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  • Which Marauder is best for L4 missions? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Casina Lumine wrote:
    Those of you using the Vargur - how do you fit it against Serpentis with their annoying sensor dampening?

    Bastion module

  • What are you listening to today? in EVE Communication Center

    Deep Dish feat Everything But The Girl - The Future of the future 1998

  • 3 Worst Features to EVE Since You Started Playing? in EVE Communication Center

    Juke box removal

    Strat cruisers

    Farmville incursions.

  • 3 best feature additions to Eve since you started playing? in EVE Communication Center

    Wh space

    Strat cruisers

    Skill que

  • EVE login lite in EVE Communication Center

    Every time i use eve launcher to start a game this pop up eve login lite program pop out gathering all kinds of telemetry is there a way to kill it?

    is it something i enabled because i don't remember doing anything in options that resemble this.


    Found it was in options nwm

  • Can we get rid of CSM after the recent PLEX insider trading fiasco? in EVE Communication Center

    CSM is corrupted and should be removed/punished.

    Removal of these jokers would fix corruption part(if there is any) they are 90% PR and 10% CCP idea cage that work for self interest of group one represents.

    If every part of this sandbox is not equally represented than whats the point of having one.

  • - BattleShip - in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Drake Aihaken wrote:
    Mina Sebiestar wrote:
    t3 battleships solve everything even universe it self.

    I would like to think so, but as we've seen CCP is horrible at implementing new balanced features (T3D, Rorqual, Fighters). This isn't a criticism per say, but their track record speaks for itself. So T3Bs would become the new meta/doctrine and run amok for 1-2 years until CCP figures out how to un-f*ck them. During which time life will become miserable for everyone else. Meanwhile, wormholers everywhere rejoice!

    Don't believe me? Just wait until these new CONCORD ships are made available (they'll be equivalent to a $400 investment, so if you think they're going to be subpar you can guess again).

    Yeah wishful thinking on my part they are incapable of bringing in balanced content for one reason or another cant blame something i don't know anything of.

    I am too interested to see new concord lineup and see what money / gift will bring to servers.

  • - BattleShip - in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ersahi Kir wrote:
    elitatwo wrote:
    Ersahi Kir wrote:
    3. Fix navy battleships (or any navy ship for that matter, but focus on navy battleships). They're terribly bad right now, and many of them are functionally flawed so they're worse than the T1 versions.

    3. You meant fix navy battleship pricetags

    No, fix the ships themselves.

    Tempest Fleet - complete garbage
    Typhoon Fleet - split weapon bonuses are bad. This use to have the highest damage of any missile platform at 8.25 effective launcher, but lost a lot paper DPS because of bad application. With the barghest sporting 9 effective launchers it's bad on every level. The only advantage it has is 125 mb of unbonused drones, but that doesn't make up for it being unimpressive.

    Megathron Navy - I don't know anyone who would consider a regular megathron to a navy megathron as an upgrade path. You either go to a vindicator or a kronos. Even if it only cost 10m extra to get a navy megathron I doubt it would be worth it.
    Domi Navy - just what everyone wants, split weapon bonuses on what is possibly the best T1 battleship. If they copied and pasted the bonuses from the T1 domi it would be top shelf with the extra mid, as it stands it's laughably bad.

    Apocalypse Navy - decently useful. Probably the best navy battleship right now.
    Armageddon Navy - no idea, doesn't look bad but doesn't get a lot of play either (my exposure to this ship is limited)

    Raven Navy - It use to be a good ship that was a reasonable upgrade from a T1 raven. It's still ok, but the 9 effective turret barghest overshadows it now.
    Scorpion Navy - it has a small window of being good for lower sp characters. Once someone starts maxing out enough skills it falls off hard to the golem, rattlesnake, and barghest.

    The problem with these ships isn't the cost compared to T1 battleships, it's that these ships often fail to be upgrades to them.

    More or less agreed with this

    I did try some time ago to put forward change to typhoon fleet that would remove gun bonus that hull currently has for a drone one nothing dps oriented more like optimal / range / tracking or drone mwd speed so that drone bay can be utilized to the fullest.

    Ship it self is hella fast having drones bonus for speed to close range gap fast kinda fits and ship would be more deadly no question about it without direct dmg increase or direct missile application bonus making it just another missile spammer.

    I believe this version of dual/split weapons could work flawlessly another problem with trying to fix gun side of a ship it would stomp on a already pathetic fleet tempest and its okish tier one tempest as well i am just against going all missile route for diversity sake keep drones and do something with that drone bay.

    But after arguments that it's a "shame"(wtf that have to do with balancing a ship?) for it to loose its gun bonuses and that it would be so OP that it would depopulate tranquility in 3 days flat i gave up on any kind or rational discussion and drop it altogether.

    Proposing this in and around alliance tourny didn't help as well since fleet phoons were staple BS choice in there and we all know how true reflection it is being in jove space with pre arranged ships and teams in a range bubble how truthful that transfers to tranquility.

    but i digress all empire faction battleships need to be looked upon.

  • - BattleShip - in EVE Technology and Research Center

    t3 battleships solve everything even universe it self.

  • Low-sec Hopes and Changes in EVE Communication Center

    That same Mach struggled to make half as much per hour in null except on the very rare occasion that a null incursion was nearby, and not even then because you have to clear null incursions quickly because they become strategic headaches, no farming like in high sec.

    Back then you seriously needed to rat in a super carrier to match what you could do in sub caps in high sec incursions. A Carrier back then struggled to break 150 mil per hour.

    One man mach and one man carrier versus 10 to 40 man fleet.

    Get real.

    On the topic more ppl need to stream in low sec from high sec in order for that to happen i think changes need to be made so low sec systems that borderline high systems and fastest routes linking high sectors(thru low sec) should be Border zones.

    Border zones no capitals strong NPC presence at gates mostly (will respond as Concord but without dev hacks thru whole system )to prevent gate camping easy mode let baby seals in without immediately clubbing em to death

    then start seeding minerals and missions that gonna take you to low can drop good stuff

    than make incursions that are dipping in low sec HQ mostly but VG systems too

    Also mix advance AI into this hard mining fleets pirate fleets seekers sleepers name it all good stuff make fuss in around there,

    ppl should come for shiny stay for kicks.

  • Enemies Abound Level 4 (2 of 5) - A Ship to Get In and Out of Low Sec? in EVE Gameplay Center

    i always use rookie ship and count on it to be caught spawn warp get in station get in free rookie ship that will spawn there get item undock warp back to high sec.

  • Cade/Teckos/etc. RL Discussion in EVE Communication Center

    Contract me your purple or tourny stuff please.

  • Neuts ,Vamps and Prob launcher Graghic in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Many will see this as fluff but you do have a point to be able to see other high slot items even auto target unit as rotating dish would be ok with me as long as you can identify what is fitted.

  • Alphas and F2P Have Failed in EVE Communication Center

    Problem with this game imo it have

    exceptionally pathetic PVE

    Depression inducing mining

    rather average PVP

    Grifing CCP supported


    Game went from sandbox to pvp game with sandbox elements one is game destined for greatness later one in niche dying game choice was made.

    instead of pouring tens of million dollars in EVE it was wasted elsewhere choices were made.

    Engine is outdated ideas are stale last real expansion was Apocrypha.

    But please as talking points are irrelevant and what i and other thinks are too do remove all that is sorta good from high sec to low / null if that is to bring game back to life so be it il gladly take up on that ride or wont.

  • Jove battleship(SoCT). in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I don't see what role this ship would play in the game

    It would be similar role to Nestor but shields and supply of ships will need to be active one for sure.

    if i am not mistaken you don't like idea or what it suppose to do?

    But t2 battlecruiser that is a battleship that have super warp drive is ....ok?

  • Jove battleship(SoCT). in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Matthias Ancaladron wrote:
    Would it be as ugly as the soct ships or cool like the old jove battleship eidolon?

    I wish they would redesign those too. So many ugly ships these days.

    i don't know i would like to be visibly more present / massive with spikes being more covered due to ship massive superstructure rather than dominating the model otherwise it will look thin and weakish.

  • Jove battleship(SoCT). in EVE Technology and Research Center

    baltec1 wrote:
    Much fuckery will be had with these.

    i tend to... yes

    ......all the inevitable shooting of your fleet members golden

  • Optimizing HD game footage recordings in EVE Communication Center

    Record with amd ReLive compress with WinX HD no issues so far.

  • Jove battleship(SoCT). in EVE Technology and Research Center

    It is not a replacement of a logi cruiser it just have ability to provide burst remote reps(while cap boosters last) to ally in need small medium gang that can roll and do dmg unlike logi cruiser both nestor and this one would provide niche reping meta.

    Gnosis have boost as addon on top of dual dmg bonus
    Voithos have reps as addon to bring it as shield counterpart of Nestor both of these ships are not logi replacement they just can be used as such

    For gnosis to deal any respectable dmg it need to utilize hard points and drones with dmg mods all over it is same for Voithos
    either dps or solid reps and some dps not both not that much different what Nestor can get with drones dps and rep combo.

    Maybe it can get more bandwidth so it can use 5 heavy rep bots to get some more rep power.

  • Jove battleship(SoCT). in EVE Technology and Research Center


    25% bonus to energy / hybrid / projectile damage
    25% bonus to cruise / torpedo damage
    50% bonus to drone hp / dmg and repair amount
    50% bonus to remote shield booster amount
    100% bonus to remote shield booster optimal range and falloff
    37.5% bonus to core and combat scanner probe strength
    *can fit up to three remote shield boosters

    Drone capacity 225 m3
    Bandwidth 100 Mbit/sec

    5 hard points

    8 high slots

    6 mid slots

    6 low slots

    3 rig slots

    Voithos is shield counter part of Nestor as all SoCT ships it focuses more on damage dealing but if fitted accordingly can be viable logistic platform.

    Tell me what you think people.

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