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  • Rogue swarm event in EVE Communication Center

    Run two day in total first day I farmed greedy gila and that net me with bunch of x type c type gear skins and boosters enough for my chars til they expire I am happily done with event.

    These should be more challenging with npc as a focus not after thought

    Also reward should be split among two types of sites one type is open for all and can drop good stuff more often another one is behind acc gates with alpha lvl ship access so alphas have more lvl plain field to run these and if you go total douche and want both sites as omega you need to do them in crap of a ship.

    That way real sites can get some challenge out npc and not just fly by and grab some loot.

  • Oi, Oi, Oi - CONCORD Ships in EVE Communication Center

    So they give away trillions of isk to certain players....

    Business as usual.

    These ships are worst pay to win example I can recall of.

  • The Rogue Swarm – the cosmic “Gold Rush”! in EVE Communication Center

    if they didn't change anything last hit give you ownership of wreck so you don't have to have million dps just a bit of luck loot is not all that hot so day or so you will run em without ppl swarming sites.

  • Custom rig or pre-built laptop? in EVE Communication Center

    Rain6637 wrote:
    If you can spare the desk space and don't need to be mobile, always go desktop.

    Mina Sebiestar wrote:
    Take this with a pinch of salt but i don't think you can upgrade win 7 to 10 for free anymore.

    That laptop is kinda low performance for gaming with everything soldered on motherboard its not customizable nor upgradable with poor cooling i would go desktop just because of that you need to drop much more cash to get desktop performance out of laptop,they are big to accommodate strong cooling desktop cpus and gpus.

    I heard you can still get the free upgrade by activating some features meant for disabled people. It's been a while since I saw the article, just search "windows 10 upgrade accessibility options free."

    Someone seems to have done it the old way without hassle but they may have had a free upgrade token shipped with some older complete systems.

    Yeah i did it before and then couldn't anymore after speaking with microsoft to confirm i am out of luck.

    Got 2x win10 pro for 40usd total at the end with valid keys so i am good from now on.

  • Rogue swarm event in EVE Communication Center

    setting is nice NPC warping in is pro difficulty is a joke

    four out of five for CCP

  • The internal CCP memo game [CARRIER NERF] in EVE Communication Center


  • caldari-minmataet ship in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The best reason I can think for not being one is the black-ops ships were introduced after the Nestor

    Nestor is introduced many years after black ops ships and i don't think CCP even had Nestor in plan as black ops given those ships are tech II and Nestor is a pirate class ship.

    all cloaky shenanigans stops at cruiser lvl exception being four battleships i think its like that for a good reason.

  • [June] Fighter Damage Reduction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ahem.....in light of recent news i my self is stepping up to the challenge of storing all your unwanted caps and supers until such time arise for their return.

    contract your stuff to this character for safe keeping.

  • Circadian Seekers bounties ? in EVE Communication Center

    I killed like 3-4 yesterday they drop blue wh loot as well as some worthless element i got 10 mill from 3 wrecks worth of blue loot.

    thing is they call in reinforcement if it is more seekers great but...it can be drifter battleship that will scram point and obliterate you if you don't warp of in time.

    further more they do remember you so they might retaliate when you didn't plan on engaging them.

  • [Summer] Pirate Battleship Cost Intervention in EVE Technology and Research Center

    this is not nerf to pirate ships this is padding certain ppl wallets in game

    faction ship need to be looked up TFI especially it should get range bonus like mach or vargur to be stepping stone to those ships without tank like varg or warp speed and general mobility like mach it wont step on them but will be at least viable to do dmg where those ship can project.

    Insted being saddest of tempest hulls faction battleship even, with lowest dmg output among all minmatar battleship while having dual friking dmg bonus.

    I like my X-Type stuff but that shiet need to have price tag on it(as in rare) and not be traded for pocket change.

  • Check your skillque's on all accounts in EVE Communication Center

    outrageous mine are working perfectly fine how am i supposed to drama like this!

  • "Rogue Swarm" Event? Whats this? in EVE Communication Center

    Drone bp? Finally I will have infected dominix muhahaha.

  • A few 'corrections' to current structure mechanics in EVE Technology and Research Center


  • "Rogue Swarm" Event? Whats this? in EVE Communication Center

    its just some of dormant drone structures got active again all those drone around it you killed over and over again were there to make sure those structures remained dormant...good job on that one.

    they roam and destroy or infect everything they encounter creating bigger army as they go for more attacks or to be devoured by structure it self to get more stronk or to heal it self...you run or you die.


    those will be sites that pop up for you to kill something like 3-4 frigs with some cruisers around some structure with a can in the end.

    one of the two.

  • Strategic Cruiser Focus Group Working Thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Still waiting for final stats on nerfs / modification like ehp / resist / speed and sig rad to be sure but right now i feel(not know) that 5L loki armor tank(web sub) is too much of a nerf to it with all above nerfs it should continue to have 6L slots and be in the line.

    I really don't want to see it go down like that just so one role it does extremely good atm all other possible roles for armor loki are ignored PVE and PVP please CCP reconsider WHY are you doing this and for WHO and should that be a reason to balance a ship?

    I would like to see high slot from missile sub go down to low so armor loki get it 6L slot back or at least high get swapped to mid or something to use extra sensor boosters to be harder to damp....

    All in all i dont think that one borderline oppressing and certainly annoying setup(that don't even use guns thus extra tank / dual prop) web loki should nerf ALL armor side of loki like that, that is used for both pve and pvp and i think just nerfs to t3 in general with achieve enough by it self.

    They are counters out there and with reduction in overall tank ,mobility and being able to get hit easier...and since this balancing passes don't happen more than decade at a time......

    Can anyone on CCP comment on this to the rest of us?

  • CCP Not Even Pretending. in EVE Communication Center

    Mr Epeen wrote:
    Email today:

    Greetings XXXXXXXXXX,

    Grab PLEX at a low price and trade for ISK to spend on your ships and interests. You can also treat yourself or a friend to an Omega upgrade and the many great items at the New Eden Store.

    Act fast to get 15% off all PLEX packages until 7 June 11:00 UTC!

    That's it. No dancing around what they're doing. No pretending PLEX is for game time. Get your EVE gold here!

    Pretty bold RMT ad considering their stated stand on the practice.

    Mr Epeen Cool

    I am shocked are you shocked?

    Were you sleeping under the rock all this years or did you forgot to read all you quoted....plex is for game time or isk since day one.

    Show us on a doll where...oh nwm just woke up organic French Peru and Venice mix of coffee will straighten me up.

  • Is a lockable FoV possible? in EVE Communication Center

    Eve is still firmly in 1080p era go away with your high rez stuff by the power of DX9 you shall not pass!1

  • Rules on multiboxing in EVE Communication Center

    Mahayana Buddhadarma wrote:
    While it is not likely encouraged, I would go as far as to say that At least half of the veteran "pro" capsuleers multibox. I just began a couple days ago, as I wanted to move a very expensive (expensive relative to me) ship that I bought on contracts in losec, in an area that was camped frequently. I needed a scout/hospital ship to ensure safe transit through the setup. My instincts were right, so I waited till maint time and logged in and made the move right away once the server was back online. Reward for the diligence? A 2.5B fitted faction battleship for 750M isk. Scam the scammers, as they say.
    Anyway, I have a very small Corp and am starting to crave PVP and player interaction, so I will continue to multibox for things that require more than one capsuleer. I do, however recommend simply using 2 boxes. I use 2 laptops (alienware 18 w/ dual 780M cards for my main, and either the Mac Pro or a cheap clunker 200 dollar laptop w/graphics settings on lowest for my auxiliary account. It is so much easier than switching with all tab, which also gets glitchy. I don't use any kind of software to help me, not macros or any of that but I do believe that autohotkey is BARELY tolerated, if you need to go that route. You just can't use it to gain an advantage of any sort, although having 2 accounts logged at once already does. Ive seen where autohotkey can be used to auto propagate a spreadsheet with market data and the spreadsheet then makes predictive results (used for industry and trading margins etc, you can see examples of this if you google.) I think that CCP may keep wording a bit loose on this to give them discretionary power, which is completely understandable. Keep a few things in mind:
    Both accounts must be placed
    You cannot use a shortcut or macro or script or program to do things like keep aligned, automatically stop at a moon before a gate (to avoid bubbles) etc.), keep fire on a target, speed up or go gate to gate on on your own autopilot... Etc.
    If you violate the ULA, really the only thing you gain from it is a bad experience. It will ruin the game for you. If you get caught (and they will catch you), you will also get banned and loose your hard earned cash. Any way you slice it the game is not a game anymore and the experience becomes unpleasant. There's no point in playing then.
    I doubt CCP would directly answer this question, given the need to have discretionary authority here, but basically my advice is to make sure that whatever you do, stay completely within the ULA. Also, if you run in windowed mode, you may he able to use 2 screens and one workstation, or split screen -haven't tried this but it may solve your problem. Hope this helps, Ijiraq

    You might want to try sinergy if it's still free it allows using keyboard and mice from single pc/laptop to be used on other pc/laptop,

    My setup is 2x34 ultra wide stacked on each other and two laptops flanking those monitors from each side and single keyboard and mice for easy and fast 4 eve accounts gaming or any game really but for eve it just amazing.

  • caldari-minmataet ship in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Battleship shield logi is missing counterpart is in the game

    Drone projectile boat is missing counterpart(s) are in the game

    Ecm yeah no.

  • Do you actually enjoy playing EVE? [Poll] in EVE Communication Center

    Hate it

    It burns us

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