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  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Can you PLEASE reduce the cycle time of the Industrial Core down to 3 minutes for T1 and 1 minute for T2? Perhaps give the T2 IC a bigger drone yield buff to give some kind of actual reward for trudging through the 30 odd day training time?

    At least let us reposition our rorqs more easily.

  • Hi Sec T2 Hauler Help ... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yakazu wrote:
    1) Is a Blockade runner seen as a better target " Just because " or is it what they can scan that makes the difference.

    Any ganker with an itchy trigger finger (eg: all of them) is going to take the shot on any and all Blockade Runner's they can get a lock on. 100%, every single time.

    Yakazu wrote:
    4) I don't have an Orca or a Freighter ATM : ) is the Blockade Runner a good step up or should I keep my Bestower and wait till I have the cash for the orca / Freighter route ?

    i wouldn't have the faintest idea beyond a vague recommendation that you look around at some of the many, many other activities EVE has to offer beyond space-truckin.

    If being a hauler is what you truly enjoy, more power to you and I wish you every success. Perhaps contact some of the established freight liner corps in the game such as Red Frog or PushX?

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Terrorfrodo wrote:
    Now I wonder if drifters can appear in any site and at any time. So far I've seen them at planets and at wormholes. Do they also visit anomalies? If so, do player ships warping to that anomaly trigger the drifter to move, or will it stick to its schedule and the activated anomaly just becomes a possible random destination the next time the drifter relocates?

    No. Drifters will bounce around to POCOs and the occasional Wormhole. They will not interfere while you're running a site.
    NOTE: If there are already Drifters in system, I do NOT know if they will come to a site when you spawn another Drifter there.

    Terrorfrodo wrote:
    Well, that is all theory of course. And I'm not going to test it. Even if it works, being a sitting duck for the long time it's going to take to kill the drifter is just too much of a risk.

    Yeah, even with over 6k DPS on field, they still take a while to drop.

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Terrorfrodo wrote:
    Is there a reason why people don't just drop a jetcan full of 3200 cap charges with a cloaky hauler in a site and then warp their rattle, marauder or whatever to that can? Basically unlimited cap with only a heavy cap booster fitted. Should free up a lot of slots for gank and active tank and possibly make fits cheaper.

    I suppose it should be possible to align out, de-cloak, drop the can, then warp out without getting locked and scrammed? If not, one could use even throw-away t1 haulers for this, as long as they drop the can before exploding...

    edit: Or even a DST, anomalies have only up to 5 scramming sleepers in the first wave, so with three stabs fitted the DST could still warp out.

    the Drifter neuts for 2,000GJ/cycle. I very much doubt a single heavy cap booster will keep you capped up for long enough to chew through the great festering mountain of EHP if you're also running active reps.

    If you *really* want to try it, I'd suggest warping the hauler in at 100km & jettisoning the cap charges once you've got the site started and have drawn aggo on the ratting ships.

    FYI: The Drifter employs what is basically a HIC scram, Sleepers do not.

    EDIT: I went Corp Fleet C5 ratting on Sunday and we killed nine Drifters all up. With eight C5 Cap Transfer Rattles and one Drifter Response Vindicator, we were down to around ~15minutes/site, including the Drifter.

  • Mining drone nerf in EVE Gameplay Center

    Do Little wrote:
    The Rorqual was overpowered, CCP is correcting that. We'll know they're done when the ship is used for its intended role.

    It's a CAPITAL MINING SHIP. For the cost and the non-trivial skill requirements, it should damn well perform like one.

    WTB: Capital Strip Miners.......

  • Carrier Ratting is DEAD q.q / how to earn money? in EVE Communication Center

    don't mind me, i'll just be down here in a C5 with rattlesnakes..... oh look, neuts on the Drifters again? *shuffles cap chain*......

  • Looking for J160715 in EVE Gameplay Center

    get in touch with Signal Cartel &/or Wingspan.

    they have a service for these kinds of requests.

  • Black ops+ hauling in EVE Communication Center

    One thing yet to be mentioned is the mechanics of how BLOPS gangs go about their shenanigans.

    A bunch of hideously expensive battleships and sundry covert bridgeable ships sit twiddling their thumbs either docked up or cloaked up at a safe waiting for their fleet's Hunters to find something suitable to drop on.

    The Hunter role is where all the actual *fun* happens, at least it's the bit I enjoy. You need to scout systems, probe down targets, set bubble traps and pull off all kinds of tricks to catch someone and then needs to stay alive long enough for everyone to get through the cyno. Proteus and Tengu Strategic Cruisers are the ships of choice for this role, note that Prospects and Bombers have been used to great effect by many.

    The actual *blops drop* itself, when it finally happens, should be more along the lines of a drive-by firing squad execution style gank than a standup fight. BLOPS battleships have T1 resist profiles to go along with their ISK1b hull pricetags. If you're expecting a standup fight, you should seriously rethink using BLOPS battleships. For this reason, many hunters like to fit a Ship or Cargo Scanner to check for pesky counterdrop potential before burning into scram/web range to get hard tackle and blaze the beacon.

    Check out Martino Fabbro's excellent youtube videos. Solo black ops is certainly possible, as you can see, I'd suggest you get some experience with gangs before attempting some of the stunts this guy manages to pull off. Take particular note of how he finds and catches his targets.

    This huge disparity in actual *effort* between roles is why most BLOPS groups have an 'All Loot To The Hunter' policy.

    As for hauling: Not my area of specialty beyond personal use of an Orca to haul large amounts of gunk for personal consumption. A friend in a webbing ship is not a luxury for ships that can't MWD/Cloak their way through highsec. I'd never fly anything bigger than an Occator through gates without one (a Vigil Navy Issue is almost the perfect ship for this task).


    Tau Cabalander wrote:
    Blockade Runners are commonly used to haul jump fuel for Black Ops (isotopes), as well as bombs & torpedoes for Stealth Bombers, and fuel for Covert Cynos (liquid ozone).

    That's about the only synergy between the two.

    It is typically the job of an alt account, as it has very low activity, requiring little attention.

    It's a pretty powerful synergy nonetheless. Doubly so if your Blockade Runner pilot can light a Covert Cyno.
    But yes, it's normally done on an alt account in the background rather than as a *main* activity.

  • What is a "logical" extension of a Logistics Cruiser pilot? in EVE Gameplay Center

    that is a very solid core skillset you have going there. really just Weapons Upgrades V and Advanced Weapons Upgrades V *missing*..... You have Advanced Spaceship Command V already, so some Jump skills are all that's between you and the FAX of your choice...

    pick what you want to do.

  • Insurance > Make Incursions great again! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Can't find an FC? Start your own fleet and stop whining.

    HiSec Incursions are already way too safe with way too high a reward for the risk being taken.

  • Could someone point me in the right direction with PI in EVE Gameplay Center

    yes, both launchpads fill up. ECU->Silo->Factories-> four factories route to each Launchpad->POCO.....
    the reasoning is that it takes about a week'ish for a decently productive planet to fill up both launchpads and you can always Expedite shift some to the Silo if you're away from your PI systems because *reasons*. the downside is you can't move the ECU very far from the facility to chase hotspots the way you can with a single silo, single launchpad extraction facility.

    i really hate blundering around in an Epithal with a PI alt that has nearly non-existent navigation skills.

  • skill "advanced spaceship command" in EVE Gameplay Center

    Matthias Ancaladron wrote:
    Also make it apply bonuses to all ships. Not just ships that require it. :)

    ooooh, yes please.

  • [Max Profit PI] As Easy as PI: Video How-To on P2 to P4 Chains in EVE Gameplay Center

    My $0.02:

    a 51m video on PI?

    nearly an HOUR? all in one hit?

    no thank you.
    script it, edit it and get it down to around 10 minutes.
    If it requires more time, split it into five-to-seven minute chapters.

  • Mining Barges- Procurer in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Do Little wrote:
    Focus on an ore like PlagioclaseC320 Fullerite Gas that contains a decent amount of Mexallon and you can make a livingmind blowing fortune Venture mining. Buy orders for compressed plagioclase are 6,866.59 ISKC320 are at ISK45,000 in Jita.


  • My Thoughts On Alphas And FtP in EVE Communication Center

    TackyTachy1 wrote:
    About that time, with their backs to the wall, American corporations loosed probably the most deadly mantra ever loosed upon the people of Earth: Maximum Profit, All the Time, No Matter The Cost. In other words, no matter the damage to the environment, no matter that both parents had to work to make ends meet, no matter that people died attempting to use defective products or, as in the case of Big Tobacco, no matter that millions became addicted to the life threatening cigarettes.

    The term you're looking for is: Neoliberalism.

  • 3 best feature additions to Eve since you started playing? in EVE Communication Center

    1: Bookmarks In Space.
    2: Space, Bookmarks In.
    3: In Space, Bookmarks!

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    You can kill them with two standard C5 remote-cap transferring Rattlesnakes. It will not be quick.
    Refit a midslot on each with a heavy warp disruptor to hold it down.
    Can confirm, Drifters will attack the largest sig radius on field. You may want to fit an LSE to one rattle to ensure you can predict the Drifter aggro. Neuts don't bother C5 Rattles, you can turn the shield booster off on the non-targeted one and have plenty of cap to run the transfers.

    FYI: Drifters have a Thermal resist hole in Shields and an EM hole in Armour. So start with Gardes and change to Curators once through shields.

  • Could someone point me in the right direction with PI in EVE Gameplay Center

    The top one is a six P1 input -> P3 factory planet (Gel Matrix Biopaste in this instance). Put ~13k of each required P1 into launchpads in pairs. Route out and back for P2, then the centre three factories make the P3. Can run for two days with full hoppers.
    The bottom two are P1-P2 factories. These run for about a day before needing feeding again.

    This is a four P1 input -> P3 factory planet.
    The Red and Yellow sections draw from the launchpads to produce a P2, which routes back evenly to the launchpads. The blue factories down the centre draw P2 and spit out P3. Runs for two days.

    With all of these, build from the centre out. They require CCU V.

    Extraction -> P1 facility, can be built with CCU IV.

    Two other tips:
    1: Always route to and from a buffer.
    2: Try to minimise time spent gamboling around in an Epithal.

  • What will people be ratting in next week? in EVE Communication Center

    Post changes, I will be ratting in subcaps in WH space. Same as I do now.

  • Can we have a faction marauder with drones as the primary weapon? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'd rather have a faction Black Ops battleship to be honest.......

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