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  • PLEX after change: in EVE Communication Center

    Dont be a leach pay for sub or sell plex and benefit from prices.

  • Deep space exploration idea(Expeditions) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Daichi Yamato wrote:
    This seems exactly like wormholes.

    It couldn't be mapped and turn into farmwille due it's random nature, way of travel is different and is meant to expand exploration from entering system n time a day and "explore it " yet again to something else much more isolated then even whs where effort on a whole is rewarded.

  • Deep space exploration idea(Expeditions) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Another type of exploration as such it isn't meant to solve eve problems.

    I see no reason for this to be just mining all pirate factions would like this kind of locations and I can see rogue drones in there as well.

    If one bring miner ships only it can't do all of sites in there and is running a risk of being attacked from players and npc a like.

  • Revisiting the Bounty Hunter in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Danika Princip wrote:
    So how much of a bounty would I have to put on every single freighter I see undock from jita to get free kill rights on the lot of them?

    Price of cats plus whatever drops would work for me.

  • Deep space exploration idea(Expeditions) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    New eden is much bigger than we know due to many systems in it that aren't connected via gate network...

    Many due to their instability,low resources or inhospitable to life(single player / small group content) and some rich in all that just aren't found yet( large / huge group content) .

    Deep space exploration vessels types

    S) Deep space scanner this guy finds systems and create trajectory lock data it cant travel on it self hull size battlecruiser

    M) Ore(Orca based) smallest travel capable ship for single / alt /duo /trio gang

    L) Ore (Bowhead based) for small medium gang

    XL) Ore (Rork based) largest available travel / mobile shipyard / clone vat bay II.


    For a target is done via solar system map all the empty space around system first you will get a cone within you need to pinpoint a target via pinpoint scans(luck or dedication) like probes just area of detection is fixed and small so...you know good luck... if you pinpoint it at beginning of cone shorter the travel time and amount of reward is low.

    Time traveling ranges from 45min to 30d (this mimic training queue).


    For flight is done thru loading fuel on ships and gear you will need(high upfront isk gear cost) to go there survive and go back with loot(if combat) or marvelous compressed ore and stuff (if mining)


    Is time / fuel burn toward destination it can be for casual players if target coordinates are close to 45 min or so or hard core if you found undiscovered new eden worthy system at outskirts of sensor range where cone is largest good luck finding that one.

    Deep space areas are randomly generated and will de_spawn when strip of sites and minerals when player move on exception being richest systems with planets moons and all, that will become static and awaiting gate deployment.You can always choose to remain in deep space and do like training for combat, tactics or tourny without praying eyes.

    There is no sec status anything in there if you are found by another player you can shoot each other but it is rather hard to find you if scanning is not conducted from same solar system you did when deep space site is first found...ie finding same system from another solar system as slim to none,having eyes on your jump fleet is crucial for stalking kind of gameplay and going after you.

    Let me know what you think of this kind of gameplay.

  • Attempting to repair Thukker Tribe Standings in EVE Gameplay Center

    Both options are slow tag along another pilot l4 is fastest way.

    This is a guess but if you can l3 and fast for parliament that would be faster option than doing l1's.

  • New t2 Battleship? in EVE Gameplay Center

    advanced assault battleship

    command battleship

    strategic battleship

    logistic battleship

    capital hunters

    industrial battleships

    mmmm tasty....

  • What are your thoughts if there would/could be an EVE 2? in EVE Communication Center

    The backend code that is still Python uses stackless, so each process runs in its own thread and multiple micro threads can run on the one CPU. It's already multithreaded, but just not system threads. The Python interpreter is running the threads.

    That's not necessarily to say that is the best way it could be done, just that it isn't as simple as being multithreaded. It already is.

    The best way would be if you have 16 core cpu that 16 core are used not 1 regardless of how that single core works.

    Would like to see tessellation(at least on caps and structures) and multi GPU support and finally dx 12 support.

    Not sure that waiting for last living scrub to update his toaster is a way to go tbh but whatever eve 2.0 is unlike to happen.

  • "PLEX can no longer be used for Character transfer fee payments" in EVE Communication Center

    ...technical limitation... new...


  • Input broadcasting grey area? in EVE Communication Center

    If you run with 3 monitors no alt tab is needed for focus simple mice click works.

  • May 9th update is the reason i will not extend my subscription in EVE Communication Center

    Bought a coffee but what i truly need is a 30 min nap brb.

  • Cool It With the ISK Sinks in EVE Communication Center

    Carebear Elite

    Ty sugar

    Also what ever is OP saying im sure its on the spot.

  • Idea for gradual development of new space to enable CCP to start now. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nice idea are you proposing procedural generated space or finite amount?

  • State of the Waifu War in EVE Communication Center

    This should be locked or relevant information posted.

  • Good laptops for eve? in EVE Communication Center

    OP skip first one without dedicated graphic it will be bare minimum to play second thing is those monitors resolutions are bad for any game look on the market for laptop w 1080p monitor.i wouldn't go below 17" (for gaming)but you might want it more compact than that due to reasons.

    My 17" laptop is connected to a 24" monitor and can also support another external monitor, that's 3 screens, I can carry it around to work or friends house, and tbh when I priced up a desktop which needs an i7 it was coming in more expensive than my laptop cost me, desktops are great don't get me wrong but laptops are also damn good and people do have reasons to pick them over desktops

    Agreed i have both and laptop i own for years now saved me and provided amazing gaming times when i was living outside my life traveling all over it is a gaming kind it have separate fans for GPU and CPU with separate cooling(copper) blocks.

    It require like gaming desktop thermal paste change every year or so on both CPU / GPU due to more extreme heat generation (generally speaking),super mobile from being in a backpack to loading eve is matter of seconds(SSD) and with dual DP ports and HDMI port all 4k able it can have 3 external monitors 4 in total that is in my book media power house.

    While my life changed enough for it to serve not much more than my Alpha clone driver my GF use it to rock resident evil on ultra and tittles like fallout 4 on near max settings for 1400USD 4 years ago it certainly payed it self of and still provide what it was built for.

    There is a huge difference between min and max graphic settings in EVE. EVE with minimum settings @ 720p runs on a cheap office laptop, EVE with max settings @ 1080p requires a expensive gaming laptop

    No need to brake your budget over eve this is 3 generation old mid range GPU that floors eve at max settings without any issue and if you generally look for less than max setting you can go even cheaper as long as you don't go integrated generally you can get decent settings / framerates.

  • Are you sure? in EVE Communication Center

    Not plotting the route just to see what system will pop out as most used...I think I killed the map it's still unresponsive will wait a bit longer task manager says eve is running a OK.


  • Are you sure? in EVE Communication Center

    You have 48 waypoints set. It can take a ridiculous amount of time to calculate the optimal route when waypoints are more than 12.

    Are you sure you want to continue



    Just wanted to see what system would shown as most traversed

    Its dead Jim

    Whole game froze just mice pointer looping will it calculate if i let it or its lost cause?

  • Rating of Eve trailers past in EVE Communication Center

    No Other Destiny

    One of best old gold ones.

  • What are you listening to today? in EVE Communication Center

    Nero - Innocence

  • shiny floaty Nyx - delayed until Q3/4 2017 in EVE Communication Center

    You are required to enter mystery code at checkout to obtain "floating" nyx model.

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