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  • Change toon name :) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    i said bullhockey NOT horse hockey

    and I'll thank you to remember that sir

  • Peemptive question on Typhoon future in EVE Technology and Research Center

    one of the uglier ship models in the game- might we get a reworking from the art department on this one?

  • Change toon name :) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    quoting is hardly ignoring there sugarbritches... and my style of writing is consistent because my ::awesome:: is great

    However, since you must be coddled to little fella, awwww- i'm so sorry to have stated fact in a straightforward sort of a way that runs counter to your belief of this subject in particular.

    The answer is still NO

    but you're more than welcome to continue to attempt to sway me with your sarcasm and vast experience.

  • [Idea/feature]Notes tab. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    +1 for clever idea

    like a little yellow 'post-it' in the upper corner of their picture -yea

  • Cloaking Countermeasures in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hold on- i'm confused... what was the issue again?

  • Change toon name :) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tweaks Huren wrote:
    Omnathious Deninard wrote:
    With some of the stuff that comes up on these forums, yes.

    I thought the dead dog and Hackers reference was a sure giveaway, but I guess not lol!

    That said, there are still some valid (and serious) reasons to support this request in my eyes...

    i'm calling horse hockey on this- there's only one valid reason to change a name, you don't like it.

    Any suggestion that there are many valid reasons to change a name is garbage, and you know it. The problem is not that wanting to change a name is unsupportable, nor that there are consequences really (there should be and i'm just a stickler for having to lay in the bed you make)- the real reason is that it will be misused and abused.

    Now since we all MUST be able to agree on both of those points, not liking a name is the only real reason to change it, and being able to change a name will be misused- we can all just go back to having the names we have and drop this stupid thread already.

    Edited due to rules violation:
    7. Use of profanity is prohibited.

    The use of profanity is prohibited on the EVE Online forums. This includes the partial masking of letters using numbers or alternate symbols, and any attempts at bypassing the profanity filter.

    -- ISD Cura Ursus

  • Change toon name :) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    i think "NO" is sufficient, coupled with all of your vast experience you don't need any reasons... you ARE the reason

  • Change toon name :) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    says the 2 month old guy ^

    get over yourselves. this would only be abused, and nobody wants all that checking around nonsense.

    It's a resounding no from me


  • Captains Quarters Vs Captains Bridge in EVE Technology and Research Center

    WoD (world of darkness) exists, and the beta for it is WiS (walking in stations)- we will have it at the cost of those subscriptions because CCP knows full well that if you want to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs.

    Nobody wants stupid stuff in this game, but options to improve a user experience will be pressed upon us even if we scream and stomp our feet ( though you have been doing enough of that in this thread alone for most of us Nariya)- we may come to love those resulting improvements, but then again they may be something we chose to not use... like any number of play styles in the existing game..

    I for one have never mined anything ever in my career, and I don't think I ever will- but that doesn't mean mining is awful (though I hear it's wildly amusing for the afk crowd)... it's just not for me. THAT is what will become of WiS, so have no fear... it's been a feature in the works, just under a different header than EVE... we'll be testing it out again for them one day- those vampires better be grateful

  • Cloaking Countermeasures in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Granted Nikk- you want local to be a non gift to intel, so using my suggestion re: 'local entities' one would jump into system and warp to a safe location off grid from everything. Then by simply logging off they would vanish from local, and with a stroke of the keys logging in they would be ...ready for this big guy.... In system, but NOT in local.

    Sure it's a time consuming process to be living 'off the grid', no one said it should be easy or fun... I think it would work though. The lazy, or the bold would not fear local showing them as present, whilst the sly and sneaky-slick would have their option to cloak their ship and their presence, or just their presence... whichever they want or need. Local exists, but it should be able to be circumvented.

    now that's fair n'uff huh Nikk?

  • NEW SKILL - Advanced Jury Rigging in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Fronkfurter McSheebleton wrote:
    Ships with weapon-doubling role bonuses like Marauders or Sansha/Blood ships would be waaay op with this. (well...the pirate frigs/cruises wouldn't...but you get the idea)

    no- you can't add turret slots

    did you not read that somewhere here?

  • Change toon name :) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Take it Deep is a great name - so incredible that we even have Tshirts that we didn't make ... seriously, some company sells these things and has no connection to us at all

    T Shirt image front and back

    andd the website? tideep.com

    it's not just vulgar anymore

  • Cloaking Countermeasures in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nikk Narrel wrote:
    Please specify how you would balance local's absolute and free intel, as your idea removes the ability for cloaking to continue this task.

    With regard to local as intel- what if you appeared in local after a designated 'local entity' 'spotted' you... those entities could be:

    anyone in local who has an established presence in local via POS or Corp offices in a Station
    acceleration gate

    all of those 'local entities' would have the ability to disseminate information to one another -or by virtue of existing in that local system have access (spies, bugs, de-encryption, et cetera) to know what those other entities know at such a base level of intel- that showing up in local chat could be avoided, but most likely would be the same as it is now with very few exceptions.

    could you endorse something like this Nikk?

  • NEW SKILL - Advanced Jury Rigging in EVE Technology and Research Center


  • Lets call em "Vanity Clones" in EVE Technology and Research Center

    bump (for invigorating discussion's sake)

  • Change toon name :) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Obviously there are reasons why people want to change their character's name... but the idea that it should be permitted for any of those reasons is flawed, by virtue of the simple fact that this is EVE, and anything that can be done to underhandedly 'win' WILL be done.

    I don't believe this debate has any further merit. Changing a character's name is not allowed because of the foreseeable chaos that would ensue, and we all know it. Simple as that.

    OP is new enough to start over with a different name if he/she wants to and would only lose a month's training. Topic should be closed.

  • New Ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Radhe Amatin wrote:
    adding new unbalanced ship to the game will only make it worse... what we need is more re-balancing , yeah HACs need to have them looked at and command ships and battleships.

    Something else we need is the ability to be able to further customize the existing ships,i don't know something like tech 1 reconfiguration slots to be able to modify an ship slot lay out and bonuses for that ship but keep it in the role it already has.

    Trowing tech 3 ships all over the place its gonna kill the game, look at the existing t3 ...takes same time to train as a HAC and are way better then them so as a result 98% of people are flying t3s and the rest HACs.

    so you are against adding more new ships that will unbalance the game, yet you want the ability to customize balanced ships and thus unbalance them?


    cannot have it both ways- so which idea do you want more

    personally I want customization and Advanced Jury Rigging is the actual skill you need for it

  • Change toon name :) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Zeta Vulcana wrote:

    This "TOON"

    let's talk about this toon, shall we?

    Employment History: Pator Tech School [PTS] from 2013.02.15 18:53 to this day

    sooooo- it begs the question....who's alt ARE you really o.O .....hhhhhmmm??????

  • Skill - Autopilot Precision in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ShahFluffers wrote:
    DataRunner Attor wrote:
    I can't accept this skill either, I don't want to sound like a bitter vet or anything but....Why should someone that afk autopilots a 40 system jump have the ability to compete with someone that actually sits at their computer screen and does the manual jumping themselves? This skill will only enable AFKing even more.

    Not empty quoting.

    just so i get a kick in on this dead horse- also not empty quoting

  • Change toon name :) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tweaks Huren wrote:
    Mikaila Penshar wrote:
    Why would anyone want to change their character's name?
    If you're trolling I guess I'm a fish, but are you seriously asking why? There's a hundred reasons why someone would like to change their character's name. Just do a partial character search and look at some of the names in there... Some were created by players when they were 15 years old, and now the same player is 25... chances are what that 15 years old thought was cool then may not be so cool anymore today. That's just one of the reasons. Here's a few more:

    1. You typed your character name while capslock was on and you're now sick of people yelling at you because they thought you were deaf.
    2. You forgot to capitalize your name and your conscience is kicking you in the nuts because you know proper names are capitalized.
    3. You named your character after your ex girlfriend and everytime you see it it reminds you of her and you cry, but the character's too valuable to just convert it into biomass
    4. You thought Zero Cool and Crash Override were original, but after the popularity of the movie Hackers started to lowered, you realized that Neo and Morpheus was much better and wish you had picked that instead.
    5. You chose to use a zero instead of an "O" in your name where it should be, and you're tired of people confusing you for another dude with the same name properly spelled
    6. Your name is one character short of being the same as the most wanted criminal in EVE, and you're tired of getting shot on sight by everyone, even Concord.
    7. You named your character after your dog and it got hit by a car yesterday
    8. Your name is way too common and you want to feel more original
    9. Your name is way too original and you want to blend in more
    10. Your name means something embarrassing in another language and now that you know you can't think about anything else when you see it

    hmmm... ok, maybe not 100 reasons, but that's still a lot and I"m sure there's plenty more...

    sniiiifff - i smell a troll

    my post was a sarcastic way of saying, consequences... i mean really, if you knew you were gonna play for a few years why WHY would you pick a stupid name... and you shoulda known better Ponyboy, you really shoulda KNOWN

    bracket powers GO: [Ponyboy, reference to The Outsiders novel, included for illustration purposes only] [no actual Ponyboys were hurt in the filming of this post]