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  • #GLITTERFLEET - Prepare your holes, Minmatar in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ponies and Ke$ha???

    Where do I sign up? Big smile

  • [CSM8] Ripard Teg for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    I'm only a few months old and Jester's Trek is my first port of call when I log on each evening. It's a great resource.
    You'll have my vote as soon as I find out how to do it :)

  • My first hole in EVE Gameplay Center

    Love the title of this thread.
    I'm new to probing holes as well and loving it.
    the excitement of not knowing what's on the other side...
    Ooooh, makes me all tingly.

  • To... this very day... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bugsy, you made my head hurt. Are you trying to make this difficult?

    Racial Cruiser IV may be a pre-req of the new racial Battlecruiser skills but RIGHT NOW you only need Cruiser III (plus Battlecruiser skill) to be able to fly a Battlecruiser.

    So, if (like me) you have all 4 racial Cruiser skills at III then train Battlecruisers to V you WILL receive all four Racial Battlecruiser skills at V after the change.

    Don't know if they'll bump your Cruiser skills as well for neatness, tho', but it would be nice...

  • Upcoming battlecruiser change in EVE Gameplay Center

    I've got all four cruiser skills to III and have got Battlecruiser IV training now with V cued.
    Sat biting my nails hoping to finish before the axe falls. I even spent nearly all my ISK on a set of +4 implants to gee things up AND remapped to boost the right attributes.

    Now I'm terrified of undocking in case I get podded, lol.

  • Wormhole Fundamentals Video Series in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thank you so much for making this series. I am the noob you are aiming for and I'm loving it!

    Also, my first ever post in the forums. Big smile