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  • Solo PVP Carrier in EVE Gameplay Center

    I am not too sure what has happened with the recent patch/nerf to carriers so this may or may not still apply, but read this article.


    Your answer is the Nidhoggur. Or was, like I said, I am not sure what changes were made to carriers that has the ratters up in arms or if that change would affect that pvp setup.

  • Alphas and F2P Have Failed in EVE Communication Center

    The main use I've seen for alphas is for players to create throw away catalyst gank squads. This can be seen with the huge uptick in suicide ganking since the release of the alpha and omega states. If CCP wants to start retaining players they need to start taking a hard line stance against extended bumping (more than 2-3 minutes), significantly reduce the 15 minute conflict timer you get if someone engages you that you don't even lock up in high sec space, and start to pull some of the wealth out of Null/make nullsec more dangerous. Right now it is the rich kid's playground that has almost 0 risk but immense rewards.

  • Strong Solo/Gang PvP Ship? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sleipnir with HG crystals and an offgrid booster.

  • 59.3m sp Blops 5 toon looking for Black Ops/Recon heavy corp. in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Hello, hello.

    A bit about myself: I've been playing Eve on and off since about 2006. One of the main reasons I kept staying with Eve was because I was because of the Sin. The first time I saw the ship I knew I wanted to use it.... But as most things go, I never actually kept a toon long enough to get it trained. Been smurfing around, not really getting too deep into the game. Come and go like the wind. Sold, and bought many mains. Then made this character, and have stuck with it through thick and thing. Through corps thriving, falling apart, a preemptive corp theft on my end, destruction, joy, etc.

    I've finally got him to where I want, and am looking to get heavy into the black op side of things. I am blops 5, and able to use the Panther, Redeemer, and Sin. All t2 small/med/large gunnery. T2 heavies/sents/etc. Ok missile skills. Able to use Nag, Rev, Moros, etc, etc.

    I am looking for a corp that specializes in Recon and Black Ops warfare. A corp that understands RL comes first, and doesn't really have "mandatory" ops. I've got a working mic, but not able to talk that much as the GF gets a little pissy about it. I mean, hey, she lets me play games. Don't want to push things past the line of her going crazy.

    Anyway, if your corp is one that does a lot of cloaky ops feel free to shoot me a message. I likely won't respond to mass spam, copy/pasted messages.

    Thanks for reading.

    Edit: us est time zone

  • Ewar cruiser update in EVE Technology and Research Center

    EWAR is a huge force multiplier for small gang warfare. This is why you won't get second bonuses on t1 ships. Hell, I would go as far to say that CCP will probably be putting EWAR in their crosshairs soon enough. After that it will probably get toned down quite a bit. We all know the frustrations of being jammed, or being TD'ed or Sensor damped so hard that you can't get a lock or have every single one of your shots miss. If more people realized just how ridiculous EWAR was, there would be a lot more of them flying around.

  • Sleipnir uses? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Danny John-Peter wrote:
    Its a pretty ballerin' Solo or Duo ship, needs links and a pill to reach ludicrous levels, its also a decent fleet ship with Arties for medium gang work.

    Also lol at Command Ships being expensive.

    They aren't expensive isk-wise, but if you didn't plug it in before the change it will take you something like 50 days for the ****-leadership skills to get into one if you aren't in a cha remap. It is fairly ridiculous.

    Sleip + boosts + crystals + pill = insane tank.

  • Oh CCP, you fail yet again. "Infinite" skill queue... in EVE Communication Center

    I am a fairly large fan of "infinite" training time, especially the cap at 50 skills in the queue at a time.

    "Hey guys, you can plug 10 years of training in, BUT you are limited to get 10 years of training plugged in within 50 skills"

    Thank you for the fail. Nothing less than expected.

  • silly command ship prereq nesting in EVE Gameplay Center

    I just had this conversation with someone yesterday, and we both agreed that the training path for a Command Ship makes no sense. If CS were only boosting ships I could see the current training path being reasonable. I mean, you NEED the boosting skills to make a boosting ship viable. With CS ships being very capable combat ships I don't see the reason for the path you need to go down to get into them.

    I have a combat toon that can fly all t2 sub BS except command ships. I forgot to plug the skill in before the change, and in my current remap it would take me roughly 47 days 9 hours 49 minutes and 6 seconds to be able to just plug it in.

    Why do we need to train:

    Armored Warfare 5
    Info Warfare 5
    Skirmish Warfare 5
    Siege Warfare 5
    Warfare Link Spec 4

    The reason I am most annoyed by the pre-reqs is that those skills, without going to specs 5 + using t2 links + implant, are useless. You get minimal bonus from having those at 5, and most of the time you will have an offgrid booster with a medium/large fleet anyway.

    CCP really needs to go over what the requirements are for this line of t2 ship. I wonder just how many people have actually done the full train for them since the change. Would probably show that not many people have. 47 days of training is much better spent on anything else. I would even rather do indy training on a combat toon before going down that path for CS.

  • Limiting massive t3 blobs in EVE Gameplay Center

    MooMooDachshundCow wrote:
    Punching Meg Zoidberg wrote:
    I feel.

    ...but ultimately what you're asking for is a major limiter for WH apex forces. That's not going to happen.

    Never say never. CCP has been known to do some pretty ******* stupid things.... repeatedly and on a regular basis.

  • 70 mill sp toon with carrier/dread/scanning alts searching for pvp in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    This person has been spamming recruit channel for weeks on end.

    I do not think they are actually looking for a corp. More just like to brag about their kb, and all other things.

  • FW and WH. What are the odds in EVE Gameplay Center

    It is good in theory, but I think you guys will grow very tired of the mechanics of WHs. You have to scan daily, check your routes, check hostile holes, be wary of roaming gangs, have scanner alts stuck in hole at all times, logistics of hauling fuel in, logistics of hauling POS/modules, use empty clones, etc, etc.

    It grows very tedious.

    You will likely be better off staging out of a LS system near the front lines of your FW, or a HS one jump out.

  • Can we cut drone bandwidth across the board? in EVE Gameplay Center

    To make drones effective as a weapon type on the ships that are specifically drone boats you must sacrifice low/high slots to do so.

    Drones without drone damage mods do crap DPS.

    Also, drones are a weapon that are able to be destroyed. Fighting an Ishtar? Kill his drones. Fighting a Dominix? You guessed it, kill his drones. Fighting an Armageddon? Oh my, you guessed it, kill his drones.

    Drone boats without drones = useless.

  • Buying C3 with NS static. in EVE Marketplace

    To the top.

  • WTA - 16.8M SP Gallente Drone Specialist / L4 / Incursion Pilot in EVE Marketplace


  • Tech 3 destroyerness (D3's) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Phoenix Jones wrote:
    This is the main testing bed for the future of t3's. Currently ccp really does not have much control over them. They can't regulate its speed, tank, dps, fittings, or stats without everybody calling it a flat out nerf.

    If they introduce "stances", essentially ccp can base stat the t3 cruisers, and instead of having mega extremes, forces the users to choose a stance which enhances its base stats. It basically means no more 800+ dps proteus with a 100,000 tank, or a neut legion with a 200,000 tank, or 100mn tengu's. What this does mean is that the player has more micro control over their ship to deal with the situation at the time, and ccp can gain some control over the t3.

    Need to get closer, switch to speed, need to tank more alpha, switch to defense, all out dos, switch to offense. The concept is very sound and makes t3's a bit more tactile.

    But the base stats will go down, but their stance stats will probably be higher than they are currently. It is a bit of a gamble, because if ccp does go that way, that means they will probably get rid of subsystems entirely, and roll in the subsystem material costs into the base construction of the ship, making the ship take more materials to build, and making building them a bit more simple. Doing this then allows ccp to begin creating new ship sets.
    Will it work, depends, but I believe it will.

    How they will wrangle in the cloaking subsystems, the resistance subsystems and the ewar subsystems is another matter.

    I think the problem with doing this blanket approach to the current t3 cruisers is that we have had them for so long. They have basically become a staple of WH life, and many other places in Eve. If CCP decides to just throw a blanket fix that allows them to get rid of subs, etc, and turn it in to a one click to rule them all type thing it will cause a huge disturbance in the community. I know I would be pretty pissed off if t3 cruisers were turned into what the t3 destroyers sounds like they are going to be.

    Look at it from this prospective: If they were to do this to the current t3s they would need to have 5+ modes to switch between.
    1) Prober (2) Cloaker (3) Booster (4) Tank (5) DPS.

    The current t3's work right now as they are able to do things that no other ships can. They can change their roles on the fly, and fill multiple roles within one set of subs. Cloaky probing exploration, cloaky tanked heavy dps, tanked ewar, booster, etc, etc, etc.

    Start changing this around and you are going to have a mass exodus from WH's, and probably the game.

  • WHAT HAPPENED? *Exactly* in EVE Communication Center

    Thayden Reid Nordic wrote:
    Instead of Nerfing High Sec, why not Buff Null? Idk how much money making has changed in the years since, but the idea of taking something away from one group becuz another is pissed about it, rather than making the two comparable, or more balanced I should say, seems a bit pre-school.

    Nullsec has been buffed over, and over, and over, and over. So much so that they basically **** isk at every corner with almost no risk of loss. This is how you have nullsec power blocks fielding 30-40 titans + thousands of capitals in single fights. They make more isk than Jesus makes wine.

  • Tech 3 Destroyers coming in RHEA in EVE Communication Center

    Xuixien wrote:
    Carribean Queen wrote:

    What is wrong with you.

    T1 < T2 < T3

    working as intended.

    Incorrect. That is not the way the game is balanced at all.

    Have you ever read a single devblog about balance?

    Have you ever read a single devblog about balance? They are all bullshit, and balance is non-existent.

    Live with it.

    Also t3's are balanced in the sense that they are A) More expensive to purchase than their t2 counterpart, B) Have a skill loss on destruction, and C) don't really outperform their t2 counterparts in their specific role.

    Yes, you can get a t3 to do multiple roles at once, but it will not be as effective in a single role as their t2 counterpart. T3's are the Swiss Army knife where as t2's are specifically designed to fulfill one role.

  • WTS Perfect Explorer. in EVE Marketplace

    10b, on now.

  • Buying C3 with NS static. in EVE Marketplace

    Bump bump


  • WTB Industry/research toon - 10b budget in EVE Marketplace

    I am assuming that price is negotiable?