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  • What would you do with 40 million SP? in EVE Communication Center

    Train forward,don't slide back.

    Keep the skills, the loss due to diminishing returns are, well hell, if you are an industrialist I assume you can do the math yourself.

    Find a corp, big or small and learn. Maybe start out in one of the big three, Karma, Brave, or Horde and learn pvp from the ground up and skill as you go. If they will take brand new players then you are a brand new pvp player with a lot of secondary skills.

    from there? Rise to the top or if you decide that road is not for you at least you have a career to fall back on.


  • [June] Fighter Damage Reduction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Random Freak wrote:
    Marek Kanenald wrote:
    You guys still whining about this?

    Literally the only nerf that is left is a 10% light fighter basic damage nerf and a 20% heavy fighter basic damage nerf.

    Even the proposed rat aggro was scrapped.

    Wasn't this what you wanted?

    No. What we want is the isk faucet being fixed, not an arbitrary nerf that will only work short term. We want the underlying cause fixed, not the symptoms.


    So maybe if they had max ratting/ded sites per space region or constellation in a given day, the equivalent of belts being mined out? This would limit the isk flow rather than nerf ships. Is that what you meant?


  • Operation Magic School Bus in EVE Communication Center

    Djehuti Nenaunir wrote:
    Thank you for the Thrasher I received today. Not sure what half the items in it do but it will be fun learning.

    The Bus and Eve in general are all about learning


  • Bounty on my head, how does it works? in EVE Communication Center

    Tuttomenui II wrote:
    Bounties are an indication of 3 possibilities.

    1: You aggravate a lot of people and thus have a high bounty.

    2: Trolls, your friends and maybe a few enemies think its funny to burn isk to aggravate you by placing a bounty on you.

    3: You like to burn isk by putting bounties on yourself.

    4. A sign of support for a podcasting carebear


  • Bounty on my head, how does it works? in EVE Communication Center

    Or you could hit f12 in game, second tab has a series of videos about eve gameplay INCLUDING one explaining bounties.


  • PLEX after change: in EVE Communication Center

    /me shrugs.

    I subscribe and the Bus only give out plex on special occasions so this is not a lake I have a boat in. Yes, things are more expensive . . . but all that triggers is a 'back when I was a kid . . . ' talk from us old players.

    Inflation happens. In Eve, the economic system is a decent player driven microcosm and I would expect things to steadily grown more expensive. Thus, I am not sure what the whining is about unless it is the same whining I do when I go shopping for groceries or go to a bar and see current prices.

    so I subscribe, I play, I enjoy the game

    I am weird, that way


  • Is End Game a myth? in EVE Communication Center

    I agree with a few folks above. You set goals and achieving them each has the potential to be end game OR you set a new goal.

    All in all> the end game is burnout. If you still have something to work for, towards, or people to work with for some common cause then you have not reached then end. If it is all 'been there done that and the other stuff looks stupid' then you are at end game or waiting for a new game to arive from the sands and present itself to you.


  • How do massive wars start in EVE Communication Center

    Causal factors vary but I would put Ego at the top of the list.

    as to how they get there? pings go out, external comms are activated and fleets form and proceed to objectives. Once a battle starts the crows and third parties circle, looking to get in and make kills. gates are camped. If it escalates then a game of chicken ensues. will each side bring the bigger better ships and will the other side respond?

    IF there is a screwup then both sides escalate even though one will be outclassed.

    IF both sides properly evaluate? Well the side that would have lost avoid battle and claim some minor secondary to salve their shame and claim moral high ground. Nobody except those with koolaid staing around their mouths believe it and the game continues on waiting for the right mistake and the the wrong decisions.


  • What is game time? in EVE Communication Center

    You can train up to cruisers and one battle-cruiser as alpha, in your own race.

    If you want to go beyond that? yeah, time for omega

    But unless you use skill injectors no skill comes instantly. All training takes time, omega or alpha (though omega train 2x the speed)


  • Clone status in EVE Communication Center

    https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Venture/Fittings or join channel Beginner Fits and see what they have. You CAN finish all the career mission without Omega.


  • Operation Magic School Bus in EVE Communication Center

    New week, new lap starting up. Please do keep an eye open in the Career systems. Amarr will be first but all four Empire races will see Bus visits over the next 5 days.

    Vets? Wave and say hello if you see me in system.


  • Ye Chronicles of Evonya II: CAMP CODE! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Fun piece. Thanks


  • You know you've played Eve Online too long when... in EVE Communication Center

    Alhira Katserna wrote:
    18. When you see a car crash on the street involving a Fiat and a Mercedes and immediately think the Fiat is waaaayy ISK positive.

    Or that the Mercedes is probably 'already replaced'

    19) you evaluate charities and business startups by how many 'scammer sense' tinglings you get off of them
    20) you use o7 and o/ instead of emojis

  • Operation Magic School Bus in EVE Communication Center

    Cerebrus Maximus wrote:
    Still I got no idea what you are doing and why ;-)

    I thought the first post of this thread explained it fairly well. Basically it is to give new players a decent start so you are worth flying with (or against) later on.


  • Reporting permabanned people back in game in EVE Communication Center

    Yom Kippurie wrote:
    Is it frowned upon to report people that have been permanently banned coming back in other accounts?

    What if they tried ripping me off, or were in a rival corps. Is that then more morally acceptable?

    Go for it, the people who would frown are supporters of the person in question or of the activities that got them banned.


  • Operation Magic School Bus in EVE Communication Center

    Well, at the end of the 2 day Fanfest Bus celebration the final tally was 24 people speaking up and them getting a gnosis, another ship and 100 mill each. Total;? 24 gnoses and 2.4 bill in isk handed out.

    Now back to just plain old fitted ships that are age appropriate . . . not gonna lie, it will be a bit of a transition and let down but the Bus will go on.


  • Operation Magic School Bus in EVE Communication Center

    Ijon-Tichy wrote:
    Mike Azariah wrote:

    asd what the hell is the plural of gnosis? Is it as collective noun like fish, sheep, vacuum?

    Gnoses It's a Greek word.

    Oh lordy, thank you

  • Operation Magic School Bus in EVE Communication Center

    To celebrate the start of Fanfest The Bus will be doing a special run over the next two days.

    Gnosis and some isk to fit it. Amy pilot less than 30 days old who answers in a career system local when I call out is eligible.

    Two days and about 36 gnosis to hand out. Of course if nobody answers? Well there is always other events.

    Yes, I offer free ships and have had a local with more than 80 people in it and not a single one answered. I know. seriously, I can't even.


    asd what the hell is the plural of gnosis? Is it as collective noun like fish, sheep, vacuum?

  • Operation Magic School Bus in EVE Communication Center

    Othran wrote:
    Mike Azariah wrote:

    I will be on a short hiatus for one week (soon) but the Bus will be back when I return from sun and sand and bars and pools and . . .

    I probably will come back . . . probably

    Post when you're back, my alt has found more gnoseseses you can have :)

    Funny you should mention that. Plan is for Gnosis to make Bus appearances as gifts on the days of fanfest.

    really really


  • [119.4] More improvements from Team Five 0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Very nice, thank you to all the 5-O members


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