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  • THREE year PLEX giveaway – free entry! in EVE Gameplay Center

    I can haz PLEX?

    Estel Arador Corp Services [EACS] from 2011.01.15 03:30 to 2011.01.15 20:29.

  • "Lira Sino" Margin Trade Scam in EVE Gameplay Center


  • The United - 5 years in Rancer in EVE Gameplay Center

    Urp-sploded carrier, can I haz, too?

  • An Open Panel for Goonswarm's suggestions in Council of Stellar Management

    VCBee 180 wrote:
    Killer Gandry wrote:
    D Derp wrote:
    Calling people gay isn't really funny when they're actually gay. Grats.

    Well, if that is the suggestion you like to seek behind my words then it actually says more about you than me.

    well what does it say then you vague, badposting pubbie :allears:


  • dear ccp we below want all goons banned from april 28th until hulkageddon is over in EVE Communication Center


  • Hans Jagerblitzen for CSM7 in Council of Stellar Management

    Ray Mitar wrote:
    If Hans Jagerblitzen can get players to cooperate in Empire space and join with them in FW I think he just might be the guy to unite players around the goal of making EVE Online BETTER for all players.

    I live in null and the current CSM6 is great for the few giant alliances, but not for the little guys just starting out. I am not voting for any of the current members of CSM6 because they act like schoolyard thugs with no vision for improving the game. Additionally it seems like they want to take credit for CCP realizing they were going in the wrong direction when truth be told it was the actions of many players rioting and unsubscribing that made CCP reevaluate. If the CSM had really been effective they would have been able to convince CCP prior to the player revolt not afterwards. When the CSM finally gets CCP to listen what did they do? They get CCP to nerf everything their swamp with massive numbers tactics can't defeat. Selfish and small minded thugs squandering a great opportunity in my opinion.

    More effective more rewarding FW will improve the PVP skills and coordinated combat skills of many newer players as well as older players who don't want PVP all the time, in my opinion, so I am supporting Hans Jagerblitzen.

    The time has come for sensible rational leadership to speak for the majority of EVE players, the time for selfish juvenile bullies has past, vote for leadership that wants to improve the entire game, vote for Hans Jagerblitzen.

    I'd disagree with that assessment regarding TwoStep, Darius III, and maybe Trebor--my respect for Treb has see-sawed a bit over this last term--but overall:

    This...Oh my freakin' God, THIS!

    +1 Internets for you, Sir.

    Hans for CSM7 Chairman!

  • Join me for the million miner march! in EVE Communication Center

    Weaselior wrote:
    if only i had more space honor, to go with my forum honor

    That's "honour," actuallyBear

  • One EVE, One Vote, One Chairman: Why You Should Vote For The Mittani For CSM in Council of Stellar Management

    Weaselior wrote:

    While I regret that a frank exchange of ideas has reduced you to this state, I do appreciate your honesty in laying bare the real differences between The Mittani and other competitors, such as your preferred candidate Hans. People who support The Mittani are well-educated goodposters who coherently and intelligently discuss the important issues and work with all parties in eve willing to cross the lines that divide us to work as one to make EVE better. And, while it would be unfair to tar Hans himself as having written such a post, we must keep in mind the character of poster he has attracted, who would post such vitrol and hate, while freely and openly stating that you are unable and unwilling to back up your preferred candidate with calm, coherent reasoning.

    The CSM is a body that must work together with people of opposing viewpoints, and it is clear The Mittani has had a stellar track record in this regard. In contrast, we must note the tribalist nature of the opposition where candidates are supported not on their own merits, but merely as "the anti-goon". And, when necessary, the CSM must be willing to openly and coherently explain why ideas are flawed and unworkable. Goons, The Mittani, and The Mittani supporters are able to coherently do this without needing to resort to petty name-calling. Those opposing The Mittani, well, we need only look at the above post.

    Oh my God, you are...

    A pompous.

    I mean, really! Sanctimonious gas-bag, get the f over yourself, already.


    Verbosity works better if used sparingly. Overuse of same just makes you look like a pretentious fool--Or even more so, in your case.

  • What happens to Eve..... in EVE Communication Center

    met worst wrote:
    [...] Who's gonna give a crap?


  • What happens to Eve..... in EVE Communication Center

    met worst wrote:
    Elessa Enaka wrote:
    CCP pushes the reset button on everything in 0.0 or watches as the sandbox withers and dies from stagnation

    And I concur. I am deadly serious when I recall all the events leading up to this point.

    From the fall of NC (by "ironically" a huge chunk of WN), to GSF letting NC fall, to cap nerfs to WN being the first to go (with some of the largest WN corps jumping to - GSF?). Too many co-incidences for a conspiracy theory although I will entertain that thought as well. It's a discussion point, not a fact sheet on Eve politics.

    Why post this? What would be the Holy Grail? The ultimate Eve experience?

    Please consider.

    Who gives a **** about nullsec?

    (And doesn't this thread belong in that cesspit known as CAOD?)

    @CCP: Tin-foil BPO, we can haz, pls? Kthxbai.

  • What happens to Eve..... in EVE Communication Center

    They have the attention-spans of gnats, and brains to match, most of them. IOW, nothing will change except the names on the "sovereignty" thingy...for a while, anyway.

    Until the next batch of herf-blerfing lemmings take over, and then the next, and then the next, ..., and the next.

    That's how it is in the world of 1337-PvP!!!!111oneone!!11!

  • R.E.P.O. in EVE Gameplay Center

    What's a R.E.P.O.?

    Is it cute and snuggly? Does it purr and rub its' head against you when you stroke it?

    Can I...errrm...adopt..one?

  • Probably the best idea you will ever hear, in regards to the forum. in EVE Communication Center

    Alpheias wrote:
    You should send in your idea to the schools across the USA.

    The USA has schools? I thought those were factory-farms. Twisted

  • Real Incarna Poll where ALL Incarna supporters can vote even those not subbing anymore in EVE Communication Center

    Self-selection/confirmation bias = best bias.


  • NinjaGank with Orca Support in EVE Gameplay Center

    I likegirls wrote:
    Ebony Shakiel wrote:



  • Well back to older profession in EVE Gameplay Center

    LordAssasin wrote:
    Salvaging, this was fun with the: Pi. Omg when a friend of mine came back from a mission (this time in RL) and he exported robotics he was crushed, but he thought it was a bug....for 600 pieces some 7 mil isk, ...then i told him to read about it...But in the end this is a good thing, taxation for Pi. Pi was getting out of control. he had 5 payed accounts, with 3 on each, doing Pi, and just at 30% for a 2k link(not more) / 2 day time, so he was lazy, he did not even bothered with the skill planetology...went strati for 6 planets lvl 5:) and boy it was worth it...a and best of all it was done in an empty system, nobody was there, all on the custom ofiice:) 25 k of it:) but again now i think he is f....or do you see any other solution.
    Join a corp that has POCO....this POCO has let's say for instance if you are blue with them has 0% export tax..? no more tax...or the ccp still keeps tax. and then on top of the CCP tax, there is the corp tax?
    Hope it was not boring...but man. in a hub 9 seraphims...omg is is on the table boys..if you can tank it:)

    OW! Dammit, my brain!

    (The drugs that the OP's clearly wired on: I can haz?)

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