and even then it's sometimes too expensive to build for us, and/or we don't have the skills or materials to make use of our hard-won prizes. Even then, when we're all done we've got ONE pirate battleship that we've put together ourselves. Or, we've got ONE that we've worked hard earning enough ISK to buy on our own.

    What'll happen with both groups (and those in between) during an economic re-balance of these hulls and their cost to drop & build?

    1.) are you not in F-Con? is that not a null group like your talking about there?

    2.) If people want a level playing field( I am sure they do not) then they should agree to push towards regulating all Faction prints of this nature to the Loyalty Point stores and stop having them as drops.

  • How to fix Stagnant Citadel content and add isk sink in EVE Technology and Research Center

    SupaL33tH4x0r Regime wrote:
    Max Deveron wrote:
    so, everybody on reddit and here on the forums advocating this and similar ideas.........

    why are you trying to kill Citadels, EC's and the other structures?
    it is starting to get old and stale this argument.....

    you realize i hope if anything like this were to be implemented then all the Dev work........and your cash and my cash paying them just goes spiraling down the drain?

    as it stands there no reason to go citadel hunting other than if its competition for something like market sales tax, on top of the stupid long hull timer being 6 days by itself. Citadels are becoming a plague as I knew it would, when you have multiple stations 500k off a gate or off belts and from one another because people can, and they run out of fuel because the owner doesn't feel like feeding it, it just becomes another floating pile of scrap floating in space to dock at and put your stuff.

    we need reasons to kill these things and run the market for it or else the market will eventually saturate.

    There was no real reason to go stick hunting either........
    Nullsec has its ability to kill them....they just dont want to at this time.

    Now highsec.....killing Structures....maybe people need to start being willing to form groups and fight/defend stuff like the nullseccr's do instead of being in NPC corp all day every day.

  • if CCP need more money without effect to balance&gameplay in EVE Communication Center


    This is not Star Trek Online you dipshit!!!

  • CCP, are you going to do anything about the Ghost Training exploit? in EVE Communication Center

    Chainsaw Plankton wrote:
    Darek Castigatus wrote:
    Yeah thats one thing I think a lot of the 'ban them all and take their money' crowd havent considered, that it is most likely extremely difficult to tell the difference between someone using ghost training and someone doing normal unsub/resub activities when you only have logs to go off. And if there isnt a way to reliably spot it then you cant just ban the people who said they used it, Globby being a good example here, because then you open yourself up to accusations of unfairness.

    its better to just fix the issue and move on.

    sure it will be hard to see on small scales, but the people with massive skill farms should be far easier to spot. Talking 100s of billions to trillions of isk.

    even then if i was in charge of CCP, i would fix it quietly.....and if i was going to do something....just remove the isk from their wallets, or every time they made an injector make it dissappear if they already cashed in on this in that way until the theft of goods was recovered.

    I mean dont ban them...just make them feel naughty for being naughty.....oh and and send them an email informing of their punishement(s), include they cant repost it or part of without incurring a ban for doing so.

  • How to fix Stagnant Citadel content and add isk sink in EVE Technology and Research Center

    so, everybody on reddit and here on the forums advocating this and similar ideas.........

    why are you trying to kill Citadels, EC's and the other structures?
    it is starting to get old and stale this argument.....

    you realize i hope if anything like this were to be implemented then all the Dev work........and your cash and my cash paying them just goes spiraling down the drain?

  • [Summer] Pirate Battleship Cost Intervention in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Jonathon Rodriguez wrote:
    JC Mieyli wrote:
    increase material cost and lower bpc means less availability for pirate bs
    this means all the industrialists get to build pirate bs early and stockpile
    screws over the young industiralist again

    how about for once instead of increasing cost to benefit veteran industrialist
    try lowering the cost of everything else to help the young industrialist and screw the rich fatcat players
    would be niceto see this happen for a change

    THIS is the truth.

    hmmm, the truth.......???

    I am one of those rich fatcat vet indy guys that builds everything else......please do on reducing the costs.

  • New Mining Mechanic in EVE Technology and Research Center

    hmph, my group mines in highsec....

    currently we run 2 orcas, 4 skiffs + 1 proc....
    I operate the orcas and 1 skiff..

    we can consume a belt that is typically 700k-750k m3 in about 45-55 minutes, approx (cause i havent used a stop watch method yet)

    we see others in macks, hulks etc sometimes but they can not compete at all.......reasoning is they turn on lasers and then sit there, me and my fleet members pull lasers as fast as we can.

    On days that we actually like to be hardcore we can take half the system if not more in as little as 3.5 hrs and that is pushing it to the extreme limits....some where in the range of 4-5 million m3.

    So i have a question........
    Why do people that do not multibox when it comes to mining, and do not have a clue about the efforts of others think they can open their mouth and roll out garbage? Multiboxing means not being AFK at all, so speaking of multiboxing should never be in the thoughts of an Ore mining discussion.

  • New Mining Mechanic in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Dior Ambraelle wrote:
    Nevyn Auscent wrote:
    Dior Ambraelle wrote:

    There is no shortage because you can mine AFK on ten accounts simultaneously.

    And this is how we can tell you don't multibox mine.
    Because anyone mining on 10 accounts is most certainly not AFK.

    That's actually true, I'm glad I can run one client on decent settings currently.
    Though I wouldn't call active gameplay where all you need to jetcan the ore once in every 15-20 minutes depending on the ships and boosts, even if you do it on 10 accounts.

    do you even mine? a skiff, at least in highsec fills a load under boosts in approx 7.3 minutes....even with t1 strips most rocks pop in about 1.7 - 2.3 cycles......multibox, definitely not AFK unless its a scripted bunch of bots.

  • Bounty system - where dreads thrive and knights shine in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nevyn Auscent wrote:
    Pointing out that the current system is far superior and fills the intended system niche for a bounty system that is not tied to crime watch far better is not being a troll, it is constructive feedback. It's just constructive feedback that says the idea is outright bad and tweaks here and there are not going to save it.

    How is the current system superior?
    It is definitely tied into the Crime watch system in totality with KR being the thing or are supposed to be.
    It also hamstrings any effectiveness of Bounty Hunting being a profession as opposed to exploration, or mining, or Fleet Commanding.
    The only thing the current system did was put an end to the blatant use of an alt to take ISK from someone that wanted you destroyed for whatever reason.

    The current system does not work at all.
    It does not promote gameplay, does not promote something fun to do, in fact the only thing it promotes anymore is annoyance, tears, and after the fact intel by allowing anybody to place a bounty on anybody for no reason at all.

    So, mister troll, please explain how the current system is superior?

  • AFK Cloaking™: Ideas, Discussion, and Proposals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Daichi Yamato wrote:

    intelligent informational reply

    others ideas
    -I am not sure about an ability that can pin point a cloaked ship, not without convulted mechanics to the probing side fo things and maybe exorbitant expensive new types of probes....like really expensive and more than difficult to acquire. im on the fence of the topic but leaning towards a -1.

    -hmmm, Fuel....again as Teckos said you could truck that in, doesnt help....maybe a really high cap drain that can not be mitigated effectively, then you just run around till your cap recharges? idk.

    -the flag thing...im not going to search for that in this threadnaught to even get the basics of it but it sounds bad the way you explained it.

    Ok so if both are too powerful........
    And you say a compromise.
    I for one dont like the idea of making local like wormhole space.....because it would make no sense to do so just for null, and if just because of newbros it would be detrimental to highsec since Constellation and Regional are already like that, doesnt make any sense to make them feel isolated and in a Solo player game when they are not. And you could not make that change sensibly without making the change a blanket for all of K-Space.

    Now i did hear something earlier........
    Would a combination of my module idea.....(with or without the new skills)
    plus effectively allowing Cloakers and Recon ships (thinking like Rook here, Falcon is a cloaker) to dissappear from local when their systems were activated............
    ok lost my train of thought, RL.
    anyway i think you get the gist of what i am saying, would it be a closer step towards such a compromise?

  • AFK Cloaking™: Ideas, Discussion, and Proposals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ok with breakfast out of the way and armed with coffee..........

    Considering my perspective is from Highsec these days.
    What was the standard grid changed to? 800km? 1400?

    Anyway....how about this for a test idea (flesh it out, use it for a building block of idea(s), flame it, whatever)

    How about a High Power Module (highslot), and i say this because a barge/exhumer would have to sacrifice a strip, ships with utilities would have to sacrifice something....maybe
    That in effect when you ping the D-scan(it flashes green and goes bong now) if, and i truly mean if a cloaky ship is on grid the d-scan will at least flash red or something instead and make a different sound.

    This in effect has the basic of the pilot doing the ping scanning being ATK, and gives such pilot some assurance that a possible cloaker is not an imminent threat. (BLOPS cant warp cloaked correct? just T3's and covops)

    Can even add a couple of skills in game....
    1skill, lets say because some sort of emission leakage provides 2% per level (just a number folks) for the cloaker to be more difficult in detecting in this way.

    The other, make it so a d-scan pinger with better training could maybe detect a cloaker easier better......

    idk maybe at equal skill they cancel each other out.
    This does not let you pin point said location of a cloaker, but hey this isnt Star Trek with Klingons and Birds of Prey having tail pipes.

  • Bounty system - where dreads thrive and knights shine in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nevyn Auscent wrote:
    Your way is just as exploitable as the old thing in the past.
    Literally no-one has managed to make a system that is both practical for a real bounty hunter profession & not exploitable.
    The current way is the closest you can get to it.

    Well, or use the C&P forums and a trusted third party to hold isk and then negotiate actual payments with the third party as a mediator. But in terms of a mechanical system rather than actual people.

    Uhm, its not my idea so you better check yourself buddy.
    And besides none of us would have any correct numbers in such a system if implemented by CCP

    For how much it cost for an Expirable License to be a Bounty Hunter
    or How much the ISK reward would actually be
    or LP reward would be (if an LP store was create for it)

    so really either post something constructive, maybe in the realm of making/discussing positive changes to the system
    instead of being a troll.
    Again not my idea, im just in support of some of it not all of it, and was attempting to discuss with OP the possibilities.


    Recieved my book yesterday....

    472/1337 even though i had it ordered within 10 minutes of the sale going live.....

    I love the book!!
    enjoying the pictures and the ideas of how and the ships are supposed to be used is cool along with the short stories.

    I will enter my code later today.
    Nice work CCP, Thanks

  • PIcking a race [for Alphas, vet input needed] [V2] in EVE Communication Center

    Would be the best for Alpha miners, they have a plethora of hauler types to utilize that will assist in that.
    For PvP an PvE they have nice little weapon system called drones that is very useful to them.
    Alpha miners can use ventures and even a T2 fitted Gnosis (that boasts more tank, more drones, and slightly better cargo) for mining.

    is the one i have the least knowledge on, but i would think for PvE purposes they would suck because of limitation on weapon systems and the fact in most other areas outside of Amarrian Space lasers are the least optimal choice.
    How ever on the PvP side, in the right hands an armor tanked ship excels over most other types, lasers and drones can be dangerous to Caldari, hurt the Gallente and in the case of the Minnies...well i believe Alphas still have access to many Ewar options when it comes to this race.

    Missiles and shields is all they really have going for them, at this point i would think this would be of the more difficult races to utilize without proper experience.
    The T1 haulers suck, so miners are pretty much stuck to flying back and forth for drop off.
    This race is notorious for having cap issues, from lack of skills, lack of experience, or both. Experience and experimentation will really pay off here.
    For PvP I am sure there is many places kitey or jamming Caldari fu players can fit into.

    Are rebels with a cause, here my knowledge on applicable Alpha abilities is limited.
    But the mammoth has huge cargo ability.
    Autocannons with EMP can do a lot of dmg.
    Their ships can be armor or shield tanked for the most part and they are basically easy to speed tank with, in fact a mix of speed tanking with 1 of the others can pay off in dividends once you figure out what works for you.
    I am still preferable towards the Rifter, even today i count it as the premier elite training ship for PvP....after teaching the basics as a mentor you tell the newbro to fit one up and go to lowsec and dont come back till you get a kill with it, or need another rifter...but dont come back till you kill someone.

  • Frame RAtes in Sturctures still not fixed!? Or am I seeing things? in EVE Communication Center

    I am able to run multiple clients
    I am unable to fix the camera bug that zooms out an goes wonky when a target dissapears from the selected item list an i am clicked on it.
    Have not experience the frame rate issue in stations.......yet
    Have experienced serious more than normal black out screens when undocking from stations at random times.

    i always run at the memory allocation for graphics when boxing
    but have not seen really any issues outside the camera thing when on single account and maxed graphics.